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  1. KingCrow

    Hannah with Parker

    I've recently started playing Parker and I've never really used Hannah but she looks good and I want to try her. She brings a lot of interesting abilities with her and her zero action seems to have a lot of versatility. So I've come to ask the masses, with Parker in mind as the master, what are some models that are fun to bring along and copy their Ca actions with Hannah?
  2. KingCrow

    Gluttony - have anyone used him?

    Gluttony has always intrigued me and I've thought of many ways to use him but have never actually put him on the board. In regards to @wobbly_goggy's question, I posted in the rules forums a while ago about his ability spread over multiple models and it seems that Gluttony is able to get off a lot of passive damage if you are able to successfully place it on multiple models. Here is the link: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/134230-same-ability-occurring-at-the-same-time/?page=0#comment-1077909 Basically it stats that if multiple models with this condition are in range when a scheme marker in place, only one pushes into base contact (or as close as it can get), the marker is discarded, but ALL of the models with the condition take the damage. Obviously it's bad vs models with armor (damage reduced to 1) but it seems like a fun way to push models around and through hazardous terrain or off cliffs and such. Even with this... he is still a very subpar model.
  3. KingCrow

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Masks just for the the Claws but there is all sorts of other triggers that it could help with. Most of the triggers are - A crow and mask is needed for Ride the Rails on Press the Advantage, a crow is needed for the built-in trigger on Jackhammer Kick, a mask is needed on Thunderous Smash, a mask is needed on Passenger line on the Rail Lines upgrade, Tomes are needed for the triggers on Seismic Claws. Plus you would have the option of being able to use any trigger with the Press the Advantage upgrade. Plenty of non-built-in triggers that this ability could help with. Also, heals would be amazing for her to stay alive while in the midst of melee.
  4. KingCrow

    Origins Game Fair 2018 tournament packet?

    @H4ml3t No worries! Take your time! 😁 Where would I find them posted once you have them finalized?
  5. KingCrow

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Thank you! We also have easy access summoning in the form of the Rider. Granted it is a 0 action but you're almost guaranteed a 4 cost construct and it only needs an unsuited 8 (after turn 2) rather than a 9 of Tomes. Plus, I like the idea of throwing a Gamin up into a group of enemies and killing it with this ability to make it explode. Lol.
  6. KingCrow

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Mei's background focuses on her being attuned with forges and bending the metal to her will. Her combat style has always relied upon needing certain suits to get triggers off so what if she had an ability such as "The Forges Will - When this modeldeclares an action, deal 2 non-reducable points of damage to a friendly construct within 8 inches to add any suit to the duels total. This can only be used once per AP spent". The last part is added so that you can't use it on triggers but can still use the other upgrade to get different triggers. This ability, plus her upgrade that allows her to declare triggers on other actions would ensure that she is the "combo-queen" that she was meant to be. She can keep her minimum two damage on her attacks as she will Hopefully be getting more attacks off. She also has severe issues with survivability. So another idea I had was with her upgrade that allows her to draw a card and heal a point of damage when she kills a model should be changed to heal a point of damage when she damages an enemy model. Still draw a card when she kills an enemy model. Even with this and armor +1, she is still very vulnerable to a sustained assault and you have to have a high mask or stone for her Df trigger. There are a lot of other melee-oriented masters that have heals on their attacks and I believe she needs this to help her. One or both of these ideas would help her because as she is now... she's worthless.
  7. KingCrow

    M2E Ironsides

    If you want to stop the Gremlin Squeals and pushes in general and still have a heavy hitter, I'd bring Anna. Her huge aura stops pushes and places and with her non-randomizing, minimum 3 damage cast, she'll enjoy shooting into any melee that Ironsides is involved in. Plus she gives you card rotation and pushes. She's pretty good. lol.
  8. I Always bring 1 Performer in my Arcanist crew's. The Lure isn't even the reason, it's the fact that you can discard scheme markers at range and the enemy models near it NEED to ensure they pass the duel or they'll most likely be wiped off the board because of those double negatives. Then even if they do close into Melee range with the Performer, you have a Ml 6 attack that gives out lots of poison. Oh, and if the Performer dies, a minion or showgirl within 2" gets reactivate. Hell yea I'm bringing all of that for 5 stones. If you're playing Colette and she has to use her Death Defying trigger, sacrifice the Performer to give Colette reactivate. 😁 Mannequins in the other hand are worthless. If you want to put out markers at range, use Practiced Production or a Union Miner.
  9. KingCrow

    Origins Game Fair 2018 tournament packet?

