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  1. A bit of thread necro here (I think, what's necro time on this forum?), but the question seems to have gone largely unanswered, so I hope this'll help: I'm definitely in the minority in this opinion, but I'm not a fan of Teddy in Pandora crews, or Kade, for that matter. Insidious Madnesses are fantastic, both for their scheme running ability and their Wp shenanigans. Widow Weaver works well for a positionally anchored game, but will do fine even if you have to spread out, just keep her in cover. My Pandora build is the brawler style, with The Box Opens, Fears Given Form, and Aether Connection or Fugue State, based on Strat/Schemes. FGF is a Df duel, as well, so that can get around some of the Wp issues. The best advice I've heard for her, as well as her crew, is that most of the things she does don't require cards, they simply happen. Because of this, you can save nearly all of your cards for defense. Learning to use Incite properly will make or break Pandora's crews, since, as noted, they are incredibly fragile. For this reason, I recommend Iggy as a model to pick up as well. He brings another instance of Incite and some ranged burning, as well as another instance of Martyr. He's also an Enforcer, so can take an upgrade. His other (0) gives all unactivated enemy models within 6 to take -2 Wp, which pairs with Melancholy, below. Depression is still more activation control, which provides the Melancholy action to every other Woe is LoS. Melancholy applies a condition that, effectively, forces the model to go last. Needless to say, if you can tag a model with either Melancholy or Incite, then put Candy next to them, it will hurt, especially if you give her FGF as well. The Poltergeist is surprisingly good at tying up models, despite his Ml 4 attack stat. His Distraction Ability has the same range as his Ml attack (which is resisted by Wp), which makes him hard to get away from, paired with Incorporeal, Regeneration, and the ability to use Martyr to siphon off even more Wounds. Insidious Madnesses are a strange proposition at first glance: you simultaneously want them off on the edges running schemes, or right in the middle of the enemy crew. If they're outside of 2" of the enemy, they become much easier to hit. Returning to the cardless advantage (as I end up calling it) Induce Phobia's TN 10 Horror Duel doesn't look like much, until you realize that they're probably down 2-3 Wp from the Widow Weaver, and possibly on negative flips from the Poltergeist. If the poltergeist ins't there, they still have to discard a card to cheat in the first place due to the Madness' ability. As for the Sorrows, warp them into place then go defensive. If you're already in place, try for a Doldrums. Yes, it's Ca 5, yes, it's a (2) action, and yes, it probably will go off regardless, if your other models are set up. Remember Misery for every duel, as pretty much everything in this post targets Wp. One huge advantage is that it gets around Armor, because it's, for example, 3 instances of 1 damage each, as opposed to 1 instance of 3 damage. However, be careful of Black Blood, as that will trigger for each hit, dealing as much damage to you as you have to them.
  2. @Aaron The OP for Lucius' Elite Training says melee actions, but the card says . This is probably simply me getting hung up on terminology, but, as I recall, melee action means anything with Ml, as opposed to . Just a curiosity, and I'm very excited to try out Lucius (and the Scribe) after the buffs. Edit: I do think is better, as it's more versatile. Additionally, the austringers' raptor attack still says it ignores cover, despite no longer having the .
  3. I don't have the cards in front of me, but the place from the Sorrow's ability is more versatile than the walk of the IM. Additionally, they have an extra wound, so they're that tiny bit harder to kill. I'd say IM would be better if you're looking to simply be at a place and specifically not near other models, otherwise the Sorrows will work better. Then again, I do main Pandora, so that undoubtedly skews my opinion somewhat.
  4. I'm sure this has already been mentioned somewhere, but in one of the Kickstarter videos (I think), I saw a Abyssinia/King's Empire dual faction card. While I know this isn't actually a Merc type card, it has a similar effect to the side based mercs from @Manic Mouse.