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  1. Resurr Shadow Boxing

    Some great responses, very interesting to read your approaches. @Nukemouse 's take on terrain and abilities that work with it is spot on. Given the open spaces and scheme pool, consideration of range attack abilities and auras take primacy over movement I'd think - although a terrain ignoring flanking entourage is worth thinking about. My thoughts: 6ss cache Yan Lo - awakening, maniacle laugh Soul porter Asura Roten Carrion emissary - carrion conflux Chiaki 3× rotten belles Canine remains North and east have the best covered approaches to the centre. I think I'd favour North as the terrain density in east promises to disrupt early positioning of my belles and asura. The asymmetry is such that I would choose to deploy first if I won the flip. Contesting show of force with guild is not my favourite approach. In my meta I expect to see 5 upgrades on a group of combat heavies, and going head to head with that ends in tears. So I won't bother, stones go into acheiving other things and the guild can have those points. The game plan is to choke the centre with zombies. As peons they do not give up points for the strat, they engage and tie up the enemy advance, and their deaths waste quality guild ap and power up yan. Who knows they may even be able to do some useful asura attacks. Asura, emissary and potentially canine all give me zombies or corpses for zombies. With 10 activations and 3 belles on + flip lures and asura's attacks and the dog lowering defence I reckon I can add to the turn 1 corpse count. Lures also counter a gunline in this pool imo. Powered up yan, emissary, and belle bunker are my main strat scorers. Chiaki, denies this for the opponent (and can be generally annoying) Belles and yan can work on plucking models put of the centre (show of force denial), chiaki has a desperation option here too. Not trying to contest show means emissary, chiaki and asura can sit back in safety or be dance nodes, as can the belles. The ability to reposition enemies is super important if going for inescapable trap (emissary can convert corpses to scheme markers, dog and belles drop if needed). Don't take this scheme if you see guild investigators. Yan has the best potential for entourage, given the terrain and the price on asuras head. Footsteps upgrade would improve chances of slipping bone ascendant in on the crucial turn, but I'd be confident enough without. Canine or belle as the sucker. Facing sonnia would really change things and we'd have to lean pretty hard on the emissaries tricks to close the gap. Would be a rough game. Hoffman could be problematic as I don't have anything that deals with armour. Nellie would be nellie.
  2. Resurr Shadow Boxing

    Okay! Game #1: The dreaded quite open table Opposing Faction: Guild Deployment: Standard Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate the leadership, Undercover entourage, Inescapable trap, Show of force, Take one for the team
  3. Resurr Shadow Boxing

    Good evening. Malifaux is a complex game with many skill requirements, one of them being the ability to quickly select an effective crew for the game at hand. The best way to hone this skill is to play lots of games, begin to notice patterns, and learn to judge and use the right tools by trial and error. For most of us this happens gradually, and eventually we will become decent players. In the immortal words of Ms K. Wilkins "Ain't nobody got time for that". So we spend an inappropriate amount of energy on list building and theoryfaux. However, if we are going to do it, by the power of Grey Skull lets do it properly! Terrain is a massive element of Malifaux, and something that gets totally neglected in "hey guys, what do you think of my list?" or "Help! What should I bring to this scheme pool?" conversations or forum posts. Ergo, vis a vis, concordently... every now and then I'll post up an opposing faction, scheme pool and table for us to puzzle out. Will be interesting to see how different Masters and player styles approach the same game.
  4. Yan Lo tactica!

    As a core crew idea before seeing scheme pool and terrain this looks okay. You probably want a bigger cache if you are taking Toshiro. Personally, I'd drop the Night Terror and an upgrade or two (not Awakening) on Yan and hire something like another belle (much improved chances of luring an enemy for a kill, chi, and corpse), or just keep the stones as Asura and Toshiro can give you a decent number of activations T1 anyway. Agree with @thatlatinspeakingguy. Think of the 6 cards you can filter, damage you can prevent, or triggers you can hit vs that one chi. Killing hired models is so Ten Thunders, bleh.
  5. Yan Lo tactica!

    Where it is at: Asura roten, maniacle laugh, and lots of zombies (Kentauroi or emissary help muchly). 2 chi turn 1 is plenty. Asura's turn 1 zombie is pretty much equivalent to goryo's seishin.
  6. nurse nerf, why?

    millage and variableness etc. but I quite often injection the nurse up after McM takes his own shots. Not very common I have a use for expunge turn 1, and unless Rafkin has MLH and a job to do, the nurse is usually a good candidate. Only recently got hold of doxies and have been impressed by them in practice runs. Looking forward to trying them out with Dr D, they seem quite interesting for putting Sebastian where the enemy wishes he wasn't.
  7. Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    Played into guild last night without cond rem. Really worried about slow/stalk/thalarian bullshit etc. Gamble paid off and I didn't miss it. However did see chiaki and yin tanking in the front line at the tail end of another game. A slowed Chiaki survived a focused pathfinder, dropped a marker and killed Francisco for public executions and dig graves. Was beautiful to watch.
  8. I consider condition removal one of the top tools a competative crew should have. Therefore it troubles me that I so often step onto the table without it. Us neck romancers have it pretty good with access to Chiaki, I used to take her a lot when I was starting out, but now she never seems to make the cut. Wonder how you guys have been finding fitting condition removal into your lists?
  9. nurse nerf, why?

