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  1. I have issues with the current trigger of Path of the Lotus. It just feels like it requires too much setup. But moving it to a 0 action interferes with the only reason this model doesn't get pasted. Is there a verbiage where we can, once per turn, use it at any point but not during an action? Card space is a concern, I know. But not being able to walk and get this hurts. And if you try to make it "At the start of... or when this model completes a walk action" you potentially have it trip more than once (maybe not a bad thing?). I can see why this is hard to get a good place for it. I do think it's better hitting any scheme marker, and really like that change. Orange Lotus is a tad niche but with the changes to Obsidian Statue, some of our foundry models, and the wonderful Obsidian Oni; that burning could actually be pretty useful. Also emissary has a little used debuff on burning models with it's 0 action that might be useful in conjunction. Granted I'm deliberately searching for any justification for Orange Lotus, but honestly I would take it purely for the synergy with Obsidian Oni. That on the 1/4/5 is really really good. It IS niche, but not a bad niche. Honestly my biggest issue is that it really doesn't feel like it fits with the other lotuses. The other two feel mundane. I ate a lotus to numb the pain. Or one that was like speed and just made me more kinetic. But this one makes my enemies burst into flames... just don't feel it. Which leads me to Pressure Point. Yeah, this is um... well, niche. Not everything has a 0 action and getting this squishy little guy close enough to a juicy target is hard enough. But then requiring a desirable suit in 10T (again, while basically offering up the Eater to be eaten)? I dunno. I like the concept, but not on this model. While I'm at it, cleave the essence doesn't do it for me either. Those two abilities have the feel of mysticism and Kung Fu, especially with it being a Ca. Lotus Eater has truly become a thug. A drugged out thug that threatens, bullies and is aggressive. Yet he has the finesse and skill to not only cleave your essence but to use pressure points? I'm not jiving with it. Now I would love to see a nod to Asian history/cinema here. Give his guy a hatchet. Make him a member of the axe gang, like from the 20s (which is actually a fairly terrifying prospect... dude walks up in a freaking suit with a bloody hand axe!?!). This is probably TOO strong, but I would like to see a trigger that drops a scheme marker. Not an enemy one... might as well have it just be draw a card on a trigger. But being able to "enable" his lotus. Or allow him to get an additional Path of the Lotus effect he hasn't already this turn. Or if we really want to take this to the level of total bullying, make the trigger cause Threaten. You'd probably need to drop the reach to 1, because if a bisento has a range of 2... there's no way a hand axe gets that. Here's a few options, because it doesn't ever hurt, right? (1) Hand Axe (Ml 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 2/3/5 damage. Well-dressed Thug: After damaging, this model may take the Threaten action against the enemy model. This trigger may only be declared once per activation. (1) A Pair of Axes (Ml 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. This action gets a to attacks. Respect the X: After damaging, you may place a scheme marker in base contact with the enemy model. (1) Lotus-tinged Axe (Ml 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. This action gets a to attacks if this model gained an effect from Path of the Lotus this activation. Extra Dose: After damaging, this model may immediately use a Path of the Lotus effect that has not been used this turn.
  2. I think for me, that the trying to get multiple lures in is a trap unless you are playing Lynch. At least in current form. I think the better idea will almost always be to shoot to give brilliance, then come play. And just guarantee you get that one model in. I do like the "package" as taking an illuminated is never a bad idea anyways, but by and large I do agree that her come play ability is fairly underwhelming outside of lynch. I wonder if instead of imposing negative flips if they are brillianced, do you up the check if they are near a brillianced model? Something like this: (1) Come Play At My Table (Ca 7/ TN: 14 / Rg: 6): Every enemy model in range must pass a TN 13 Wp duel. If the enemy model is within 3 of a model with Brilliance Characteristic, they must pass a TN 15 (16?) WP duel instead. If an enemy model fails this duel, this model's controller may place it into base contact with this model. Enemy models with the Brilliance Characteristic receive on this duel. I'll Deal: Every model placed in this manner gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Under the Influence: This model has the Brilliance Characteristic." I'm just throwing out a concept here... Being near the mystical drug lowers your resistance, and if you're on the drug, there's like no chance. Probably too strong, but hey. Gotta ask the question somewhere. I really want to like Gwyneth in other packages. And while I like combos, for 15 pts, I can have yasunori with recalled training (or whatever) and 2 more cache. And while you're an activation down, Yasunori can absolutely wreck a flank all on his own, without relying on tricks or setup, and then easily re-position to a different flank. I know he's not as "tanky" and such, but my point remains that it's a huge sink that you might want elsewhere. I want to be able to put Gwyneth down, just Gwyneth, and feel like she's able to accomplish something meaningful. And granted, right now I feel she can to an extent. The card shenanigans plus yanking someone in can be potentially devastating. Almost a sister to Lust that drags in instead of pushes out. Maybe she's just fine where she's at, but I definitely wouldn't mind some kind of buff to Come Play.
