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  1. a brilliance ridden geisha, so could be last blossom and darkened.
  2. I'd like more of a reason to really go silly on key words- last blossom, foundry, tri-chi etc. Some sort of upgrade along the lines of "if the crew contains x number of keyword models, get this cool bonus". Maybe something like the old kaeris box. a new henchman with a solid theme, that can slot into fill a weakness with some cool little minions.
  3. Have you got enough terrain on the board? I've played with and against the viks. I know first hand that they can lose. I've beaten them with Misaki. Are all these games [besides the demo listed in the original] against the same person? It could be that they are just outplaying you, or you are making some other mistake which they are just exploiting.
  4. you mean after brewmaster?
  5. They can also leave engagement by killing everything.
  6. You've got huggy... have you tried running beckoners to lure either vik away from the other and pick on the lonely one? Disguised to prevent charges? waste her AP making her walk to you. Shoot her on the approach. The mark of ignore everything is key to the power of blood. Have you tried Hans "smile you son of a..." to remove the upgrade? Nurse heartsbane with recalled training could be a thing. walk, walk, 0 action and hold still dear will hold her in place for a turn. If you're feeling cheeky, use electroshock to literally put the restraints on. Sloth's trigger is a PITA for the viks, especially when he's the only charge target. **edit** or killjoy can jump at after she's killed something and step on her.
  7. I haven't had much of a chance to run them with Misaki, but I've played about a dozen games with them in a Viks crew. The scheme marker push is pretty useful- stand in either scoring location for LYM or CJ/STR, place a marker, kick it to the other scoring location, place another marker. They do take a bit to drop in combat, so they're useful for collect the bounty. I can imagine that they would go beserk with either fast and a + from Toshiro, or a few extra +'s from Kang, but I'm yet to try that. You shouldn't have too much effort finding one from a friend. I wouldn't expect to see three on the table at once. I've painted one to suit my Viks crew, another to suit Misaki.
  8. I ran the Viks for the first time at a local tournament and placed well with what was mostly a fixed list [and two practice games]; Both Viks, with a heap of upgrades, 2 Gun Slingers, typically with the new upgrades. Often Taelor and then a mix of Johan, Freikorps trapper, and up to three Ronin. My entire crew had been rush painted, so it was pretty much orange everything, dark grey details and then Army painter strong tone, but it tied everything together. I'm now looking at swapping a gun slinger for Vanessa mostly to add to the theme. This list was able to deal with most opponents, the games I lost were to better players.
  9. I'm thinking of running this in a new campaign; Toshiro w Command the Graves 10ss Thunder Brother 5ss Thunder Brother 5ss Guild Pathfinder 6ss Jorogumo 9ss It's got a nice big beater who is also a minion to make the most of Toshiro's buffs, a bit of ranged, plenty of summoning potential, and the versatile thunder brothers. Opinions?