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  1. Educate me on Molly

    This. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Always find @hydranixx posts valuable and thoughtful, and gosh I love punk zombies, but my gut tells me Forgotten Path is more than just a deliberate handicap. The Molly Horror assault is clearly a strong play in the right circumstances. Playing Horror this way pretty much demands extreme commitment of resources into the assault, with minimal to no hired scheme runners. Powerful, but inflexible. It has got to work in concert with the scoring of points, and if the enemy knows how to handle an alpha strike you risk getting really boned. The right circumstances seem to me to be when Molly can score points for kills (e.g. quick murder, eliminate the leadership, take one for the team), deep marker drop (e.g. leave your mark, covert breakthrough, power ritual/surround them), and where preventing the enemy crew from moving up the table will deny them points (centreline and deep marker drop objectives). The wrong circumstances seem to be when the enemy can easily score points by waiting for you to come to them (e.g. ply for info, public executions, headhunter, set up, recover evidence, vendetta, dig their graves, punish the weak, eliminate the leadership, take one for the team, quick murder), and also when the terrain will hinder getting the right match ups or leave Molly and her crew too vulnerable to counters. Example objectives are off the top of my head, some probably aren't in the gg18 set. I could be wrong, but in gg18 it seems like the right circumstances will be less plentiful. If I'm right, the flexibility, crew synergy, and in particular denial-by-not-feeding-the-enemy-easy-points of spirit Molly will be important to learn. Many thanks to @Argentbadger for his thoughts on this aspect, and I second curiosity as to some sample lists for some killy/schemey/mixed pools. Also, liked the idea @Stewbert, would require some set up and hand drain, but a nice option to know about. Lest I be accused of making Horror seem overly 2D, alpha strike is clearly not the only way to play Forgotten Life. For example, J Varney seems to have had success with necropunk-spam in certain pools. It would be interesting to hear how people approach more pool-tailored, less all-or-nothing Horror crews. Finally, 'mad props' to Molly's debuff powers. However, this seems to be an important element of in-game tactical use of Molly, whereas the choice of life or path dictates the broader strategy of how to approach a game, which I am more interested in currently.
  2. Educate me on Molly

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. @McSkip good advice, I have often found the old 'take the center in the 1st turn' to be a solid play in recon/interfer. As you say, Molly's aggressive style would likely make this viable in a broad range of situations. As for Philip, as you might have seen, I find dropping 3/4 markers turn 1 and maybe another turn 2 allows him to munch away happily during turns 2 and 3, then move up to hold ground/mess with enemy schemes in turns 4 and 5. The ability to burn big cards to establish momentum early in turns 2 and 3, and then draw them back with Philip mid-turn is very strong. @10th Level Toaster I debated whether or not to mention Molly's debuff game, but in retrospect I think it is a point well made. Reflecting on the matches I've had, some of her most valuable AP has been using the humble revelations attack (whispered secret has never landed yet, so much condition immune and + flips around recently, but I guess it tends to pull out a high card). @ttsgosadow that was an excellent link, thanks @PirateCaptain back on the job is interesting. For me, the ability to remove one scheme marker at range is the big deal, potentially really strong. I have wondered if the ability to know enemy schemes was designed to compensate for her less than optimal fit with many of the new strats. In friendly games I'm not a fan, as training to guess the schemes is such a big (and fun) part of the game, and often I find I know my opponent well enough to have a good idea what they are doing anyway. Tournaments is probably a different story. Ultimately the stones have been hard to spare so far for a field test. I'll try to take Spirit Molly out sometime soon, not having onryo, hanged etc. has been putting me off, but now curious enough to forgive myself some proxies. Still interested to hear from any veteran spiriters, there has to be more of you out there somewhere.
  3. Educate me on Molly

    Just started getting in to Molly, and really enjoying her despite the first few outings being more error than trial. I see a lot of information out there on Horror Molly, and believe I get the concept even if application is currently in development. Nuance aside, I understand the general Horror game plan to be: Taxi Molly and some big horrors up field turn 1 (with any combination of sybelle/kentoroi/doxy/mortimer/necrotic). Summon punk zombies/killjoy to soften enemy and pin them in their backfield as best possible, before archie/rogue necros arrive to remove key models and cripple the crew. Hopefully that scored you some VP. Finish up strat and schemes. Spirit Molly I am less clear on. My instinct is for a more defensive game plan (hard to be more aggressive than horror I guess). Use belles/jaakuna buffed by sybelle/emissary to lure models out of position to be summon caddies, then finish with izamu + datsue ba/emissary. Toolbox summon - hanged for big pressure, goryo/shikome as 'cheaper' shock troops, onryo/gaki as speed bumps or scheme runners. Less elite starting crew and fewer summons directly into enemy crew should make normal scheme running easier. Am I far off the mark? In what situations do you take Spirit Molly, and what do you tend to find the crew doing? Also, I'm really liking gg18 prototype, big fan of the always schemes being strat suit dependent. However, is it me or does Molly's desire to summon low health models into the enemy's face seem to struggle in 3 out 4 of the strats? Making use of her core mechanic in Ply and Public seems like actively feeding your opponent points, whilst in Ours it doesn't easily contribute to scoring (totally fine with this change) in a scenario where the enemy is usually incentivized to spread out. The fact the associated always schemes seem okay for her doesn't feel like it really balances.
  4. How many Goryo should I have?

