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  1. Sorry about that, Ive added you
  2. It is still 4 rounds The car park is the victoria car park
  3. Change of Venue. We will be running in this event in the shop now.
  4. Wave 5 isnt Legal for this one Attendence list updated
  5. Thats Awesome Thank You
  6. Thanks guys that's all updated
  7. Hi guys. Having issues with uploading a tournament pack but have added a load of info to the main post including an up to date attendance list. Let me know if you need to know anything else! We have sourced more fans! The doors will be open from the start of the event, in an attempt to keep everyone cooler. We have arranged for the bar to be open all day for refreshments. The venue have said they may be able to do food, I will keep you posted!
  8. Hi guys The heat was a huge hurdle and I appreciate everyone sticking with it. Guilder are always handed out when you vote for best painted, this happens at all of the under the hanging tree tournaments. Most people who don't vote will come and ask for them before the end of the day, I am super happy for everyone to get one and will put them buy for everyone who has said they didn't. Give me a shout if there is anyone else. Bag 'o' tools is an awesome piece of software but there are still kinks. I did a round pairings shout for every round, unfortunately with the bar being downstairs it wasn't always possible to make sure everyone was in the room. I'm sorry you missed them Lee. Also with Bag 0 Tools there is no way to keep those final standings confidential Really appropriate the feedback and we are trying to come up with something to help with the heat.
  9. Tournament Pack now up and available guys!
  10. Attendance List Undated Thanks for all the offers of Terrain and mats everyone
  11. Updated the attendance list Best painted will be best painted crew (Player Voted) and Best Painted Master (Judges choice) You can't use the same model in your crew and as your best painted master. I will be putting up a tournament kit soon. Could we please ask people to bring terrain with them?? We would really appropriate if people could bring a table because we are going to be short. Give me a shout if you can. Extra raffle tickets for anyone that does Thanks guys
  12. Henchman Hardcore - 4th April @ Ibuywarganmes

    Yeah it is but because its pay on the day, I dont do an attendence list
  13. Hi guys!!!! We will be running a store Henchman hardcore at Ibuywargames at 7:30pm on the 4th April Tickets are £5 on the day for 4 half hour rounds at 20ss. You need a 4 model crew and the cache is what is written on the leaders card. There will be prizes!
  14. Brilliant. I can hold it and you can pay on the day if that works for you?