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  1. edopersichetti

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    I had thought about the very same list, but I keep my upgrade slot flexible rather than Do Over one could use Dirty Cheater or Stilts - it's important to keep Sparks alive as he doesn't have much else apart from Armor! However, I agree with @Math Mathonwy that Trixie is our best option due to the importance of winning initiative (seen many Nvb crews field Doppelganger for the same reason!) and because she can hang back and push. She's also survivable as she can dump damage onto nearby gremlins if need be. Currently, my list is: -Trixie (Gun for a Lady) - 2x Swinecursed - Slop Hauler All the crew is reckless so that's a lot of AP...both beaters ignore armor and can heal. Slop heals even more plus he's a tough minion per se, his attack isn't at all bad especially the Df 4 trigger and he can shoot and has Bayou 2 card which is always nice. I'll give it a go next time I have a HH tourney.
  2. edopersichetti

    Volunteers Wanted - Origins

    Email sent!
  3. edopersichetti

    Origins Game Fair 2018 tournament packet?

    Hi! I'm planning to attend - are there still spots available for the big GG Tournament, and if so, how do I register? Of course, I'd love a little Enforcer Brawl and HH if there is going to be any of that!!
  4. edopersichetti

    Malifaux Henchman Tournament in Kissimmee Florida (May 19th)

    Hey! I hope the event went well! Are you guys planning anything in June? I'm based in Boca Raton, but would love to come up for some play!
  5. edopersichetti

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    True - although I feel without the Ooo Glowy they miss out on their full potential, they can be useful for ignoring reductions and range. Joss is another good target I think they'd require careful interaction because in some moments they'd be better as pigs, and in some other they'd be better as gremlins...plus the heal is always necessary. ...have to try them!
  6. edopersichetti

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    I'm pretty sure Paralyzed models can't take any actions (let alone charge) - this was FAQd if I'm not wrong. The "if" she ever kills is a big "if": from my experience (and I have played her many times!!) is more like "if she doesn't" kill something, then she's in trouble. If you can dodge already 1 out of 2 of her attacks, it's likely her target will survive. Opponent doesn't need to kill her in one swing, it can kill her in six swing if he wants to, he just needs to survive her attacks. So at the very least, she should go very late in the turn, so the opponent has already activated all or most of his models. Joss has same features (Armor +2 and HtK) PLUS he has 9Wds and he can use SS....he still dies Yes, but I see a timing conflict. If you want to out-activate, I guess you need to activate Ulix rather early. Since he's the guy using Shot in the Rear, Gracie needs to be already in position. So the activation order is Penelope > Major >...> Ulix > Gracie. In that ... you might want to activate other models (otherwise she goes at activation 4) and she's out there exposed (because with no LoS she wouldn't be able to charge). Also, Ulix is the same guy for summoning and shooting: if you use 1AP for shooting, that's only 2 summons, so the out-activation might not be so massive...especially these days with 3SS Guild Guards etc. Ok but if you Sooey and shoot her again that's all of 3AP for Ulix - so no summoning. Also, I'm a bit skeptical about Sooey, it's only range 8, she is probably gonna be too far due to 8" push + 6" charge... Kill a model on Rear charge is a nice idea but say opponent dodges 1 out of 2 attacks, the other one does min damage (4)...target is still alive. Unless you're targeting a 4Wds model (probably Peon or cheap Minion) in which case it's probably a waste of her...talents I'm only saying, on paper looks great, but there's a lot of theory - one needs to see how it works in practice, with the rest of the crew, and depending what opponent you're facing. I look forward to doing that!
  7. edopersichetti

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    Nope, not in one activation...but she gives 2 Wds to herself for reactivate so there's that. I've played her a lot in my early Gremlin days - and she died more often that I would expect, sadly. Not much you can do to heal her, once she's up there tangled, unless she manages to kill something. Plus, of course, conditions, you're right, something I didn't even think about. A common Paralyzed or Slow, and the toy is broken because...no charge...and then of course Poison, the scourge of Hard to Kill As I and the others said, def worth a try, I'm now even more pessimistic though
  8. edopersichetti

    Mah is good

    I've tried her a few times before the boost and so I dropped her because she was obviously flawed. Now I know she's greatly improved, I just wish some of those boosts were on her stat card and not upgrades. Yes Manifest Destiny is great - it's autotake, and in fact, it should probably be part of her card already, as I just said. I find Pit Traps useful too. Lass - meh, she's a distraction piece at best, even though the upgrade trick is nice. Send her up, mess with the opponent a bit, then Mah gets free Armor The last game I had with Mah, I tried Wrastlers. They are good, especially if they can tag team, but a bit fragile - to be expected. Haven't tried Survivors yet - I can imagine they'd be useful. Cheap stuff is always useful - especially if they're that tough and versatile. Of course, I love Trixie and Taxidermists are also some of my personal favorites. Emissary: love the model, can't make it work, not even with Mah, who's probably the best (the only?) master to make it work. Also, not a big fan of big targets costing a lot of SS, at least not in Gremlins. But maybe it's just me and by luck - my Arcane Emissary always dies badly too. He'll stay on the shelf until Wyrd decides it's time to help him (hopefully soon) as he's easily the worst Emissary in the game. Agree on Bushwhackers x1 - they're good but card hungry like many other in this crew. Crier - love the guy, but I would imagine he'd be left behind pretty easily plus he doesn't really like to be in melee anyway so hmmm The rest is all obvious choices - Frank and Burt don't need explanations. Overall I haven't played with her enough and I don't know if I'd trust her in a tournament...which only means I need to practice more with her
  9. edopersichetti

