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  1. Saduhem

    Friday Preview - Raving Madman

    I can't stop from imagining the guy dual wielding books and repeating "Do you read Sutter Cane?" With that expression on his face.
  2. Saduhem

    Friday Preview - Raving Madman

    Didn't this guy use to have a beard?
  3. Saduhem

    Next Allegiances

    Has any art from the Kimon/Oni allegiance been shown?
  4. Assuming that player perception is the determining factor of how "Good" a master is implies the premise that Masters are all equal. That seems less likely than the opposite stance from a probability perspective alone. I'm sure not even the developers would ever think that's the case. I am not going to go over the whole quality/quantity of AP again, but will provide some examples. Pandora : No need to walk. Every AP spent can remove 2-3 AP from enemy models. Incite lowers quality of enemy AP by dictating when they are used. Nicodem: Every 1 AP generates 2 AP. No need to walk. +Flips and extreme card draw make sure that, barring black joker, AP have very high quality as you can ensure success on duels. Can trade AP to other models in a better position to achieve VP. For other examples of good Masters based on these criteria, refer to the previous post.
  5. Agree with all of this. Player skill is important, sure, but at the end of the day games are won by players that use AP as efficiently as possible when earning or denying VP. The choice of master and crew determines the quality and quantity of the AP. Collodi trades 1 master AP for a ton of minion AP or, depending on the limited, trades minion AP for Master AP. On top of that, each AP from Collodi has incredible quality as it is not used for walking, benefits from focus, has built in + flips to damage, High chance of success with the CA value, deals damage, removes AP from the enemy, and gives you control of the opponent's AP. In other words, Collodi lets players either multiply AP or increase the quality of AP. Summoning Masters like Nicodem or Hamelin also generate a ton of AP while reducing the quality of the enemy AP by either forcing them to use them when they're least effective (And Pandora is the Queen when it comes to this), or by forcing them to be wasted by disengaging or otherwise taking actions that don't contribute to VP. Card draw and positive flips also increase the value of each AP as you can greatly enhance the chance of success (In some case guarantee it, especially if the black joker is not looming about). Sandeep has all these tools. He generates extra AP through summoning, extra actions, and by letting other models "borrow" high value actions. He also doesn't normally need to walk. He has card draw and grants positive flips. Also, being able to kill things early is a very, very effective way of reducing enemy AP in both quantity and quality. An incorporeal Howard Langston that's immune to conditions can help with that (Shout-out to Viks too!) So yeah, player skills matter but, depending on the crew (Which is largely affected by Master choice), two good players are not going to have a similar chance of winning if one has a lot more and a lot better AP that the other.
  6. Saduhem

    Quality of Alt Lazarus.

    I don't think instructions are available. The only pieces that were a little less obvious to me were the two pieces that go in the back of the legs ( like little upside/down staircases) and an armor plate that goes under the right arm around the elbow area. Just remember that whenever you put a piece in place it should fit and align perfectly with the rest of the sculpt. This is particularly important for the first pieces I mentioned, the tiny steps that go in the back of the legs. Not sure about other adhesives though.
  7. Saduhem

    Quality of Alt Lazarus.

    Ahhhhhhhh, sorry for the misunderstanding. I should have it painted by the end of this week. I'll do a "stress test" and update the post :}
  8. Saduhem

    Quality of Alt Lazarus.

    I would be very surprised if it suffered any damage from painting. It certainly won't break off and if bent it will just go back to its previous state. The bayonet looks pretty thick too.
  9. I want to share my opinion and experience with the assembly of Alt Lazarus for those that are on the fence about the plastic used: -Initially I thought it was too "Flimsy". Definitely softer than any other plastic model I've touched in a long, long time. By the time I was done with the assembly, I was in love with it. The bending doesn't leave white marks and the material is elastic enough that it will return to the original shape when the pressure is lifted or, if you prefer, you can slightly bend the pieces too accommodate for poses/conversions and the glue will keep it in place. This is especially useful for miniatures in which multiple pieces have to be aligned, such as those in which both arms hold the same weapon. Inexperienced modelers will have a much easier time and the result will look pleasant. -Assembly was DIVINE. Very, very easy. Makes dry fitting unnecessary as there is only one possible way to connect things. Never had so much fun assembling. This is probably what they're doing for The Other Side to minimize potential assembly errors in the factory. -A teeny tiny drop of standard super glue gives you rock solid adhesion. Just remember to wash the mini first. -Mold lines were more visible compared to regular Malifaux models, but that's just because Malifaux models are extraordinary. They were very, very easy to remove and placed smartly so that they were either masked by the symmetry of the model or in a place that was very easy to reach with a hobby knife. Just be gentle as the plastic is softer. And honestly, if you are inclined to leave them there, you would really have to look for them after the paintjob is complete. - Given the fact that there were a lot of big, flat surfaces, I can't really tell whether or not there is a noticeable loss of detail compared to your standard malifaux miniature. If I had to pick a stance, I would say that, overall, the details have a little less depth. It will still make a Privateer Press model look like it was produced in a Hasbro factory, but it might not live to the most detailed Malifaux plastics. If this is how the miniatures from The Other Side are going to be, I am very, VERY impressed.
  10. Saduhem

    March Newsletter

    I just can't believe how round those metals look. The new standard for metal minis?
  11. Saduhem

    March Newsletter

    Are those the metals?!?!! Never seen such quality!! That can't be pewter. Wyrd is going to put Corvus Belli out of business next :} The volume and roundness.. it's just... New I guess
  12. Saduhem


    I love interiors when playing incorporeal models.
  13. Saduhem

    A Greed Centered List

    You could hire Hannah for an extra cast of her ranged attack. In Outcast Daw can do that too but, yeah, Lucius makes up for it with changelings and Doppleganger. With the Austringers/Jury combo early in the turn, the opponent may not be able to avoid all those annoying "once per turn" Ca actions. I'm interested in how this is going to go, especially since those SS are going to go fast and 4 dmg per hit is going to hurt.
  14. Saduhem

    March Newsletter

    I don't think that Malifaux has been placed on the back burner. There's still a regular influx of models coming in, although the schedule is a little mixed up. It's not much different than pre-ToS releases anyway. They could have not made any new Easter themed miniatures. Instead we get them at a compromise. I suspect that this is also an experiment to test quality and reception of potential future products as it might be more cost effective to use metal for models that are not going to be sold en-masse.
  15. Saduhem

    March Newsletter

    Personally my girlfriend and my lady gaming friends actually love the Vik/Ronin look. Although it's hard for any woman to look like that, I'm also never going to look like alt bishop. I think it's just a matter of aesthetic preferences rather than being sexist. Malifaux has always been a little "sexy", not necessarily "sexist". I'm actually afraid of the limitations that artist and sculptors face when they have to consider political correctness in their creation. Let the artist/designer create, the audience will speak with their wallets. Look at how successful Kingdom Death: Monster has been, and the sexual imagery in that game is more intense than Malifaux's by orders of magnitude. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a demonstrative case in which the creators threw PC out of the window and became millionaires within one hour of releasing their product.