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  1. I'm running TTB. I'm thinking of granting conditions as story elements, fated rewards, and adventure hooks. Condition on a Wastrel allows the use of cards as designed for range, so 3yd X thrown skill instead of just 3yd, ala Gambit Another condition. Since we're starting earthside, I want to shrink a player and give the condition Feeling Green: Grants the Low Standards talent, effectively turning them Gremlin. Are these appropriate? Are there already conditions that do this sort of stuff? I'm looking for more ideas. I was inspired by a One Shot complication that granted +flip on attack or defense for the rest of the day.
  2. Specifically, I was looking at Augmented (I'm sure there are other cases), and you have to select Student of ___. I was wondering if you could have selected the Talent an additional time in order to gain the other Student of ____. Answer is Not as Intended. Maybe if you allow a Pursuit to be pursued additional times? I'm running TTB, and I just want to make sure I have answers in case it comes up. TTB can be munchkin'd, but does it really do anything? Per fiction, there are ways to flavor events to challenged Fated, that allowing additional selections of Talents, or running a Pursuit an additional time may not matter much.
  3. Thanks. This is the precedent I was looking for, as I'm not yet familiar with all the rules. It's not clear in the first book, similar to how Twist deck creation isn't clear until the other books.
  4. A few Talents have Choose A or Choose B. Can you choose the Talent again later to gain the other option? What about General Talent Steps? Can you choose a previous Step that had two choices, choosing the other Talent, forgoing the General Talent?
  5. I too had Fingers arm in a little bag taped to a sprue.