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  1. Dead Rider... in need of a fix?

    Don't have the card in front of me bu pretty sure he needs the suit, the marker, and a decent card. Suit becomes a non issue with riders and no marker is needed for the Mech.
  2. I will pay the following Reva? 50 Molly 50 Carrion Emissary 40 Tara 35 Jack Daw 55 Zoraida 30$ Lilith 40$ Titania? 50$ Dreamer 35$ I'll paypal immediately after receiving a picture If you need my email it's sleeplessdreamer87@gmail.com
  3. Buying LE " Foil Cards for 30-45$ each

    Updated. Still looking for Molly
  4. Welcome a new team member!

    Is that the Gorgon!?!?!?!?!?? Resser model... NOW! Alyssa, such a great fit for the resident artist!!!! Oh god, that's a gorgon-inspired belle for Seamus. Calling it NOW!!! And god is that some of the best art I've seen! We're going beyond Wizards of The Coast here!
  5. Buying LE " Foil Cards for 30-45$ each

    Updated again. Several acquired. Molly's price upped.
  6. Rate our Masters

    I still stand by the fact that, if I need to abuse of -2 wp, then he might be worth considering. For everything else, there is someone better. His 1 ap teleport is outclassed by an 1 ap charge that offers you 2 highly accurate attacks AND the same movement AND with no further limitation on interact actions. With the 0 you can move further or make whatever you killed become an additional scheme marker. His thing is the WP debuff, everything else Reva does much better. You can kill her more easily, but Seamus isn't worth going after in the first place.
  7. Black Joker

    I actually love those "what are the odds!" moments. The idea that 100 arrows raining from the sky won't hurt that colossus over the hill... but there is that tiny crack.. and maybe... just maybe... It also helps the game move away from a plain math exercise.
  8. Reva wrecking face?

    If you're finding good use out of Morty that doesn't sound bad at all! Otherwise you might just want to hire a full AP Rogue Necromancy instead and not pay almost the same amount of Stones on Morty + upgrades. I also think that summoning with Spare parts is a 2 AP cast for the Necromancy. Overall you're trading 2 master AP, a Henchman activation, 2 high cards and 6 wounds in favor of an additional model and more activation control. It may be well with it if Morty is pulling his weight the rest of the match, not so much otherwise
  9. Hey guys, Anna Lovelace's Gravity Well and Clockwork Dress Abilities prevent pushes, moves, and placements from ending within her 8 inch aura. Of course, this does not apply to walk, charges, summons, and unburying. What if a push starts and ends within the aura? Would hitting a model with squeal propel it all the way to the edge of the aura, giving them some kinda of ultra squeal? Or is it that, if they cannot end the push within the aura, it simply cannot occur?
  10. Anna Lovelace and Squeal-like triggers

    Wow. I had no idea it would prevent the push altogether. She's even better than I thought! Thanks for the acronym clarification by the way. I was trying to recall every rule in the game that would fit those letters :}
  11. December 19th - Alt Lazarus

    I want a female Sebastian/Mortimer!!! We have the alts for Nico, Rafkin, and Mcmourning... it just feels like something is missing! Wyrd make it happen!
  12. playing with open discard piles

    Open discard piles would tend to slow the game down, especially during the critical activations in which a bad flip could make the difference from scoring a VP or not. Counting cards is a skill that you can practice, but it's also something that naturally happens over time. As you get familiar with your crews and the mechanics of the game, being able to pay attention to less salient stimuli (such as what cards have been flipped and cheated so far) is a byproduct of practice. If all players agree to open discard piles nothing prevents you from playing in this manner but keep in mind that it is a different experience compared to what the game designers had in mind. Also, if you want to play in tournament settings later on, you would find yourself with one less tool than what you're normally used to play with. The most important thing is to have fun in this game, so it really is up to you.
  13. What makes Kirai so good?

    I think Kirai is doing me a favor in that case. 10 stones and you have to have people stay around the Emissary? Yes please. Also, she still negates all the switcharoo shenanigans, and those spirits still won't trigger malevolence, and she can still bury Ikiryo. She's just great against her, Emissary or not.
  14. What makes Kirai so good?

