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  1. Wyrdscapes

    That's all I needed to know
  2. Wyrdscapes

    Need some Three Kingdoms Asian themed terrain!
  3. I currently overtraded and have acquired an extra Alternate Kirai card. Will trade it for the LE card of: Collodi Dreamer Seamus Viktoria Reva McMourning Parker Barrows Asami
  4. Wyrdscapes

    I'm in the other camp. I'm going to love painting all of that!!
  5. Counterplaying the Viks

    Rusty Alyce's Snares aura annoys the hell out of the Viks. Also, if you feel like going Pariah of Bone and bring 2x Ashigaru, their brace can 1shot any charging model with less than 8 wds, like the Vik of Blood. Ignoring armor is going to make the peacekeeper very fragile so you might want to place him isolated so that if he gets the alpha strike, the rest of your crew is relatively safe. If he charges the rest of your crew, save high cards to make the peacekeeper eat her. A&D can do the same and also be safe from a charge. I would highly consider Alyce for the no charge bubble and keeping A&D separated on his own. Nothing in the crew is chargeable and the opponent has to decide on what to hit. The only problem with that is that your Waifs still need to be close to your anchors. What's goin to hurt you the most is activation control. If you did like bone, the Ashigarus would help because you would be protected till the end of the turn. Alyce can also give you a reactivating Peacekeeper, and I imagine you own her from Levi's box. If you survive the alpha strike, Levi can meet either Vik in 1 activation.
  6. Counterplaying the Viks

    What faction/master do you play?
  7. Leveticus + Corpse Marker synergy?

    I guess Archie could throw them around...
  8. Wyrdscapes

    If the modules allow to make terrain for the Other Side i'm preemptively looking for potential buyers for an extra kidney I've been carrying with me the past 30 years.
  9. Skulls for the Bone Pile

    I think GG 18 was made with those models in mind. I think that way tanukis, bone piles, and Jake will be appealing alternatives to more typically "meta" models. Who is going to even buy the bone pile models otherwise? Similarly, the mysterious emissary, chiaki, and lady J's otherwise unused action can be very valuable in Ply for information with their aggressive condition removal. Models with from the shadows can be great at symbols of power. I really like this whole specialized feeling that GG 18 gives, so maybe that is making me more biased towards the 2x soulstones counting. Especially because, in the case of Ours, bone piles are worthless except for that ability and summoning them does nothing. Having shield bearers or Necropunks would be more optimal and people would already have these models. Jake can come back on turn 5, but he'll be a summon so he also won't count if previously killed. Tanuki can be scheme runners but, unless they counted twice their cost, there are better options to do that. I guess I just like to think that GG18 wanted all these models to shine but, again, my take on the rule is just colored by what I like about GG18.
  10. Skulls for the Bone Pile

    That's what was worrying me too, then I realized that, although you would be getting a boost for the strategy, those models are pretty sub par for anything else. Hiring a bunch of bone piles, for example, would make it really hard to kill, intercept, or Interact with models. Summoning them is also pointless as they wouldn't count for Ours.
  11. Skulls for the Bone Pile

    I'm just referring to a couple of podcasts in which they Theoryfauxed and/or tested GG18 with Jake. Since the ability is the same (I could be mistaken) I was extending by transitivity. Although I'd assume those guys to be more competent than me and way more active in the tournament scene, I don't think they acted upon an official ruling or anything like that. If I ever come across the specific podcasts/episodes again I'll be able to point out the proper examples. Hopefully, by the time I actually get the bone piles on the table some kind of official statement on the model and/or big Jake will show up somewhere.
  12. Skulls for the Bone Pile

    I'm inclined to think that the whole purpose of the model was to be counted twice for ours. I would never hire it for anything else. I also thought people always assumed big Jake's cost was counted twice in Ours and people were cool with it.
  13. Skulls for the Bone Pile

    I think that on the Max Value podcast they talked about Big Jake counting at x2 soulstones for ours. That would make the bone pile worth its cost I think, although I really want an FAQ clarification
  14. Kirai Crew

    Whenever I either get an extended break or the will to have another sleepless week :} The idea was to get them tabletop ready until there's time for the missing details
  15. what's your crutch?

    Philip and the Nanny and nurses for me