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  1. And my next report is up. Hope you like it. http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/2017/04/22nd-yan-lo-vs-mei-feng.html
  2. yeah exactly my real name is Darth penguin and I am here on behalf of the great Darth Lo to corrupt everything
  3. I am in and prepare yourself for the dark side, unworthy scum. (just a joke I love you all)
  4. Thank you. Yeah, I had one high tome and with recalled training and 4 attacks, I had to risk it because my opponent seemed to not have a really good hand I will include some pics of the crew as soon I get some of them painted Ah, I should stop to writing my reports at 2 am... I'll change that, when I am at home. Pics of the crew will hit my blog as soon they get painted
  5. And the next report is online. Enjoy reading
  6. Next Battlereport is up! http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/2017/04/18th-yan-lo-vs-kirai.html
  7. Hi, I'm Ben and I play Malifaux very regularly, after a good friend started his blog, I decided it would be awesome to have one too for my Star Wars inspired Yan Lo Crew and also to cover more games in Vienna with battle reports. So I hope you will enjoy my future battle reports. http://starwarsmalifaux.blogspot.co.at/p/home.html And of course my friend's blog: http://jokermalifaux.blogspot.co.at/p/first-look-at-crew.html
  8. Was an interesting game like most of our games and can't wait for the next one
  9. Awesome report, can't wait for the next one. Maybe featuring me
  10. A great thank you from my side too and i hope we will see many of you again on 29th April for our next tournament. This are the standings after the last round
  11. I just want to remember the registration, i would be glad if everybody who will join us tomorrow would sign up. http://www.bag-o-tools.com/ Thank you to everyone who already signed up and who will do it now. See you tomorrow!
  12. Hello Wyrdos! I am playing malifaux for 3 years now and over the last few months I got really disappointed by wyrds communication with their customers and fanbase. Don't want to say that they are the worst at communication, they are clearly not, but I remember a time where they were much better, much more open and talkative. I also know that they attend many conventions and faced some changes within the team of wyrd which might naturally delay some things, but this is not an excuse for me because all this stuff doesn`t happen just overnight. Yeah, they are just human and earn their spare time and I really understand this, but this leads to my main topic of the thread. It's missing communication. Now I want to give you some examples (if I´m are wrong, pls correct me, this is just an observation of mine): When I started to play Malifaux, it was always clear when things are about to being released, maybe not six months in the future, but the next two months were always clear. (not via an upcoming page, but back then the chronicles always had the upcoming release schedules) Today I am looking on an upcoming page which tries to excite me with the releases of October. We don't know what will be released in April. Also Easter Sale is around the corner, but nobody knows what will be available. So nobody is able to dedicate their money, maybe it's just me, but I always want to plan my monthly budget. Back in the days I started we knew 1 month prior the sale at least what will be up for sale. My last point I mention here today is the delayed models problem. Swinecursed and will o wisps are delayed, but where is wyrds official statement on the delay? Nowhere. Only silence. Today I saw a post at a wyrd place stating that they will be available at adepticon, can`t confirm if it`s true as the post seems to be deleted just hours later. At the beginning of my malifaux gaming there were announcements about delays in the chronicles. I`ll just stop here and please don't get me wrong, I really love wyrd and malifaux, but I also think criticism is allowed in order to improve situations which are not satisfying and I want the game and company to stay as great as they are (were?), or see them getting even better. Thanks to everyone who read through this.
  13. We also use Bag O' Tools for the first time and we would really appreciate, that players who will attend our tournament sign in prior the event. We will not demand any payment or something like that in advance. Bag O' Tools Just create an account and sign up for our tournament. If you don't want to create an account, you could also pm me. But joining at the store at the tournament day is also possible Hope to see many of you soon.
  14. Hey, awesome work so far. I just came up with two small enhancements: How about adding numbers and symbols for the schemes and strats (for the symbols just a "R" for rams would be enough) How about a including something like team protection for the first round, because we often are visited by other communities and we want to try to make games against people we don't know that well. Greetings from Austria.
  15. Hey again, when do you want to start our game, i am totally free on friday and nothing special to do. I am looking forward to our game.