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  1. A quick WIP for the Viks as Cloud and Sephiroth. My painting's been slower this month with a lot of life happening, but this weekend will be a paint-filled one!
  2. From the album Boomstick

  3. From the album Boomstick

  4. I like this model so much more now that I've seen his artwork!
  5. I got a chance to use the little guy last night, and while I didn't get a chance to do everything on his card, what I saw him do gave me a good idea of his future utility. And that, ultimately, is what he is. Admittedly, I was running a Brew crew, so he will more easily shine there. But placing a scheme marker turn one in base contact with a Fermented Monk is an easy way to get up their poison without discarding cards. I think keeping him a bit closer to Brewie will help both for poison kills and for any point Brewie needs a self heal so he heals for the poison as well. Over all, solid scheme runner in any case.
  6. Strats, my absolute favorite with her is Headhunter, but I play her enough that about the only strategy I don't enjoy her in is Ineterference/Recon. Schemes: any and all scheme marker based schemes, any and all Interact based schemes, and in general I find Undercover Entourage to be easy in hwr crew, either from her teleporting or Cassandra pishing away from whoever she's engaging and walking into their deployment. Killing schemes take a little more planning with her, but that's mostly deciding how many killy models you want to hire. There's not a lot she can't do, our Showgirl of Many Talents.
  7. Sounds fantastic! Glad to hear Colette is working out for you. I find she's a good bag of tricks to pull out of your own bag of tricks. And she really likes a lot of Raspy's thematic pieces, so Raspy makes sense for a next master. Let us know how the transition goes!
  8. Coming soon to a June near you: the Vicks and Vanessa, Von Schill and his Luggage, Taelor, two Ronin and finishing up Sue! Together, they won't feel so...Outcast.
  9. From the album Boomstick

  10. I imagine they're both Limited specifically so she can't do that. She'd be way above her pay grade without the inherent question of which of those to uae every turn.
  11. I am beginning to like how Kandara is taking shape for the game. There's work to do yet, but she has moved beyond "Sandeep upgrade" to "finisher/interceptor", which I think is a decent place for her at her cost. Thoughts for what needs some tweaking yet: Divine Strike. The (not cheats) needs to go. It was fluffy and interesting when Blessed was involved, but it's so situational that when it does come up I will have forgotten it's possible. The damage should probably go up to a 1/1/2 so it always has some effect on the game (or maybe a 1/1/3 to really enforce the choice between her limitied upgrades). I do think her Throw Knife gamin teleport should have a range cap on it. Even 10" or 12" would be better for the game than the enire board in LoS. I would LOVE to see her give out some kind of Gamin buff/synergy. The above idea is cool and flexible, and I'd actually like it better than Divine Strike. It takes ger from "Is she a hitter? Really?" to "She hits things to inspire her gamin friends to be better at life, and happens to get a little damage in there". Suddenly she's useful in a Raspy crew, adds more potential Kaeris synergy, and rewards for taking gamin in general. My othet thought for a gamin synergy was an 6 to give other friendly gamin either +1 damage or +1 armor (one or the other on the card, not give us the choice. Ooh, of make it dependant on which limited upgrade she has on!) Those are my two cents on her to really dial her in. If she needs to be pushed to 8ss to make it all feasible, I think that'd be fine.
  12. I for one welcome the coming Era of Dapper Lycanthropes, where the moonlight not only glints off the hunter's eyes, but also his stylish headwear.
  13. And, finally getting a breather from work to post, here is what ended up coming out of my May. 2 Wardens (12ss), Miss Alt Guild Sergent (6ss), Trapper (6ss), Doppleganger (7ss), Sonia Avatar as the Brutal Emissary (10ss), and two Changelings converted from the creepy children and carnivorous flowers from the Mysterious Emissary (8ss) fro a total of 49ss. For June, actually going to do some Outcasts, now that I've escaped from Lucius' commanding presence. Side point, I'm really interested in thoughts on the Brutal Emissary here. I was trying to make Sonia herself look like the blue/white center of a flame, but I'm worried she looks too icy and I'm not sure how to fix that. Any constructive help would be appreciated.
  14. From the album Boomstick

  15. From the album Boomstick