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  1. As mentioned above, typically tournament games are now 2 hours. Casual games are often longer with more chit chat during the game. Some things that might help: 2 tables so you don't have people waiting to play. Pick strategies, schemes and crews before arriving. Set the strats and schemes before game night and get people to pick their crews ahead of time.
  2. Reckless Gremlins.... 3ap for everyone!
  3. The nurse flips the Black Joker for the damage flip. Does she still apply poison?
  4. I'm available for Malifaux demo games in Kelowna, BC, Canada. I can do demos at Quantum games or Munnin's Post in Kelowna or at Penticton Board game meetup times in Penticton (Wednesday evenings every other week). I'm available for demos any time during the next two weeks or evenings and weekends most of the time. Send me a PM or post here if you would like to organize a demo or introductory game.
  5. When: 11am-6pm, Sunday, April 2, 2017 Where: Munnin's Post, Kelowna, BC, Canada What: 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017 tournament. Single Master. 3 games. 2 hour rounds. Cost: $20 entry includes lunch (burger and fries or salad). Questions or interested? Contact me through messages on the forum or post here!
  6. Your Malifaux models are absolutely stunning. The detail you capture in the faces is amazing. For Rowan (alt Rafkin), did you add gloss varnish to the bottles or are they totally matte?
  7. I'm thinking about Nellie crews. She can put out some nice damage but I could see her struggling in damage against a crew with lots of armour.
  8. Which non-master models in guild ignore armour? I know McMourning does and can hand it out. Who has it built in to their card?
  9. I used an orderly for two tournaments and didn't find I got enough out of him. I've been reconsidering them lately. I think they could be useful as a kind of wound battery for McMourning. Inject them a couple times and their regeneration heals them almost as quickly as they take the poison damage (depending on auras). You could use them as a nice way to drop some markers while not taking too much damage from the poison. I didn't like heartsbane until I used her for a bunch of henchman hardcore games when teaching some new players. She's a bit suit dependant, but she can get some decent utility from her push and attacks. The executioner is fun but squishy. The brutal effigy is great for McMourning. You can heal 1 each time you do damage and draw a card after killing. That brings McMournings self healing to an insane potential of 9 wounds in a turn. He's also a great minion for dropping a few markers and has finish the job, armour 1 and hard to kill for only 4ss. And he conveniently comes in his own single box.
  10. Plastic surgery is amaaaaazing. If you can fit it in then it changes his opportunities dramatically. Plastic surgery does 2 wonderful things. When you take poison damage you push 5 inches. Charge McMourning with your nurse to load up 8 poison. Keep him within 8" of Sebastian and he gets a 5" push when he activates and at the end of the turn. A great way to set up nasty attacks and keep the good doctor safe (just make sure you land some attacks to heal). Plastic surgery also makes enemies within 3" undead. Rancid transplant adds +2 poison for each undead model within 3". So you can use it to load up a huge amount of poison onto a model. Then you expunge with the doctor or chihuahua or let Sebastian tick for lots of damage. It's really amazing. I hit my own models to boost up the poison all the time. I got 14 poison onto Joss and Yasanori in separate games last week.
  11. I've played 16 games with McMourning in the last few months. I really like plastic surgery and on the clock as upgrades for him. If you were to add some things, the brutal effigy, executioner and Francisco are all great additions. McMourning is really fun to play. I take Sebastian, a nurse, and the chihuahua with him all the time. Grimwell and an orderly sometimes. This is the list I've been running lately: 50 SS Guild Crew McMourning + 6 Pool - Plastic Surgery (1) - On The Clock (1) Zombie Chihuahua (2) The Judge (9) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Francisco Ortega (8) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Sebastian (7) Executioner (9) - Ready To Work (0) Nurse (5) Brutal Effigy (4) (exported from CrewFaux) And here's a list I used at a tournament before I had a few of the other models. 50 SS Guild Crew McMourning + 6 Pool - Plastic Surgery (1) - On The Clock (1) Zombie Chihuahua (2) Dr. Grimwell (9) Francisco Ortega (8) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Sebastian (7) Executioner (9) - Ready To Work (0) Nurse (5) Orderly (5) (exported from CrewFaux)
  12. What upgrades do you like to take with Lady J?
  13. That's no problem. Other commitments sometimes get in the way. As with the last challenge, I'll post up what I finish at the end of the month. I finished my guild hounds. Next I'm going to paint Lady J and Luna. :-)
  14. Hi prof_bycid. In the last challenge i believe vaiuri was fine with finishing in progress models and things. Is that still the case now you are running this new challenge? My painting tends to be ongoing sometimes over a few months with a set of models as I work through them. Is this ok? I like the idea of sharing more in progress pictures. I won't have pics of unpainted models at the start of each month and then completed models at the end of each month. I'm happy to post WIP pictures. I hope this works.
  15. Finished three guild hounds for a tournament this weekend. Lady Justice and Luna are next.