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  1. I was playing Lynch vs. McCabe. And McCabe had Gatling Samurai in his crew. So... Well, Doppel copied Heed My Voice (Huggy's Obey) and used it on Gatling Samurai two times (Tome's trigger for a free use) There were tons of gatling shooting, resulted in one body dropped dead. And Samurai exploded twice, when he missed. Then Doppel controlled Westrel and finished another Westrel. So, in a single activation, Doppel killed 3 models.
  2. Say we have 2 Lucuis play against each other. Both have Legalese upgrade on them, which allow to turn enemy scheme marker into friends, when the game ends. So what will happen, if they both end the game near the one marker?
  3. I'd recommend you to get Doppelgänger, one of our greatest models
  4. Doppelgänger is definitely a must. Copy lure, heed my voice, Tot's sprint... And being able to win initiative, every time you need it? Yeah, she fits
  5. You cant bypass Rare limit by summoning them. So it's 3 DD max,
  6. Nice options, thanks! I do generally Walk+Lure with Beckoner. And if I can push her beforehand, I could either double lure Huggy, or try to lure enemy, if he comes too close... That's great!
  7. Yes, but walking to Huggy to show him the door... Sounds like waste of AP. And activating near him requires you to pass Df14 duel. Not really nice way to start your turn
  8. How do you use Mr. Graves with Huggy, who has FGF upgrade? Do you have to walk to Huggy to push him?
  9. Seems very reasonable! I have heard it whispered that enjoying yourself might be main reason to play this game This is so wrong...
  10. I believe this is relevant. I knew he reminded me someone!
  11. I've played against Ironsides with Lynch. There were some luck flips involved (Like Ironsides failed Illuminated's Terrifying 10 duel, flipping Black Joker), but even without them it was pretty easy. Mages are fragile, and if you get rid of them ( or at least of one of them, who has this annoying "no conditions" upgrade) it helps you a lot. After all, we do hit harder than these arcanists.
  12. They don't have to. It's always the choice, read thoughts train or get a quick look on pmf page
  13. No, he's not. He can declare any faction
  14. Oh, I was wrong then. Yep, it's cool then, if you manage to get at least one ace in your hand.
  15. Wait what? You don't reshuffle your deck with wanna see a trick. You just shuffle the ace(s) in there If I understood you right, and you meant reshuffle with discard pile