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  1. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    I’m not a fan of killjoy but infectious melodies isn’t required but it probably is optimal if going that path. And yes use ashes as your dmg soak since the dmg won’t matter very long.
  2. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    It sure what you mean. By this the obedient wretch can usually summon at least one rat while a stolen makes two. Hamelin also usually summons two stolen opening turn if not one. So perfect hand is 8+ mask/tome another 8+ of anything and any two crows preferably non face cards. This is pretty common to get at least half of these requirements and if you use the rats you do get to cycle through some of your deck and you count your crows you have a good chance of hitting the crows naturally.
  3. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    If you really want to get into the theme use hamelins plague cloud as your big ashes and you can make the other two pieces with some customization of sewer bases and a rat swarm
  4. Why is Hamlin so good?

    So the big thing about this list isn’t really the fact you could kill Hamelin with your list it’s the fact your projection to do so is so poorly hidden it’s not hard to play around. Usually alpha strike lists do this but yours does so more so with the two merc options being taken. The second big glaring weakness I spot is the fact as people stated Hamelin won’t have gone before you do all this and can just obey KJ away twice and then he’s fine. And that’s if the rat blocks don’t happen. I do agree these type of lists usually catch people off guard. But I don’t see how that will happen here there are so many sequence breakers to use in said sequence that I don’t see t long term doing well.
  5. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    Basically Viks and Hamelin are the only two masters you should own if you want to be "competitive" with Tara kind of sliding into a slot that is super niche. Parker Vs jack Levi all suck comparatively. Misaki is okay just a less good Viks.
  6. "Only" 13 schemes

    So after playing the newest system I love the strats but I do think the scheme pool is a little lacking in depth. So the proposed change I have is yes suits need to go and we replace it with a red/black scheme selection. The pool would consist of 13 red and 13 black schemes that would be possible to flip for each strategy. The biggest thing that this pushes for is the diversity of masters which malifaux is all about and opening up a nonstandard game where players don't lull into a security with a standard list they always take. in terms of how close we are to this I compiled a list of schemes from over the years that I deem viable and at least close enough as a framework to work on towards a complete pool. Viable scheme list 0. Breakthrough 0. Entourage 0. Show of force 0. Make them suffer 0. Strand of fate 0. Eliminate 0. Setup 0. Search 0. Hold them up 0. Take one for the team 0. Vendetta 0. Dig their graves (end of current list) 0. (Start addition) leave your mark 0. Recover evidence 0. Mark for death 0. Inspection 0. Quick murder 0. Take prisoner 0. Hunting party 0. Distract 0. Power ritual 0. Deliver a message this is only 5 short of the needed 26 for the complete red/black package and some of the ones not listed I'm sure could be changed as well as newer ideas to fill in those remaining slots. Overall I think diversity in each game for 2018 has really got me excited again to play this game and this system would ensure a very deep pool to pull upon. Also in addition it's very easy to relate per strategy as listed above to exclude exactly two or three certain schemes that don't pair well with a certain strategy. Just say oh look public execution red 7/black 5 ( hunting party and make them suffer) are excluded during creation. Also making sure that your strategy doesn't pair into your schemes for obvious picks.
  7. Because growing injustice does not specifically say ignoring restrictions I do not think that jack can attach the upgrade. This is due to the fact the emissary of fate restriction is still on it. However much I wish this was true.
  8. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 5 Pool - The Piper (2) - Sewer King (1) - Oath Keeper (1) The Stolen (2) Ashes and Dust (13) Bishop (10) - Oath Keeper (1) Crooligan (4) Obedient Wretch (4) Crooligan (4) Malifaux Rat (2) Malifaux Rat (2) (exported from CrewFaux) 50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 6 Pool - The Piper (2) - Sewer King (1) - Oath Keeper (1) The Stolen (2) Ashes and Dust (13) Desolation Engine (13) - Oath Keeper (1) Obedient Wretch (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) (exported from CrewFaux) 50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 6 Pool - The Piper (2) - Sewer King (1) - Oath Keeper (1) The Stolen (2) Ashes and Dust (13) - The Bigger They Are (1) Bishop (10) - Oath Keeper (1) Obedient Wretch (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) Malifaux Rat (2) (exported from CrewFaux) games 3-5 of nova open in sequential order. Opponents were outcasts rezzers TT. I will be doing a theory rundown of all my games on the podcast Max Value in the week to come.
  9. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Played him games 3-5 will try to post soonish.

    Alternate Jack daw box nightmare version where hes much more nightmary
  11. New Outcast Player - Is Parker competitive?

    Short Answer no parker is not better then Hamelin or Levi in solo master tourneys
  12. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    She suffers from the inability of not having the terrrocota still unfortunately.
  13. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    when you lure bishop you get to move him his charge after you blight him with a rat so you get 7 inches instead of 4 basically two walks. Same for deolation engine who is walk 5 cg 8. a usual first turn is walking hamelin up twice turn one and luring up your big threat. i often try to take two walks to a position i wont have to move the rest of the game to maximize his efficiency. Being nonchargeable is cool like that.
  14. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    So pipes isn't really as much an offensive use as much as it is utility for your own crew. Pipes sure is great if your opponent isn't in cover and their defense is lower then their willpower. Since you have an obey at 12 inches vs 14 obeys are much better most of the time. However pipes is very very useful on your own models. This is best utilized on high charge models such as bishop and desolation engine and maximizes AP use. Basically getting two walks out of your big beater for one master AP that has no TN (huge deal). You maximize your beaters AP by doing this semi slingshot and can also pull over extended modes back into your ranks. Also on a less relevenat note I played Hamelin 5 times at ITC (Jacob from trump card).
  15. GenCon Outcast Releases

    The upgrades I'm sure are pretty easential since they open up a pretty new playstyle I'm sure for each master. The pack you can prob chop up with friends though so no big deal. In terms of models it's Talos and the stalker. Stalker is useful and prob a good pickup but talos is a little more specific really only useful in Tara.