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  1. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Guild)

    What are they doing in games that is so effective? I've looked at their cards. They look like good anti scheme runners with their stalk and free attack after stalk. Card draw is awesome. The +1 damage against higher cost is great for a relatively cheap model to get to min 3 damage. That shoot 5 is a bit painful though. Where do you find yourself using them in games and what makes them so effective? I find in guild that 6 ss models are competing against just taking cheap dogs for schemes and disruption or an 8ss henchman.
  2. We'll be running a crewbox challenge league in Kelowna, BC. League starts Dec. 3, 2017 and runs until Jan. 17, 2018 Players will each start a new crew and paint and play with that crew for the duration of the league. Players should include 5+ crewbox models in each game. League will begin with an enforcer brawl at Munnin's Post (575 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, BC) on December 3rd. Game nights will happen at Munnin's Post and Quantum Games (#3-190 Hollywood Road). There will be a league event page attached to the Kelowna gaming club on Facebook.
  3. Enforcer brawl Kelowna, BC

    Enforcer brawl Bring one enforcer model Munnins Post, 575 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC Dec. 3, 2017 7-9pm Demo games will be available as well No cost for entry! This will also be the start day for the Kelowna Malifaux Crewbox challenge league.
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Yeah, scientist or veterinarian.
  5. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Thanks for inviting me to still contribute. Even though I can't formally complete I'll keep trying to paint 10+ SS each month. I finished painting a McTavish conversion for a tournament this weekend. Queeg and McTavish make 17ss this month.
  6. Rust and the City's Malifaux models

    Malifaux models
  7. been a while since I've asked, what was your last list you played

    50 SS Guild Crew Lady Justice + 4 Pool - Swordfighter (1) McTavish (11) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Francisco Ortega (8) - Hermanos de Armas (1) Phiona Gage (8) - A Debt To The Guild (1) - Transparency (1) Master Queeg (7) - Promises (1) Brutal Effigy (4) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) (exported from CrewFaux) Played variations of the upgrades in this list at a 3 game tournament. Took queeg and McTavish because I painted then this week. Went 3-0 vs titania, Asami, and Hoffman.
  8. been a while since I've asked, what was your last list you played

    50 SS Guild Crew Lady Justice + 4 Pool - Swordfighter (1) Francisco Ortega (8) - Hermanos de Armas (1) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Phiona Gage (8) - Transparency (1) The Jury (8) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Master Queeg (7) - Promises (1) Brutal Effigy (4) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) (exported from CrewFaux) Played vs void spam Tara. Won 10-4 in headhunter.
  9. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Thanks Franchute and Hamelet. Just saw that I'm out so I'll not post models here. Sorry! Enjoy the rest of the challenge everyone!
  10. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Sorry I've not been around for a while. I did a painting clinic in the spring. For some reason it just made me totally question my own painting and put me off trying things. The course was great but it totally demoralized me for some reason. So here is my first model in a few months... A converted Queeg for my medical crew.
  11. Triple Stalk McMourning

    Why stop at triple stalked? 50 SS Guild Crew McMourning + 5 Pool - Test Subjects (1) Myranda (8) Rogue Necromancy (10) Sabretooth Cerberus (9) Sabretooth Cerberus (9) Monster Hunter (6) Monster Hunter (6) (exported from CrewFaux)
  12. Using Master Queeg

    I used him in a game with lady J today vs outcast void spam Tara. He was useful. Turn 1 he whipped lady J to get her up for a turn 1 charge. Turn 2 he used his self push then charged and whipped Francisco. Got Francisco close enough to lady J for el mayor and got him in promises range. Turn 3 Tara and the nothing beast charged him. Before he died he whipped Francisco into position to kill Tara with a debt to the guild, flurry with ml + flips. So, repositioning was really good. WP buff on debt was helpful. ML buff was good. Went down kind of easily. I should use him to whip the enemy more too.
  13. Using Master Queeg

    I'm about to try master queeg in some lists. He will be carrying promises for the + flips to ml and WP. How else do you typically use him in your crews? What does he typically use his ap for in a game? I'm very curious how people effectively use him in a game. Thanks!
  14. Spoiler Alert: Duel of Fate Lady J vs Nicodem

    Has anyone said what it will mean for the winner? Will we see a new alt lady J? A nightmare lady J crew box?
  15. Henchman Hardcore

    I've used a guild hound in henchman hardcore for a while. I take it because it fits at 3ss. It's good for scoring the turf war strategy. Good at absorbing charges. Good at putting the last wound on models. It's fast. It can tie up and put some damage on those annoying models that don't do much damage but cause havoc. It's an easy activation you can use first to avoid exposing your big models to a turn 1 charge. I'd prefer something like the brutal effigy but a dog is not a wasted hire. I played a tournament recently with Phiona, Francisco, an executioner with ready to work and a guild hound. It finished in second at the tournament. Closely lost to an aionus and nothing beast crew when phiona got buried until the end of the game. With Francisco and phiona it was relatively easy to keep phiona at defense 8/9 for the start of the game. 3 models with high damage output. I like the list but your mileage may vary.