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  1. I guess it just comes down to play-style: I personally would take Ama no Zako w/ Fate and replace On Wings of Wind + 2 Clockwork Traps with a Pathfinder. I also think Borrowed Time is golden (in theory, haven't started Asami yet) - but with the mobility it gives is On Wings of Wind really that necessary? You are pretty mobile as is with Heavenly Design (also golden ^_^). In any case, I honestly don't want to ruin the concept of your crew, please share how your list worked after you put in on the table as I am interested in the idea myself
  2. Wishlisting for 10T

    In general what you say about Ototo is correct. In general I used him like you would use Izamu ( useful to park on a position and trying to hold it) who I never took because there was too much armor penetration in the meta. Also, your story about Collodi made me laugh a little - surely taking a Wp4 model against Neverborn is not the best choice ^^ I too never, ever found Tengu attractive or useful in any way. I will eventually buy them just for the Oni theme when I start collecting Asami summons though. I have always preferred to use Fuhatsu instead of Izamu if I want a tanky model - especially with the new upgrade which gives him a melee attack. He still has Armor+2, a self-heal and solid reach, but can also use soulstones and can not be moved by enemy movement effects. His attacks can also cover from range which makes actually getting to him a bit more difficult. Oh, and his damage track is actually 2/5/6 - no need to waste your severes on damage with him, just get to moderate I like gambling in games - high risk, high reward, so I'm fine with Big F. Strangely, this very same mindset made me give up on the Lone Swordsman as I always make him Seppuku himself without gaining much in return... As for Larazus, he is better on most accounts, but costs two more than Fuhatsu and can't use SS (plus Enforcer and not Henchman). I don't have any impression of Envy (neither played with nor against yet).
  3. Tonight's game

    Archers are better now with the cost reduction, well suited for tables with a lot of terrain to hide behind or if you expect a lot of melee engagements (like vs NB). If you are taking Yamaziko why not put Blot Out the Sky on her instead of Recalled? This way you can park the archer and have him blast EoT while Yama is (0) braced. The archer can hide well behind Fuhatsu's big bum pretty well, too. Alternatively, if you want to have a solid upgrade on Yamaziko how about Smoke Grenades? This will protect her from range, making her impervious to Lures and Tangle Shadows and the like, not to mention something of a niche semi-counter to a Pandora as well. You can also drop the smoke bombs in a pinch, denying vision and board control in a key moment. As an alternative to the archer, if there is a long clearing on the table, you might want to give Shenlong 1SS less in cache to bring in a Sniper. Emissary giving (0) blasts to Fuhatsu and the sniper is not a small matter. Also useful for the (0) Defensive upgrade for Fuhatsu, TT Bros and Yamaziko.
  4. This reminded me of something I forgot to mention in my previous post: Since you are using Clockwork Traps, why not bring the Pathfinder instead? You can deploy him From the Shadows close to their team, activating him first (to tie up the opposition). (1) Walk, (0) Summon Trap, (1) Walk away back to cover OR (1) Shoot. If you are worried about not having the 6 for the trap you could also hire one and remove either OWoW or TFoM upgrade. In this case it would be (1) Walk, (0) PLACE Trap up to 6" away, (1) Walk away back to cover OR (1) Shoot.
  5. I haven't tried the Jorogumo (yet, the time for Oni invasion will come relatively soon). However, I have tried the other S&S minions, and the conclusion I reached thanks to this experience is the following: I can get two Oiran for about the price of second Jorogumo! While the Jorogumo want to engage and hit enemies, the Oiran can be very slippery schemers with the unpredictability Shadow porting gives. I've also found the LoS blocking smoke markers very useful against blasters (like Wong) as well as chargers (like the Victorias). Additionally, they are Disguised, so with careful positioning you can string and evade the enemy with them, or use their huge Ch8 to engage if you really, really need something tied up for one AP, hopefully two. They work best with some ranged cover - TT Archer from behind smoke/cover, sniper from large range, or my personal favorite - Fuhatsu! As a tanky gun platform he offers two different types of board control, even if you don't trigger Hidden Agenda successfully (and there is no reason not to put it on him). I like to run Lynch the most and this has worked out for me pretty decently in the past. What I was lacking at the time was the correct assembly of models to finish off the remaining role(s) in the team, the upgrade "Cheating Bastard", and the higher at the time cost of the models involved in the composition. I sold most of said models already, unfortunately, but already feel the urge to buy and paint them yet again...
  6. Fuhatsu and Steam Gatling Bursts

