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  1. The next planned Demo event is happening the 7th of April 2016 (starting 7pm) at the Garagentroll in Herzogenbuchsee (http://www.garagentroll.ch).
  2. Ivo

    Malifaux Game Scenes

    Just some impressions from our different Malifaux games
  3. The next planned Demo event is happening the 3rd of March 2016 (starting 7pm) at the Garagentroll in Herzogenbuchsee (http://www.garagentroll.ch).
  4. Hi all, I use this form topic/thread to inform about the regular Demo events I am running. For 2016 we plan a regular demo event every 1st Thursday of the month at the Garagentroll in Herzogenbuchsee/Switzerland. You are very welcome - from Beginner to Pro! But be aware, bad things happen in Malifaux...
  5. Ivo

    German translation

    Looking forward to the German translation. Myself I can understand the English wording and like to read the "original" text, but I know that we could better grow the community by translating the rules (not necessarily the stat cards). I already translated all the rules and wrote a German summary for our community and this helped to push the game very much! When translating I kept most of the English expression (Attack, Defense, Scheme, Action, etc.) that players get used to these expressions. I think nowadays it would not be necessary for Wyrd to go through a local distributor - we only would need a German version of the rules and great Henchman to push the game ;-) And.... yes translate please the Chronicles (and also the Podcasts I would place on the wishlist :-))
  6. I got the answer in Chat (thanks to Kirby): yes my opponent gets the condition. It would be a no if the text said "after damaging..."
  7. The Firestarter for example has the following action description "the target suffering 1/3/4 and gaining Burning +1". If my opponent is preventing or reducing the damage to 0, does his model still gets Burning +1?
  8. Ivo

    Malifaux Scenes

    Several scenes from different games