    Definitely run all four, people always kill the one I use turn 1, so think of the other three gettng fast! This advice might be inspired by the guinness of this evening...
  5. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    This might have been discussed above, but if I played seamus, Carlos vasquez would be looking pretty interesting. Living Showgirl henchman for hire. The guy seems to be capable of some obscene damage (min 5), and I think there was a new Resurr model that also did stuff with fire for potential synergy. It's possible seamus might also be able to find a use for the ht5 blocking hazardous terrain markers Carlos can poop out (2 with my little helper, and which he can move as he walks). Just saying, seamus' act might benefit from some man-candy...
  6. first tournament advice needed

    Lucky you! I'm waiting for body fluids to thaw and am feeling opinionated, prepare to receive advice! Top tip: Play the master and crew you are most comfortable with. Getting fancy trying to tailor everything exactly right may stress you out, and using unfamiliar models will increase the risk of mistakes and slow down your play. Go with stuff you like and play the best games you can with it. General tips: Pandora tends to have an edge in scheme pools that require crews to cluster in the mid-table and interact with other models Dreamer tends to have an edge in scheme pools that favour spreading out and having models in particular places Doppleganger is a faction key model, it will always do work for you, get it and use it with no apologies. Good luck, and have fun!
  7. GG 18 - summoned models

    Seems an interesting change. Summoning has always seemed to me to have a net benefit, and I have felt that Resurrs are among the strongest 3 factions - toning things down a jot seems at least worth trying. Looking at the current UK and US data, Ressurs seem to be a well subscribed faction (UK 3rd, US joint 2nd), with mid to low score averages (UK 6th, US 4th. Come on UK boys and girls, time to pull our socks up!). Hard to interpret meaningfully, (a median to mitigate skew would be useful), but my sense is that resurrs have a wide dynamic skill range (low skill floor, high skill ceiling) meaning that new or non-main faction players may struggle a little more on balance, whilst the faction may have a slight edge in the hands of a good player. Seems to fit for the UK scene anyway, where 2 of our current top 6 players are Resurrs (and we could add a 3rd if going by all time faction play). Always hard to disentangle player skill from faction power though. All in all the current playing field seems pretty level with impressively little difference between lowest and highest performing faction (UK delta 7.99 score points, US delta 11.83 score points). Compare this with Guild Ball, a great game lauded for its balance (delta of 18 rank points - guessing these units are most appropriate to compare with Malifaux data, could be wrong). Therefore, although my impression from personal experience is that Resurrs are slightly above average in power, the broader data appears to show they perform at pretty much an aggregate mid level, in a game where variation in power between factions is minor to a point where we might say differences don't really matter. I guess I can sympathise with the idea that Resurrs don't need a de-buff, although think its worth bearing in mind that we aren't the only faction that extensively uses summoning, and therefore aren't being penalized alone. My main concern about the change is how frickin hard it is going to be to keep track of which models are eligible to score which points! Seriously, I know I'm going to mess that up in important ways.
  8. McMourning and Co. Tactica

