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  1. Hey all, as the name says, I'm looking for a few of the old metal puppet wars limited release models. I'm looking for the following three in metal only: Pokey vik Lucius Hooded rider I'm willing to negotiate prices and work something out. I'm located in the us but willing to pay international shipping if more than one model is included in the trade. I do have access to the regular release line for malifaux and can get pretty much any regular release item for you as a trade if needed. Thank you for your interest, -Leo
  2. California, Usa based. Willing to pay international shipping. Want: Metal puppet wars LE(pokey vik, Lucius, hooded rider) Alt stat cards(any that people don't want) Black Friday barbaros Black Friday Dr. Dufresne Have: $$ Currently in print malifaux(new in box) Rusty alice (on sprue) Dark carnival(built, some messy gluing to the mannequin with a hammer) Tortoise and hare box(new, shrink wrap removed to check contents) 40k(grey knights, Tyranids, dark vengeance with bonus model, deathsorm and stormclaw campaign boxes. Two LE space marine captains. Mostly assembled. Very little painted. Some items still in box or on sprues) Pictures available upon request. Make an offer
  3. Leoneth

    March 14 - Thrace

    yes, you absolutely should. The stories are fantastic and well written and really flesh out the characters and the world of malifaux in general. However, as far as I know, all stories are set post-second breach era. The only mention of the black powder wars that I know of is in the main rulebook where the timeline overview covers the wars existance and it's outcome. I personally would love some pre-malifaux and pre-second breach stories, maybe in book form if the world and lore become popular enough to warrant publishing such a thing.
  4. Leoneth

    Outcasts and GG2016

    As far as public demo Misaki goes, I haven't played her yet myself but I played against her with a public demo smoke and shadows bomb and it was nuts. Turn two and my crew is all stuck engaged with misdirection Misaki and three minions, scoring him three points and tying me up. I eventually wiped all of it, but in the meantime I was losing out on interference points. I think most of the craziness was from my lack of knowledge of misakis capabilities. In future games, I plan to spread out significantly more. I'm sure it's pretty dang hard to deny a Misaki 3 points from public demo but at least then I can just accept shell get it and keep moving everything else towards my own plans.
  5. Leoneth

    Outcasts and GG2016

    I can give an opinion on one of those questions. Tara likes center of board schemes and strats. Extraction, and turf war are great for her(but I'd contend with Hamelin for these personally depending on schemes), and she likes schemes like inspect the ruins, convict labor and show of force. With Tara's ability to run up to the center line and bomb the enemy with a big beater turn one, she can make a really strong presence in the opponent's line and put them on the back foot for getting into range of those schemes while scoring them herself. Combine that with handing out slow and it can be really hard for the enemy to get up to where they need to be. She can also set up convict labor on her own on turn 2 if she got the center line on turn 1. Drop a marker, move, drop a marker, reactivate, repeat. Tara has always been great at bodyguard. She can pull the bodyguard target out of danger real easy, and if need be, keep it buried until the end of the turn to keep it alive and healthy. She's similarly good at stomping your zone scheme runners with eternal journey, so while she doesn't have a strong advantage with scoring things like covert breakthrough or leave your mark, she's great for wrecking your opponent's plans there's nothing quite as fun as stopping your opponent from having fun. She's also decent at killy schemes through supporting your beater models with fast and quick repositioning. I think the only one that stands out as good for her is hunting party. While she helps with others, there are masters better suited for indiscriminate killing. She might also be nice with marked for death but I think Hamelin and his nonsense obeys is better suited for that. Just my two cents on Tara. Let me know what you guys think.
  6. 10. 11 if they're tormented and someone's got creeping terror. A well placed specialist can get pretty much your entire crew back on their feet for one ap. I've tried out Johan a few times but I'm never really impressed with him for condition removal because I can't rely on having what I need in my hand that one turn I need to heal something. I will take Johan if I expect a lot of nonsense conditions like 10t or arcanists, or if I suspect constructs or tyrants(had a game against dreamer today with Johan in my team and he was a terror but that was with Tara leading). Johan can also remove enemy conditions as well so against a master like shenlong, he has more opportunity to wreck with his condition removal any time it is available even if it's not when you're planning to heal up with a nurse.
  7. Leoneth

    GG2016 Why do you hate Levi?

    Thanks for the heads up. Like I said, I'm sure there's something I'm missing that they saw. I don't claim to be an expert in every interaction or anything. I just wish there had been a way to do it without putting such a hard lock on Levi. That being said, I do recognize the necessity for it and I don't think one master being bad at a scheme is the end of the world for outcasts in tournaments. It's much better than it was with assassinate in the pool.
  8. I like the specialist when I'm going up against factions with a tendency towards horror duels and paralyzed like neverborn/ressurectionists because then I don't have to worry so much if I fail a few. I can just remove them all at once for 1ap and a wound on each model. Also means the nurse can more freely heal up multiple models in a turn and the blast damage in a crew that tends towards clumping people up isn't unwelcome.
  9. I really enjoy nurse + specialist in a jack daw crew but I'm weird like that... Looks like I'm the only one
  10. Leoneth

    GG2016 Why do you hate Levi?

    I agree that assassinate needed to be changed. I think there's a difference between building a crew to deny schemes and having a master that just shuts one off. Similarly, I agree that it's much better to have a master that is poor at a scheme than a master that just locks someone out of one scheme. That being said, I do wish they'd handled it differently. Say "when one of your actions or abilities reduces the enemy master to half health or below for the first time, score a point and reveal. If the enemy master is removed from play for any reason and the scheme is revealed, score two points." This would at least force some interaction on the enemy part. Of course, they've already made their decision on the matter and I'm sure there's a reason why they chose to do things the way they did. And at the end of the day, when neutralize shows up, I can always just play one of the other 6 masters. Another argument people often make is that it's not fair to players that want to collect only one master or can't afford more than one. However, these are meant as tournament scheme pools, yes? That would mean that they should not be balanced with the casual one master player in mind, but instead with the intention that the player is going to bring the full arsenal of their faction to bear. If you're playing casually, the regular schemes and strats, or even gg 15 are still available to use.
  11. Leoneth

    February 22 - Brutal Emissary

    He just really wants to have a cage for all...
  12. Leoneth

    Just because ... 2/11/16

    I knew I was right to trust the man. Mason for governor general! Also, while I'm not sure I would field these models in place of their originals, these models are glorious and I would love to have them in my collection. I know designers and producers experience a lot of grief for the work they put their heart into, but I like to think that the malifaux community is a pretty positive one. I think that's probably in part from the obviousness of how much you all enjoy what you make and I wanted to say thank you for continuing to produce such awesome minis. Now I need a racetrack themed board...
  13. Leoneth

    M2E Book 4 Playtesters Needed

    Mason for governor general!
  14. Leoneth

    December 14th - Large Arachnids

    I love it... And I hate it. It's a beautiful model, but I have arachnophobia, so halfway through painting it, I'd probably scream and throw it, metal paint job or not.
  15. Leoneth

    Anna's Dress

    I believe that this is the intended effect. Even if you interpreted it the other way, how would that get around lusts ability? It would just mean she would have to be outside of the gravity well aura to use it as she would then not end it within 8 inches, even if a friendly modelmodel(to Anna) would.