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  1. Odd Model Tree

    By our powers combined! It sounds like someone is trying to summon Captain Planet.
  2. You are possibly thinking of Lazarus or Mad Dog. Mad Dog isnt a merc though, and Lazarus' action is autofire, which doesn't qualify.
  3. Help: Support Shenlong

    Low is too good with Shenlong to not get a game if you are taking the emissary, which should eventually be on your shopping list. Wandering is very good at they do, but I'll only take them if I think Shenlong will be busy. I played last night with Burt Jebsen. A fast, reckless Burt with a trigger to shoot again can output a lot of damage, especially with recalled training. A LRM and shenlong can heal him up pretty quickly if he needs it too. A yasanori is a handy way to maximize the output of a single sniper. Have a peasant make the sniper focussed. Activate the sniper, shoot, focus as a zero, shoot again. Have another peasant make the sniper focus. Yas can use his obey action to make his shoot a third time.
  4. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Nice deflection, but only one person in your Viks thread was suggesting that they were an NPE. Of course you'll attempt to pick up aces with Lynch, but he will try and do that in any crew. However, he adds nothing to this crew. No extra [+] flips from addict, no extra damage from brilliance. All to remove 1 model a turn for 3 turns, because it takes so long to do anything! Or, you could run a magnificently themed darkened crew that just oozes synergy [and pretty much accomplishes the same drawing of the 4 aces in a sensible time frame] and where no one part relies on the presence of the other and play an interesting, intelligent and engaging game with your opponent. Horses for courses I suppose.
  5. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Let's not put it in the guide. You concede in the linked thread that its not a friendly list, scores badly in interact scheme pools, and can't finish a 5 turn tournament game. Lynch adds nothing to the crew. Its just 50ss of card flips. They aren't better because of him. You can still draw the aces running his themed darkened crew where true synegies exist without it devolving into a slow playing NPE.
  6. I don't think I'd mind it, but generally happy to see buffs to or rewrites of models that need attention rather than nerfs. From a business perspective, it wouldn't be an expensive exercise as the sculpting and tooling costs from other waves would be gone. The book could easily be padded out with some new faction upgrades for enforcers and henchmen similar to the current waves and new strats and schemes.
  7. McCabe Guide

    I like the idea of the guides for each master. Maybe a mod could pin them to the top and we can add to them as we get new broken combos ideas of how to use models. The Badge of Speed and Promises can give you a reactivating katanaka sniper who can take the dreaded 2 focused shots per turn. An obsidian oni are worth a look at as their only 0AP action targets models with an upgrade.
  8. Katanaka Crime Boss - Suggestions

    For those who haven't noticed these synergies [and I didn't come up with them] a wokou raider hitting anything will get their tome trigger to place an enemy scheme marker in 3". The crime boss can turn this into a card. Also, a mighty gust move up to 3 enemy scheme markers and turn them into a 3 cards. Then if you stack them, remove them all with a 1 interact.
  9. Sparks tuning up TT Mei Feng??

    I had him give make Kang a construct and give him fast in a game against Ressers. In one turn he removed Yin, Sybelle and a Belle. Either Yin or the belle [or both] had been packed with explosives as well, which just piled on the damage.
  10. TT Brewmaster help/tactics?

    If you're obeying Yas, isn't it only once per turn if he's making an attack? Still, you can get 3 attacks for 1 of the brewy's AP, so it's awesome value. I've found Yin to be good value, as she can throw out poison, and has attacks that target WP. Terrifying 12 on a negative WP will help lock a few models down. The emissary is handy too if you want to play mass poison spam. With brewy adding +2 damage when poison ticks down and the emissary adding another +1, thats 4 damage a turn that cannot be reduced. Akaname spam is a handy way to spread it around. If you've been able to load the akaname up with poison, you potenially have a Ml 8 min damage 5 attack. From a 4ss minion. Fermented river monks don't seem as good as the akaname, but they will help spread the poison out. They can generate their own poison independently which the akaname can grab when they activate, their 0 action isn't a bad choice for any dodgy cards in the first few turns as you can turn them into something useful. They aren't that likely to hit unless they target someone thats already on a neg wp. You'll need to take wesley. There's a few ways of doing this. Take the upgrade which lets you infiltrate him, then swap it for something useful like "a barkeep never sleeps" with a terracotta warrior. I can't recall if Wesley is a minion, but if he is have the TC protect him. Or, take the new upgrade and summon him in. the only catch is you lose the upgrade which is giving out the +2 poison damage. This also. Reactivating the golem is hilarious. I've used the 0ss upgrade to increase his poison. The brewmaster's aura doesn't increase the poison damage as he isn't an enemy. I'd need to check for the emissary. Anything else that targets WP or involves poison is worth considering, or things that can anchor models in his aura- pathfinders with traps. Performers are worth a look. I haven't tried her with brewmaster yet, but lust might be worth considering too. A LRM is another choice, you can remove poison from your own models that arent immune, and can also throw out scheme markers near annoying models for the Tanukis aura to take effect.
  11. Katanaka Crime Boss - Suggestions

    I'm thinking they go well paired with Misaki's thunder. Add fragile to high wound enemy, and have Misaki concentrate her attacks on that. Between being able to cheat regardless, and a positive flip for damage, it would help maximise the number of blast markers. To go all out, burn recalled training and have the emissary nearby handing out extra blasts and AP.
  12. Book 5 wishlist!

    a brilliance ridden geisha, so could be last blossom and darkened.
  13. Book 5 wishlist!

    I'd like more of a reason to really go silly on key words- last blossom, foundry, tri-chi etc. Some sort of upgrade along the lines of "if the crew contains x number of keyword models, get this cool bonus". Maybe something like the old kaeris box. a new henchman with a solid theme, that can slot into fill a weakness with some cool little minions.
  14. Help with the Viks

    Have you got enough terrain on the board? I've played with and against the viks. I know first hand that they can lose. I've beaten them with Misaki. Are all these games [besides the demo listed in the original] against the same person? It could be that they are just outplaying you, or you are making some other mistake which they are just exploiting.
  15. Malifaux: Ten Thunders: YASUNORI

    you mean after brewmaster?