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  1. But he can stop you from getting tagged in the first place because that is an interact
  2. I sent a missing piece request right before gencon. I assume these are also backed up? Not heckling, I just always worry I sent a request wrong...
  3. I was thinking mah with fingers. Blind deployment, so just kill everything real fast and score the points. Mah, fingers, and a bunch of roosters. Maybe some bushwhackers to push were they need to be before the game starts.
  4. My votes are going for the prankster lady. I think she would fit synergy wise with the gremlins. Plus I want to see her dress up in a gremlin costume.
  5. Add gremlinette to that list
  6. I really want one of these. Wish it wasn't metal though. I have issues painting metal for some reason... My taxidermist came out ok though.
  7. It might be available in the Black Friday sale if it isn't out by then.
  8. What format is giving you two masters?
  9. The upgrade has no passive effects. You aren't immune to set er off and you don't get any buffs except the turn you pitch it. And unless you have pork whispirin (which is an upgrade now) it's really easy for that war pig to charge your own guys.
  10. You have to discard the warpig upgrade to use it. So it's only good for one turn. And you can't put it on a summoned warpig and why would you ever pay soul stones for a warpig in Ulix's crew? It was a nice idea but for me it really missed its mark. I like whiskey's upgrade. Probably won't be taking the flurry upgrade in enforcer brawls anymore.
  11. Will you be making the gremlin blast markers again? I found one but i would really like a second one.
  12. Now I know why pigs can't catch. Stuffed piglets with this would be huge. I am thinking of show off with this though.
  13. Oh yes, this is still my number one malifaux podcast and I do appreciate them taking the time to do this. My only complaint was them getting the skeeter ability wrong. It will take some time to give all the masters a proper write up and after seeing them perform.
  14. He's a three stone healer who can push swampfiends and pigs in any direction though. Plus he has his own version of do it like dis. And he moves like Ulix. I'm pretty happy with him.
  15. I think he will be great vs. ressers. "I make you discard all the cards in your hand of the suit that lets you summon". Then take their soul stones away.