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  1. (0) Eternal Moment: This Action may only be taken if this was the first friendly model to Activate this Turn. This model gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Eternal: Once all other friendly models have Activated, this model gains the Reactivate Condition." Nobody Likes Me: This model may not Activate while there are any other models in its Crew without the Nobody Likes Me Condition which may still Activate.” Sooo... Tara cant activate till she gets reactivate. So Nothing Beast can activate due to the fact that no other models can activate before Nothing beast activates. NOW Tara gains reactivate once nothingbeast activates. She activates... she activates after Nothing beast as the last model activating... seems clear to me.
  2. Yes... a 10ss bandaid fix needs to offer more than just fixing the master... :-/
  3. (1) Curse of the Covetous (Ca 6 / Rst: Wp / Rg: 6): Target model gains the following Condition until the end of the game: "Curse of the Covetous: This model may only take Walk and Interact Actions. End this Condition when this model places a Scheme Marker. This model may choose to suffer 3 damage at the start of its Activation to end this Condition." To resolve a disengaging strike, the enemy models that are engaged with the moving model may choose to take a free Attack Action with any one Close (y) Attack which the disengaging model is within range of. Page 44 So, yes cant take disengaging strikes. But engagement goes both ways. When you are in range of their attack action or they'r in urs... even if they/you cant take it. You are still engaged but he can't disengaging strike you.
  4. Yes, hes fine now. Stalker and engineer feel like good and viable models right now that can compete withallready existing rooster. Talos as well even though he feels bit clunky.
  5. I think hes totally viable now. I'll actually think of hirig him from time to time even outside of VS (Whom i never put on the table at all )
  6. A the good stats explain all the VS i see winnning tournaments in my local meta... zero... ;P
  7. Well at a tournament... i would be pretty pissed if i had to ask each time if the cans of beer you placed on the table were proxies for the stolen or proxies for the rats. The game is allready confusing enough without ppl replacing miniatures with different coloured marbles or paperclips. As long as you can see at first glance that the rat is a rat and the hamelin is a hamelin, everythings fine. convert them proxy them but keep it within the boundaries of being friendly to your opponent you are playing with.
  8. For scheming, Winged plague or void wretch. Winged plague: Defensivve through Armor. Ignore terrain through flight, walk 6. (can get cheap reactivates from rat catchers) Void wretch: Defensive through incorporeal. Ignore terrain through incorporeal. Walk 5. (0)-Action to slow schemer-hunters. Best schemer combo to my taste are rat catcher and winged plague. you get 3 activations out of 10SS, winged plague with reactivate gets you a lot ddone and rat catchers have "dont mind me" Best cheap solo schemer probably big jake. Very good for his points counts as 2 models and has dont mind me.
  9. By minion you mean cheap minion? when Ronin are allready too expensive. We have hodgpodge effigy, void wretches and Winged Plague. Abominations are ok as card draw.
  10. This model isconsidered amercenary when hired as an outcast. yeah would be great.
  11. (0) Strengthen Armor (Ca 5 / TN: 10 / Rg: 6): Discard a card to give target Construct or model with Armor +1 the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Armor +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +1, to a minimum of 1." If the target was Freikorps, you do not have to discard a card to take this Action. Yes, it can stack armor +1 models to armor +2. But it can be stacked infinite on constructs. (infinite/ 3 times becaue its a zero and its a rare 2 model and hannah) Maybe get a deso engine that doesnt die instantly
  12. Hes cheap card draw. His buffs arent relly for fighting as you already pointed out but to get stuff into position round 1 without being reduced to swiss cheese by all thee nasty snipers. I think hes fine for what he costs. Hes not great but hes fine for what he does and he offers some support to a faction that has very little going on besides strong heavy beaters.
  13. Hes not bad. Hes just too expensive. You get a sue, a nix a mad dog for that price range. and they are less prone to dying and better at dealing damage. His aura is nice but... he suffers from the same weakness old montresor suffered. Youwant him to get in the heatof things and annoy and tarpit the enemy but... he justtt dies too easily. His damage seems fine but can be negated easily. Your oppoent is allways able to pick the the better choice. Damage or cards. ANd well... mad dogs and sues damage is just as fine as well... Sadly i dont see many of the crossroad seven models get any play at all. most are 1-2 points overpriced. And gettiing 3 min damage 3 rapid fire shotgun shells to the face is most often a better drain of cards than pride could provide.
  14. You cant resummon serena when using mokey paw. Monkey paw restricts the model to do any summons... :-/
  15. WTF is a WP attack? I see that itis resisted by Willpower but the attack itself is not a cast, nor a melee nor a shoot... what is it? I thought Attackks are allways casts, melee or Shoot... can be resisted by different things sometime even by walk etc. but the attack itself is WP this time...? Im talking about into the furnace.