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  1. Especially tara want the "scout the field" upgrade for strongarm and nohing beast. It allows both of them to charge without Line of sight and ignoring terrain. Which is strong if you intend to alpha strike.
  2. Hmm, he buffs the strongarm whos damage may not be reduced.
  3. Sue is a better corspe remover but Specialist is a Paralyse remover... Just like johan in more expensive and slower. The specialist unfortunately really needs some tweaks.
  4. Go Neverborn and more than one master if you want to play competitive. It becomes really frustrating if you only pick one crew for your faction and once u've been to 2 tournaments your known as "the Viks guy" who everyone knows how to counterpick.
  5. Well, Wretches are melee only but once you get something buried every wretch on the board can spam theyr melee on the buried model. thats kind of neat.
  6. To get a schemer on the other side of the Board, use winged plague and reactivate it with a rat catcher. 6 walk first activation. 6 walk second activation and another free push thats a lot of distance. Throw the "dont mind me"-upgrade of donkeyman onto A&S equipped with scramble and you have one of the best schemers in the game. Donkeyman alone can solo claim jump... Well and Outcast are killy. Use Scout the field on flying or incorporeal models to charge through walls. "finish the cur" from Schill can kill rats to make his crew immune against horror duels. Rats can be summoned easy through wretch. Hire Lust into hamelin, double-defense-stance her and then let your rats hit her just alot of times for 0 damage to draw lots of cards xD
  7. There are a few models in each faction which are considered OP and the Pigapult is one of them but just as you dont see H. Langston or Nekima every game you dont need the Pigapult. Its just very good if the right schemes ask for it But yes, having one and not needing it is still better than needing one and not having it
  8. Tbh, i dont even know how Outcast can use him efficiently for 12SS never mind paying 13SS for him in arcanists.
  9. Von Schill and the obedient wretch. She summons Rats and he can finish the cur himself to kill the rat to make his crew immune to horror duels using "hard and relentless"
  10. Which are the models you never see on the Table? And why? Would like to see them get some errata? And how? Tbh. I really like the Desperate Mercenaries but never see why I should hire them over... well anything else. Cheap mercenaries, take Freikorps, cheap schemer, take Void wretch or Winged Plague... If at least their "get one soulstone if it dies" werent range-restricted which kind of prevents them from solo scheme running because they want to stay near your master. Ama No Zako... Never saw her on the Table as well. Her high price category is allready contested by many great models in outcast which arent MI 5 and so suit-dependant. Id like to see her get MI6 or at least a few built in suits. ;-( Third: Aionius. I heard many ppl telling me hes fine... but I still never see him on the Table. Neither by me nor my opponents. And to myself it seems as if his tricks were too unreliable and expensive. Speaking of expensive, His soulstone cost is HUGE. He competes with A&D and Killjoy which seem to have a lot more impact. Are his abilities and actions worth the price? I'd think aboout picking him if he were 10/11 Soulstones... and even then i'd think twice about it. Freikorps Specialist. Hes just too slow and if you slap scramble on him he's too expensive. Hed be finde with just one walk more. But as it is now his only use (As far as i read on the forums) seems to be to stay in the backline and unparalyse Jacks Crew if he also brought a nurse. How about you guys? Which models do you never see and why? How about you guys?
  11. Ama no Zako? I've never used her to be honest. What is she good for? She seemed kind of fragile and her MI 5 wasnt impressive either. Is the hazardous Terrain gimmick worth the 9 Points?
  12. Damn, no alt Bishop >.< And Damn, now i need 11 more Guilders, NIIIICE! xD And seems as if Outcasts need some Miss-Models
  13. Thanks for the Taelor-Advice against shenlong. She never occured to me but sounds strong after thinking about it. My Local Meta consistst of 50% Neverborn >.< So I had to look into counters ;P
  14. Tara was very strong against guild because she could counter the (now not so) popular bury papa/franz combo and her immunity to Shooting-attacks.
  15. Yeah there is truth in it. But without torment theres no push and then jack's just another solid beatstick.