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  1. +1 For The "Foil" cards in the guilder store
  2. I would say yes. Although I sometimes start with 3 belles, I rarely have the opportunity to summon in more as I'm using the 0 action for other purposes. I do not often hire doxies, but they are my preferred summon with Seamus if occasion arises.
  3. I assure you that I have no intention of telling you what to do with your money. Now, following your argument of "if they messed up your order more than twice... you're insane if you keep using them", If you got 2 or 3 wrong orders from wyrd, would you abandon the game?
  4. Because no one else can offer me the same product for a comparable price and at my door the next day. I am sorry that you deem it "Insane", but even adding the replacement process, I still get the best price/product/time relationship. Wyrd screwed up every nightmare crew box I ordered and I always had to get a missing piece or two, sometimes twice. This happened during big sales such as Black Friday or Gencon. I deemed it a foreseeable event and their customer service is some of the best I ever had (Shoutout to Amy from customer service. Wherever you are, you are awesome.) No other company offers me a great miniature game, with high quality models, fluff, and customer service. I expect more screw-ups down the line but my history with Wyrd has taught me that the solution will always be prompt and reasonable. Similarly, WarGameVault offer me, to the best of my knowledge, the best quality per price per unit I can get. The card stock alone is fantastic. I also find their customer service incredible. Just like I built a history of problems (sometimes requiring multiple replacement processes) with Wyrd with solutions I thought were more than reasonable, in the same way this teaches me that any foreseeable problems with WargGameVault will be handled in the best way possible. So no, I am not insane.
  5. No. I'm saying that the way they treated me and the honesty with which they handled things is making me want to give them more money. I understand you are upset but, realistically, i cannot envision any other thing they could do to make up for the mistake. Accept that it just happened, no one in the world can affect that. If you'd rather print your own, ask for the refund and seek different printing services. All errata cards are available on the website. If you think you can print the cards in a more cost efficient way, accept the refund and do so. If you think you cannot get a better deal, accept the mistake and the free money. Every customer was upset to see the wrong cards again. I understand. I also understand that the forum is a place to vent. But it's getting a little negative and it seems that, while negative comments are being supported, positive ones are being criticized. We all handle our frustrations differently. My recommendation is to acknowledge that there is not a better way to handle this and that the email they sent out was, in the very least, honest and humble.
  6. All companies screw up. Hell, Amazon messed up more of my orders than WarGameVault ever will. They're bound to screw up. Assuming the opposite in a company's career in unreasonable. What makes a company stand apart from the others is the way the handle what comes after.
  7. I feel the opposite way. Companies screw up, they're run by humans. The fact that they: 1 - Acknowledged the screw-up 2 - Took Full responsibility 3 - Made no excuses 4 - Specified that Wyrd was not in the least at fault 5 - Are sending 2 waves of replacements on their penny 6 - Giving us 10 bucks on top of that (Which should cover at least 1 more errata in the future) 7 - Inform me before I even complain and point out that no more effort is required on my part to keep the process going 8 - Answer me (on the first screw-up) on a Saturday evening way past work hours and NOT with a copy-paste response. Really makes me see them as professionals that just had a bad (and short) streak. Also, they will refund you immediately if you prefer not waiting. At this point I don't know what else can be expected of them. I can only think of: Have even more incredible customer support (which I find is impossible) Never commit an error in their business (which I also find impossible) If anything, I want to support these guys MORE.
  8. Same here. First and second batch were both pre-errata
  9. This podcast is slowly growing to be one my favorites. What matters the most for me is the richness of information, and Dead Man's Hand is top quality in that regard. Competing for my love for Schemes and Stones. Stop it!
  10. Bump? I wonder if it's a matter of price or just lack of cards. If it's the first one feel free to contact me to see if we can agree on a value.
  11. I will pay the following Reva? 50 Molly 45 Tara 35 Jack Daw 45 Zoraida 30$ Lilith 40$ Titania? 50$ Dreamer 35$ I'll paypal immediately after receiving a picture If you need my email it's sleeplessdreamer87@gmail.com
  12. In my opinion a crutch is something you rely on because, even if you could succeed by other means, you just pursue the road that requires the least effort because you're used to it. A patch strikes me as a measure that allows something to work as it really is intended and without which you could not meet the same measure of efficiency. It doesn't really matter at the end of the day, just clarifying what I meant.
  13. That seems to back the patch argument instead of the crutch one.
  14. As far as i understand, the person losing the initiative can decide first if they want to use a stone to re-flip. After that occurs, the other player can then decide if he wants to do the same. After both have had the chance to re-flip, both players have to take the final result.
  15. Hey everyone, As the title suggests, I am looking for the Malifaux Alternate sculpt of Hannah that was released with the "Through the Breach" RPG kickstarter. If you are interested in selling her, please let me know. I would prefer her unassembled. Upon receiving a picture and the demand of a fair price I will pay immediately through PayPal. I tend to favor early communication with transactions as I value time above anything else. Thank you for reading!