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  1. @Veefy Glad to hear you enjoy the channel. As a newcomer to ressurs I'm probably not qualified to advise, though I'm sure some of the other nice people here could. But as you ask, build to the stratscheme pool, take models with abilities that work with rather than against the terrain, blahblahblah... With the model restrictions you give, I'd think about something like this as a general template: Yan Lo - assume 3ss of upgrades (6ss chache) Soul Porter Bette Noire - unnerving aura (might consider this on Yan Lo instead, but I don't know Bette, maybe it works for you) Yin - unnerving aura Jaakuna Ubume - unnerving aura Goryo Necropunk Necropunk Yan, Yin, and Jaakuna suck enemies into overlapping unnerving aura tarpit. Goryo generates seishin for chi turn one, then troubleshoots (run schemes, hunt enemy scheme runners, support bette/tarpit) Necropunks run schemes and/or engage to gum up e.g. glowy McTavish, and be a Bette sacrifice. Crew lacks healing (for effective tarpit), summoning (always good, but especially for Bette I imagine), and condition removal (DF5/WP5 Yan cries).
  2. I like 2 belles and Toshiro with my little helper. If I ever remember to declare the use of MLH it will be dangerous - 6x Ca7 lures at potentially 22" range (ensure at least one lunacy trigger), if it steps out of its deployment zone its very probably yours. Sybelle would make this extra gross, but it is so hard to give up the emissary. Unfortunately, I tend to find he often has among the best defense in the crew :S and Sonnia is more than happy to blast 8" off DF4 grunts. Incorporeal to run through terrain to hide like a little bitch might sometimes be worth consideration. Shards of Kythera are purest gold. Definitely seems part of his intended design, but so tricky to do in practice. I'm guessing one combines this with terrain (shards!) as I find its that rare bunching multiple models into a wall is optimal crew positioning for achieving other game objectives. It seems most likely to waste one or two enemy AP for them to re-position for the attack, and hope Yan can take... that 8 dmg Ca7 no dmg flip final debt shot, mark of shizzle charging Vik of Blood, assassination triggering Executioner/Misaki/Langston etc. etc. etc.... and that it makes them vulnerable to reprisal. Needless to say blasters give no figs (and min dmg 4? Som'er you are such a bastard!). The trade off that Yan now also has no LOS to targets or dying models is also not trivial. It very often feels like to use one aspect of his play, Yan Lo must sacrifice some other aspect of his play, resulting in a nudge of an advantage over his enemies which isn't very forgiving if you don't get it perfect. Learning him will be a tough but interesting challenge and hopefully will make me a better player. Solidarity for all you guys and girls also grinding away at the old man!
  3. @hydranixx Interesting thoughts, thanks. Lightning dancing enemies into score-denying tar-pits like Izamu and Yin sounds a lot of fun and how he is designed to work. Risky though, as you say, as most crews worth their salt will have movement tricks, and tanky though they are, ancestor bruisers still tend fall with a little concentrated effort and the right tools. I guess the skill of playing Yan Lo comes from dictating the right match ups. I got in a couple of games with this kind of stratscheme set up over the weekend, will post the reports on YouTube soon. Schemes were variants of LITS, assassinate, distract, outflank, and breakthrough, so a decent mix. Briefly, assassinate meant Yan Lo spent most of the games hiding - he is chunky once upgraded, but far from un-killable (plus opponents were Sonnia and Lynch. Ca tends to have lower damage? yeah right...), I deemed mixing it up in the middle of the enemy crew to be a bad idea, which Cuddled his disruption capabilities. In the end Toshiro pretty much took over as master Daimyo. Fast belles pulled in enemy models turn one, which I killed for chi and corpses (I agree, it cannot be overstated how much Yan Lo NEEDS two chi first turn), and then focused on raising Ashigarou as fast as they could be put in the ground every turn after (he had his work cut out for him!). Komainu jumped around distracting/accusing and interfering stuff - at which task they are GODS. Really fun games, but really quite challenging - and it is fair to say my opponents were much less experienced players than me. Respect to people who play Yan well, I feel he takes a high level of skill to use effectively.
  4. Thinking about Yan Lo in stratschemes that require spreading out. Let's say recon-ference with corner deployment and assume a balance of killing, marker dropping, and interacting is in the pool. How do you guys approach this kind of thing with the old man?
