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  1. Main thing I've always found when running Brewie and wanting to do well: take Fingers in a schemey pool, Whiskey in a more smashy pool, and give Drinking 'Problem' to whichever one you take to push one or two key models towards Brewie. Don't take both of them. Too many stones for too few models. Don't try to Drinking Contest too many things. I've had good success locking down one or two key and/or scary models, beyond that, things get dicey.
  2. Final product! (Well, a few details can always be cleaned up, but I'd already put the paint away before heading to work) Lucius (15ss), The Scribe (2ss), Dashel (9ss), Lawyers x2 (12ss), Guild Guard x2 (8ss), Earl Burns (3ss), and the Malifaux Child as Edward from Cowboy Bebop (2ss) for a grand total of 51ss for this month. Aye Capn'. We've seen yer shadow puppets. Bunny's comin' along nice-like. EARL! WE DO NOT USE WRENCHES ON CHILDREN! Ipkis & Moriarty, Avocados at Law. Lucius is taking a page from Ra's al Ghul's wardrobe, with boots from some upstart company named Converse. So many options with his model I had trouble deciding what to do. Next month: dipping my toe into my Outcast backlog. For now, rewarding this month's work with painting Leman Russ.
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  8. WIP for the month. The Malifaux Child is done but not on the tray, Earl just needs his eyes touched up, Dashel and the guards are done but for accessories, and I'm working on Lucius & lawyers now. Bases will get some bushes...to try and hide the blood, y'see...
  9. From the album Boomstick

  10. Don't listen to the nay-sayers too much, Brewie works fine. Just have to navigate his 'shine-cart around a few neon-lit potholes. 1) His Drinking Contest is less a trap and more a...targeted use ability that most people think is meant to lock-down entire crews. Pick a beater or other central piece (at most two models) of the opposing crew and get them in, lock them down. Brewie spends the rest of the game swilling others at range, occasionally putting 1 AP towards punching the beater for more poison and a swill. If not, Yin can do it to keep them at flips. 2) Crew selection is especially key for him. Personally, I have yet to take both Fingers and ol' Whiskey in the same list and do well (which I think is part of the Internet Wisdom that he's bad, everybody commits too hard to the Tri Chi theme). If the scheme pool is especially scheme-y I bring Fingers, knowing he'll get me 6 points more often than not, and deny a few more. If it's more kill-y I bring Whiskey, though he needs a surprising amount of finesse to use well. Take Drinking 'Problem' on whichever one you take, since neither of them have a (0), that (0) is some movement that help's get your target in Brewie's realm of influence, pre-poisoned and maybe with some damage on them (I find this especially helps Whiskey stay alive longer, sending the threats elsewhere after he hits them a time or two, then he hunts smaller fishes). 3) Also, crew selection is especially key for him. If you're taking him in Ten Thunders, don't feel you need to spend the 2ss tax for Running Tab to bring his Tri Chi buddies. yes you'll miss Wesley, but not toooo much. An enemy target being on flips for everything makes even decent minions hit pretty well, and Thunders have some great minions. Thunder Bros, a few Archers (near either Sensei Yu or Brewie with Blot the Sky), the Dawn Serpent, take your pick. He makes Fermented Monks shine with minimal effort (even more so with Yu around to use his One for the Road (0) on them as well). If you want to bring Wesley and some other Gremlin Brew Crew staples, bring a Terracotta Warrior not only to switch out Running Tab, but to protect Wesley with Form of the Other. I haven't tried Yasunori with Brewie yet, but honestly I don't think the crew needs him. I'd rather spend stones on Yin, Yu, or the Thunder Emissary (I don't rate Brewie's conflux, but there's plenty of other upgrades he works well with. I like Equality, personally) or a few more solid activations (Performers are also great if you do want to kill the things Brewie's locking down) than a big beater who can already slice most models to ribbons and doesn't need them to be swilled. A general list, since that seems to be the thing to do: Pure Thunder Brewie (6ss cache) -Misdirection (2ss) -Binge (1ss) Sensei Yu (9ss) -Wandering Style (2ss) Yin (8ss) -Smoke Grenades (1ss) Samurai (8ss) -Favor of Not Killing Himself (0ss) Fermented River Monk (5ss) Thunder Bro (5ss) This leaves you with 9ss to play with. Maybe swap out the Samurai for a Lone Swordsman, but I like being able to "obey" the Samurai by hitting him with Binge. Tri Chi Thunder Brewie -Running Tab -Binge Wesley (3ss) Fingers/Whiskey Golem (10ss) -Drinking 'Problem' (2ss) Yin (8ss) -Smoke Grenades (1ss) Terracotta (5ss) Moon Shinobi (6ss) Fermented Monk (5ss) Thunder Bro (5ss) And that would leave you with a full cache. Depending on opposing faction/scheme pool, may swap out something for a Wandering Monk, probably the Thunder Bro or the Shinobi. So, what's in this swill? Mostly the blood of your enemies. Cheers! *glass clink*
  11. Thank you and fare well in your future adventures, Lindsey! May you travel in style, upon a hoversled drawn by a team of corgis with Cinnamon in the lead, lighting the way! All but the coolest/most warped people will tremble as you pass them by.
