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  1. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    Terracotta is nice, but I hate to proxy models (I know the Goryo is also a proxy, but he is too good to not field him ). In addition I don't like to not ascend Yan Lo, because the Terracotta Upgrade Switch only works as long as I have not more than 3 Upgrades and I always tend to start with 3, so the Recalled Training swap, doesn't work because 4 Upgrades is against the restrictions at the beginning of the game. Chiaki is always a consideration, but I have often seen her doing less than other options for 6 SS.
  2. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    Thank you for your input. I know sometimes it get annoying to read through the "not important" activations, but I often read battlereports where i didn't get what most of the models were doing the whole game, so i decided to try this format. I really like Yan Lo and don't see why so many people out there hate him that much. He is not the killer or something like that, but he has so much utility with his lightning dance and place effects, that this could turn the tide of a game.
  3. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    Happy Star Wars Day. I have good and bad news. The bad news is I didn't get a game in for a battlereport on Star Wars Day. The good news is, I used my time and I am ready to grant you a first look on my Crew and I hope you like it. (Just to warn you all: I am not a great painter :D) http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/p/blog-page.html
  4. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    Thank you. Yeah Levi is always a hard one, but the biggest problem this time was the totally underestimated Desolation Engine. I am always thinking about what Yan Lo and his crew could have done, but I didn't found a solution yet, but I am confident I will find a satisfying solution for this problem
  5. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    And a new Report hit my page, have fun reading through it and feel free to tell me your opinions. http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/2017/04/24th-yan-lo-vs-leveticus.html
  6. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    And my next report is up. Hope you like it. http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/2017/04/22nd-yan-lo-vs-mei-feng.html
  7. yeah exactly my real name is Darth penguin and I am here on behalf of the great Darth Lo to corrupt everything
  8. I am in and prepare yourself for the dark side, unworthy scum. (just a joke I love you all)
  9. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    Thank you. Yeah, I had one high tome and with recalled training and 4 attacks, I had to risk it because my opponent seemed to not have a really good hand I will include some pics of the crew as soon I get some of them painted Ah, I should stop to writing my reports at 2 am... I'll change that, when I am at home. Pics of the crew will hit my blog as soon they get painted
  10. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    And the next report is online. Enjoy reading
  11. Bennoss

    Walking the Dark Path of Malifaux

    Next Battlereport is up! http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/2017/04/18th-yan-lo-vs-kirai.html
  12. Hi, I'm Ben and I play Malifaux very regularly, after a good friend started his blog, I decided it would be awesome to have one too for my Star Wars inspired Yan Lo Crew and also to cover more games in Vienna with battle reports. So I hope you will enjoy my future battle reports. http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/p/home.html And of course my friend's blog: http://jokermalifaux.blogspot.co.at/p/first-look-at-crew.html
  13. Bennoss

    Battle report 05.04.2017 Vienna

    Was an interesting game like most of our games and can't wait for the next one
  14. Bennoss

    Tournament report 01.04.2017 Vienna

    Awesome report, can't wait for the next one. Maybe featuring me
  15. A great thank you from my side too and i hope we will see many of you again on 29th April for our next tournament. This are the standings after the last round