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  1. I'd have to get lucky farming Lucky Misses to get Construct on Johan. I like Open Current, enough to take it over Johan. I'm only taking Arcane Reservoir up front to save on scrip later. I'll make sure to keep the Mechanical Rider out of scope.
  2. I'd like to run Arcanist Constructs for Shifting Loyalties next month, and I'd like an outside perspective for some starting arsenals I'm considering. Joss (10) -Arcane Reservoir (2) M. Rider/Langston (12) Arcane Effigy (4) Large Arachnid (6) 1 Scrip Joss (10) -Arcane Reservoir (2) M. Rider/Langston (12) Johan (7) with Mobile Toolkit (3) 1 Scrip or Arcane Effigy (4) I'm aware that Mechanical Rider is preferred over Langston in campaign due to her summoning.
  3. Nope. When and where would you like? I'll let everyone know.
  4. Malifaux: Shifting Loyalties Campaign April 4th - May 29th Join our inter-store campaign event! Each player will take a small crew from humble beginnings on an eight week adventure in search of glory, soulstones and scrip! Your crew will grow and change with each encounter, gaining the notice of Malifaux’s most powerful figures, uncover ancient artifacts, and secure your faction’s dominion. Times: Tuesday 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Demolition Games 85 W 3300 S Salt Lake City --- Wednesday 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. High Gear Games & Hobby 2160 W 4700 S Taylorsville --- Thursday 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Gajo Games 9420 S Union Square Sandy
  5. Does anyone know of any TTB PBEM/F games looking for new players?
  6. Daniel Plainview conversion for Ironsides is now on the list. Thanks for the input!
  7. I like Union Miners and I like Gunsmiths. What Masters (aside from Kaeris) and crews would you recommend for these fine men and women?
  8. McMourning is a beater master that likes the poison condition. In Ressers he can turn his kills into undead minions. With your top 3 being Resser, you should probably go Resser. I don't know much about Kirai, but if you like Herbert West, or Dr. Frankenstein, I recommend McMourning.
  9. Sure, no problem. I'll reply in the other thread.
  10. Welcome! First off the Avatars count as their faction's Emissary. For example, I, and many others, use Hoffman's Avatar as the Brutal Emissary. Which Masters are you considering?
  11. Some sites list it as "awaiting reprint".
  12. Is it possible to merge user accounts?