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  1. New Tara player trying to figure out the beast bomb

    I'd never hesitate to throw NB at Nekima or Howard to kill them first. even if they are isolated.
  2. New Tara player trying to figure out the beast bomb

    The bury trigger is a trap. It's a card drain to inexperienced players. But a good player will often cheat down to get buried if NB declares the trigger. This way he can mitigeate the damage NB does. if it charged and hit you for 2 at the first attack abd buried you and now idles with 3 AP of attacks it didnt get off. At worst NB is now unengaged and all the nice shooting of his crew doesn't randomise anymore. it also blocks taras bury pipe. Remind yourself that she cant bury her stuff if sth is allready buried. So no way to save NB if needed.
  3. New Tara player trying to figure out the beast bomb

    You get the most mileage out of NB if it DOES NOT charge. try to get tara during her second activation within 5" of the model you want dead. This way, if NB unburies in basecontact (big base) and 3" range it can directly attack. NB deals much more damage if it hits with 2 focus-hits instead of 4 unfocus hits.
  4. I take him with hamelin and levi. He's 2 much of an activation controle drain to me with the other masters. Its a great model but... just too expensive to fit into the usually very synergistic and keywordheavy outcast-crews.
  5. Hannah vs Lazarus

  6. Hannah vs Lazarus

    Doesnt schill ignore terrain during chareg anyway? o.O .... oh,nevermind. im justa bit slow >.<
  7. A friend for Jack Daw

    Parker and Jack share the same minions: Dead outlaws, which are great. Schill and jack share the freikorps-specialist, which is great. I'd pick hamelin or viks to compensate for the schemes&strats jacks not good at.... cause they both are good at any scheme.
  8. Aionus: Where does he fit?

    I allways thin.. that aionus. thats 3 more wretches or 2 johanns. Hes a coblle of alot of interesting abilities that can be absolutely great or completely useless. And 12 Stones for a model that might be kinda useless is some high gamble. yes, he can hit 3 times for maybe 3 min damage. but thats not worth 12 stones 2 me.
  9. Aionus: Where does he fit?

    Hes versy situational. And unfortunately in a niche that is hard to anticipate. He feel like a model i pick with armour ignore. Its great if it comes up but pretty meh when not... while there is no way to know wether or not my opponent fields armour at all. Hes kinda the same. hes bury-ignore but you cant predict bury on faction declaration and if it doesnt come up... its pretty meh. He's too much of a gamble for his price. His support-abilities seem cool on paper but hes so expensive, thag i dont feel like getting enough models in my crew to make his supporting worthwhile. I'd think i'd field him for 10 points. but his currebt pricing is tok high for what he offers.
  10. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    Outcast have some "non leader"-abilities as well. Talos, hannah.
  11. Competitive Leveticus lists

    Can necropunks anchror? DOesnt the anchor need to be 6ss?
  12. Karina summoning

    They arent slow first turn. Special karina summons arent slow.
  13. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    could, if you hire 1 aionius instead... but will cost you activation controle.
  14. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    Yeah, wrote it wrong Sey. She can attempt to burry 3 times. Opponent is more likely to cheat against a (0)Action bury than possible 3 bury attempts.
  15. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    Use hannah for the bury because she can cast the bury 3 times (if fast), her bury is ranged, an opposed duell, can bury masters and has a quite high Ca-Value. Oh and its one of the few offensive bury-Actions that offer the option to unbury the victim prematurely.