    I'm still on the clock when i want to be out moonlighting, thanks for the distraction. Hells the funk yes That arsenal will do you just fine to start with, and as a crew in itself it could even be okay (a 3rd flesh construct is useful to have, McM can often summon one per turn, but they will tend to get killed, so three on the board at one time is about as much as I see - I personally never hire them). To my eye you are missing four key competitive pieces - Carrion Emissary, Rafkin, Carrion Effigy and Chiaki The Niece. Carrion Emissary is all kinds of broken, expensive to buy but you will never regret it. It is a fast (and makes everything around it faster), board controlling, CORPSE MARKER GENERATING, limited summoning, ranged scheme marker laying, beatstick. It is not difficult to kill keep it behind the front line. This guy is Sebastian's best friend (glue 'those are not ours' to his card), and with Rafkin around its Ca6 non-randomising attacks do 4/4B/5BB with + to attack flips against poisoned models. It is total BS, shhhhh don't tell wyrd... Rafkin is a fairly quick, damage dealing monster and amplifies the rest of your crews damage if you positioning properly. I find Carrion Effigy can be a bit tricky to use and fit into a crew, but his aura to make things gain the poison condition that otherwise wouldn't is a GODSEND - especially going into arcanists and outcasts. Not having key targets poisoned will make you very sad. Chiwawa's ability does not cut the mustard outside TT. Chiaki is amazing for scheme denial and condition removal. The crew has decidedly average stats, McM hates not getting to kill stuff, and thus conditions will ruin your evening. Also McM and the emissary can (and will) take a mighty pounding from the enemy, nurse + chiaki panic button will give your opponent fits.
  9. Something pretty dumb has just occurred to me guys. Its one of those things that seems so dumb its likely I've missed something - which I do. A lot. McMourning's Zombie Chiwawa has: (1) Smell Weakness Ca6 blah - target gains the 'susceptible' condition for the rest of the game (losses immunity to poison). Sacrifice the noble Chiwawa. The idea here is clearly to have some way of dealing with a single model in case you encounter an enemy crew that has teched against McM's crew's major mechanic, which the opponent can also potentially respond to by removing. Several models have abilities relevant to poison (e.g. mithridization, embalmed etc.) but this is not immunity as they can gain poison and its 'ticking' has an effect, even if it is not necessarily damage. Marionette's a perfect match ability would also not be affected as I read it, as poison is gained and ticks normally. Many more models/upgrades (coincidentally, the ones you would care about doing this to) just flat out ignore ALL conditions (e.g. nihilist, numb to the world, blood ward + warding runes, amalgamation etc.). This must also include the 'susceptible' condition. After checking it seems the only models in the game (let me know if i've missed any) the 'susceptible' condition would have any functional effect on are: Shenlong Fermented River Monk Monk of Low River Akaname Doc Mitchell ... ... ... WTF
  10. McMourning and Co. Tactica

    Damage from the poison condition cannot be 'reduced', true. Soul stones 'prevent' damage, not 'reduce' it. Incidentally, you can also use soul stones to 'prevent' damage from corpse bloat's you don't need a spleen... sometimes handy, especially with shield bearers around.
  11. forgot to vote. Didn't realise that was a per-requisite.
  12. Reminds me, myself (Jamie Toombs) and Ross Baker also did not receive guilders, must have missed the handout whoops. No big deal obviously, but if there is a way of getting them or having them put by that would be grand. Fantastic event, really had a tonne of fun, and many many thanks for putting it on, you guys were great. The venue's built in gaming sauna was certainly a memorable feature, thanks for the water.
  13. McMourning and Co. Tactica

    Not that this was actually in question, but for all would-be poisoners to be aware: Models that prevent damage from conditions or heal due to mithridization will still not take damage in the effigy's aura (or chiwawa's noble sacrifice) as this is not an immunity issue. Neverborn Warning! Collodi's marionettes have a great little ability 'a perfect match'. This prevents 1 damage from any condition that would damage them, and effectively means the are immune to poison without actually being 'immune'. Of note, this will stop all of Sebastian's 'induction' damage. The application and timing of 'induction' is super vague, but I believe the ruling is that IF a model in the aura takes its (1) poison damage THEN it immediately takes (2) extra damage, which count as being dealt by the poison condition. Thus if it does not take the initial (1) then it does not take the extra (2) poison. Incidentally soul stone users will also stop all the induction damage if they prevent the (1) poison damage, don't get boned by this! Also Sssh! Don't tell wyrd! Marionettes are allowed to be totally OP because I main Collodi for Neverborn. Models with 'martyr' ability (Pandora's ilk) can transfer 1 damage (i.e. your poison damage) from another friendly (or enemy) Woe. This has bitten me in the arse so hard... however, it will not stop Sebastian's induction as the martyring happens after all other damage reduction (and by implication augmentation). Happy poisoning!
  14. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    No, it has ro be one of collodi's own actions or an effigy buff
  15. Yan Lo Toe To Toe

    I used hayreddin to help reduce the resources needed to 'kill' the shield bearer in my 1st turn rogue necro crew (Report #68). He then more-or-less did his own thing guarding a flank for a bit then died. He provides a bit of speedy damage that my Yan Lo tends to lack, and is a niche not many in faction compete with him for, but I think Yan has safer options for models to put in the thick of things. Reserrs don't have many spiking damage tracks, so + is nice, but not something to build around. McTavish might be worth teaming him up with though. DF7 6WDs means hayrredin is either not getting hit (no bb) or taking 2 hits and dying (yay bled on 4 models and got 4 vitality... boo died instantly [edit: error, opt]). +2 armour could help, but that set up is tricky enough as it is without banking on something so fragile. My opinion is he is okay. Love the model, so he will keep making appearances regardless.