  3. I'd totally be cool with this model going to Retainer for Yan Lo. I mean charms and prayer strips? That's totally that feel. And as mentioned above... CHI BLADE! But I support it not being in other factions wholesale. There's some abuse there. It's strong enough as it is in 10T. I really like the essence lantern change. That model was obscene. Now it's pretty balanced in my opinion for what we bring. If he tries to keep up with our speedy beaters, he gets wacked. So we have some good support defense now, something we have lacked, imo.
  4. Oh thank goodness. Well that makes that ability even worse as there aren't really a lot of tri-chi models to begin with. Then I return to my previous stance of why? Hahaha Whiskey Golem!!!
  5. I can see that. Probably should read "if it is a Master or Henchman, it gains fast instead." So I am struggling with this model. I understand taking away Tanuki's Hat, but where Charm Warder and Lotus Eater are finding their places in the 5ss spectrum, this model has slowly begun to underwhelm me. What are your guys perspectives? As of right now, Take A Little Nap pretty much the only reason to take this model. Even with the new reactivate. Poison 4 in one turn is hard to accomplish with out dedicating some serious AP and the reactivate only affects tri-chi models. Monk of Low River is cheaper, with a better heal, is more stalwart and I feel better utility. Despite the chance of getting reactivate. We just don't generate enough poison, even in a brewmaster crew, to make use of that ability except maybe once or twice a game. I understand that even one or two reactivates is potentially devastating, but generating poison 4 is no small task. I suppose there is some synergy between LRM and Tanuki for helping to generate poison, but because it ticks down, it makes it harder to stack. This encourages use of Akaname I suppose. Which I like, even though it's an underwhelming model. But other than that the only models that pass out poison natively are I think Yin... and Sensei Yu when he punches someone. Both of whom have better things to do with their AP generally speaking. So then we get to Brewmaster. There is some interesting synergy with him here. Basically 2 AP from Brewie = Reactivate on an enforcer. That's pretty snazzy. I mean really snazzy. Ok, so this model is ridiculous with Brewie. But even still! I'd almost rather spend the 1ss more for a Performer. Her lure is better for Brewie, the scheme marker pop is great combo'ed with his Swill and Obey. And her sip of wine trigger is far superior to Cure for a Hangover. But that enforcer reactivate... for 2 of brewie's AP... Ok, I have to bring this up. This makes Yasunori DUMB. Let's say Yasunori is chilling out after charging in and doing what Yasu does. Brewie activates. You have a bunch of options here... that involves 0 to push up to yasu (giving him poison 2), bopping him for poison 2 and obeying him to murderface someting. Then tanuki goes and heals any damage yasu may have taken from the activation inbetween and gives him reactivate. Just to recap: Yasu gets on a charge up to 4 attacks. Obey gives him up to 3. Then he gets another potential 4 from reactivate. That's 11 min 3 attacks. If Brewie is in range from pushes or being able to just stroll up, you can even still drinking contest. Yes this requires some setup, but it's not that hard in 10T. So here's my statement before I realized this was a thing you could do: I want to like this model, but I feel some of what it's lost and some of what it's gained just puts it in a cool sounding model that I would never take outside of Brewie (maybe, I'd have to test compared to a performer). What am I missing here, folks? to I want to like this model, but I feel some of what it's lost and some of what it's gained just puts it in a cool sounding model that I would never take outside of Brewie (SWEET JEEBUS YASUNORI!!!!!!). Thoughts?
  6. @Tokapondora nailed it. I really like where this model is at now. And even though Essence Lantern changed (good change) I feel like there are factions who don't get normal access to that level of +flips that benefit from it GREATLY. Gremlins comes to mind, considering just how many models they can activate. I really like where this model has evolved to. It has a distinct roll and flavor. The entropy changes are sport on. This is exactly the kind of tech piece I want it to be. Hope you all feel the same.