    The different utility that Fuhatsu brings becomes more apparent if you take an overall look at his kit. If you simply want a durable gun platform then sure, Lazarus all the way. As pointed out above he can be used better by the faction as a whole. On the other hand, Fuhatsu is useful as threat and a lock-down piece. He can sit on an objective and protect it with his ranged attack and durability. The opponent can not push or lure him away - they have to kill Fuhatsu to gain access to the objective. Keep in mind F. will be using his 0 upgrade 2" engagement, Armor, Hard to Wound, (0) heal and SS usage while TT has numerous ways to protect and heal their models. As always, try to handle anything that ignores Armor and/or HtW with another piece As for the (2) action - it is a huge gamble, even more than doing a Lone Swordsman 'You Shall Not See Another Sunrise' without good cards in hand One way to make it better is to give Fuhatsu Fast and/or Focus; especially easy in a Shenlong crew, for example. Using Focus (and/or maybe Recalled Training :)) is especially useful as with Leveticus the + flips should last for the whole action and all actions potentially generated by it. Fast is useful (even if the models who most commonly give Fast also do pushes and these are wasted here) as it allows Fuhatsu to reposition before using the (2) action; OR with combination with Focus (Shenlong crew again) you can (2), then (1) shoot with Focus. I am not saying this is the best model or the best play you can make every turn with Fuhatsu. I am, however, saying that I like gambling from time to time and so Fuhatsu brings me a lot of fun this way
  7. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    I have found that while indeed some models are strictly better OR easier to use than others the ones than get taken rarely can surprise the opponent (especially if you learn how to use them effectively). Tengu for example are fine as is for 4ss imo, there are many more options for scheme running that can be hired into lists while they are still fine for Asami summons. Many people find Oiran useless, but I have been quite successful in using them with Smoke & Shadows and Hidden Agenda on Fuhatsu of all models as flankers, suprise Message delivery, etc. Ama no Zako and Ototo can be quite powerful combined with the debuffs the Brewmaster gives out as well as the healing going aroun in his crew. From the faction pool I only find that High River Monks and and TT Archers need some special attention - they are both models that make me feel handicapped. I voted for High River Monks last year when faction buffs were considered by Wyrd, yet I still don't see how they could be made more unique. I wouldn't mind if they are dropped to 5ss and run as counter schemers or something. On another note, Ch6 and Ml 1" with 1/2/4 for a dedicated melee model is absolutely MEH for a dedicated melee model. Maybe change it to Ch7, Ml 2" with 2/3/4? This way if you take the burning into account as well they actually would be quite strong, while currently they are just more generic Oiran with Burning instead of Poison. TT Archers: Once again, the easiest option here would be to drop them to 5ss. If Archers and monks are all 5ss-ish they could be great filler for thematic lists and still do some work for a cheap cost. At their current cost they need one more wound (more would be too much as they are ranged and you should know to keep them safe). Their defensive trigger "Leap Aside" is a joke with their Df 4, waste of card space. They could find use for the trigger to move 3" after shooting way more than snipers. Alternatively, an interesting (0) action could be useful for them - for example to drop a friendly or enemy scheme marker from the target, or to pin a target so it's unable to take some movement actions (similar to Asami's new upgrade, Rail Worker's trigger). I like the idea to up Fuhatsu's min damage to 3 as I use him sometimes, although this moves him away from his gambling nature even further. I like to this of him as a tank: You have to run up close and lob grenades inside to blow him up; otherwise he will blast you apart with his artillery. Maybe. If he hits. I don't really use most mainstay staples of the faction like the Emissary, TT Brothers, Yasunori so I can't give an opinion from personal experience on them. I do use Sensei Yu and snipers occasionally (soon to be joined by Terracotta Warriors), but they have clear pros and cons and are fine as is.
  8. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Alt Lynch to go with the Alt Huggy. Alt pathfinder would be neat too. And now that I've read some other suggestions, alt Sensei Yu (as @Dogmantra said, call him Sensei Me!) seems a wonderful choice. Not that he or alt Lynch are happening as Wyrd has to sell crew boxes
  9. Darkened Brewie

