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  1. Boomstick

    Nightmare Crew Box

    Anyone else excited to find out what the Nightmare crew will be this year? What is everyone thinking/hoping it will be? Personally, I think either a classical pirate look for Brewie (to show Zipp how it's really done) or Zorida as Gareth the Goblin King (and a swap on some of her box for more Gremlin-y friends) would be great and fun themes.
  2. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Thanks @misterfinn! I can't wait to have them done in all their glory.
  3. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Hark, an update! I finished up this batch of Ressers (and Bishop) for my friend just in time for a local tourney, and got a little bit of work in on a few things for me too. So, we have three Drowned (18ss), a Dead Doxy (6ss), and Datsue Ba (8ss) Then, Bishop (9ss) appearing as The Main Man himself, Lobo (as everyone does, because it makes so much sense. I'm trying with converting my version of this model to include his bike if I can find a way to fit one on a 30mm base). Puts me at 41ss completed so far this month. A quick action shot of Marlena WIP, assisting Viktoria of Ashes in not dying. And an update on the cats. Or rather, their bases. A different rug for each of them for quick identification. Still not sure how much paint I'll be putting on the actual cats, but vintage Haemlin will be painted as Black Waltz III from FFIX, and I've made hats for each of the cats so they can be his little black mages. I canabalized Caitlyn with some TTB kit pieces to create 2 cat herders. As always, lovely to see everyone's updates throughout the month! I'm trying to do better in showing WIPs and updates instead of just a big dump at the end of the month.
  4. Boomstick


  5. I often take one of each, as a performer tossing scheme markers out at 6" and popping enemy markers with seduction is amazing in scheme-y pools, the mannequin auto slows anything it hits, and most of the Performer's Can actions are pretty great for Cassandra to understudy.
  6. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    For all the translucent models I've done I've used an exacto knife to scrape the lines and to lightly score contact points instead of using files. Filing translucent plastic has muddied it up worse than the glue I use, which is the gorilla super glue gel. It will fog it up if you use a bunch, but very light usage I haven't noticed any fogging.
  7. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Well, after last month I really want to take it easy, but there's just too many Outcasts I want to paint. First Objective is to finish Datsu Ba, the Doxie, and three Drowned for my friend, along with Alt Bishop. Then, for me, Vintage Misaki, Shang, Alt Lazarus, Hans, and two Desperate Mercs. Then, as an art project, I may get to the Curiosity Killed the Cat box and Vinage Haemlin. I hesitate to actually pledge them, since I really don't plan the put much paint on the models, but the bases will be fun, methinks. In either case, I want to share the progress with you all!
  8. Boomstick

    Welcoming Our Newest Game Designer!

    Congratulations Kai! I look forward to seeing your direction and contributions to the game going forward!
  9. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Everyone's doing such wonderful work! I love it all! Here's what I managed of the giant pile of plastic I pleged. Got a good amount of it done, and the rest it well on it's way to be finished up early June. First, Krampus/Snowstorm (11ss) and Boris the Slate Ridge Mauler (7ss) Tosiro (9ss) and two Komainu (10ss) 2 Goryo (14ss) a Dead Doxie (6ss) and a pack of Canine Remains (12ss) and finally, 3 Seishin (0ss) and the Largest of Jakobs (5ss) presented as the Red XIII for my FFVII Outcasts. And for funzies,a picture of the most Grandious of Jakobuses consulting the ancestors, wondering why all their advice involves braaaaiiiiinsss. For a total of 73ss, by my count.
  10. Boomstick

    Nicknames and avatars

    In my first D&D game that lasted an grew into something amazing, I played the party sorcerer, who favored investigation over burning things to the ground. That said, he was very good at burning things to the ground when needed, and carried a staff, so he became known by reputation as the Boomstick. My avatar is my model of him. One of the first I ever painted.
  11. Boomstick

    How many Rats/Cats?

    @Cedar Sounds about like Ramos and his spiders then, as far as numbers go. Thanks!
  12. Boomstick

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I'm in the process of putting together the Curiosity Killed the Cat box. Between that and the Cat Princess there are a LOT of cats in here. How many is reasonable to leave as singles vs pile together as another Rat King/Cat Princess or Cat Catcher conversions? I see you get a lot of cats/rats out with Hamelin, but there's also a good bit of cycling into other models. How many do you get on the table at the same time?
  13. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    There's been good movement on my giant pile of plastic! I haven't taken the time to take pictures of them all, but I'm feeling pretty good. Quick update with an "almost done" of my Slate Ridge Mauler (he can "bearly" juggle, but gives great hugs!) and with a reminder WIP of Krampus, since I realized I may need to use him this weekend at MuseOn Con, so I'm going to finish him really quick.
  14. Boomstick

    Iron Scorpius choices

    I saw this thread floating around on the Guild thread, so, like any good Arcanist agent, I absconded with it and brought it back to headquarters. So, in the interest of expanding our thinking beyond the too-wide-spread opinion that Sandeep is the only Arcanist master worth taking, what are the five masters, generally speaking, do you bring from our dugout for the Iron Scorpius challenge? For anyone who hasn't heard, it's the idea of bringing a different master to every game in a 5 round tournament. So, what five masters do you bring, assuming you don't know the strats and schemes? Personally, I load up with Toni for anything focused in the center. Kaeris for Symbols and maybe Ours. Mei for Guild in case of Sonnia or Perdita. Colette for anything scheme-y unless my opponent declares Gremlins (she's my favorite, but Zipp likes a lot of the same pools and is a damn hard counter to her). And Raspy or Marcus for anything killy. What are yours?
  15. Boomstick

    Arcanist vs Sonnia

    Mei for the Vent Steam bubble + ability to close the distance quickly and tie up Sonnia in combat. Have to be careful to keep everything in the bubble or ensure if they move out that they're out of Sonnia's LoS for the first couple turns.