  7. I see what you're saying. I like. I actually totally got caught up in the apotheosis concept and forgot as I was typing that the whole point was to have an ability working based on already activating! Yeah I hear you on text length. But I can dream!
  8. I agree. And while Wokou Raider is a good model, it's far and away an auto-include or anything. So you're taking 16-24ss that has no real accounting for as it is. I think that one raider and one red pole might be cute, but the raider really wants to be up near Misaki. Could be an interesting flanking idea. I'll have to try it out. Think Misaki is my next playtest check with the new Charm Warder and Red Pole. Hopefully can get a game in tonight/tomorrow and report back.
  9. I almost feel that the Lotus Eater concept needs to be abandoned at this stage. The new changes really makes it feel far more like the bully disruptive piece it was already leaning towards. I think I'd like to see it become a Syndicate Collector, Kyodai, 49er or some such. I wonder if maybe you call Path of the Lotus something like Local Contacts. Where it can consume either an enemy scheme marker or friendly scheme marker and depending on what determines the effect. Make it with the flavor of squeezing out information from a source, friend or foe, to gain that positioning advantage. As to threaten... I think it works fine considering what it's supposed to target. Especially because if Wp5... that model is going to be on negatives anyways. So threaten is going to most likely go off (unless they roll 2x 13s or something). I love the flavor of an Aggressive Stance serving to help Threaten a model.
  10. I really appreciate the Corrupted Energies change, and we have access to a large amount of healing in 10T (perhaps the most access of the factions?) so I am not too worried. It's just anti-armor that's a major threat. But then again, that just sets up the bullseye on that anti-armor model, eh? And thank you for the Dark Energies change! SO much better now!
  11. I already thought this model was in a pretty solid place before, the flat buff to Nagamaki secures his role for me. I do agree that he might be a bit easy to take down. Especially with his heal competing with his card draw. But with the added oomph to Nagamaki, being able to charge in and do a guaranteed 4 damage to what is legitimately are biggest threat (armor), is fantastic. We have so little that deals wtih armor in 10T. This is such a welcome addition and really ups the power curve of this model from good to strong. The graves + red pole combo looks even better now and this guy has just become pretty much an auto-take for Shenlong. Good times!
  12. I love the flavor of Charm Warders actually using Charms. I want that sculpt to rock some prayer strips! I agree with above, that Barrier to the Other World only affect enemy summons. I would like renamed to probably something Charm-esque. Charm of Warding or something. I realize that would affect the name of the model, but with it's current direction, it probably needs to not be Charm Warder. Onmyoji perhaps? Would have some fun flavor with Yasunori etymologically speaking Essence Lantern seems... amazing. Though this model really feels like it needs to start consider losing mercenary now. Essence Lantern in 10T is bad enough, but I feel with our elite heavy crews, it's actually really solid design space. But in other factions this might be a bit much. Dunno. Gonna have to test it. Those Charms on the back though... I am totally digging them. Yeah, as everyone has already said, Charm of Vanishing is too good right now, but I REALLY like @Tokapondora's idea of a reverse manipulation. Make it a Charm of Apotheosis that grants the condition "Ominous (X): Any action declared against this model by a model engaged with it must pass a TN X or the action fails." I would love to see a unique flavor like adding the Ht of the model to the TN. Just because larger models are going to be more "godlike" than smaller ones. Also by restricting it to engaged models, it allows for being shot. Lol. It's way easier to shoot at something deific than to stand toe-to-toe with it and try to take a swing. Anywho, I really like the new direction. Can't wait to put in some playtest time with it (hopefully before it updates again!).
