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  1. Tara Bomb List

    Try a lazarus/alyce bomb. this might work with blasts. But tbh, if you want to hit pandora, you need sth with an attack value of 7, Simple DF-Duels or Blasts or shell just jump away. So nothing beast not the worst. I started to rlly like aionius wit i pay better as taras beater. I pay better offers a fokus on the first charge attack to get the bury trigger. Removing a key model with just one attack, ist really delicious. Best thing, even if he gets to bury, his second attack still chains into the void
  2. Pere....Pull!!!

    Doesn't all triggers get resolved after damaging? But the model dies after all triggers and abilities have been resolved? https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/the-master-timing-chart/
  3. Freikorpsmann/VS Cache Suggestion

    Freikorpsmänner are tanky but tarpits do not fit well into a shooting crew. how about "models do not randomise for this model when shooting into engagement". Now they got a role as tarpits. up their melee to 7 (its still not op cause they have a shitty as fck damage track) or reduce their cost to 4 and they become... at least niche.
  4. Hamelin in Ours

    Wellwellwell... PPL told me Ressers would be the expensive Faction because of all the summoning requiring a larger pool of models. So I started Outcast... Schill wants Anna, Hamelin wants crooligans, Tara wants all Horror minions, Jack daw wants all Tormented models... Levi wants all Undead. You know why Outcast is the money Faction? Cause thats what you need if wou want to play Outcast appropriately.
  5. Assign Masters to GG18 Strategies! NAO!

    I'll change my statement. Ply: Tara cause fast ist great to ply opponents. Scion of the void is kinda "Immune" to getting plyed and buried models do not count towards ply Jack cause mobility/free pushes/lures are great to ply opponents and Jack has access to Jakuuna Ubume: The only Lure that can ignore LOS in Outcast Public: Schill cause schill bubble doesnt die easily. Schill doesn't die easily as well. (Eliminate leadership) And focus sniping opponents four times per round for 3-4 min-damage each is good to execute in public. Levi with riders. Cause riders kill and usually dont die. Levi kills and usually doesn't die. Symbols: Hamelin cause what you need is "dont mind me" and Hamelin got that. What you need is mobility and "I obey you to walk" gets you kinda mobile. You have to take care of your rats thought. Cause One of the opponents schemes will start revealed: "punish the weak". Parker cause parker adopted donkey rider and donkey rider gives out "dont mind me" and parker can "The jobs not done yet" you across teh board while keeping you alive through a steady stream of damage prevention soulstones. Should you be a scheming henchman. Ours: Viks cause they get a free model worth 10SS counting towards the strategy. And because Ours is a killy strategy. Misaki caus eits a killy strategy and "smoke and shadow" allows your crew for great mobility to secure tablequarters you might loose otherwise. Mind, Placing your "smoke and shadow"d models is at the end of turn when you know which tablequarters you want to steal off your opponents hands Being able to place 9ss worth of a druable and killy model at a quarter your opponent might have hold otherwise can swing games.
  6. Hamelin in Ours

    I'd consider Misaki and Viks best choices in Ours. Ours is actually very killy once you realise you score it by having more SS on the table than your opponent. Viks get the bonus of having a free henchman thats worth another 10ss to the strategy. You allready start your crew with 70SS worth of models while your opponent starts his crew with only 60ss. (Masters and 0ss hench count as 10) Misaki has acces to Yorogumu, which are both durable and killy and able to reposition to a tablequarter you might loose through "smoke and shadows" if needed.
  7. A sneak peak to errata

    If you play against Outcast you can expect a very small amount of pushes and mobility outside of bury shenanigans which are telegraphed like 3 activations before they happen. Not much Model-support as well. Outcast often alpha a single model or 2 because otherwise they are slow as fck.
  8. Why is Tara considered so good?

    The person suggesting you this list must be a really smart and good looking guy!
  9. Wave 5 Viks

    I see 4 models being good for sisterly bonds. 1. Desperate merc. Because cheap and spammable. torpedoing them at the opponent doesnt hurt you. 2. Ronin. Because they can flury if in position 3. Rat-King. because overwhelm can generate an overwhelming amount of attacks. 4 Wokou raiders. most durable minions of outcast and they have the highest chance to hit their target.
  10. Four horsman levi viable now?

    i wish there was a way to hire rooster riders into a lebi list xD
  11. Four horsman levi viable now?

    first thought of terracotta to protect riders but then had "THE EPIPHANY" 1x Librarian to keep riders alive Babysit them till they grow strong and big.
  12. A sneak peak to errata

    I think the engineers are great. I think they are op. But not as op to redefine the meta.
  13. A sneak peak to errata

    Duuude. Read again... Levi never hired all 4 rider. he hired 3 and summoned one. Guess which one he'll be summoning.
  14. A sneak peak to errata

    3 Riders cost 10SS each. one is summoned by donkey-rider with a cost of 10SS. Duuude
  15. A sneak peak to errata

    Well my 2 cents: Riders being 10SS now allows Rider Levi to get them for 40ss and still have 10ss to spare. Not sure wether i wish for terracotta warrior and oathkeeper on 3 Riders or rusty alyce reactivating mech rider every turn. However: BIG BUFF to Rider Levi. Guilty are an "ok" tax now kinda for jack. make someting tormented and then 4ss for a tarpit/throw-away model. Thats o.k. but stilll feels... weird. Small buff to karina, summoning students. Taelor... Didn't fit her niche as an anti-summoning beater. Still does not. Broken mechanic stays broken even if cheaper. :-/ Bishop now being 9SS instead of 10 or being scrambling bishop for 10ss instead of 12... Scrambling bishop might become a schemer o.O Desperate mecenaries. 3 SS for a significant minion with disguised that refunds 1 SS if it dies? I'm sold. Fielding them with new viks-upgrade that can sisterbuff minions now to torpedo them into opponents might love them Just ordered more of them... might want to field 4 of them now. Specialist being 7SS now? His Df and walk is still shitty. But started to like them with new schill. You could argue that theyre still 8SS but Wyrd added +1 walk to them Hans: Was a Niche pick... is still a niche pick for the same niche, just cheaper. Johan 7SS... Damn, that hurts. But be honest, he was the best model in malifaux. Being 7 SS is still good. even at 8SS if you slap scramble on him, hes still worth his price. Trapper: To me they're too expensive at 7SS... they cost teh same as an specialist now. but they'll get replaced by the new op-6SS-Freikorps-model anyway Probably more a nerf to neverborn than to Outcast. A&D now being the most expensive model in game. Hehe, but i ran him allways at 15ss (equipped with scramble) so nothing really changed. And now... SCRAMBLE. I allready picked it alot... now with it being cheaper it's a great way to counteract the weakness of many outcast-models... low walk. or to buff some models to new scheme-ness. Montresor with scramble, Midnight stalker with scramble or bishop with scramble... thats fun... Yamaziko with Scramble Nurses: Thats a bummer, Jack loved nurses :-/ Yamaziko: What wyrd wrote. Yamazikos price got reduced by one. What i'm reading: Yamaziko got walk 5 now. Terracottas for levi are still great. even more so if they can protect riders now Misaki-Nerf? Hmm... yes, she was a bit disgusting but more so on TT side than outcast. I'm even thinking wether or not Bisento's our way to go at outcast.