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    On paper it's insane, and on the table definitely worth trying. However - if she gets pushed too far away, then she's definitely out of range of Sooey and anything else (including more shots in the rear) - the shot needs a ram (not built in) so it'll be burning your SS quite quickly - why 8 attacks? I count 2 for the first (free) charge due to shot in the rear, then 2+2 in her activation and reactivation - All the attacks and pushes don't happen at the same time. There's a Penelope activation, a Major activation, a Ulix activation, and 2 Gracie activations. The opponent can focus on her after each of those - charge her, shoot her, just hit her if she's in melee. Df 5 and 8 Wds are doable, yes she can heal if she kills something but that is not guaranteed. At least, putting myself in the opponent's shoes, that's what I would do. That being said, if you catch your opponent unawares and choose your targets wisely, I agree that min damage 4 is bonkers. It's kind of...a pig version of Nekima In fact, Nekima is usually played in similar style - you push her up, she kicks ass...and then she usually dies So yeah definitely interesting to try on the board.
  10. edopersichetti

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    I feel Hog Whisperers sadly are not as "vital" anymore because between Ulix and Penelope you can keep a decent control on the pigs, plus Major makes sure your own pigs are not targetable. And if needed, now there's the 1SS upgrade that does just that... Mechanized Porkchop is cute and is a cheap 50mm pig but always underperformed for me. Sow/Gracie are absolute beasts (see also However one of the things I have against them is that they are costly. Sow dies actually pretty quickly if targeted. Gracie doesn't but there are a lot of things that ignore Armor these days...and she does have only 8 Wds, so in the wrong situation she can really go down quickly too. Then 20% of my crew is gone for good... So I started to avoid relying on big pigs for damage, and instead of hiring them, I summon them. You can reliably summon 1 war pig per turn, provided you have at least a 12 - you don't even need a suit. With my build I can theoretically summon 2, at least Turn 1, even though sometimes you don't have two 12+ (despite card cycling!). Otherwise, summon Piglets. Swarm the board, and use Warpigs and Piglets as huge distracting pieces. Warpigs have a lot of Wds and take some effort to be killed. Piglets are extremely annoying and can double as scheme runners too. And the best thing? They're expendable. When the opponent finally kills my two Warpigs, I still have pretty much 50SS worth of crew...as for Piglets, usually the opponent doesn't even bother killing them, and then you have a whole bunch of free models tying your opponent and running schemes. I remember a game vs Reva where she had two Warpigs in the middle of her crew Turn 1, the whole crew never passed the halfway line, and Reva was constantly tied up and couldn't cast. Beautiful Summoning pigs also means you can use your SS to hire gremlins instead, so the always useful Merris for example...I love also Trixiebelle, she allows you to cheat initiative and her Lure on Pigs can push them very far thanks to their huge Cg. The downside is that you need a lot of warpigs (I have two, now need to buy a 3rd one because more than once I needed 3 on the table at the same time). ...haven't tried Swinecursed, I love them with Wong, but I feel they might not perform the best with Ulix...
  11. edopersichetti

    Our worst models

    Agreed. Love the guy!
  12. edopersichetti

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    New friend for Marcus (and Toni, it would seem)
  13. This. +100. If someone invested their money in a master or model just because they're ridiculously powerful, that someone needs to grow up as a player. What I always loved about Malifaux is that every master and crew always has a shot at winning, depending on matchups, skill, and even luck. Heck, I've seen people win games despite ending the game with no models alive! If some masters are way over the top, it is only right that they are brought back in line, just to give everyone a fair chance. I've been playing long enough to witness this in action: I played Levi before and after the Channel change, same for Ophelia and the change to Lenny's aura, and Dreamer and the change to Daydreams suit. All of the above are just three examples of master nerfs who were actually useful and helped balance the game. Levi still kicks ass, same for Dreamer, and Ophelia is still playable (although in a different way, and a different crew). I have a gripe about Colette - the Prompt nerf was ham-fisted and excessive and she's now subpar - but I think one bad errata among many good ones is rather the exception, than the rule. Pretty much what happened to Magic the Gathering, basically you either have a win in Turn X (1,2,3) or you're done. No game should go that route.
  14. The most complained about are Sandeep and Nico, I believe. I'd be surprised if they weren't toned down a bit - it would be about time. Nico is insane, and I strongly support the idea of a limit to card draw - perhaps a limit of cards in hand? But at least Ressers have other options. To be honest, the situation with Sandeep is even more ridiculous - currently, in Arcanists there is no reason to play anything else than Sandeep. I've been in tournaments where every Arcanist player fielded Sandeep in at least 2/3 rounds out of 4, if not all 4. That isn't good - it isn't fun for opponents and it isn't fair for Arcanist players that would like to play something else. Don't worry - Nico and Sandeep players will come to terms with the fact that they now have to actually put a little effort to win their games, rather than simply push the auto-win button @Zebo: phew, for a moment thought you were serious Let's hope this time Gremlins get away this time at least - they've been pummeled mercilessly in the last few erratas, and they have the worst Wave 5 among all factions. There's very little left to nerf before destroying the faction completely!
  15. edopersichetti

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    I mean, sometimes I still play her and I enjoy the challenge, but I see what you mean. It always feels like playing with the handicap. Before she used to be able to play any crew with good results, now it's the opposite - any other master can play the same crew better than her. Indeed I've played her with, like, a frozen-heart based crew, a fire/burning based crew, a whole M&SU crew, a Blade&Claw crew...besides the obvious Showgirl-based crews. In fact, I think she's one of my most played masters ever exactly because I have tried her so many times in so many combinations! So yeah, maybe you're right...I have, like, 15 other masters that I could dedicate my time instead Unfortunately the effect is that if everyone does this, you hardly ever see her on the table anymore (and in fact...)