  13. TANUKI Mechanics This will be short and sweet (gasp!) because let’s face it, we are bringing Tanuki for one reason and one reason only: Where Did You Come From? Gourd Bop is useless (thought I do appreciate the 1” reach locking models in tight to the Tanuki). Friendly Smile is cute to make one of your defensive triggers guaranteed. The triggers are very nice I will say, and I am a fan of both. Promissory Note is nothing to plan around, but nice when it works. So again… Where Did You Come From? Just bear in mind that unlike Ancient Protection, you don’t get to choose when it happens; it triggers as soon as damage is dealt. Though DO note that it’s not limit once per turn. Synergy Non-masters – I mean… yes? All of it Kevin. All of it. Though really, Tanuki is for diving. You dive in your beater and yank them back to safety. Just watch out for that 12” range. It’s shorter than you think. Misaki – Ok, this is the time to point out that it says friendly MODEL. Damn skippy I want this on Misaki. Oh the SHENANIGANS! Mei Fang – What’s that? Another diving master that you worry about over extending? Have a hat! McCabe – McCabe WANTS to be in combat for the buffs, so maybe not the best target for him. But giving the little Tanuki some armor can definitely make it survive a bit longer after the swap. And what self-respecting nuthugger doesn’t want a lightsaber to protect its jewels? Lynch – TOM. FOOLERY. I want to just pitch an ace of masks and warp in to save huggy and watch the enemy hit itself. Cuz reasons. Shenlong – Ok here’s where there is some silliness. I would be using Tanuki for repositioning, over saving. I’d probably be divebombing on a flank but within range of Shen or my beater I’ve given a hat to, just to yank them into a flanking position to wreck face. Plus silly synergy with Yu passing around poison for Promissory note. Asami – Yasunori with Ancient Protection and Tanuki Hat on a diving 1AP charge from Asami… yeah. I’m that guy. Yan Lo – You too can Lightning Dance without fear now that you have a brand new, fuzzy Tanuki Hat! Limit one per model, no exchanges, substitutions, or refunds. Brewmaster – Promissory seems legit with the Brewie Bubble, but I’m probably bringing Tanuki to safeguard the beater I’m diving into swilled targets.
  14. CHARM WARDER Mechanics Well… it was bound to happen. My glowing praise of models had to come to an end. My defense against their lack of uniqueness in favor of the options they gave us had to run into a brick wall eventually. And thus it does with Charm Warder. Now let me be clear… I don’t think Charm Warder is BAD. But it’s most certainly meta. What I mean is that this model is only going to get mileage when you can properly predict the crew your facing. Here’s why I say that: Ward Off Evil is fantastic. Essence Lantern is very very nice (especially in the mirror match). Barrier to the Other World can flat out shut down specific summons, or purge the summoner’s hand. So why does this model not rate higher in my book? Because all of these abilities on one model means it’s got a giant freaking target on it. And 5s for defensive with 6 wounds doesn’t cut it. That’s one activation, and suddenly all those really awesome abilities are toast. A crit strike sever sniper shot. Now I know… Yokai are the same way, right? Even less wounds! Yes they are, but they are FAR more mobile. Which means positioning is far easier to keep them alive until they can get their points. They also smash face, so if you get that charge off, you’re probably going to get some value. And let’s not even talk about Lotus Eater and 10T Bros who are FAR more stalwart. The back of this model’s card has some great interest in it as well. Chi Blade I feel is a very cool attack, that’s appropriately stat-ed with an accurate damage spread for the model’s points. Cleanse Ground is a very useful tactical that can play havoc on your opponent’s schemes by preventing interacts in a key area. Search the Ruins and Claim Jump become way harder now. But again, this all plays into a model that has TOO much utility. Your opponent is going to read this card and go “WTF? Seriously?” And then nuke it off the table first thing. I echo a sentiment from earlier: this model needs to have its cost jumped up and given some beef. Make it a viable 6-7ss minion. We don’t have a lot of competition there. I want more. Again, this model isn’t bad… there just isn’t a reason to pick it right now. Yokai are faster with more damage. 10T bros are faster with more tankiness. And Lotus Eater is just as disruptive with more tankiness. The tech on this model is great, but it’s just not on a sturdy enough model considering its weak damage output. I struggle to see what role this fills outside of an extremely niche meta piece. Synergy Non-masters – I’ve already mentioned that it has some nice synergy with Crime Boss and Obsidian Oni. I would also say that Kang with his challenge upgrade is a good combo piece because you need something to take the heat off these guys so they can stick around and do their business. Misaki – Solid counter-scheme runner. It’s going to be a who hits first scenario though as to survivability. Mei Fang – Often run with toshiro to summon off scrap, there’s anti-synergy here so it’s a pass in general for me. McCabe – McCabe to the rescue! Giving this model some armor significantly increases its value and I would consider one if I knew I was facing a Titania/Colette or summoner master. Lynch – See Misaki. Shenlong – Because Shen can do such a good job tying up models while still supporting his crew, Charm Warder could have some nice value here. Again though, anti-synergy in that Shen wants to summon peasants, so you have to be wary. Probably safer to again, simply pass here. Asami – Not a chance. Yan Lo – I’m a reliquary player, so again… nope. Moving on. Brewmaster – I think with Brewie’s bubble and swill shenanigans you can get some work out of Charm Warder here. No direct synergy but Brewie can increase survivability substantially, thus allowing the Warder to do it’s job. Just remember that not getting is not the same as negating the ability to generate it. If you swill a model and they focus, the modifiers cancel out. Essence Lantern doesn't take effect until after that has occurred. Same with cover and the like. Negating a with focus isn't affected.
