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  1. Malifaux Demos at Gajo Games! Every Thursday night, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Show up, learn the game, have a great time! Location: Gajo Games, 9420 S Union Square, Sandy, UT 84070
  2. Sounds like Queeg could use something tougher than tweed.
  3. Secret Service doesn't work with the Terracotta Warrior's Thousands Strong ability. Unless you just mean to shunt the damage onto a model with Armor.
  4. I think they would be overpowered at 5ss, unless their Ca was reduced, but I'd hate that. I don't much go in for Black Blood, mostly just tolerate it. You're Welcome! Nothing wrong with that!
  5. "Always listen to your lawyer!" I find the streets of Malifaux harbor all sorts of dangers, not the least of which is ignorance of the great many, and varied, laws that hold our marvelous society together. And even older laws that bind together and shape the fabric of reality itself. My friends, don't let yourselves be caught unawares of the multitude of loopholes and penalties resulting from these venerable laws, and how you can leverage them to your benefit, and your adversary's woe! Fortunately for any goodstanding member of the Guild, such as yourself, I'm sure, the Govenor's Secretary, the august Lucius Mattheson, has made available the professional talents of the Guild's own legal department! Let me enumerate the ways by which these paragons of justice will serve your, and the Guild's, interests. Front There are some choice models that can be taken for 6ss, but having a Lawyer, maybe two if you're hard up against Horror Duels, is worth considering. Stat-wise, the Guild Lawyer's 6 Df, Wp, Wd, and Cg, with a Wk of 5 is more than adequate for his role in support and control, as he tends to be near or in the thick of things. Highest Authority gives that Df/Wp of 6 extra padding, should you need it. An important part of the Guild Lawyer's tactics is finding the right spot to die, so the to attack actions will help get him to his final resting place. Speaking of dying, Finish the Job may at first seem like a door prize, but you pay the points for it, so on or near the "last turn" make sure the Lawyer finds a good place to rest his head. It won't be hard, once the Lawyer starts manipulating the game, opponents generally don't sit idly by. Reminder of a Worse Fate rounds out his abilities, and makes him essential to a Lucius crew that relies on Commanding Presence, and to anyone who faces Horror Duels often in their meta. Back Objection!!! swings at Ca 6, and is a great way for punishing enemy models that come into reach of whatever the Lawyer is escorting. Focusing beforehand, or charging, has a good chance of putting Slow, or Paralyze, on the defendant. It's my opinion that the trigger for +2 poison is a nice bonus, but not essential to his action's intended effect. Special Damages also swings for Ca 6, and works for punishing non-leader beaters for doing their jobs (like murder the models the Lawyer is escorting, or the Lawyer himself), or setting up a model with Black Blood to bleed all over the place (most useful with Guild Lucius/Mr. Graves, NB Lucius, and Resser McMourning). I generally only use the first tactic, but others have enjoyed both in beater heavy crews. Again, I feel the trigger is just a bonus. Impassioned Defense gives HtW, and on the trigger lets you do it again. It's a wonderful 0 action that goes off on a 6+, but you'll want to throw in a moderate if you're in the thick of it. Opinion For 6ss I believe that the Guild Lawyer is very well costed for it's points, and should be taken for its support capabilities alone, though Special Damages and Objection!!! are a lot of fun (on the sending end anyway). Obviously, the Guild Lawyer shines in a Lucius led crew, but any crew can find use for him, if only to protect a more important model. In these grim times, it's important to have the proper legal counsel. -Will update in response to feedback-
  6. Wonderful minions all round, I'm excited for Fae themed Lucius too!
  7. This reminds me that I still need to do my Guild Lawyer tactica. I have also played with the idea of doing a Lucius tactica, since there isn't one. Like I said, what AP use appeals most to you? You keep snagging on that Commanding Presence ability, but that's really the least of his tricks. Your bread and butter is Issue Command and Sword Cane. Take a good look at those actions, and ask yourself if you like them.
  8. What do you plan on using Mr. Graves for? I assume guarding Lucius. I'd drop Doppelganger for Changelings, if I was going to drop her, but I'm biased. You might find some use for Useless Duplications here. Stitched Together and Bloodwretches are good minion options too.
  9. I only play Lucius, as far as Masters are concerned. I don't care if "X Master is better," and about half of the Lucius tactica, or corresponding comments, that exist belabor "X Master is better." People go out of their way to inform me so. It's frustrating. Not conducive to productive discourse. That's why I play it off and keep my knowledge esoteric, though I'd rather talk about it, and continue attempting to despite previous negative reinforcement. Thusly, these are the Mimics that benefit mightily from the to : Candy, Mr. Graves (as you mentioned), Guild Lawyer, Terracotta Warrior, and Doppelganger/Changelings when Mimicing a attack. I throw in Bloodwretches to support Mr. Graves sometimes, also very handy with Special Forces. In a Mimic list, every model needs to have a defined role; it's an ensemble cast, and every model is important. Lucius uses his AP to either support the crew in those roles, or stepping forward himself to ensure that they survive to accomplish them. Lucius is the Danny Ocean of Malifaux. That's his niche. Is that better than what X Master can do with their AP? That depends on how you subjectively value AP use. What do you want to use Master AP for? Find the Master that does that. It may, or may not, be Lucius.
  10. Yes, they do make it into MY list. And let them do everything else better, that's what they're there for.
  11. Mimics. Lucius does Mimics better than any other Neverborn Master. Mimics change the rules of the game. If you play them right, you can dictate initiative, your in-game upgrades, and your opponent's hand; possess superior mobility, activation control, scheme marker placement; nullify beaters, soulstone use, and damage. Figuring out how to implement all of that is hard. If easier is better, and that's the popular consensus, Lucius is the worst Neverborn Master. There's nothing wrong with that, play the game how you like.
  12. Thursday Nights! 5pm-9pm! We're starting a league over a Gajo Games, and you're welcome to show up and join in! Gajo specializes in Tabletop Miniature Wargames, with spectacular terrain and an expansive inventory. Let's take advantage of this oppertunity and support this awesome store! Gajo Games 9420 S Union Square Sandy, UT 84070
  13. So, from the mechanics it seems like the Terror Immuto turns elemental attacks into...eldtrich vomit?
  14. There's nothing wrong with the murder puppet.
  15. I think the go-to theme for this would be Outcasts. Tattooed Irishman's proclaimation of life and love, signed in blood upon his skin. I just had a wonderful idea, the subversive that I am. Go Team Neverborn.