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  1. Any addvice on a good minture game

    That could be your issue? There are a million things to keep in consideration, but if this is really a deal-breaker for you, you're missing out on potentially the best miniature game out there. Also keep in mind that a lot of Malifaux is community Driven. Malifaux staff usually does not organize any of the major events across the world. Just because you're not a Henchman doesn't mean you can't have the same impact. You can organize a tournament with a nominal fee, the winner places an order with the LGS for a Malifaux product (Even if they don't carry they can usually order). After this happens a couple of times I'm sure your LGS will be more interested in letting you run events as they're actually supporting the shop in some way.
  2. Any addvice on a good minture game

    And this mainly
  3. Any addvice on a good minture game

    The idea is to build up a community first. You also maybe don't satisfy the requirements. You have to have a certain knowledge, have a certain amount of models, and be able to demo.
  4. Any addvice on a good minture game

    It sounds like you're saying "If you're not letting me be a henchman I want to play a different game". I recommend The Other Side
  5. Will trade Kirai's LE Foil card for any of the following LE Foil cards or 5 guilders. Mysterious Emissary Reva McMourning Parker Barrows Asami
  6. Can't argue with that :}
  7. I have to admit that I'm a little sad for Mcmourning when people steal his shtick. But I guess after 5 books you're bound to see mechanics used across more models. The artwork looks great :}
  8. Nico counter

    Pick any low df model and blast among the 3-4 wd summons all over the place.
  9. March 2018 FAQ

    I don't think you can target "the second one"
  10. Thank you! Also, you and your evil podcast are partially responsible for this!!
  11. After saving for three months and being pushed over the edge by my girlfriend (whom I believe is probably a beckoner) I edited my pledge from dual commander to Tyrant with way too many addons. Am I going to receive 2 Thraces and 2 Binhs? I really don't see why not but I just want to make sure. And are they going to be the alternate version + UV treated cards?
  12. What do you like about the King's Empire?

    The South Wales borderers, the King's hand, The artillery team and Edmonton are really going to push me over that tyrant level pledge. I'm trying so hard to not like the Earth factions. I really am... The fact that I would have to spend a ton to add artillery team and my favorite Abyssinia models separately is helping quench the urge. But you guys aren't really helping either. British conspiracies at work here..
  13. So.... I'm already backing this project up as a dual Commander plus oodles of add-ons from cult and hordes. I was going to pledge to the Planet Apocalypse Kickstarter this month but the more I think about it, and the more my girlfriend talks about it, the more I want to put those funds into this game and either go tyrant or at least pick a third faction. Anyway, since Devouring Eels are 50 bucks a pop, depending on how many I need, this might affect there final decision. Has anyone tested these babies out to see how often they summon another copy of themselves? Also... How many egg clutches?
  14. What's this!?!?

    I think the intent was to make the golem luck muddy and "wet". I like that he doesn't look like an alternate Bad Juju and I think they might have been trying to avoid that.
  15. July 28th - Margaret Belle

    The last two weeks have made me seriously consider upping my dual Commander to Tyrant..
  16. July 28th - Margaret Belle

    Old thread, but I think the sculpt looks even better than the art
  17. Alpha Crawler Sculpt

    Most are without the baby crawlers but the picture in this link has them:
  18. Alpha Crawler Sculpt

    Hey guys! Not sure if it has been clarified before but I have seen the Alpha crawler with and without the tiny crawlers on his back. Is the final sculpt with or without? Hoping for the former :}
  19. Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    I'm really liking it!!
  20. How does the guild beat Nikodem?

    Trust me, you want Philip. If he's not drawing cards he's denying your schemes. And four cards a turn are better than 1 + a stone.
  21. How does the guild beat Nikodem?

    Hoffman should be able to reliably deliver his giant bots. I'm one of the few people that likes the Malifaux child with him using up a high card to loop and killing him right after so that the condition never ends and distance matters less after that. While Austringers use cards, it's not too bad since you'll rarely if ever have to cheat on the attack flip. All you need is one low df model out of cover. If you deliver something big in the lines, I'd want to kill Phillip and the Nanny anyway. Don't bother with Mortimer since he's just giving a corpse from now on anyway. Numb to the world on your beater also protects from the grasping hands condition and terrifying stops mattering. If you want to bomb Justice in the crew with the Emissary you might be able to use the markers dropped for Philip (can't remember if enemy scheme markers are usable). Might not always be an option, but it's nice to punish someone for not considering it. I'd be more concerned about Sonnia than lady J. Hard to wound is a pain, but high willpower is your friend. And blasts generally do more damage in wounds than Nico is summoning since he likes to operate in a ball.
  22. How does the guild beat Nikodem?

    I think Guild has the hardest time against ressers in general. Sebastian alone can be a total nightmare with Under Cover, and it's not like he's doing much else with his AP. The only thing that scares the living hell out of me is Austringers with shoot 7 and the Jury giving them masks against an army of def 4 and 5. Outside of that, Sanctioned Spellcasters prevent easy "lure 6 times" victory points with everyone plying from whatever model those belles happened to catch, and make public demo look a lot harder. The new Hoffman also looks a lot scarier. Ball vs Ball, the student of steel and Shikome are not doing much anymore, and the Emissary is probably never going to miss the repeated shots on his trigger. I usually like the peacekeeper more than Langston, but it's hard to survive the potential decapitates when your stones are going to summoning and your hand is fed to Austringers. I really do think that guild needed better tech against ressers and perhaps they just got it. I'm not surprised that the sanctioned Spellcasters and the Domador de cadaveres (or cadaveros.. can't remember) came out in the past two books to address that.