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  1. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Thanks for the kind words! Amador, I'm not totally sure how long he took. Probably 10+ hours of painting and about 4 to assemble, greenstuff and make the base. Misterfinn, I hadn't looked at rocket pictures before painting and probably should have. I was worried about going too bright. The transitions aren't the best of the white tinted but they have a bit more graduation than got picked up in the picture for some reason. There's a little bit of osl on the underside of the cloak that doesn't show much in the pictures either. Again, I was worried about overdoing it so there's just a little glow under the jacket. Thanks for the feedback and constructive criticism. I appreciate it!
  2. Monthly painting challenge - January

    I finished painting The Dread Pirate Zipp for 15 soulstones this month. I tried out a lot of new techniques this model. We had a crew box exchange at Christmas and I got Zipp. I decided to push myself to try non-metallic metal and some more two brush blending. He was a lot of fun to paint.
  3. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Lots of great progress so far everyone! It's nice to see lots of new and old participants. I'm planning to finish Zipp this month. If I'm lucky I may even finish a friend or two for him. I'm trying out nonmetallic metal on this new gremlin crew. Anyone here have any great NMM tips?
  4. Dual taxidermists?

    Has anyone tried two taxidermists in a list? How was it?

    I like the idea napolenny/Napoleonic/fancy dress Gremlins. Would fit in with the gremlin criers as well.

    It would be cool to have the box have many of the commonly used gremlin models that are currently in other master boxes. Would be neat to see them fit another theme. Burt Francois Trixie Etc.
  7. Wave 6 wishlist

    I've really enjoyed the changes to playstyle of masters with the new master upgrades. I'd like to see some new henchman and enforcer specific upgrades (like for one named model). I'd also like to see a very few new models added for some of the keywords that did not get models in the last wave.
  8. January 20, 2018! Malifaux crew box tournament. 3 games. 50 soulstones. Will use Gaining Grounds 2018 strategies and schemes. 2 hour round times. Fixed master. Each crew must hire a minimum of 4 models from the crew box. Best painted will be for your best painted 4+ models from the crew box. Games start about 10:30am at Quantum Games and go until 6pm. 150 Hollywood Rd S #15, Kelowna, BC V1X 3S9 $15 entry going towards prizes. Send me a PM if you have any questions!
  9. what's your crutch?

    I have a tough time making a guild list without Francisco in it or an Arcanist list without Cassandra.
  10. Zipp - rather good fun

    What do you think of McTavish with Zipp?
  11. Zipp - rather good fun

    Played my first 30ss game with Zipp vs Titania. Lots of fun. Dropped some pianos and dropped some opponent models. I've got a few questions for crew building. I used: 30 SS Gremlins Crew Zipp + 5 Pool - Hovering Airship (1) - No Quarter (1) Earl Burns (3) The First Mate (9) - Treasure Map (0) - Where The Captain Can't See (1) Burt Jebsen (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Iron Skeeter (6) - Poorly Handled Explosives (0) (exported from CrewFaux) Next game we'll be at a bigger crew size. What are some good ways to get some card draw in Gremlins? What are some good additions for increasing the damage output of the crew?
  12. Zipp - rather good fun

    Hi everyone, I've read through this post twice. Lots of great info. I recently received Zipp in a gift exchange for our local escalation league. I'm a bit stumped on his upgrades and the sky pirate upgrades. Which upgrades would you suggest as a good starting point for Zipp, the first mate, and the iron Skeeters? Thanks.
  13. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    Sign me up for enforcer. I fell.off the wagon last year. I'll make it through this year!
  14. Starting Mah Tucket

    Hi, Some friends and I are exchanging crew boxes this week. My friend is a really solid player and I've been wanting to see him play a different crew style. I've purchased him a mah tucket box. Do you have any suggestions for models I could suggest he add to make it a viable crew with a few additions? Thanks!