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  1. forgot to vote. Didn't realise that was a per-requisite.
  2. Reminds me, myself (Jamie Toombs) and Ross Baker also did not receive guilders, must have missed the handout whoops. No big deal obviously, but if there is a way of getting them or having them put by that would be grand. Fantastic event, really had a tonne of fun, and many many thanks for putting it on, you guys were great. The venue's built in gaming sauna was certainly a memorable feature, thanks for the water.
  3. Not that this was actually in question, but for all would-be poisoners to be aware: Models that prevent damage from conditions or heal due to mithridization will still not take damage in the effigy's aura (or chiwawa's noble sacrifice) as this is not an immunity issue. Neverborn Warning! Collodi's marionettes have a great little ability 'a perfect match'. This prevents 1 damage from any condition that would damage them, and effectively means the are immune to poison without actually being 'immune'. Of note, this will stop all of Sebastian's 'induction' damage. The application and timing of 'induction' is super vague, but I believe the ruling is that IF a model in the aura takes its (1) poison damage THEN it immediately takes (2) extra damage, which count as being dealt by the poison condition. Thus if it does not take the initial (1) then it does not take the extra (2) poison. Incidentally soul stone users will also stop all the induction damage if they prevent the (1) poison damage, don't get boned by this! Also Sssh! Don't tell wyrd! Marionettes are allowed to be totally OP because I main Collodi for Neverborn. Models with 'martyr' ability (Pandora's ilk) can transfer 1 damage (i.e. your poison damage) from another friendly (or enemy) Woe. This has bitten me in the arse so hard... however, it will not stop Sebastian's induction as the martyring happens after all other damage reduction (and by implication augmentation). Happy poisoning!
  4. No, it has ro be one of collodi's own actions or an effigy buff
  5. I used hayreddin to help reduce the resources needed to 'kill' the shield bearer in my 1st turn rogue necro crew (Report #68). He then more-or-less did his own thing guarding a flank for a bit then died. He provides a bit of speedy damage that my Yan Lo tends to lack, and is a niche not many in faction compete with him for, but I think Yan has safer options for models to put in the thick of things. Reserrs don't have many spiking damage tracks, so + is nice, but not something to build around. McTavish might be worth teaming him up with though. DF7 6WDs means hayrredin is either not getting hit (no bb) or taking 2 hits and dying (yay bled on 4 models and got 4 vitality... boo died instantly [edit: error, opt]). +2 armour could help, but that set up is tricky enough as it is without banking on something so fragile. My opinion is he is okay. Love the model, so he will keep making appearances regardless.
  6. Had my first game against Hamelin, report will go up on the channel in a couple of weeks with the details, but I thought I’d post some general thoughts now. The strat I played was extraction, and table terrain was open centre. Other set ups (I’m thinking interference particularly) may require a different approach: Hamelin excels at interact and marker drop schemes and their denial. Avoid these, gear for killing. Hamelin’s thematic models struggle early on against beefy armoured beatsticks – bringing them back (un-blighted) with reliquary can be brutal. Summoning with Toshiro could be good, but there won’t be as many corpse markers as you’d think (rats+ don’t drop ‘em). Blighted is something to respect, but not fear. Most of Yan’s crew won’t care too much (armour, healing, re-summon), but Yan himself is vulnerable. Chiaki is fab if you can fit her in (let’s face it, unless you are a cheaty-peaker, you didn’t take Johan), otherwise be prepared for a bit of dance-your-arse-out-of-there. Hamelin’s thematic models don’t appreciate area damage. The emissary’s blasts are perfect for killing rats (and thus blocking rat king summons) and especially stolen, make sure to dance Nix first though. Hunpo assault opportunities with brutal khakkhara are worth keeping an eye open for. With all the cheap models around there is likely to be a bountiful enough chi harvest to afford this. Yan Lo’s lighting dance hard counters Hamelin’s (and Outcast’s in general) anti-charge tech. I suspect Hamelin doesn’t often have more than 2 heavy beatsticks max, likely just 1, these are his fists, dance them out early (great if you can bait them to commit first) and chop them off. This will take a lot of pressure off until late game when blighted starts to be threatening. Other key dance targets are obedient wretches and scheme runners/significant models that look like they might want to flank you and stay away. Oh, and Hamelin if you can get him, but he tends to hang back. Hamelin’s key threats to Yan are obey and lure. A belle could provide some counter-lure, but Hamelin will almost always be able to wait her out if he wants to. Fortunately, most of the crew is kind of slow, use terrain and other models bases to hamper forced movement as much as possible, (my opponent did this quite effectively against me, will try to demonstrate in the video). Make