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  1. Kelowna Enforcer Brawl July 31

    I'm going to host an enforcer brawl event on Monday, July 31 from 7-10pm. It will be at Munnins Post (525 Barnard Ave) in Kelowna, BC, Canada. All you need to bring is an enforcer model, stat card, fate deck and any other accessories you need. I have models and cards if anyone needs them.
  2. What are your wishes for Wave 5 or for the summer erratta?

    I'd like to see some new limited upgrades for the older masters. Hopefully some upgrades that can change up their play style a bit. I'd also like to see more guild upgrades that utilize buffs based on keywords.
  3. Make Me a Bad Guild List

    Hi everyone, I have some games coming up against newer players so i thought I would out a challenge up here. Make me the WORST list you can given the models below. The only rule is no upgrades that can't work (ex. No vengeance bullet on a model that cannot use it). -I have both generalist upgrade decks. -mcmourning, Lady J, Nellie -Judge, Francisco, Grimwell, Phiona, Sebastian (McMo only) -executioner, nurse heartsbane, papa loco -brutal effigy, orderlies, guild hounds, nurse (McMo only) -performer, Johan, convict gunslinger -zombie chihuahua, printing press I'm interested to see what people come up with!
  4. Henchmen Hardcore List

    Yeah, no upgrades. They have some great upgrades but I like having three decent beaters more. The judge with el mayor on him is hard to take down.
  5. Henchmen Hardcore List

    I used judge, Francisco, executioner with free upgrade and a guild hound for a few games. It was pretty deadly. The judge and Francisco make a good tag team. Now I'd like to try judge, Francisco, Phiona, and the brutal effigy for some leader healing.
  6. I've got 19 of the games with McMourning on Logfaux (so just under 1/3 of the games with him logged on there). I've got 11 wins, 5 losses and 3 ties with Guild McMourning (6-2-2 in GG2017). So I'm right on the average for McMourning. I find McMourning is really versatile. He can eliminate a model with either a big rancid transplant and expunge or with a nasty focussed melee attack. He can heal a lot with his healing and the brutal effigy healing. I love injection for setting up schemes and for getting beaters into position. He's super mobile. I find that he doesn't need his crew to support him too much and has an answer for many problems (usually a scalpel or expunge....). He can deal with armor. He psychologically scares opponents. Most of my losses with him have been against really shooty lists where he can struggle to get his crew into the fight intact. I've had the most trouble against Rasputina (played by a very good local player) and Somer. I usually run him with Francisco, The Judge (or Grimwell), Executioner, Sebastian, chihauhau, nurse, brutal effigy. Often I sub in some guild hounds for the executioner if the pool is really schemey. I always take plastic surgery and on the clock. I think the reason his numbers are high on logfaux is that he isn't a master used in guild by many newer players. So the numbers are skewed by potentially only a few other people entering games for him overall.
  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    Here's my monthly pledge. Phiona, the printing press and another model for a total of 18ss this month.
  8. Wyrd Painting Contests Announced

    @Kai if I post a picture of a finished model in the miniature showcase forum will it then be ineligible for entry into the contests? Thanks!
  9. What do you take against a newbie?

    I've done McMourning without any upgrades. Without rancid transplant and plastic surgery together he does much less big damage. I've used lady J with the starter set models too. She was pretty killy but straight forward. I think avoiding upgrades and combos with a lot of synergy can make things more straight forward.
  10. Wyrd Painting Contests Announced

    For the monthly contests are there any other restrictions like rotten harvest? Like to posting pictures of the finished model or WIP pictures before the contest is closed? Thanks.
  11. Wyrd Painting Contests Announced

    Very exciting! I love the themes. I'm excited for more one off competitions!
  12. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    Working on Phiona.
  13. Countering ashes and dust

    Hello outcast fans! I have a question for people who have played with and against ashes and dust. What is the best way to counter ashes and dust? As a player with this expensive model what do you fear against it? How have players effectively stopped ashes and dust from running rampant. I'm very curious. I've only faced it once but it is immune to many things you might commonly use against a beater. You can't slow or paralyze it. It's swift, so it can happily much through cheap models quickly. It's an incredible schemer and anti scheme runner with its speed, resilience and attack. It can beat out other beaters as it's hard to stop it from reforming. So, how does one counter ashes and dust? I'm curious for general ideas (hence not I play _______ master what do I do...). Thanks!
  14. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    I finished painting the printing press conversion for Nellie. Now I have the field reporter and Phiona that I'm hoping to finish this month.
  15. Cultivating and Recruiting local players.

    I'm no expert as we still have a small.and new community here. A year ago there were a few people playing sporadically and now there are weekly game nights with 6+ players. The biggest thing so far has been running local events. I've organized 2 tournaments and a league in 2017 so far and it has seemed to increase the focus and number of players. So far it has only recruited 3 new players and drawn another player back in but I'm hoping it will slowly grow over time.