    The Emissary is not living or Undead and does not trigger malevolence. I am not sure competitive Kirai players would bring it considering that she already has issues squeezing stuff in. And if she does, murder the emissary first. It's a 10 stone investment that is not protected by her main defensive mechanic.
  15. Rate our Masters

    I actually don't like him for Tail'em. If you took a focused shot you are necessarily in line of sight of something. You can deny the scheme, sure, but they denied your master's turn. The Carrion Emissary is the Resser answer to Tail em. Preemptively place the Shards, have you Master/Henchman end their activation behind it. Also, corpse bloat can deal 5 damage to your own guys and since you depend on the position of a corpse marker (in base contact with yourself if obtained through corpse bloat) you may not really have the option. And that's another 2 stone upgrade. I guess you're giving up Unnerving aura? That means you're not going to shoot soulstone users at all. How many people clump up around the corpse marker anyway? Are you not focusing the shot? So that's 2 ap for a 4 min damage on gun and potentially 5 from corpse bloat (that can be avoided). If everything goes well it's 9 dmg vs 8. Is it worth the extra action, the position, the dependency on the corpse marker? Do you use the 0 to provide your own corpse marker? Are you then giving up "no eyes on me"? Whenever all those variables come in, you're playing the odds a lot. In Malifaux I like to have the math on my side. I love corpse bloat with Molly, as she swims in corpse markers, but I tend to not have too many around with Seamus, and I need those for Red Chapel Killer and the "no eyes on me" condition.
  16. Rate our Masters

    And hope the model doesn't have armor/hard to kill/hard to wound/incorporeal/bulletproof/hard cover/soulstones (You can take unnerving aura for an additional 2 stone investment to bypass this last limitation). In these cases, it's not even 8 damage per activation.
  17. What makes Kirai so good?

    Anna Lovelace can give her a huge headache. Her min 3 CA attack will 1 shot most of the things she can summon. So you're trading 1 of Anna's APs for 1 of Kirai's APs+ Crow + High Card + Half of the summon's wounds on a friendly model. Good cast actions tend to put you on the better end of the trade against her. She also has a big 8 aura inch of "no swirling Izamu in my face". If Anna gets 2 shots, the first should be against a spirit that also has the undead characteristic (Like the Hanged or a Shikome). The second one that is just spirit. If the first attack makes your opponent decide to pop out Ikiryo, Anna has a good chance of burying her on her melee attack. Ikiryo HATES being buried as she can no longer be summoned. If Ikiryo does not pop out after the first attack, then the second should go to a straight spirit so that Ikiryo cannot be triggered. I'm not saying Anna Lovelace is going to solve all Ikiryo related problems but she's a great mercenary all around and has helped me tons.
  18. Rate our Masters

    I'm sure you have more experience than I do. Although in 2015 Most if not all schemes were pretty much kill first, then score. In fact the Seamus player won through Assassinate. The argument was that devoting an entire turn to deal 8 damage to a model is the best this master can do in GG2017. Also, if place, focus, shoot is not what he does, what is it that I'm missing? Nurse + Back hand triggers?
  19. What makes Kirai so good?

    One trick is to bring someone with a decent gun and pick off models like the lost love or something else that is getting her summoning engine running. Have said shooty model be in base contact with some terrain and one or two models. When Ikiryo is supposed to come out, she will not have room to place and cannot be summoned.
  20. What makes Kirai so good?

    I think no one played her in the UK masters this year. You're probably right about her internet reputation.
  21. Rate our Masters

    Every ap spent from other models to disengage seamus is an additional one devoted to his one trick. With his sinister reputation upgrade he can CA attack vs defense. If you use that, you're not focusing or teleporting. You're giving up something either way. I get one shot a turn with the flintlock, I'm not giving that up for the measly damage track on the Sinister reputation attack. Additionally, the current UK master claims that he would never bring Seamus to a tournament, and the guy won with a 5 model Nicodem list at 45 soulstones against the other masters at 50. There has to be some validity in that.
  22. Rate our Masters

