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  1. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    I'm interested - why was this changed? Were too many masters finding this too easy, or was it more fluffy of "it doesn't make sense that the Master is disguised and trying to slip past a checkpoint"? On paper it seems rather linear now, only using Henchmen (not, for example, even adding Enforcers as an option). Not many crews I can think of take multiple Henchmen, meaning as it is, if I think you took this, I kill your Henchman and deny you. Straightforward, I fear, to the point of boring. Little interplay. Interested to see how this tests, but my gut reaction is that this change is too limiting (and if I'm being honest, I don't think Colette needs another cuddle like this).
  2. That flaxibility/theme blending was definitely a big part of what drew me to her at first, especially in Arcanists where there's so many sub-themes to try and tie together. The satisfaction came shortly thereafter
  3. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    For the Best and Most Spooky of Months, I have a split theme of monster and classic horror movies. As such, I'll be finishing up Titania (15) and Barbaros (10), adding the Thorn (7) and Aeslin (9), then switching to a Resser focus with 3 Flesh Constructs (the standard, a wolfman made of the largeest zombie, and a mummy I'll be making out of McMourning since I prefer Dufresne's scuplt. 18ss), the Chihuahua (2), 2 canine remains (one standard, one made of Iggy Pup. 8ss), Sebastian (7), alt Rafkin (assuming I can find where I hid her. 7ss), a nurse (5), and maybe, if I get done with all that, my Ramone mounted guard for Lucius to use (7) Grand total: 95ss
  4. Boomstick

  5. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Would have had these up before the buzzer but I was having issues uploading them last night. Final tally for September: one Grootslang Xenomorph (6ss), one modified Rougarou (8ss), and three COMPLETELY NORMAL TREES that are in no way living and angry at people (18ss). Grand total of 32ss. Didn't quiiiite get Titania and Barbaros done in time, they'll be finished up for October)
  6. Wonderful thing about Colette is pretty much everuthing is thematic, just depends on what show they're performing that game. I hope the guide helps. And best of luck with Parker! I haven't done much more than look at him thus far, though a friend has had pretty good success with the bandits.
  7. Oh wow! I'm humbled, thank you! It'll be a bit before I update it for the new upgrades due to scratching an itch I have to break out some other factions/masters (namely Lucius and finally trying McMourning), but that update will come. I too am super excited for the new global campaign! I think they've finally got the voting balanced for figuring more represented factions. I'm almost sad to be mostly fighting for other factions this time around (want a Nightmare Dreamer box). Hopefully it's a super fun time.
  8. Loyalty of the Coin

    But which Syndicate will pay best, I wonder...?
  9. Always Scheme

    Yea, even with the recent Change to Practice Production, Leave your Mark is rather easy for us Arcanists. Between being preferential towards certain factions and being back from the center (which means it can easily cause less opponent interaction, in addition to limiting bluffability for the entire pool) I'm not a fan of it on paper. Something like Search the Ruins would be a better always choice, I would think. Also, if it's not going to be the always, I think Inescapable Trap is a bit easy to deny, as it stands.
  10. New scheme generation

    My concern with a lack of always scheme is without one there's no guarantee there will be at least 2 scheme marker based schemes (and even if there are, no guarantee they'll be aimed in the same areas). So basically, not having an always means that one of the things that, in my opinion, makes Malifaux unique: bluffing, is going to be far less possible.
  11. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    So still can't decide, so I'm just putting up a picture of all immediate painting possibilities. A quick head count: Titania (15) Nekima (13) Alt Barbaros (10) Aeslin (9) Rougarou (8) The Knights x3 (21) Waldgeists x3 (18) Grootslang (6) The Gorar (3) The Jury (8) Mounted Guard/Ramone x1 (7) Thelarian Queller x1 (5) For a potential 133ss if I did my math right and I have a completely bonkers month on painting.
  12. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Not sure if I'm getting just Neverborn done between Titania's box + some GenCon haul, or a mix of Neverborn and Guild to really make Lucius pop. I'm giving myself until the plane lands at home from DragonCon + a nap to decide.
  13. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Drooling for my book to arrive so I can contribute to this.
  14. Keep & Delete

    Overall I like this mix. There's a few that need tweaking and testing, but that's what the beta is for, afterall.
  15. Online game generator for GG18 test

    Extra props for Windows Phone solidarity!