  15. OBSIDIAN STATUE Mechanics Let me start by saying this is my FAVORITE model from Wave 5. It’s just the flavor. I have this image in my head of a traditional style, horn and tusk, red Oni statue that’s got a buddha belly. Hellz yeah. This is obviously supposed to be a “golem” for us, much the same way people equate Yasunori with being our “rider”. Lots of wounds, some nice Armor… What I don’t like is that this model suffers from the Izamu problem. Anything that can ignore armor and our “statue” is made of paper. I would like to try this model with Hard to Wound and see if it makes it too good for its points. I know it won’t happen but I can dream. I appreciate the 6 stat on its attacks, and I like the choices for the 0 actions. Brittle is a very interesting ability as is Rotund. A walking set of Ht3 Ice Pillars that provides resources sounds pretty damn good. Reconstitute is one of those abilities that I think is going to be kind of niche though. Depends on what master you are running with as to how often you use it over Dark Energies. Corrupting Influence is an intriguing condition that you have to be careful with as it doesn’t specify enemy models take +1 damage. As such, you probably don’t want to use it if your opponent is packing a ton of casts, as it effectively negates a point of Armor on the Statue as well. Obsidian Fist going up to min 3 is huge though, as this model is fairly pillow fisted. The ranged purge of markers can definitely be a very useful ability if you have that high crow. Synergy Non-masters – So many things… Obsidian Oni is an automatic nod, as not only does it make their ridiculous cast a 2/5/6, but toss some smoke grenades on Obsidian Statue, and you can heal it with the Oni as well. Toshiro likes the scrap markers. There is also some synergy with Charm Warders as they can now charge in for 3/4/5. Huggy wants to be min dam 5 with his envelop trigger. He whispered that to me. Komainu, Lust, Yin, Chiaki, Shadow Emissary… we have some solid Casts in 10T and all of them are quite happy to get +1 to their damage tracks. Misaki – I don’t see much synergy here. Too many points for something that blocks LoS and boosts casts? Misaki is about mobility. But perhaps there is some fun with Thunder and being able to push out and then block off lanes with the Statue to keep her safe. Mei Fang – Ahh, finally some love for Mei Fang. Scrap on demand practically? Yes please. Another construct for Sparks and Railwalker? Absolutely. And best part is that she can railwalk to behind him and his statue for protection if you are trying to not overextend. His cast buff makes Scalding Breath actually kinda viable now… effectively making it a 4/4/6 with the built in burning. McCabe – Strangemetal Shirt makes Obsidian Statue Armor 3 and grant an aura of Armor +1 while granting an aura of +1 damage to Ca… Do I really need to say anything else? Lynch – Play for blood does 3 damage!!!! Shenlong – No direct synergy. Honestly for 9ss, I’d rather take something else here. Like a Crime Boss! Asami – As someone already pointed out, this guy is money with Asami. Not only does he block LoS to your squishy master. Not only does he buff your obsidian oni’s cast damage. But he drops flicker fuel on being damaged! I love asking my opponent’s questions for which there isn’t a good answer. Whether to attack Statue in an Asami list is one such question. Yan Lo – Statue plays heavily into the divide and conquer strategy here. Being a model with a statue marker to block in base to base already, Lightning Dance can quite literally cut off a model from all support by placing it right behind the Statue and it’s Rotund marker. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Plus Yan Lo likes his cast damage going up when he can already make it Ca8. Brewmaster – Not really any combo potential here. Brewmaster wants line of sight to things, doesn’t have any particularly serious damaging spells and has no use for scrap.