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  1. Thank you so much! I owe my plaid superpower to years of playing/painting a Celtic themed Space Wolves army. Each squad had a different tartan on their pinky-nail-sized tabards. Datsue's skirt is a bit more difficult in that there are more contours to the garment, but the basic process is the same.
  2. Worked on Datsue Bae tonight, not done, but getting there. Going for more of a banshee feel, hence the head conversion.
  3. From the album Boomstick

  4. From the album Boomstick

  5. Finally posting my (mostly) unpainted stuff for the beginning of the month. Did what's pictured on the skeeters here right before remembering to take the picture, and all I've done since then is a few layers on the gremlin skin. Saving Hyrule has left little time for painting, but I'm trying to remember to come up for air. More to come!
  6. I have one coming down the tubes.
  7. I'll be opening up with the Zipp crew box, Malifaux child, and Datsue Ba (may she burn in the Special Hell). Pictures will follow once I sit down and shrink them to a size the forums like. Though I forgot to snap a picture before tonight's paint-slinging, so there's a bit of paint on the skeeters.
  8. From the album Boomstick

  9. Easter is coming.
  10. I can't give a page or FAQ number at the moment as I don't have the materials with me, but actions gained from an upgrade are considered to be on the attached model's card. Just had this very question asked about Sandeep last week and my local Henchman confirmed upgrade actions count as 'on card'. I'll be back with a relevant citation as soon as I can, unless someone else beasts me to it.
  11. They should get the +1 CA too, so long as they're in 3" of the EoP. But since Beacon specifies "printed on the status card" the mages would still consider the action's starting cast as Ca6, -1 from Beacon, +1 From EoP within 3", they Beacon at Ca6.
  12. On the other hand, if you want to get away from the Colette On Ice show or want something truly top heavy, something like this could be fun: 35 SS Arcanists Crew Colette Du Bois + 3 Pool - Cabaret Choreography (2) - Arcane Reservoir (2) Mechanical Dove (2) Carlos Vasquez (9) - Stunt Double (0) - Practiced Production (1) Cassandra (8) Union Miner (5) Performer (5) Carlos and Cassandra each holding a stash marker or the center in general is pretty tough to deal with, especially with the Union Miner there to pop out scheme markers with false claim to make All Together Now deliciously easy to do while also pumping Carlos up with extra burning for some Flaming Fists of the Great Carlos Vasquez (it's just so fun to say!). Plus, when the Performer dies, so long as she's nearby one of your bigger models, they get to reactivate. And with three of them, it's much easier to keep our her close to somebody. In short: Carlos is awesome.
  13. Agreed about the 50ss, but we all have to start somewhere. Personally, at 35ss I would leave the coryphee at home. Not only is one too fragile, it also misses out on the best tricks Colette can pull with two of them. In the 7ss slot I would bring either a gunsmith, since you mentioned having them, or a December Acolyte. Both make pretty good prompt targets and are versatile models. Some would say the gunsmith will do better at the lower Soulstone game than they will at 50ss, but I say it's all matter of crew composition in relation to the strat, schemes, and table. One reason I'd recommend the acolyte over the gunsmith is if you find yourself bringing a Silent One as well, which is great with Cassandra for her Understudy trigger to get more damage out there. The Silent One also can take advantage of a lot of Frozen Heart synergies between her, the Acolyte, and your Ice Dancer. Here's my idea of a 35ss Colette list with a fair bit of versatility (though in general I prefer building to the objective pool than having a set list, like I said, we all start somewhere) : 35 SS Arcanists Crew Colette Du Bois + 3 Pool - Cabaret Choreography (2) - Shell Game (1) Mechanical Dove (2) Cassandra (8) - Practiced Production (1) - Recharge Soulstone (1) December Acolyte (7) Silent One (6) Ice Dancer (6) Wow, been a while since I made a 35ss list, thought I'd fit one more model in there. So basically you have a lot of Frozen Heart synergy, with the Acolyte and the Ice Dancer doubling as forward firing nodes for the Silent One. I personally haven't gotten what I want out of shell game in the past and prefer Arcane Reservoir for the guarenteed card every turn, especially as I've gotten more away from Prompting with almost every AP, but I think it will work well in this sized game. You don't *have* to hire a dove, but I've found having one in your opening list can help if you have a truly bad hand. Just pop it to give Colette + flips on Ca actions and she can get you a few more for more activations and future + flips while it's turn one and everyone is just focused on moving up the board. One thing I'll say about putting practiced production on Cassandra is make sure towards the end over every turn you're thinking about where you want to drop the extra marker the following turn, since you'll generally want Cassandra going first to put up Southern Hospitality.
  14. Had my first game with Sandeep this year over the weekend (third game overall, the other two both ended in ties). Faced another Arcanist who is known to be a very solid player in the area, my first game against him as well. 2nd round of a tourney, Interference. I took Accusation and Hunting Party, expecting Ramos and not wanting to get into a mirror match. He ended up taking Claim Jump and Hunting Party. Pretty straightforward Ramos list with Joss, Hank, and Envy as the centerpieces. I took Sandeep with 3 mages, Angelica, Carlos, and Mech Rider. A lot of interesting things happened throughout the game. Turn one he quickly gave Hank reactivate, so I found myself unwilling to move too far up the board in any one particular area until I saw at least one activation from Hank as well to get an idea of what his target would be. That said, I had Angelica push two of the mages to present a unified front up the opposite flank (really just off the center). Long story short, I ended up with Banasuva whiffing when trying to Beacon Sandeep's place, couldn't get close enough to Hank to pummel and try to slow him down before he could use his second activation to reach Mech Rider and commence her decommissioning with extreme prejudice. But I had to do something, if only to slow Hank down by an AP. So Banasuva summoned a Metal Gamin engaged with Hank. And instead of dying, the little guy not only held Hank there for two activations (with Banasuva managing to teleport in the second turn and distract Hank from bothering with the Metal Gamin), he did 5 or 6 damage to the big guy that first turn and Accused him first thing second turn! This gave the Mech Rider a chance to come in and finish Hank off. The whole nonsense had both of us cackling at the absurdity. On the other side of the board, Carlos was paying dividends by fire-punching spiders for hunting party and pushing on top of the scrap left behind to make Ramos really have to work to summon, engaging Joss and remaining spiders to prevent Interference points and keep them from spreading out. Sandeep made judicious use of keeping the mages from needing to randomize into combat and they made the quickest work of Joss I've ever seen. The second highlight of hilarity of the game was the last two turns which had Sandeep and Ramos locked in combat with Sandeep blocking LoS to the last scrap marker, and the two of them were swatting at each other like two stereotypical Professor-types in Pugilism Club. Game ended 9-2 in my favor. I was and still am a little in awe of how well Sandeep shut down Ramos in Interference, especially when my previous showings with him felt like I was doing more things right and ended in ties, while this one, especially at the beginning, I felt I was Beaconing the wrong thing at the wrong target at the wrong time. Neither of us were having much luck getting the suits we needed for our summons, and our decks were all over the place all game as far as what was coming up. Super fun in any case, I'm looking forward to trying more of our Academic master out. Definitely agree the mages provide a lot to the crew. I think I want to try a Librarian running with them as well.
  15. I generally run one performer and a union minerror as my schemes unless I'm leaning more ice heavy, then the performer becomes an ice dancer. 1 mannequin is usually all I need when I take one, they can get pretty much anywhere by following showgirls around.