    Chihuahua attacking McM twice then oduring him for 4 poison on turn 1 is a solid play if you are on a budget and can't get a nurse in. The lil doggy getting left behind does noticably hinder turn 2 agression for me, but if i didn't have the nurse it was because I needed something pretty important. Another key draw back of this approach is that it sucks to have McM run out of juice in turn 3-4, by which time a savvy opponent has usually killed the chihuahua. I don't see little gassers helping the turn 1 set up, its bad enough using up the 2ss totem's activation for 4 poison, but a 4ss model for 1 poison (or ~3 plus damage) is really unappealing. More potential for reapplying poison in the late game as you bundle around rancid transplant targets, which I'm guessing was Strumpet's intent, but it seems a little unreliable, I'll have to run it and see. 6ss nurse really hurts my favourite builds, but maybe it will force me to mix up my game. As the style I used in gg17 seems considerably weaker in gg18 that is probably not a bad thing.
  10. Educate me on Molly

    Mmmmmh Mourners. Undead (hello Asura!), Belles with Disguised and Manipulative, and a 'Funeral Shroud' action to prevent enemy models in their engagement range from targeting anyone not in base contact with them. My Molly (and Yan) will be watching this space with great interest.
  11. Yan Lo: Resser or 10T?

    No. I usually try to be optimistic, but given it never really did much work for me before (and i used it in pretty much every game), Brutal k seems dead, a shame. Both Emissaries are still top end models, that yan can make fast every turn and resurrect in addition to all the other utility they bring.
  12. Yan Lo: Resser or 10T?

    Its not what your wallet wants to hear, but he does really really love his emissary
  13. Yan Lo: Resser or 10T?

    Less flippantly: The difference between Yan in Res and TT comes down to upgrades and in-faction models (shocking). Ultimately I feel TT give Yan more options as an aggressive beater, and Resurrs provide better options for defensive play where Yan's support role shines. These differences aren't hugely substantial in my mind. Going into a bit more detail, I'll focus on what I see Resurrs bringing to the table. Chi generation through flack summoning A caveat: I am not a subscriber to the idea that Yan needs blood ascendant turn 1 every game at all costs. 2x chi turn 1 is necessary, but beyond that i'd rather be taking a crew geared for the mission and positioning it optimally to set the game going the way I want it. Seishin: The most efficient way to generate early chi is with summoned seishin (1 mid card = 1 extra activation + 1 chi). The ability to take Datsue Ba + spirit whispers (+ MLH) as well as goryo gives Resurrs great crew building flexibility to achieve this whilst building for the objectives. Mindless Zombies: Resurrs have great options for keeping up activations to keep the chi flowing. Carrion emissary and Asura Roten, and presumably gravedigger, can help generate a lot of annoying and easy killed zombies that satisfies Yans appetite for all you can eat buffet into the mid and late game. Yan's upgrades Basically Resurrs generic upgrades don't do as much for Yan as they do in TT. My 'Beast Mode' Yan (brutal kak, necrotic preparation, unnerving/decaying aura) never worked out for me in the old days. Currently I prefer to run him upgrade-lite (always take Awakening) and put the stones into the crew. This feeds into his support role. Lightning dance is a godly ability. With less demand on Yan's AP for getting stuck in and attacking, there is more to put into the dance fest. As the models Yan like to take have specific strengths and weaknesses, and more so in Resurrs than TT I would argue, getting the right match ups is super important. Lots of nice big bases around in resurrs now, looking at you again kentauroi Getting slightly further into the weeds - with (hopefully) a steadier supply of chi, its is entirely possible that, instead of going apeshit with blood ascendant, it becomes more attractive to use transcendance and fury of yomi more to buff the crew (incoporeal and hard to wound love armour) and get more attacks/interact/markers over a wide area. I find this is a high skill floor and ceiling ability, meaning that it is potentially very strong, but also very difficult to set up in such a way as to reduce risk of it going wrong sufficiently. Lure Resurrs lack the range dmg options available to TT. However, we are the kings/queens of luring. This speaks greatly to Yan's more defensive game play - we can bring the enemy to us and don't have to expose Yan so much, or play catch up with his generally slow moving ancestors and retainers. Not that new Resurr Yan can't be mobile. Datsue Ba with MLH, and the soul porter can move Izamu 12" before he activates. Kentauroi are also pretty big for getting Yan's crew upfield. They give us a hilarious new Gracie delivery system, but more practically consider that you can really claim ground with the ashigaru 'no charge' aura now, get Toshiro to the action etc. Unnerving Aura pit The upgrade Unnerving Aura becomes dangerous when spammed. Essentially put the upgrade on 3 chunky models and overlap the auras for 3x2 dmg every time an enemy model starts and ends its activation in them. Izamu and Yin are good choices as in theory they are tough, have large engagements and are hard to run away from. Adding Jaakuna Ubume is important - huge engagement, extra damage from hazardous terrain, hard to disengage, and lure put this formation online. Add graveyard spirit for extra durability and nurse for extra dng/control as per preference. As mentioned above, lots of lure and lightening dancing really helps set this up. Spirits Resurr Yan has access to a wider variety of spirits and spirit synergies than TT Yan. This translates to more flexible vectors and beneficiaries of adversary and fury of yomi without having to use transcendence. Shikome are the main resurr-specific models we are looking at here. Philip, drowned get overlooked, there are potentially good things that can be done with them, lampads probably have their uses, hanged tend not to be hired, and who cares about gaki and night terrors. Datsue Ba and Vincent St Clair provide good spirit support and 8ss henchmen are where it is at in gg18 (yah boo sucks to you TT). Those are my thoughts for now
  14. Yan Lo: Resser or 10T?

    Best with resurrs cuz resurrs are best
  15. Educate me on Molly

    Tried something a bit similar for Yan a while back, didn't really catch on. Expect both when I finally get time to play again, but this thread has been doing a good job of getting me excited for Molly.