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  1. Why is Brewmaster a Disaster?

    That is a tricky question. Performers have a mix of tricks not found elsewhere. The discard enemy scheme markers at range (possibly putting nearby enemies at to wp & df) as well as interact while engages, AND have a short range lure (more ranged wp to set off the Sow) that has a built in trigger to expunge poison as damage with no upper cap. While I wouldn't call them auto-include in general, I would say if you want to have all Brewie's tools at hand, pick up a box of performers. As far as sticking with Gremlins...go super theme-y and throw in either 2 Moon Shinobi or a Shinobi and 1 Akaname. I haven't tried the latter duo out yet personally, but they look like they'd work well together. But seriously, Performers are great to have on hand as mercenaries, they also have that extra poison fun with Brewie.
  2. Why is Brewmaster a Disaster?

    Here's the list I've been toying with recently. Declared Faction: Gremlins Crew Name: Shindig and Shine 50ss Leader: The Brewmaster - Cache:(3) A Barkeep Never Sleeps 2ss Binge 1ss Stilts 1ss Apprentice Wesley 3ss Fingers 10ss Drinking "Problem" 2ss Do Over 1ss The Sow 8ss Banjonista 5ss Banjonista 5ss Performer 5ss Performer 5ss Admittedly, with the Banjonistas and Performers, I'm probably over-redundant, but it's done good work thus far. Two highlight games have been against Lynch and Asami. Against Lynch I over-extended Brewie and lost him turn one (Final Debt is gross, and I forgot Stilts wouldn't work against it) but, the rest of the crew took advantage of Don't Mind Me and focused on grabbing Evidence markers and such while the banjonistas played their music and got the sow extra attacks. Against Asami I had Brewie firing on all cylinders. Shut off Yas turn one, Sow and Banjos killed him top of turn 2. The rest of the game I lost initiative, forcing Asami to go first, teleport away and summon things close to Brewie. Brewie either swilled them or binged them (in the case of obsidian oni) while the performers seduced things and stabbed them with hair pins. It's definitely a list that enjoys less killy schemes (but can do them). Against Lynch I accepted I was going to loose many models, so I focused on slowing him down while I schemed.
  3. Why is Brewmaster a Disaster?

    I'll have a more fleshed out idea for you a bit later, but having played against Lynch with Brewie multiple times recently, two thoughts: 1) Poison cannot be reduced, even if it does extra damage from Barkeep Never Sleeps, so get Huggy into the Drinking Contest, Swill him, and let him wither to nothing. Also, Banjonistas! Cast attacks at range, ignoring armor (for the Illuminated), and they're Wp based, so throw the Sow in there and get extra attacks!
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    @H4ml3t thanks! I'm a big fan of your work as well! I tend to agree on more color in general. In this case there's a reason for it: My Ressers I try to do in a mostly monochrome style with a point or two of color. Genbu and other dual-faction Ressers are tricky because of this and tend to end up in an awkward middle ground in regard to color. I think I may add color to the wrap on his sword hilt in this case. Think that would help alleviate the awkward middle ground, or is there another aspect that jumps out to you?
  5. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Got the biggun's done for 33ss, here's my Hodgepodge Emissary, Genbu/Izamu, and Alt. Nekima. Hopefully my BF order gets here this week and I can plow through the Raspy crew as well. Any thoughts?
  6. Boomstick

  7. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    @Franchute I've decided to go in at the Minion level. I'll probably be crushing that most months, but having the option to take a small month when it gets busy will be a welcome option.
  8. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Phew, knew December would be a crazy ride, so I planned to be able to paint the fewest models to hit my goal (woth more optionals, of course). Genbu/Izamu (10ss), Hodgepodge Emissary (10ss), Nekima (13ss) for sure, then may get to the Tanuki x3 (15). All told that'd be 48ss. I'm going to try and the A Wyrd Place's crew box challenge as well, with alt Raspy. Assuming she gets here with time to spare, I'l post another starting picture for them.
  9. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    @Franchute I'm currently debating on it. I probably will, just at a lower level than this year. I will let you know.
  10. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    I like H4ml3t's idea of defining different sized terrain as different SS values.
  11. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Didn't get them all, but made good progress! The Swincursed (7ss) 2x Banjonistas (10ss), a McMourning mummy turned Flesh Construct (6ss), the Sow (well, Ewe, 8ss), the Mysterious Emissary (10ss), and yes, the first Ramone sister Mounted Guard (7ss)! All told, 48ss worth. And made good progress on Nekima to finish up later.
  12. Spam of “that damage cannot be reduced”

    As someone who greatly enjoys the schemey sideways playstyle of Colette, I've been noticing this more and more being a problem. She more than most lives and dies by her defensive triggers (haven't played Molly or Hoffman, but I understand the similarities). I'm honestly surprised the recent concern that Colette's become weak is so focused on her Prompt cuddle, and not this issue. In her case, I wonder if it would make more sense for her triggers to be re-worded to the damage being prevented instead of reduced, but I'm not sure. For the "may not be reduced" damage in general, I see that they were trying to give a few more options to counter some of the defensive abilities in the game, namely armor and incorporeal, but agree it's become more widespread than is healthy for the game as a whole. Masters having it makes the most sense, but for example with Reva, she's already using a Ca action, so why not just make it ignore armor, as it already ignores incorporeal? That's the kind of thing that makes me think the "may not be reduced" wording is becoming the "easy button" to make models a counter piece, but it ignores too many things to be as widespread as it is getting, in my opinion. That said, I have yet to think of something that would make a happy medium between these defensive tricks and counters to them, so the arms race continues. I wish the game designers luck in finding it.
  13. Titania 101

    That's an amazing idea! I need to look at Mercs more.
  14. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    This month's wildly unrealistic To-Do list: Nekima (13), Genbu/Izamu (10), Mysterious Emissary (10), the Sow (8), 2x Death Marshall Recruiters (14), Flesh Construct (6), Swine-Cursed (7), 3x Tanuki (15), 2x Banjonistas (10)...and the sad Ramone sister/Mounted Guard (7) for a possible total of 93, and a more likely total somewhere in the 40-65ss range. Let's see how we do!
  15. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    I'm late, and I apologize, but I was lost in the Upside Down... Anyway, had a pretty productive month! Started off with the monster portion of my Horror Movie October, finishing up Titania and Barbaros, then getting the Thorn and Aeslin painted as well for a Neverborn 41ss Then moves along to the Zombie movie in the latter half of the month. With Rowan/Lady Rafkin, Sebastian, the Chihuahua, two Canine Remains (Iggy Pup making a special guest appearence), and two flesh constructs (Frankenstein's monster and an undead wolfman made from the largest translucent zombie) the Ressers gain 36ss, and I can now finally run Dufresne/McMourning. All told, 77ss. Tune in on the November post, where we'll find out if I ever actually plan on putting paint on the poor Ramone Sister/Mounted Guard!