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  1. Call the ability "underwhelming student"... because shes too dumb to learn limited upgrades
  2. Make her a better version of malifaux child. being able to copy any action of the master maybe? and good student wouldnt be op. just limit it to non limeted upgrades.
  3. Donkey rider fits in as well. and theres also the tara hiring mainly mercenaries and push them to quasi 4 ap through "I pay better"
  4. I'm really into the model But her card seems rather odd. Keeping your master alife is cool. But paying 8 SS for it is way 2 much. Adding something to her melee or shoot would make her attacks less underwhelming for her price. Let it be desolate warping or just anything... Her steadfast protector sounds... very niche. IF a friendly marker is removed and IF the marker iswithing 5" and IF Marlena isnt engaged and IF she drops a card and IF she can push into base contact... the marker isnt removed. Talk about "IF"s.
  5. Obey him to make incite usefull.
  6. Anyone Hinamatsu tried with levi yet? maybe with the bigger they are and oathkeeper? Reactivate through Alyce?
  7. 1 Card to (maybe) heal 1 point of damage... Thats a hard trade.
  8. I've recently bought Parker and i'm bit confused conccerning his Role. What does he do? Which S&S is he good at and why? Which models synergise with him? And how? Ohh great hivemind of outcasted Individuals, share your Wisdom!
  9. Nah... look at misaki in outcast. Shes just not good. She has many "if this and this works out, this might be good" with our ways to regain soulstones etc. But her assasinate trigger is allready kind of unreliable enough without investing in even more unreliable buffs. I'd rlly love to see her get some models/upgrades to make her viable in outcast. but till then. even a stalking model wouldnt fix her.
  10. Vermin summoned by this model gain the "i still can activate the round i'm summoned" condition. tadaa
  11. So? Is jack supposed to field her and Killjoy in combo?
  12. I have to defend the prospector. He sounds kinda shitty at first. BUT he has a role/niche he fills nicely. hes kinda cheap for 5 SOulstones. Is mobile with the free 3" push and can place/remove markers while engaged. Hes a bit of a schemer/anti-schemer. His attacks are shit sure and shafted would be a waste of ap but as a 0 you can try and dont mind not getting it off. Its just a free bonus. Damaging is not what hes supposed to do. But scheming and countering schemes for 5ss seems ok.
  13. Tara might love him as well. ishe can get him eyrly on on the opposed half of the table.
  14. If the armor was until this models next activation... even for 2 cards it would be fine. But i usually ignore "until end of turn"-conditions unless they are really impactfull. They are too situational.
  15. After being stunned by her soul tether ability and the cool model art... i started to wonder. What does this model offer besides soul tether? Because as fancy as soult tether sounds. Just paying 8ss for it... seems odd.