sure you have a lot of bodies in areas you need to control to score. Try not to stand your models in engagement range of your own big hitters. This is not easy for Yan to achieve, but is strongest in the mid-game when Hamlin starts to get into range to spam them and when out-activation starts to matter less, try to make him pay for that proximity. Hamelin's rat engine will out-activate Yan badly in turns 1-2. This doesn't matter. Once you get stuck in quality of activation gains a lot of ground on quantity if your aim is to kill. The trick is getting there intact. Advance as a group toward the mid-table, use terrain and emissary’s shards to block or at least control shooting/luring/charging lanes, use chunky big base models to wall off LOS and engagement access to your squishy support models (e.g. Yan-ikins). Turn 1 ratjoy could spoil Yan Lo’s evening (especially if he didn’t get spirit ascendant), but most crew members can soak a round, use that base wall! Soak him, kill him, re-summon. Most strats and schemes score near the centreline, set up shop here, if you took doable schemes you probably don’t need to go further. Lightning dance the lynchpin models in and kill them, kill rats for chi and prevent 4 from getting together – you won’t stop a rat king but you can force the enemy to sacrifice more models/AP to do it, which drains their other capabilities. In later turns, Yan Lo can contribute to damage output, use fury of yomi to get his dudes to kill more/scheme/move back into position, or go off scheming himself. I guess my philosophy here is be aggressive, break the rat’s back first and scheme later (or preferably BY breaking rats). If you play Hamelin or have faced him, I’d be interested in your thoughts.
  7. To help budding and struggling Yan Lo players (i.e. me, total self interest) I thought we could have a bit of an ancestral conflux and pool some experience. There is a pinned thread on yan lo, a pull my finger page, and schemes & stones podcast which cover general lo-ing. These are all great, though ageing a bit. The focus of this topic on specific master match ups for Yan - ambitious, but dream big! The diversity of crew builds, scheme pools, terrain layout in Malifaux is staggering and a core strength of its wonderfully rich and balanced mechanics. However, there are predictable themes and patterns. As much as any master can be, Yan Lo is about identifying and messing with his opponents patterns, save a brother/sister some time and unpick the ones you have noticed. Most enemy masters have a couple of specific ways they ideally want to play, and have common in-theme elements to their crews that can be expected in certain schemes pools (simplify this to kill-heavy, interact-heavy, balanced), or there are powerful 'net-list' combos. Pooling ideas on how to disrupt these with Yan Lo is the name of the game here. The most useful information are the tasks Yan's crew needs to perform to shut down the enemy's game (e.g. remove the slop hauler to gimp the gremlin engine), and positioning tactics required to do it. Go ahead and list tailor, the benefit of this is in highlighting what tools Yan Lo wants against master X, rather than the models themselves, and understanding what options you do/don't have when you find yourself toe to toe with them. I will post links to my battle reports here if I think they demonstrate something relevantly Some ideas to counter these common headaches would be nice: Vik/Yasanori/Langston/Nekima missile Spider/Gremlin/Rat/dog spam Lilith/Zipp/rotten belle kidnap Sonnia/Levi/Wong/Rasputina/Reva/Lynch etc. range Ca blitz Cheers
  8. Will reserve judgment until I have actually played against Reva a few times. Have to be honest though, I'm slightly less enthusiastic for this match up than I usually would be. I find games against long range, high damage masters to be consistently the least fun. Either you totally shut them down and (probably) win, or get annihilated and (almost certainly) lose. Not ALL games go this way, but this is the common format, at least in my experience. Either way, the fun doesn't end up being shared very equally, which I'd bet reduces the enjoyment even person on the winning side of the equation for most of us. It must be hugely frustrating for e.g. Sonnia players (who aren't using austringers for some reason) to be endlessly engaged every turn and not get to nuke all the models. I know intimately how frustrating it can be to have to sprint through that fire/bullet storm, only to find the shooter is as good or better in combat than my guys, or that if they break free for even one activation it can spell doom for half my crew. The most fun games seem to be close ones, where each player feels they got the opportunity to use their crew's abilities relevantly in the struggle. The hardest arse-pounding I ever took was against Nellie (tabled turn 3, 2 dmg dealt in total to the enemy... by my own blood. It was bad my friends!), she is crazy strong in the right hands, but it wasn't a 'negative play experience', it was a great laugh. I find I'd actually rather have a game against her than any given ranged damage master, simply for the type of game I can expect to get. Maybe this is my problem for enjoying close combat oriented crews, and a game between two pewpew crews (yawn-fest) is less all or nothing.