  5. Master Queeq with promises, is a highly irritating layer of WP defense
  6. Just starting out on my McM journey, and will be documenting my battles on YouTube. First game was a spectacular misadventure, but he is SO much fun. I'm running the doctor with moonlighting, plastic surgery, and decaying aura. Chiaki is a boss.
  7. Hate to shamelessly plug my channel again, but I have 25 Collodi games that might demonstrate some of this for not too dissimilar lists. This next bit is not necessarily aimed directly at you Kirby, but tries to address your points for newcomers to Collodi who might have similar questions. Puppets 101: True, the lower cost minions do not hit hard, though I would add that they can hit a lot. Generally their purpose is running schemes/supporting others to do them, or choking up parts of the board to thwart your opponent. Correct! the high cost minions can brawl with the best of 'em. Effigy buffs, focus, and fast/AP transfer enable them to deal with more than they could normally be expected to handle. I disagree, there are generally a very high proportion of hard to kill and Armour+ models in Collodi crews. Puppets have low wounds but decent defensive stats, liberal access to defensive stance (fated), healing (effigies) and just keep coming back (Collodi and Widow Weaver summon). Low cost is your friend here, it can be very frustrating for enemies to have to use AP from powerful models to get rid of 3/4 stone grunts. Collodi is one of the most durable Neverborn. I disagree strongly, Collodi is all about conditions. Slow, AP stealing, burning or card discard, poison, paralyse, - to df and wp... the list goes on. Its not about 1 or 2 crippling conditions, its about TONNES of crippling conditions. Not to mention all the great buff conditions most of the crew gets (usually for cheap AP cost) Okay. General answer: Hard to wound = high min damage (e.g. stitched, illuminated + Brilliance, Lazarus) Hard to kill = conditions (burning, poison), or more commonly just a billion attacks Armour = ignores armour (rets eye, widow weaver, Ronin) More specific: With lots of little puppets making up activations, Collodi can afford to bring some big friends. I've had a lot of fun with double Mature Nephilim. Widow weaver is great vs masters and henchmen. Lazarus can be a threat for anyone. Doppleganger is as nasty as whatever they brought - probably nastier. Lots of boosted minions ganging up will put most things in the ground. Lure some poor sap in and eliminate, barring counter spell aura you are going to get your target (beckoner+Collodi+Doppleganger = potentially 9 lures per turn). With 3-6 AP, Collodi is pretty lethal himself. I find 4 AP per turn is sufficient to position, pick off a model, and pass out some buff. He is normally my main killer. Collodi can kill, but very often he doesn't need to. With just one weak hit he can take any non-leader model out for the turn. slow means it can't charge, idle hands can be as good as paralysed and better if combined with slow. Many models in his crew give out slow (Coryphee, mannequins, brutal effigy, Waldgeist), big threats start to miss that AP. If you didn't bring ignores armour (fool!), you can pseudo-paralyse that peacekeeper all game. My Bidding and idle hands makes that big hitter rather unpopular for anyone to be around, helping to minimise its support. Collodi crews are not without weaknesses. You will generally struggle to kill enemy masters, which can lose you a bit of momentum if you let them get their groove on. Low wounds does make your stuff fragile especially against enemies that ignore armour and hard to kill. I have lost many games trying to out-muscle Guild without first shutting down their danger models as described above. Once Collodi starts drawing consistent heat you are in trouble. Positioning, as always, is key.
  8. First game with the Errata'd Black Blood Shaman. I feel this crew has the potential to be pretty nasty. Didn't get the opportunity to use it to maximum effect (sticking each illuminated within 1" of multiple enemy models and unloading with the shaman/dopple/Collodi battery), but being able to threaten it can play some serious mind games and get the enemy to spread out/weaken their own synergies. The plinkyplink dmg of black blood was great, gradually eating away the Illuminateds' enemies, and pustule soaked up some soulstones from Mctavish hastening his end. The Shaman was a bit unfortunate to take 7 damage from a RJ (despite being in hard cover), stopping me from being able to bomb Parker and the Woku, but I think this highlights its vulnerability once it starts getting upfield - which it will need to in order to assist most strat/scheme pools. The pustule triggers were a bit incidental. I found that the potential power of the BB bomb tactic is balanced by a few things: 1) Spamming pustule requires the AP of valuable models, which will tend to have other important things to do - it wasn't worth doing 2dmg to single models when Collodi could steal enemy AP with his own attack, the Doppleganger had places to be etc. 2) Spamming pustule requires a lot of 7+ cards, hand draining and risky to top deck with valuable model AP. 3) Armour and SS start to make spamming pustule unattractive. 4) Shaman's movement trick utility is limited without nephilim, crew durability for sustained BB bombing is limited with nephilim. Requires the crew to be built around him (admittedly, less so than before). Initial conclusion: New BBS is pretty strong with the right crew composition and positioning (play models well and win? shock horror!!!). More practice needed.
