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  1. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Tried schills-chain-beating. It's kinf of fun to go through your entire deck with just your master... until you hit the Black joker... which you will.
  2. Hans and his uses.

    Hans can. Through the one upgrade
  3. Hans and his uses.

    But its actually what you need if you build your crew to deliver stuff u buried with glimpse.
  4. Hans and his uses.

    Ignore LOS and engagement from a safe distance to shoot your own model.
  5. Hans and his uses.

    He can oneshot stuff turn one with scout the field. He can help keep NIx alive by shooting stuff nix is engaged with and hes an integral part of the Outcast-Sniper-delivers-buried-Mails-Alpha ;P
  6. Misaki Alpha.

    Update. Hitting winged plague with rat catcher instead. Removed Yamaziko for void wretch and student of conflict. Student gives Fast to hans and second void wretch buries Desolation engine once misaki unburies so deso engine unburies besides misaki once she killed the first whatever.
  7. How do your Errata?

    Allow him to summon off corpse markers as well and he got a new niche.
  8. How do your Errata?

    Surviving and redeploying does nothingon its own. It allows you to do the things you want to do better. And thats dealing 1/2 damage and summoning? Lets be honest. Levis summon is either crap (from ashes) or on kill... which he's not that good at anyore. I'd go so far and say that tara has better damage output than levi nowadays. And 1/2 damage sounds more fancy than it is. It can be good...if your hitting a model with 7 wounds left. And ur able to get a straight damage flip and cheat in medium damage and have spent a stone for the trigger... then it might be better than Von Schill shooting you once with weak damage. And yes, he was kinda busted pre-errata. No doubt. I'm not asking to revert him. but im asking to give him a role back he could fullfill... besides being large hiring pool.
  9. Box Sets to complement Herald of Obliteration

    Yes, you can even unbury hodgepodge and bishop to give reactivate to bishop so bishop can charge and flurry trice in a row xD
  10. How do your Errata?

    Give Levi an Upgrade adding a blast to his damage track. Or Up his damage track or remove the projectile from his attack. Give him Furious casting or add Suits to his unmaking. Just sth. There are more than enough ways to give him a small boost without reverting him to old levi. Its just that actual levi doesnt do lots of stuff.
  11. Loyalty of the Coin

    Yeah, why support filthy neverborn or arcanists when we can support rich dudes with munayz.
  12. How do your Errata?

    Compare A&D to Archie and Nekima and its not that OP anymore. A&D has weaker damage but it has 1 general ap instead of attack expert and a rezz instead of a heal. but the rezz itself restricts it to be near the table-edges. It also cant SS, has only 1 Upgrade slot and no access to henchmen Upgrades.
  13. How do your Errata?

    A&D can jump to scrap markers?
  14. bandit upgrade suggestion

    the rats are restricted to be fielded by nihilist. But nihilist isnt restricted to field rats.
  15. bandit upgrade suggestion

    Yeah, would be nice... but kinda costly. it would as well eat upgrade slots and only benefit the really big models. Keyword restriction is one of the bigger weaknesses a master can have in malifaux tbh Thats one reason why hamelin, viks and tara are so good in outcast. They have strong mechanics that dont give fcks bout the keywords the crew their "supporting" has. This way they get a much bigger effective hiring pool. And yes, levi got an even bigger hiring pool be he has to pay for it wirh his shitty mechanics of being a low damage beater master that is forced to hire models above a certain SS-range.