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  1. Hello! Greenville, NC is hosting its first Malifaux tournament and we'd love you to be there! When: 11 a.m. Saturday, March 11. Where: Blue Ox Games, 2713 E 10th St, Greenville, North Carolina 27858 Format: 50 SS, Fixed faction, Gaining Grounds 2017. Three rounds. Entry fee: $10 Prizes for: 1st place 2nd place Best painted Best sport If you have any questions feel free to respond here, or send me a private message. Thank you!
  2. Wanted to touch base with everyone. Things are moving along really well in the area and we have a lot of new players. I've also had some of you reach out from surrounding areas explaining that Tuesday isn't the best night for you. This is fine! We now have additional game time by arrangement. Feel free to message me here and you can be added to a Facebook chat we use to arrange games with other eastern NC players. Happy gaming!
  3. Hello all! Eastern North Carolina Malifaux players are partnering with The Grand Guignol Campaign League to play a Shifting Loyalties-style campaign league beginning on 1/29. Whether you're a new player or just in the area, please come join us! Where: Blue Ox Games, 2713 E 10th St, Greenville, NC 27858 When: Tuesday nights at 6 p.m., or by arrangement Entry fee: $10 payable to The Grand Guignol Campaign League for prize support. If you have any questions feel free to ask here, or by DM. Hope to see you at the store!
  4. The process seems identical to Malifaux... so I'm a little confused. 1. Agree to play 2. Announce faction/allegiance 3. Flip for strats and schemes/ operation. 4. Hire crew/army from inside the declared faction/ allegiance. What am I missing?
  5. Hi everyone! Malifaux is continuing to grow at in Greenville, NC and we've hit the point where new players are getting ready to begin playing in events. We have a relaxed, learning meta with the end goal being tournaments both in Greenville, and traveling to play with the rest of the NC meta. Don't worry if you're new to the game or returning after a lapse -- new players are developing together. Here's are the details and we hope to see you soon! Time: Tuesday nights, 6 p.m. - Close also by arrangement. Where: Blue Ox Games, 2713 E 10th St, Greenvile, NC 27858 Bring: Just yourself! We can lend you crews to learn while you decide on a faction.
  6. Hi gang! I'll be joining Blue Ox Games in Greenville, NC for their yearly 24 hour marathon for Extra Life. If you're not aware of the charity it benefits the Children's Miracle Network and raises funds to provide games and video games to children who are stuck in hospital and need distractions during treatment. Every year Blue Ox Games does 24 hours of streaming, demos, game playing in the local community. I will be doing a block of Malifaux demos to teach people the game, lend them some crews to try and have some fun -- all while raising funds for charity. Date: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 Time: 8 PM until late Location: Blue Ox Games, 2713 E 10th St, Greenville, NC 27858. Bring: Yourself! If you're an established player I'd love to play a 50ss game, but if you're new or know someone in the area who hasn't played before I'd love to teach a game. Hope to see you there!
  7. I won games for the Self Righteous man and Trickster with Lynch.
  8. I dropped in here to chat strategy and already like where this is going. From what I'm seeing Outcasts are going hard after the Trickster thinking she can become a sister for the Viks. I see Neverborn and Gremlins fighting over the child. We have the chance to make the Self Righteous Man BRILLIANT.
  9. Tuesday evenings we play at ... Blue Ox Games 2713 E 10th St Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 695-6442 Currently we have a small, but dedicated meta growing with new players and those returning to the game. Blue Ox Games is able to special order Wyrd products and offer a store discount. On Tuesday evening we begin flipping cards at 6 p.m., but are always willing to play earlier or later as need be. I am happy to run demos for you at any time if you're not familiar with the game. Just bring yourself! Feel free to find me here if you have any questions, or you can post on the Southeastern Malifaux Facebook page or the store's Facebook page, Blue Ox Games Miniature Games Community. Hope to see you soon!