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  1. SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    Ah. Is there another clue I missed?
  2. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Is there a way you could make Yin look more creepy and disgusting? Ototo is a cool mini but it would be nice to see one with a more normal stance. Oni Asami for reasons already explained in this thread.
  3. SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    She has a nice piece of art in the book. I was likewise disappointed that she didn't get an entry. Ruleswise, if I had to guess, she'll be a Henchman who fits in theme more with Shenlong than anyone else. She'll be able to hold her own in melee, if those claws are any indication. What I want to know is what is her connection to Sukhon? She had Sukhon's mask, but she could have used any mask if all she wanted to do was hide the mark of her order.
  4. The Other Side Kickstarter

    Thanks! I definitely missed that. I'm eyeing Abyssinia.
  5. The Other Side Kickstarter

    The $225k is something called Yarazi? What's that?
  6. Arcanist Lineup

    Wait, are these the Pokemon Go team leaders?
  7. Outcasts Lineup

    Banditos! Zombie Banditos! Uh...Knifey Banditos maybe! I'm digging those Knifey Banditos. Do we know for sure that they're Last Blossom models?
  8. Representing Flicker on the model

    Knowing Wyrd, they'll release some kind of transparent plastic versions of Oni we already have so we end up buying a second box precisely for this purpose.
  9. July 18th - New Crews

    The winner for me here is Reva. I love how that box looks. Guess I'm starting Rezzers!
  10. January 18th - Shadow Emissary

    When will then be now!?!?
  11. Customer service response time

    My Black Friday order arrived missing Lelu & Lilitu. I sent an email immediately and heard back from them the next day. So far so good!
  12. November 23rd - Aionus

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I must have glossed over that line.
  13. November 23rd - Aionus

    For A Stitch In Time, does that mean you can discard any non-Black Joker to give Hungering Darkness Fast?
  14. November 16th - Black Friday

    Okay, I'm sold on the translucent purple Lynch box, mostly because Hungering Darkness looks great that way.
  15. Outcast Misaki

    I'm still fairly new to Malifaux, but one thing I've noticed is that Outcasts have access to a number of models with Disguised or something similar. Since Misaki can get Disguised on an upgrade and also can bring Oiran (again, Disguised) with her, I want to make a list that is completely unchargeable. It would gimmicky more than a viable strategy, but it seems fun to try. I might include Killjoy as the only model without a charge-denying ability as you would never have to worry about him charging your own guys. He'll only wreck your opponent's face, never yours. When I start picking up Outcasts to use with Misaki, this will be the route I go.