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  1. email sent
  2. me and marcus are going just payed for
  3. As a member of the malifaux community I hope this is a mistake and gets rewritten, because I find it incredibly unfriendly and offensive
  4. yup that be us
  5. payed for me an marcus
  6. already got an answer and i doudt i get my titania stuff already
  7. will you allow proxies of 4th wave stuff
  8. @mr198734 still feel annoyed with my self picking the wrongs schemes

  9. @PeterGordo you are a legend

  10. @Methodsco your awesome sco really enjoyed watching your stream they brighten up my days

  11. @Djari328 thanks ?

  12. @Methodsco i got the ASUS Republic of Gamers GL552VW 15.6" Gaming Laptop - Black thank to you :)

  13. @towelthetank https://t.co/1ZSqiS6BK6 this made me laugh

  14. @Djari328 100% gorgous

  15. @towelthetank not even rice cakes