  9. Never beaten Perdita, so pinch of salt -> Waldgeist + Mctavish + Doppleganger with 10k faces can be a powerful combo in interference. This trio don't counter Perdita herself particularly, she will go through the waldgeist (charge) and Doppleganger (ignore wp duels) like butter, but they can occupy her for a few turns or else they will murder Frank, the peacekeeper and most other things. Collodi (I'd take props) can take a ball of puppets and go scheme on the other flank. Perdita has a harder time chewing through these guys with decoy and resummon, and it should have a decent chance to overwhelm her lackeys if she goes for the other flank. Having something capable of hitting the backfield is really handy vs guild - austringers, nino, queeg need to go. Silurids can do this okay-ish, Coryphee are a nono vs perdita, marionettes work well to buy time.
  10. Beckoner Illuminated Black blood shaman Widow weaver Lazarus (after Brutal effigy, doppelganger, stitched)
  11. She is perpetually on my reserve list, and an always consider, but rarely seems to actually make the cut. Really all round solid model. Armour, ss use and good df/wp makes her effort to remove. Min dmg 3, 10" range no randomise (suffers cover) means she can hit hard and consistent. 6s for defence and attack + flat damage track limits strain on resources. She has a little something for all masters. Rush of magic is good for summoners. Range attack triggers can do incidental summoning of seishin (everyone likes these, but kirai, and Yan Lo in particular) or Mindless zs (summoners, reva), or horror duels (seamus and molly, careful with your own models though). Close combat Poison (she shouldnt be on the front lines so hard to get the most out of synergy with offensive Poison models, but Sebastian likes a body guard), and Bury (Tara theme, but handy for anyone if you can make it work), choose wp (seamus, smell fear) These are all nice perks but not something to actively build around imo. What will put her in the crew is her push/place denial, and vortex. She will really contribute to vp scoring in Area holding or marker flipping/dropping pools. I find the better the player, the more I anticipate movement tricks to be part of their game plan. She is potentially worth it just to mess with this. However, she competes for my 10ss slots, which are usually the models that dictate the rest of my crew and which have a more specialised role e.g Toshiro for summoning etc. Then there is the emissary which does her role of board control (shards), summoning, range dmg as good or better. I guess that is the crux, if I could get of my emissary crutch I would be taking anna
  12. wow, way to rain on my parade Thanks for all the advice guys, though it seems Brewmaster doesn't really play competitively how I would want to play him, at least in TT. That would actually be fine as I would intend to use him as a joke/surprise drop for the lolz, but doesn't enthuse me to go out and pick him up any time soon. Still might try a game using proxies at some point, I'll post the report here if and when. Some final thoughts on a few models and synergies: Yin + Ama No Zako: most models on -flips (and potentially poison from yin and brew) will have a super rough time going after these guys. Recalled training on Ama and she becomes a decent threat. Sensai Yu: after actually looking at his rules, seems auto-include. double drinking game now covers ~14" at max, more pushes and poison with one for the road (makes fermented monks viable surely? turn one yu and brew take a monk each and piggy back whilst putting them on 2 poison). Wandering river style difficult to fit in, but OMG. your beat stick fast and in position or their beatstick slow and out of position AND dick with markers for VP at the same time. winner. Dr Grimwell: born to be in thunders - lobotomy + recalled training, and any other pushes/fast/focus/+flips/swill you want to hand out = disappear a model per turn. Would love the Emissary. lone swordsman cheaper and much the same effect, but not as stylish. Anna Lovelace: Ca into combat, summon seishin for heals/blast protection and terrifying checks (mmmmh -wp). hands out poison and wp test to bury after damaging - brewmaster likes. Great control of enemy movement and positioning. Combine with Yamaziko to make a very difficult approach for the enemy, could combine with brewmaster for total cardrape in gaining grounds, but probably too much investment. Terracotta warrior + Kamaitachi: as others mentioned above, soak damage on enforcers and minions, swap upgrades for push, card draw and a little heal. might consider starting with wings of wind for extra 1st turn movement, then swapping between misdirection and running tab (marker discard + heal) later in the game as needed. Malifaux Child: cheap activation, manipulative 15 (-flips and lowered wp help), extra binge (probably going too late in the turn to make hangover useful), could do worse. Akanami: on paper i don't rate them, at least in TT. Weasel, low river, effigy all do more, especially with less emphasis on poison and monks immunity. If brew master had a way to summon them then we could do business. Guild Pathfinder: never leave home without one. ignore armour and hard to wound, blasts, and slow from range. Trap summoning creates game changing tarpits, combined with brewmaster this could choke huge areas of the board and really lean on opponent's resources. doesn't need support and schemes on flanks really well. card draw. lure-like or model moving abilities: Sensai Yu>Lust>Performer>Bunraku>Oiran Misdirection targets: Terracotta>Samurai>Illuminated. Terracotta can ditch a card to prevent misdirected damage as it suffers the effects, but doesn't become the target - on top of its other utility.