    Sounds quite fun. For you, not the opponent, as always with Brewie To complement your bubble and protect it you would need something - I'd go for LoS blockers. For example two Oiran and Yamaziko or (even better with Brewmaster) Ototo carrying Smoke and Shadows for Smoke Grenades. Then you might be able to sneak in a cheap activation in to get to 8 activations - keep in mind that gap closers and out-activation teams might mess you up Obsidian Statue has the Statue marker as an alternative as well.
  10. Katanaka Crime Boss - Suggestions

    In general they are great with their zoning abilities and punching through most defenses. I find them especially good for Lynch and Asami as the additional card craw is great.
  11. Growng Ten Thunders

    What you have should be pretty much enough, If I were you I would only add the Emissary (because it is very good) and Samurai (because I also have a lot of fun with them). You can skip the Samurai
  12. Journey along the Path, or how to suck at Yan Lo

    Thanks for the report!
  13. Important new purchases for faction

    I find the Shadow Emissary and Mr. Graves useful with every Master. The Terracotta Warriors and the Kamaitachi make a neat combo with almost every TT Master as well - you might want to check them out too. Other than that, it's personal preference - if there are some models you like, just take them. Unless they are super specialized you would find most of our models useful with any Master.
  14. 10T Beaters - Best way to smash faces?

    Yasunori is the obvious heavy-weight beater. At least as our TT goes I actually really like Mr. Graves as a beater - Ml6 2" 3/4/6 is very solid, and he has utility as a positioning/denial piece. Kang and Ototo are more situational, and Fuhatsu can do some decent melee damage with his 0 upgrade. I don't like Izamu as opposed to most, it seems - he is tough but folds like paper against models with armor penetration, which his damage is solid, but not superlative. The Lone Swordsman can do wonders, is bulletproof and ignores Terrifying, but not having the suit and/or card to cheat with him is a pain. Samurai could do decent damage -if- they hit the Critical strike trigger. At least they ignore Armor. Hungering Darkness can dish out some pain with the trigger, and still hits well against models with Brilliance. Actually, if we can count Samurai as beater, then Illuminated definitely count as such as - if the target has Brilliance, they hit hardest in the faction. Finally, Ama no Zako is a weird case - she has the best (default) damage in the faction, Flight and speed, but her Ml5 and needing suits for almost everything... Definitely not for everyone. I never thought about using Burt Jebsen in the faction, but this is a nice idea - two cheaper beaters sounds like a great idea, I will probably test-run Graves + Lone Swordsman now
  15. Book 5 wishlist!

    I wonder if Wyrd intentionally try to avoid giving us many low-cost minions - with the access to Fast and Recalled Training, spam/alpha strike lists similar to RatJoy Viks could easily emerge and be super annoying at the very least. On the other hand, we are now gaining three new minions with a cost of 5: Not the cheapest, but cheap-ish nonetheless. We now have ten minions with cost of five - the most out of all factions. I think only Neverborn and Ressurrections have access to so many lower-end minions (in which those are mostly 3 and 4 ss though). Also the power creep does not seem present for most models. The Cyclops, Serena and something else I don't remember are pretty strong, though.