    Thank you for the quick response! I look forward to a great time and some great opponents! 😁
  10. Will there be a tournament packet with the schemes and strats provided for the 50SS tournament? I think one was released last year prior to the tournament and was curious if it will happen again this year. On another note, I didn't see anything on the schedule for Henchman Hardcore. Was that done away with or did I miss it?
  11. KingCrow

    Parker's Weak Points

    As stated before, shooting has some of the most restrictions. What are people's thoughts about using two of "The Guilty" with Parker and Mad Dog? You give Parker and Mad Dog the Tormented characteristic and then have The Guilty engage in melee combat with the enemy. Due to their Sympathy of the Damned ability, other Tormented do no flip a card for shooting into engagement. Also, the Dead Outlaws are Tormented so they would benefit from this too. Lastly, The Guilty are decently tanky with Hard to Kill and Df 6. You could throw the regen trinket from the Emissary on one and heal them up with Doc. My crew idea for this would be something like Parker -Coordinated Heist -Survivalist -Oath Keeper Doc Mad Dog -Lucky Poncho Emissary -Conflux of Stolen Goods The Guilty The Guilty Dead Outlaw This still leaves you with another 9 soulstones for a beater or whatever you wanna take. Maybe add in a Wokou Raider or something else that hits hard and is already Tormented (Envy perhaps?). This obviously works really well with killy schemes and strats and since you have 8+ models, could be decent for schemes. I need to try this out on Vassal and report back how it does or if someone else wants to try it a few times, that would be great! As a last thought, having this many minions would allow for more minions to benefit from discarding Hidden Steel Plate.
  12. KingCrow

    Parker's Weak Points

    @Diceman87 @beergod I've found that Anna works amazingly if you need to have models engaged but still do damage to them. I've used Midnight Stalker for Hold Up Their Forces scheme and then had Anna fire into the group with that sweet minimum three damage to great effect. It's especially great if you get the horror duel trigger. In the one game I used the Dead Outlaws, they definitely stayed around longer than they should have. I ran a Dead Outlaw and a Wokou Raider together and with the scheme markers dropping from the Raider and Parker, the Outlaw stayed alive and did some mean damage. Never got a chance to use its Curse of the Covetous though. Seems the Dead Outlaws can be cheaper tarpits with pushes from Parker and using their Curse of the Covetous but all their damage is in their shoot action. I'm torn on who else to bring as a Beater. I feel that you almost need to bring Mad Dog because of his 0 action to place the marker to ignore cover which makes your crew way more effective but that leaves the crew without any sort of melee tarpit. I'd like to try the Nothing Beast but his defense would be crap because of the card draw in the Parker crew.
  13. KingCrow

    Parker's Weak Points

    I recently started playing in a Vassal league where we were randomly assigned a Master that we've never played before in a faction we've never really dabbled in and I got Parker. So far, he has been amazing. I've won 4/5 of my games (practice and league) and had fun while doing it, even the one I lost! Also, he basically has a way to help in any scheme and strategy. With the ability to swap out upgrades to counter the situation he's in, make friendlies take attacks and interacts out of activations, push everyone around, condition removal, and all his other abilities, he seems like a great generalist master. As a new Outcast/Parker player, I obviously have not figured out everything about him/the faction and so my question follows: What do people think Parker's other weak points are and what would you do to shore up those weaknesses? I've found that one of his weak points are definitely his high TN's for his abilities (most require 7+, except for his main ability to attach upgrades) and his potential susceptibility to Alpha Strikes. A friend suggested taking Survivalist to help counter Alpha strikes by giving Hard to Kill and the positive's to heal and while I haven't had an Alpha strike against Parker yet, I can definitely see it coming in this league. I also feel as though he is basically required to bring more than a few models in each game compared to what I've run in my usual Arcanist crews. It could be that there are just not enough models with the Bandit keyword, and Parker must absolutely bring the Emissary because it's definitely worth getting three cards and an enemy scheme marker each turn to get a "free" upgrade for Parker (although again, this needs a 7 or 8 to get off). Please let me know what you think and thanks for the help!
  14. KingCrow

    Models better out of faction

    He actually works amazingly in my Colette Dancing Blade crew and I see Vogel and the Beast getting lots of work done in almost any crew. A bit of card draw with amazing control and a devastating punch when you need it. Plus, Vogel basically has a prompt of his own with the Mask trigger to push and make a claw attack. Not sure if many people noticed but you can target friendly Living MASTERS. (Hello melee masters!) Most notably Ironsides and Mei Feng but of course it allows for any master to push around if they're not a Beast.
  15. KingCrow

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    Ope! I had totally forgot that ability existed. Lol. Although isn't it mostly on the Masters that are dual faction? I personally would like to see it expanded for most, if not all, Masters. I think it's a hugely untapped potential for the game. The crew combinations would glbe staggering and amazing! Not to mention the extra models that Wyrd would probably be able to sell because of this ability. LOL