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  1. I like this ^^^
  2. Here's a crazy idea. What if the cost of the Gravedigger was 6x where x=the number of Corpse Markers the Gravedigger can start with. Maybe put a limit of 3 on the starting CMs so it's not too over the top. This would give the option for a cheaper enforcer if someone so chooses or a more effective model, at least at the start, that could allow some interesting strategies that have not previously been seen.
  3. This! So much this! I've been hoping for that basically since I've started. However I've basically consoled my self to the fact that that is probably reserved for a TTB character.
  4. Mmk, I think I need to retain my previous opinion. For whatever reason I interpreted the Something to Prove ability as the ability to do Stalk for free, but no it still costs a card to Stalk in this fashion. I think I need to play this model before I theory-faux myself further into a hole. A rule or model always gets clearer after you play it.
  5. Thanks. Apparently I'm blind, even after reading the card before responding...
  6. Where is this stated? I don't see that on the card anywhere and no other conditions like burning or poison are a limited like that. What am I missing? If you kill the model you are stalking and then a friendly model kills another model and you can see any other enemy model you stalk for free.
  7. I picture using this guy to engage scheme runners mostly. I stalk your scheme runner. It moves faster towards the monster hunter and either get it in engagement so it has a much harder time moving or make it Run in Fear away from it's objective and continue to stalk it. All I have to do is continue to disrupt your plan and make it real hard for you to get anywhere. Couple the Monster Hunter with a strong beater and he is stalking enemies for free because the beater is doing the killing. There's no limit to the number of enemies he can stalk so the monster hunter could just sit on the midline and throw stalked models around. (Okay he's probably not stalking more than one a turn at the best but with luck there is a chance for more) If used as a scheme runner hunter then the models he is attacking are more likely to be felled by his weaker damage track too. Monster Hunter is a disruption tool.
  8. I would say the value is more in harassment and engaging and less so in how much damage is later down.
  9. Ah okay that makes more sense. Sorry, I haven't had a lot of chances to play with summoning.
  10. Except it lists them carrying a Nagamaki so it'll be more like these: https://www.google.com/search?q=nagamaki&client=ms-android-google&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiIqumK2urTAhUKj1QKHTrNCIQQ_AUIBygB&biw=412&bih=604
  11. Alternatively Aaron , you could just add in another upgrade for Serena or Neverborn... ...just saying... ...you know, whatever is easier for you ;-)
  12. Question: her Always Comes Back Around says that at the end of the turn summon Serena... Does "at the end of the turn" mean that she is summoned after the activation phase and thus could not activate on this turn? Or that she is summoned at the end of the activation phase and can act then? Sorry, this feels like a stupid question but I'm having a doubt...
  13. Here's another question: since there are no masters in this first playtest batch are we to assume no new masters are coming out in Wave 5?
  14. Technically the entire TT faction is an underground crime community, so why else do you think the Crime Boss should have darkened?
  15. Which I get and again has me confused as to why I would care to do this? Why take the effort to Peon a Minion. It's not like you can peon a master and stop their soulstone use...