  12. Couldn't agree more, so here's another from me. While I don't generally see Colette's lists have a ton of staying power for point holding, this is what I would try in this case, as there are enough schemey schemes to make me tempted anyway. 50 SS Arcanists Crew Colette Du Bois + 4 Pool - Arcane Reservoir (2) - Cabaret Choreography (2) - A Lady's Secret (2) Cassandra (8) - Recharge Soulstone (1) - Practiced Production (1) Coryphee (7) Coryphee (7) December Acolyte (7) Silent One (6) Union Miner (5) With as much as I want to put Carlos in here, with Guild I'd worry about Sonnia, and with his auto-burning every turn, he's a liability. So, we have Cassandra with a Silent One to focus on on Stash, aiming for the Cropyphee to duet with Promt shenanihans pretty quick for those (0) heals to keep them alive and annoying. Colette summons doves for a Practiced Production of Leave Your Mark (or the bluff thereof), Union Miner makes Setup/Claim Jump a breeze, and Cassandra going early/backed up by a Silent One would make Accusation and Marked for Death pretty simple. Meanwhile, Colette does what she does and makes sure the rest of the show goes off without a hitch. Lady's Secret will allow her to bop in to finish off something marked, or hold a marker should it suddenly be unattended.
  13. I dig all the lists so far and this idea in general. Lots of variation for the same objectives, which is why I love this game! Here's my take on it: 50 SS Arcanists Crew Mei Feng + 3 Pool - Seismic Claws - Arcane Reservoir - Vapormancy Emberling Cassandra - Practiced Production - Recharge Soulstone Freikorps Librarian Mechanized Porkchop Silent One Union Miner Arcane Effigy Malifaux Raptor Depending what I see across the table and terrain, Mei can either jam up the opposing crew while her guys move up and entrench around the Stash markers or hang bavk and give them some Vent Steam cover while the MechChop/Effigy prepares the road for her to Railwalk when most effective. Librarian and Silent one move to hold the Stashes/be in healing/Ca position, Silent One especially supporting Cassandra. Union Minor can hand out burning at range to give Mei more punch (along with the Effigy buff) while making Claim Jump orSet Up pretty easy if there's a good target on the latter (while using the threat of Practiced Production to bluff Leave Your Mark, or just doing it if their list is going to be in my face). Cassie wants to go first anyway, so she won't often be Accused, and can Accuse before others acctivate. Raptor is mostly there as activation control and another avenue to lock down gunline pieces or things I want to slow down while threatening Leave. Probably wouldn't worry about Mark for Death, but could be done if needed. All in all, a fun list, methinks.
  14. I think once people get a bit of time to work on her we'll be seeing more Sue being merc'd in for his corpse removal, maybe some Thunderous Smash getting taken more on Mei (though Vent Steam will help as well). Remove Reva's forward corpses and she's at least slowed down on the ranged murderousness, maybe to the point of having to move up to where she can be counter charged. That's my read from a few games so far. She's definiyely tough, but play to your schemes, wait for the right moment, and she can be dealt with.
  15. I'm clearly biased, but excellent choice! When Understudy comes from the trigger it's free. There's a bit in the rulebook about actions causing actions that covers it(don't have it on me or I'd cite the page). Clasically, Cassandra will saber, trigger understudy to take a silent one's freeze attack, trigger to freeze again, then her second saber with the built in trigger to dance away. It can be intensive if you don't have the right suites in hand, but worth it if you're in need of a big turn either on a single big target or a few with a few wounds hanging on. If memory serves, @spooky_squirrel has some solid Colette suggestions in the sticky as well.