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  1. What are these models previewed at Gencon?

    Some of the bases seem tobe mliifaux. Mabe allt A&D? Alt Ice golem, whiskey gamin? Lampad and wave 6 maybe? dnno... one seems like orpse golem or stuff...
  2. Parker plays

    But parker and tormented. I'm thinking about buffing the "crate of dynamite pulse" to 4" through creeping terror a guilty and pride.
  3. Parker plays

    Crossroad seven are good models as long as you get them for 7SS. If you have to pay any more and god forbid if you have to pay 9ss to hire them they get overshadowed. yes, they are good at draining cards but guess what. Johan flurry drains cards better and is cheaper. same goes for nix and mad dog and sue and convict gunslinger and for just one point more we get into the 10SS outcast beater bracket. And nothing drains cards better than the fear to loose models... or... well you see my point? they are cool models i admit and it bleeds my heart that id never putany of then on the table unless i'm playing jack and im in just the right niche situation where i care more about looks than giving my best to win But id really appreciate if the got erratad to 7SS or at least get a buff.
  4. Wave 5 new models?

    Big Problem. Corpse generation is kinda easy but scrapping around... not so much.
  5. Well... new Viks then

    How about doing the same with rat catcher and winged plague? seems more efficientand cheaper because you dont loose models and need less. but threat range shrinks to 30" but you can ignore terrain this way and if you add the minimum of 6" of deployment zone... it should be more than enough. :-/
  6. Well... new Viks then

    Fast and reckless hog whisperer being a sister reactivating and going reckless again to then unbury vik?
  7. How you use Specialist?

    Anyone out there whos sure wether or not hiring hannah into jack might be fun? ;P
  8. How you use Specialist?

    Consideeing blasts... sry if i hinack the topic. But how do you blast if you flip the red joker? And if i add the "+2 damage from melee attack"-Nurse-condition onto hannah. does that affect the damage she deals through her melee blasts as well?
  9. Triple Wokou Raiders

    Wokous are great scults but unfortunatelyheavily overpriced undless you play parker... and even then. The Ide is funny but the raplace-o is suit dependant and well... for the Price of a wokou... you could get sue or Johan or even COnvict gunslingers... all which do more or less the same and are eather straight up better or cost less. Is till put them on the table fro time to time, because cool sculpts
  10. How you use Specialist?

    He has one role: to remove paralyze from a nursed model in a jack daw crew.
  11. Outcast Henchmen - Are they superfluous?

    You cant compare Our Henchmen to like... Yu. But Yu is bonkers. BUt our henchmen all do their job and they do them well. Nothing beast i a great beatstick against WP-low targets. NIx is the immortal tarpit. Alyce can be your reactivate bot or a scalpel. Montresor, Ama and Hannah are kinda weird i agree. BUt i often think about nix when i need a tarpit or about NB if i need a beater that gives shit bout Terrain or line of sight. They actually cost that much more but the have the Option (not mandatory) to use soulstoness. And i like options.
  12. Trouble with Summoners

    Summoners start kinda weak with mostly their summoning engine and 1-3 summons end of turn 1. And Outcast are great at Alphastriking tbh. So try to do some of the old dirty alphastrikes to make sure their summoning-engine is gone at the start of turn 2
  13. Trouble with Summoners

    Tara-Alpha-Strike, Hamelin-Alpha-Strike Victoria-Alpha-Strike... Hmm...
  14. Hollow Waif Anchors

    Trappers can be nice. Lazarus and alyce as well.
  15. Hamelin for beginners

    A beater. A&D or Killjoy. If you go killjoy, get the upgrade "infectious melodies" on nix. This way you can give reactivate to a rat with a rat catcher. then walk two times with the rat then reactivate with the Fast given out by nix, walk again 3 times and deliver Klljoy. If you go A&D, piper & sewer king becomes interesting to get A&D even better to where he has to go and then Idustrial-Age bomb 8 times a Turn (Optimal case) And Hamelin loves the "survivalist" upgrade. Due to his ability to sacrifice a stolen and heal instead of going dead... having hard to kill is worth every point it costs ;P