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  1. LeperColony

    Easter Sale is Live!

    Seconding the hope that Miss Fire's Webstore issues are fixed and that she's made available again soon. I know the Easter sale ends today, so it seems unlikely things will get sorted in time.
  2. The players in my group are mostly one-tricks (we all stick to a pretty narrow range of masters). One guy plays Misaki almost exclusively, usually with a gun line.
  3. LeperColony

    Restarting Malifaux

    I agree you're going to want Ramos no matter who else you play. Other than that, pick a Master whose aesthetic appeals to you and try a few games. You're already an old hat at Malifaux, so it's more about finding a playstyle within the faction that matches what you're looking for. Sandeep Desai may work perfectly for you. He's a summoner who can also lend his Ca actions to his crew. Plus, he's newer, so fewer people have his style down.
  4. LeperColony

    Ht 2 model on Ht 1 box question

    Is this a side effect of using top down LoS rather than true LoS?
  5. LeperColony

    Ht 2 model on Ht 1 box question

    Every time I think I understand the height rules, I come to the forums and become confused again.
  6. LeperColony

    Please sell me on TTB

    I agree with Aaron that miniatures are in no sense necessary. However, the more combat features in your sessions, the better off you are with miniatures. The combat system shares many similarities with Malifaux (using Malifaux for combat is even an optional rule), and the concepts are typically expressed in terms easier to render with clear tracking of everyone's positioning. Omenbringer is correct here, 100%. The savvier your players, the more you have to understand the implications of the card system. There are other threads about this, though.
  7. LeperColony

    State of the World, Earth-side

    Because so little has been printed about Earth in the Malifaux universe, we are forced to assume that it is more or less analogous to our own reality in those ways that are not otherwise elaborated upon. So I think it makes sense to assume that the world's major religions all exist in Malifaux, that the major political or ideological movements have at least some proponents (witches unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains!) and that most prevailing social and culture conventions persist. By our modern standards, Western society in 1900 was intensely sexist and racist, with rampant discrimination regarding religion, national origin and sexual orientation. This was also the time of Eugenics, forced sterilization and Social Darwinism. I think we can safely safe that gender roles are more permissive than was true in our reality, and as a practical matter I doubt TtB will really reflect much of late Victorian/Early Edwardian cultural, religious or sexual orientation discrimination. But I think class distinctions will continue to be significant, and probably make up the single most important means of oppression. I personally think that given the profound implications of magic, we could definitely benefit from a book that focused solely on what Earth is like.
  8. LeperColony

    In Defiance of Fate

    To be fair, I didn't explain I wasn't trying to be uncivil, I was asserting that I was in fact not lacking in civility. I definitively addressed a negative personal assertion without resulting to insult, so I think I'm fair in my evaluation. I am open to making more Pursuit steps available. My concern was that the players would advance through too many Pursuit steps if one were always awarded. Since I'm looking for a more open-ended experience, one downside is that I don't know how many sessions there will be. This makes it difficult to estimate the ratio between the three types of sessions, and to properly gauge the scale of the game. I don't want to end up with characters who have 100 Pursuit steps, for instance. Oh, and by the way imo, Into the Steam is the best book in TtB, so please keep it up!
  9. LeperColony

    Please sell me on TTB

    The nice part about this is that it's relatively easy to give even people entirely new to Malifaux a good sense of the world.
  10. LeperColony

    are we near to all models being available?

    The models are out? Didn't know that.
  11. LeperColony

    are we near to all models being available?

    They still have the avatars to update too.
  12. LeperColony

    Please sell me on TTB

    You could always see the almost identically named thread (except you abbreviated Through the Breach) that is still on the first page of the TTB forums...
  13. LeperColony

    Gremlin expansion

    I don't think you can go wrong with Ulix. Trampling people with pigs seems like a lot of fun, and if you lose, well, at least there's plenty of bacon.
  14. LeperColony

    In Defiance of Fate

    I mean, I'm certainly open to being shown how describing what I am doing in my own game is somehow arrogant or wrong.
  15. LeperColony

    In Defiance of Fate

    I don't think anything I've said qualifies as uncivil. All I did was respond to an inaccurate characterization by completely dismantling it. Civilly!