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  1. You might want to throw in an upgrade to make it harder to hit Mr. Graves, but otherwise I'm anxious to hear how it performs!
  2. Mr. Graves is a decent beater with some movement tricks, Mr. Tannen is a fantastic control piece is you can fit him in, and they have good synergy with each other. Keep Mr. Graves inside of Lucius' command bubble and watch the magic happen as your opponent has to discard a card to cheat against you positive flip fence-post-beatdown.
  3. Beckoners are bad for their cost in crews without Brilliance. My go-to for Lure is a Performer, or you could snag yourself a Lilitu. Keep the Doppleganger and drop a Lawyer if you must have a Lure on your crew.
  4. You've come to the right place, my friend! Lucius likes Mimics and Minions (outside of that guild stuff), so aim for that. Many here swear by the Illuminated, though I don't much care for them myself. However, something we all agree on is the Doppleganger, she should be a priority purchase. I've also found good use out of Mr. Graves. After that, Changelings make great scheme runners, force multipliers, and fodder for Lucius' abilities. The Mysterious Emissary makes Changelings and offers some fun board control. There's a few more models I would recommend, but that's a decent start for this year's Christmas list. If you need any further advice on themed Lucius lists, I'd be happy to lend a hand.
  5. Red Tape trigger on Lucius counts as control, think it's worth 1 for the spreadsheet?
  6. Jan 1st. I ordered: Tara, Void Wretches, Nothing Beast, Scion of the Void, Dead of Winter, Austringers, Rotten Belles, Lucius, The Scribe, and Misaki. I don't have all of them in my possession anymore, if you'd like me to double check any of them let me know.
  7. I proxy the Performer with the crop as a Doppleganger when both crews are on the table. Interestingly enough, if you look closely at the official artwork of both models their faces are eerily similar. How exactly does one do a Doppleganger conversion anyway? They don't exactly look a specific way.
  8. If it helps, I ordered my stuff individually, and it was all up-to-date.
  9. I must be mistaken then, you certainly have made it clear that my perspective on the subject is incorrect. I look forward to continuing to use Tyranny of Conflux in a manner that is paradoxical to reality.
  10. Neither Hoffman nor Lucius are stand alone models, they need the correct support to be effective in their chosen role, whatever the role. If Lucius does not perform well with Conflux of Tyranny, it is because his crew does not support that tactic, not because it's "almost as good as something Hoffman is bad at."
  11. Run the Emissary with Conflux of Tyranny, now Lucius is a trick beater. He can do all sorts of stuff with his AP, not just Issue Command.
  12. Here's another for Lucius. The Kids Don't Stand a Chance - Vampire Weekend
  13. Mysterious Conflux is minion friendly, probably get some mileage out of the Zoraida upgrade, but nothing that would specifically help Swampfiends.
  14. I've idly pondered doing a huntsman conversion for Lucius for a while now, and I think I'm close to putting the shopping list together for it, but before I do, I'd like some outside input. The project is inspired by Lucius' Secret Assets upgrade, which reminded me of the huntsman and his crossbow from 10th Kingdom (the crossbow always kills something whenever its fired, spoiler: like the huntsman's own son). With Lucius-friendly Fae minions hitting the scene, it seemed the correct time to put him together. I don't find much in need of changing with his regular outfit, with his high-cut boots, but the sleeves don't seem appropriate. I was already planning to grab the Exorcist box for the over-the-shoulder crossbow, so I'll just nab a pair of their gauntlet length gloves too. The wig is a bit much, so I'm taking the mask display from The Scribe's plate and using that for Lucius' head (which, of course, means cutting the lower wig from the top of his cape). We're not done yet with the Exorcist box, because every fantasy huntsman requires a jaunty hunting cap! I'll remove a hat from one of the poor Exorcists, cut a bit of the brim off and scuplt the brim to the side of the crown and sweeping backward, as per Errol Flynn. Finish up with somme woodland basing and it's ready for primer. What do you think? As a companion model, I could have The Scribe holding up Lucius' sword cane, paint his suit in something more rustic and maybe pull the other set of Exorcist gloves for a matching look. A bowler wouldn't be far off either.
  15. Lucius' Surprisingly Loyal upgrade, Terracotta Warrior is the new target of the action. Devil's Deals just fine though.