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  1. Boomstick

    How many Rats/Cats?

    @Cedar Sounds about like Ramos and his spiders then, as far as numbers go. Thanks!
  2. Boomstick

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I'm in the process of putting together the Curiosity Killed the Cat box. Between that and the Cat Princess there are a LOT of cats in here. How many is reasonable to leave as singles vs pile together as another Rat King/Cat Princess or Cat Catcher conversions? I see you get a lot of cats/rats out with Hamelin, but there's also a good bit of cycling into other models. How many do you get on the table at the same time?
  3. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    There's been good movement on my giant pile of plastic! I haven't taken the time to take pictures of them all, but I'm feeling pretty good. Quick update with an "almost done" of my Slate Ridge Mauler (he can "bearly" juggle, but gives great hugs!) and with a reminder WIP of Krampus, since I realized I may need to use him this weekend at MuseOn Con, so I'm going to finish him really quick.
  4. Boomstick


  5. Boomstick

    Iron Scorpius choices

    I saw this thread floating around on the Guild thread, so, like any good Arcanist agent, I absconded with it and brought it back to headquarters. So, in the interest of expanding our thinking beyond the too-wide-spread opinion that Sandeep is the only Arcanist master worth taking, what are the five masters, generally speaking, do you bring from our dugout for the Iron Scorpius challenge? For anyone who hasn't heard, it's the idea of bringing a different master to every game in a 5 round tournament. So, what five masters do you bring, assuming you don't know the strats and schemes? Personally, I load up with Toni for anything focused in the center. Kaeris for Symbols and maybe Ours. Mei for Guild in case of Sonnia or Perdita. Colette for anything scheme-y unless my opponent declares Gremlins (she's my favorite, but Zipp likes a lot of the same pools and is a damn hard counter to her). And Raspy or Marcus for anything killy. What are yours?
  6. Boomstick

    Arcanist vs Sonnia

    Mei for the Vent Steam bubble + ability to close the distance quickly and tie up Sonnia in combat. Have to be careful to keep everything in the bubble or ensure if they move out that they're out of Sonnia's LoS for the first couple turns.
  7. Boomstick

    Last list you played: arcanists

    For this pool: Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Symbols of Authority (Masks) Schemes: * Punish the Weak (Masks) * Set Up (3) * Hold Up Their Forces (4) * Show of Force (7) * Take Prisoner (9) I played: Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: MC 4 Kaeris 50ss Leader: Kaeris - Cache:(4) Blinding Flame 1ss Flaming Angel 2ss Heat Wave 2ss Eternal Flame 2ss Joss 10ss Imbued Energies 1ss Recharge Soulstone 1ss Carlos Vasquez 9ss Stunt Double 1ss Practiced Production 1ss Slate Ridge Mauler 7ss Soulstone Miner 6ss Ice Dancer 6ss Got 3 for Symbols, 3 for Set Up, and 1 for Punish vs Seamus, who I kept to 1 for Symbols, 2 for Show, and 0 for Punish.
  8. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Thanks to all who have wished me luck! Here's a quick WIP of my big month so far. I'm pretty happy after a week of focused work, in time for my friend to visit this weekend. His stuff's not done, but it's enough to be discernable on the table as he tests them out. Thoughts?
  9. Boomstick

    Mei Feng: buying more stuff than the box?

    Since the pork chop came out I don't think I've run Mei without it. It's a great jumping off point for not only Mei but other models for the flips. Also, it's a 6ss construct with a 50mm base that drops a scrap marker once per turn after a walk. So, any turn, even if it's just walking twice, it's giving Mei about 14" of railwalk, and flips to her and/or other friendly models charging from nearby.
  10. Boomstick

    Advice for a new Collette player?

    Happy to hear it helped! I look forward to hearing how the game goes!
  11. Boomstick

    Advice for a new Collette player?

    Congratulations to your fiance for her painting work and excellent taste. You'll hear a lot of "Colette needs some help right now" mostly because Sandeep is in the spotlight now. Don't worry, Colette is still perfectly viable, she's just very tricksey in her playstyle. Best (short) recommendation I can give is for her to watch out for blasts, damage that can't be reduced, and things that ignore triggers. All of those can get around Colette's otherwise durability. Otherwise, especially if she is running just/mostly Colette's box, focus of placement and scheme markers based schemes, don't worry too much about losing models. I've won more games with Colette where I just had her and/or Cassandra at the end than I have with most of my crew left. For more detailed help, check out this post, and please, let me know if you or she have any feedback or questions!
  12. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Big month planned! First up is getting a few Ressers and friends ready for a friend, who's getting Yan Lo as his 2nd master soon. Datsue Ba, 3 Seishin, 2 Doxies, Toshiro, 2 Komainu, and 2 Goryo are commissions for him, and I'm throwing in 3 Drowned and 2 Canine Remains I've had sitting around unused (3rd undead pooch is for me). Also for me is the Slate Ridge Mauler (have a 2nd one in the box I may add later), 2 Steamfitters, 2 Desperate Mercs, a Witchling Thrall, Sun Quiang, and, adding to my FFVII Viks crew, Alt Lazarus as Robo-Barret, and Big Jake as Nanaki/Red XIII. Wish me luck!
  13. Boomstick

    Rank Our Masters

    *cracks knuckles* Clearly I need to hold off on trying to figure out Marcus and start bringing Colette out more again. Glad to see Sandeep isn't the top of the heap, but he still needs to be brought down a notch.
  14. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Thanks @Shock & Awe! I'll have to post something of the full league together sometime soon.
  15. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Here we go! May pledge done. AquaMarcus (15ss) is ready to lead his beast, including the Great White Jackalope (2ss) and Luther (9ss). Meanwhile, Wonder Amina (9ss) and Ferdinand "Wayne" Vogel (8ss) are prepared to defend him in court, or as the most Dapper of Lycanthropes (technically 0ss, how do we want to deal with the Beast Within?) backed by a dynamic duo of Soul Stone Miners (12ss) for a grand total of 55ss, and my final master in my DC Arcanists.