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  1. If you play her outcast, play her fluffy or mercenary. fluffy models: Void wretch, Nothing beast, scion of the void. Good in-Theme contenders are Hannah, Aionius. Merc tara is mostly mercenaries and "I pay better" but as beastbomb strongarm with scout the field then overall freikorps and mercs (as fitting for the scheme), librarian, hannah, lazarus, sue, johan, hans, jake, trapper , bishop , convicts etc I for my part started to prefer the merc-tara. She seems more adapteble and can do better counterplay.
  2. Only Problems I see... THEY DO NOT HAVE RAPID FIRE... their Wild Firing is like really not worth it even with a plus to attack. The only things they actually can do is to interact, walk and be disguised. Even their soulstone-generating ability doesnt feel like it makes a lot of sense. When the only thing they can do is being (in comparison) slow scheme runners... why would you want them to stick near your master or henchmen? And no... being so bad that they usually get ignored isn't really a strenght ;P
  3. Me playing Outcast: Hans + Scout the field can remove the pigapult turn 1. Tara (Sh-Immune) + Strongarm Suit can remove the pigapult turn 1.
  4. Nix is great for condition-heave schemes and you can get him across the board with hamelin obeys turn one to get his blight-pulse off in the enemy crew turn one applying blighted turn one ist better than applying it turn 2 :P. And even after blight-bombing them Turn one... nix becomes one of the best tarpits we outcast could ever have begged for.
  5. Nix with survivalist is a force to reckon with tbh. I'd go with nix.
  6. Its not A&D that generates the marker by dying its the model that kills A&D that generates the marker. Its kinda easy if you just read carefully.
  7. I allready ha the honor, you helped me allready out. Hes assembled, painted and won his first game, thanks alot again brian
  8. He has max damage 7 and through nimble he can allways walk->focus->Attack for that juicy severe. I started liking him as well.
  9. They can use return fire as an upgrade and keep rasputina in melee because their claw-attack is still a shoot. Ah and they shoot things and are good at shooting stuff. cheap beater/shooter.
  10. My definition of heay hitter is. Do I believe that it can dash out at least 7 Damage per activation. How it does so? I dont care. Killjoy has only me6 but minimum damage 4 and I can count on him at least getting 2 hits through in a single activation. Nothing beast has awfull minimum damage but ca7 and max damage 7 so i'm pretty sure that hell be able to get 2 hits with 2 times medium or 2 hits with weak and severe through. Ashes and dust has only minimum damage 3 but me7 so i'm pretty sure that i get around 8 damage out of him as well. And kinda weird but montresor became some kind of heavy hitter to me as well, he can walk once, focus and get his maximum damage 7 shoot off pretty consistently.
  11. You dont need that much of the cards turn one and well, if you pay 10 soulstones to destroy the enemy-team-synergy turn one, its worth it. Destroy a pigapult and not only the pigapult but also the stuffed piglets become removed from game. Remove Apprentice wesley turn one and the brewmaster becomes much less scary. Ofc, he's a one -trick pony but its a working one trick pony, just as a scheme runner only has one purpose and killjoy is a one trick pony, but its still used as long as the one trick works. But it comes down to a matter of taste.
  12. Hans can take scout the field to place one alpha-strike shot round one across the board to remove one core piece of the enemy crew round one. Hes a Counter-Piece i LOVE to pick. Enemy has pigapult? NOPE, not anymore.
  13. Hodgepodge emisary, Hodgepodge effigy for obvious reasons. Wokou-raider Maybe a montresor because misaki loves pushes and mobility. and maybe malifaux child to cast downburst-thunder on misaki?
  14. Hodgepodge emmisarry, Hodgepodge effigy. Wokou raiders. Ashes and dust. Kill ashes and dust urself turn one and port all of ur last blossom models to the other side of the board.
  15. Btw. is there a way to contact support considering guilders and minatures? I hope im ot annoying >.<