    Sure, but that's a lot of limitations. Not many choices either. You either back alley to pick the best target, focus and hope to cheat a severe and shoot.. or you might do 4 dmg. Then you have to go through your checklist and make sure that none of those conditions described above get in your way. Brewie can pick any low to average WP target and force them pick their poison. What i'm saying is no matter what seamus does, he's not going to be able to do anything but hurt one model with 3 ap. It's printed on his card, he cannot shoot again, no way around it. 3 ap per turn to move around and shoot 1 dude that is not engaged/behind cover etc.. is just all he can do. If there is anything else, please let me know. He can't even drop markers after the back alley. one for the road and 3 pick yer poison, or a move, one for the road, and 2 pick your poison.. I mean no matter how you put it, each ap not spend simply moving is very likely to remove a card from the enemy's hand with a choice of : obey lose suits until the end of the game take 4 dmg be paralyzed. That is for each 1 AP. You don't have to swill, but you have the option to. My argument is this, and I don't understand how it can be seen in any different way. No matter what you do with Seamus, 3 ap are all devoted towards a single shot. There is absolutely nothing else. If you're lucky shoot and charge? We're talking about min 1 damage slaps and now you're engaged.. If you take bag of tools you can do melee attacks, but now you're engaged. You also need to have specific high cards for the triggers or spend stones (Pick your poison depends on the discarded suit, Brewie does not need to provide one. Seamus HAS to stone for the triggers). Most importantly, your most impactful feature, -2 wp around you, is gone. Brewie's AP, individually, have far more weight than 1 Sh6 vs Df per turn, considering that brewie lowers the value he targets, Seamus doesn't. Assuming both Seamus and Brewie have optimal conditions and that they're both activating when they're the most effective (Seamus towards the end when enemy has fewer cards, brewie towards the middle to get rid of the hand) would you rather: Remember, both master under ideal conditions A - Lose 3 cards from your hand, each of which can result in:Paralyze, 4 dmg, no suits for the rest of the game, and Obeys or B - 8 Preventable and Reducible damage on a single model I'd pick B any day.
  23. Rate our Masters

    Although, Having 3 ap to spend on Swill or Pick Your Poison seem a lot better than 3 AP for 1 shot with a value of 6 that targets Df and randomizes, suffers from cover, is affected by armor, soulstones, incorporeal, hard to wound, hard to kill, can't be used while engaged and cannot be re-attempted on a miss. If you're just counting on Drinking contest you're going to be disappointed, but AP for AP, brewmaster is getting a lot more value. Pick Your poison is just nasty.
  24. Rate our Masters

    The problem with seamus is that if you summon, you can't gain "no eyes on me". If you miss the one shot, your master has wasted a 0 action, 1 ap to focus, 1 ap to place, and 1 ap to shoot. And now the thing you missed can walk up to you and you will no longer be able to shoot. You now need to stone for the suit to trigger "bored now" on your melee and 1 dmg, push 3 inches, hope that you can get out of line of sight or there is a corpse marker nearby. If you want to kill scheme runners, Reva can kill 4 of them a turn across 4 different spots on the map. Hell, even if you did NOT miss the shot and you were able to cheat in a severe, and you were able to get a master, and you had decaying aura, and no one was engaged with the target so that you didn't have to randomize, and they did not have hard cover, and you stoned for the 16 inch place.. You did 8 damage. I'm not sure what kind of impact that's supposed to have on the game. If I'm killing scheme runners that's fine, but I cannot imagine anyone having to do all that to do so. Especially not with your Master. Honestly, If I could take 8 damage on a model and have my opponent drop those resources, I'd allow it once a turn. Also, remember that if you're afraid of Seamus shooting a given model, engage with just about anything and the player will not even try. There is no control over the randomization flip, and no one is going spend 3 master APs to take a 50% chance of hitting. If more people are within 2 inches, that's an even lower chance. There is just way too much that can go wrong. I repeat my assessment of Seamus: A beacon of -2 WP that you may want to engage but don't really care to kill considering the effort required. Your best bet is to actually go Bag of Tools, charge people, stone for suits, and drop markers. Hope something dies so next turn you can gain "no eyes on me" with the corpse marker. Teleport (or comply through bleeding tongue on Sybelle), charge again, rinse, repeat. This puts him in the thick of things and with DF4 sure, you're not going to die, but all kinds of nasty conditions can be applied to you. All this to effectively spend a stone for each scheme marker you hope to drop per hit. That's a lot of resources. Believe me, I got in the game for Seamus and Molly, but the former is just for casual games in his current state. Sorry, I am getting ranty and I'm not sure I'm contributing to anything at this point. If anyone felt targeted or attacked in some way I apologize.