  13. The received wisdom among those in my gaming circle is that Brewmaster is, to borrow a fun phrase I heard recently, 'hot garbage'. Along with his humorous concept, and use of POISON (my new favorite thing ever), this makes me intensely curious to give him a try... I sometimes wonder if Wyrd themselves spread these opinions to bait us egotists into buying even more of this shit. As I still labor under the burden of too much self respect to play Gremlins, how does he work in TT? Trying to get an effective drinking game going in a 3" aura seems to me to have 'trap' written all over it, so I'm guessing hangover spam is more the way to go? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having a go at it myself: Playing around with making a generalist (casually competitive i.e. fun) crew template was tricky - damn the good stuff is expensive! ended up with something this: Cache - 5 (low, seems like he wants 6-7) Brewmaster - running tab, binge, peaceful waters Apprentice Wesley Fingers - drinking problem Whiskey Golem - barrel up Guild Pathfinder Fermented River Monk Fermented River Monk Monk of Low River stratscheme dependent blahblahblah... Basic idea being for Brewie and the monks to advance up behind the golem, building poison and trying to out-heal range damage (drinking problem seems pretty essential here), and then negative flips for all whilst suped-up fermented and golem paint the town red once we finally close for fistycuffs. Wesley hanging back a bit more because *wet paper bag*, and ultimately waiting for his chance to succeed the throne because I couldn't fit misdirection in, and brewmaster will inevitably be pulling a Yan Lo without any ascendant upgrades (they never seem to help that much anyway) and a 5 stone cache he shares with holy-shit-did-i-just-pay-for-yasanori fingers. guild pathfinder scheme/disrupt schemes like the boss he is, preferably on a flank away from the heat. fingers satellites helping the healing, throwing things off schemes and at brewmaster, and trying to scheme as he goes. Fingers could be yasunori/dawn serpent/emissary if a second beater is needed, could drop a fermented for TT bro to cover schemes. Really want to get Yin in here somewhere, love that model!
  14. @Veefy Glad to hear you enjoy the channel. As a newcomer to ressurs I'm probably not qualified to advise, though I'm sure some of the other nice people here could. But as you ask, build to the stratscheme pool, take models with abilities that work with rather than against the terrain, blahblahblah... With the model restrictions you give, I'd think about something like this as a general template: Yan Lo - assume 3ss of upgrades (6ss chache) Soul Porter Bette Noire - unnerving aura (might consider this on Yan Lo instead, but I don't know Bette, maybe it works for you) Yin - unnerving aura Jaakuna Ubume - unnerving aura Goryo Necropunk Necropunk Yan, Yin, and Jaakuna suck enemies into overlapping unnerving aura tarpit. Goryo generates seishin for chi turn one, then troubleshoots (run schemes, hunt enemy scheme runners, support bette/tarpit) Necropunks run schemes and/or engage to gum up e.g. glowy McTavish, and be a Bette sacrifice. Crew lacks healing (for effective tarpit), summoning (always good, but especially for Bette I imagine), and condition removal (DF5/WP5 Yan cries).