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  1. Guild Lucius post errata

    Hi everyone, I picked up the Lucius box at gencon and I'm curious about what he likes in his crew post errata in guild (and neverborn). Any thoughts or advice on what models you enjoy with him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Guild in Hard mode

    In my opinion: Nellie, phiona, Francisco, guild hounds, brutal effigy.
  3. Attack-X story Encounters, Kamloops, BC Sept 16

    And a link to the attack-x website http://www.attack-x.com
  4. I'll be running some story Encounters at attack-x. Attack-X is a game convention. It will be held at Thompson Rivers University September 16-17 in the Grand Hall. Story Encounters will start after the GG2017 finishes at around 7pm on Saturday. Players will play two different scenarios between 7 and 11pm. It will be a drop in format so players can play the games any time between 7 and 11pm. Games will be 40 soulstones.

    I'd like to see: -female executioner -alt peacekeeper -alt Perdita (to fit Victorian city feel) -alt lady J
  6. Beasts and academics for McMourning?

    Apparently McMouning's new upgrade let's him hire up to 4 beasts or academics! What interesting combinations or hires are now available to him?
  7. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Guild

    I often rancid transplant (with plastic surgery upgrade) and expunge instead of melee attacks. The competition for 0 actions exists now with injection. I'm interested to see how this changes up his playstyle.
  8. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Guild

    Wow, interesting. I first thought it meant using his 0. Very cool if he can do an additional 0. It means that melee attacks instead of expunge may be more worthwhile.
  9. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Guild

    I love guild coroner. Is there any way to get McMourning two zero actions?
  10. How would you convert watchers?

    Occasionally you can find the metal single model around.
  11. Henchman hardcore

    Ryle Francisco executioner guild hound Or Ryle Francisco phiona brutal effigy Or Judge Francisco executioner guild hound Or Judge Francisco phiona guild hound Or Phiona Francisco executioner guild hound These are the combos I would like to try and I'll probably use one of them at my next henchman hardcore event. These lists are great at damage output and can overwhelm most crews. They struggle against more condition or WP attack style crews. Guild has so many great henchmen!
  12. Henchman hardcore

    I played the judge, Francisco, executioner with ready to work, and a guild hound a few times. It was devestating. Lots of damage output. Switching in ryle instead of the judge or phiona for something might be even better.
  13. Thoughts about Cisco

    I like Francisco. I think a lot of the reason he is so good is that he is very versatile for his cost. He's a good ebater with his high stats and high damage output. Debt for a turn puts him on par with the best beaters in the game for a turn. His defensive buff makes him useful for protecting other models. His place can get him into tricky spots where models think they are safe. His biggest weakness is that he is pretty easy to kill. I find I often use high cards or stones to protect him if he is doing something important. I like using him with Nellie because I can bring models to him instead of overextending to attack something early in the game.
  14. Kelowna Enforcer Brawl July 31

    Due to some scheduling conflicts, I've moved the enforcer brawl to Wednesday, August 2nd at Cowork in Penticton at 7pm. 129 Nanaimo Ave. W. I'll be doing demos and running and enforcer brawl. I'll bring everything you need to play!
  15. Papa Loco Enforcer Brawl Upgrade?

    Hi, I'm hosting an enforcer brawl today. I was thinking papa Loco would be a fun addition. Do you have any suggestions for a good upgrade for him to take? Lead lined coat? Numb to the world?