  9. WHERE IS THE BRUTAL EFFIGY!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!! Beckoner is also now a virtual auto-include for me. Otherwise you've got most of the good stuff. Some Coryphee to partner with Vasilisa for enemy backfield schemes wouldn't hurt. You can see some Collodi battle reports on my YouTube channel. I'm by no means an outstanding player, but there may be some useful tricks in there somewhere.
  10. Collodi + Brutal andor Lucky Effigies. Never look back!
  11. Gosh, this all looks exciting! It strikes me that comparison between factions and models has to be a thing to a certain extent - there couldn't be a game otherwise. However, factoring in the synergies between other models is obviously important and doing so is incredibly complex. But everyone likes simple! So... Yasunori seems to be a very solid cruise missile - quite clearly its principle role, as compared to a rider's rienforcement role. Not faced yasunori, but I would anticipate the piece has a role similar to the Vik of Blood - and tactics employed to deal with her (conservative deployment, bait and counter etc.) would likely be applicable to yasunori. Yasunori is more durable and will need a harder counter, but common defensive abilities will blunt his assault better. TT are more durable than the viks crews tend to be, but yasunori eats into the Crew's ss more. The card draw/shuffling stuff seems like quite a bit of icing if I'm honest, but perhaps balances the ss other factions alpha-strikers tend to use. I would suggest putting down yasunori is a statement that the game will start on certain terms, ignoring that and playing the way one initially wanted to is not likely to be successful against someone of equal+ skill. Regarding model choice In general - particularly in the 10ss+ range - there seem to be those with very solid cost effective abilities, that can be strong in a lot of situations and are therefore popular in general and particularly with less experienced players. Take many of the emissaries for example. However, there are other models that are more specialised, strong in fewer circumstances, but in experienced hands can be more effective than the all rounders in those specific circumstances - rewarding player skill in positioning and identification/creation of thone circumstances. I think this is healthy for the game
  12. Adding to this - Collodi's baked in DF trigger allows him to push 3" in any direction for more effective splash damage on any subsequent strikes, quite a deterant for minor attacks (big ones could force it to decoy the BBS) Also 'My Will' allows him to spam pustule through the Shaman with + flips, making that 7 easier to hit. Spreading the love through 2 Illuminated can do 4-8 damage to each enemy model within 1", for two to each of them (or none with a single heal trigger), and put them on + to DF and/or Ml (or even ++) for the rest of the turn. Lazarus could add another AP to take this to 10 dmg. This could be done before with nephilim, but the durability and flexibility of the illuminated makes a much better investment, especially when factoring in effigy buffs. Black Blood Teddys (regen, 50mm base, push into base contact) and Marionettes (3ss, fast, hard to kill) will also be pretty fun
  13. I respect your experience strumpet, and have some slight reservations myself. However, there are many models in this game that when played well and or are not expected are experienced as overpowering. When models have particularly strong synergies in a situation, a big part of the game becomes disrupting it. This is why scalpel models are so important, and every faction can access them. Learning a new strategy to deal with a new strategy, seems a good thing for keeping the game dynamic. And my own feeling is there are worse game killers out there for inexperienced players *cough* Perdita *cough*
  14. I'm running out of face to smile in I think it is going to be strong, the 7ss slot has got serious competition, which will hopefully be good for list variety. Collodi in particular is happy with this. Hopefully, it won't be over the top.
  15. Perfectly happy with these changes, as is everyone in my meta still awake at this time in the morning. SUPER excited to dust off the BB Shaman thankyouthankyou. @Aaron just checking that the Austringer attack has really lost its gun symbol?