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  1. Maliphoenix, in conjunction with Games U, is kicking things off in June with an Open Play League. There will be a total of four meet-ups, with predetermined encounters using GG2017. We'll also be setting up tables ahead of time so all you need to do is build a crew for the week's encounter and get right into a game. Henchmen will be on site to run demos for new players. You can RSVP for each night, and meet other players in the local meta, through our Facebook group Maliphoenix. When 4:30pm - 9:00pm, Monday nights in June Where Games U 1550 N Stonehenge Dr #102 Gilbert, AZ 85233 Encounters June 5th Deployment - Standard Strategy - Collect the Bounty Schemes - Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Accusation!, Hidden Trap and Lat Stand June 12th Deployment: Flank Strategy: Headhunter Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Undercover Entourage and Hunting Party June 19th Deployment: Standard Strategy: Guard the Stash Schemes: Claim Jump, Accusasion!, Leave Your Mark, Search the Ruins and Tail 'Em June 26th Deployment: Standard Strategy: Extraction Schemes: Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Frame For Murder, Show of Force and Tail 'Em
  2. If you have the models for Karina's summoning I think she is fine (and its a good excuse to start Ressers anyway). Otherwise your most effective build depends, as always, on the strat and scheme pool. Beyond that its a matter of taste. Want to beast bomb? Get a Death Marshal and a second beater (Killjoy, Bishop, D-Engine...even the Scion). Want to go aggresivd bury? Get a Death Marshal, Hannah, Wretches, NB, Aionus and go to town. Want to run full support? Get a bunch of our 6-8 ss models like the Librarian, Johann, Convict Gunslinger, and Sue then go to town.
  3. Looking to trade my metal dreamer crew, including Nightmare Lord Chompy Bits, for a well painted plastic version. I'm tired of the big bruiser beating up my plastics in my magnetic case. Crew will include: Metal Dreamer 3x Metal Day Dreams 3x Metal Alps 1 Metal Coppelius Will trade straight across for a well painted set of plastics of the same models. Each party pays shipping to the other (and you will be getting the bigger deal since Nightmare LCB weighs a ton). Willing to work a deal for a NOS crew box plus $100.00 cash or other NOS models. Each party pays shipping to the other. Other models to include one of the following: Zipp Crew Box Hamelin Crew Box Sonnia Crew Box So'mer Crew Box Collette Crew Box Willing to do cash only, but the price is $160.00. I will include all the cards usually in the box including 2017 errata for the Day Dreams. Buyer will pay shipping. I might also consider a straight across trade for a full set of Watchmen minis for the Batman Miniatures game. You will not doubt notice the inflation in cost for models+cash, or cash only. That's because I'm more interested in models than cash. A straight trade for a well painted plastic Dreamer crew takes first priority. Prefer US trades, but might go international for a painted crew. Pictures upon request.
  4. The best thing about Laz is that his rapid fire can hit 3 different targets. Consequently I like him against high activation count crews. Blasts generally ruin their day. In this case if the OP isn't planning on using Burn Out I'd consider dropping Laz completely and hiring either Hannah instead, or two other support models (Sue and a scheme runner probably). Either option is going to get you more utility than Laz alone IMO, especially if you include a Librarian. Also, I rarely run full stones with Levi...but that's becauseI nearly always bring a Librarian for the heals. I'm generally comfortable running him at 4-5 stones that are almost exclusively used for card draw and + for Desolate Warping.
  5. Personally I am not a fan of From Ash and From Dust. I'd much rather spend resources on getting Abominations out through Desolate Soul. The problem with From Ash and From Dust is that both require cards, and the combo limits Levi's mobility since he needs to chillax around Rusty to get the most out of it. That keeps him from doing what he does best: teleporting all over the board and finishing off models. The other reason for my heavy preference of Desolate Soul is just how good of a tarpit a 4SS Abomination is. If you cross off an enemy model near other opposing models they're more likely to spend AP dealing with it than not, which is a secondary form of board control that I think folks overlook sometimes. Abominations restrict zero actions, strip suits, and cause passive damage...none of which your opponent wants anywhere near their stuff. I'm also not a huge fan of using Burn Out on Laz without two ways of healing him. He has a lot of wounds, and I like to be able to heal 4-5 on him reliably each turn after Burn Out. Luckily Friekorps Librarians are available to you. Having the Librarian also brings some healing that should make you more comfortable running 4-5 stones (incidentally, I tend use stones in my Levi crew to proc Desolate Soul or for card draw more than anything else). If it were me I'd modify your basic list like so: Levi - Desolate Soul, Tally Sheet Hollow Waif Hollow Waif Rusty Alyce - Desolate Soul, I Pay Better (you have a ton of mercs in this list) Lazarus Friekorps Librarian Johan Friekorps Trapper 6 SS pool That gives you a total of 5 anchors, 8 activations, and a solid group of models. The Trapper can function as you scheme runner. You have 4 models with a Flurry-type action covering SH, MI and CA actions. Finally everyone on the list except for Levi, the Waifs, and Rusty can benefit from I Pay Better. You could swap out Lazarus for Ashes & Dust. This will reduce your cache to 3 SS, which you could mitigate by dropping I Pay Better. That will give you a very tanky scheme runner and beat-ish model (I personally don't like A&D as a beater, mind you) who excels at counter-scheme running. Or you could accept Levi as you main beater, drop Laz, and add in something like Sue or Big Jake and either Hodgepodge Effigy or a Winged Plague. You have lots of options.
  6. I've given Dreamer a go several times now, but I'm having trouble when I give him all his summoning tech. The main issue I am having is figuring out what to include as hires versus what I should wait to summon. My games with summoning Dreamer typically go like so: I hire in a couple Daydreams, Doppelganger, Widow Weaver and maybe Tannen, Coppy, and an Illuminated or Stitched...then turn one happens and everything goes to hell... Merris uses her Jug Rocket plus a pig riding Trixie to march Francois and Burt into range and get into position to shoot me to pieces...then proceed to do so. Perdita and fam...well...just murder me after a turn of advancing. Etc, etc, etc... I guess what I am saying is that while I can summon the hell out of stuff, it's all paper thin for a round or two and I am finding it difficult to insulate myself from ranged attacks. Everything I summon in is getting killed the turn after I summon it in. My Waking is perpetually sitting at 2+, so the healing being generated by Dreamer isn't enough to keep them upright. Should I be hiring my tanky stuff, and simply summoning my utility pieces?
  7. What dimensions are you using for your doors an windows?
  8. Yep. Levi PoB list alongside some Belles.
  9. This exactly. The card draw alone is worth 3ss in my opinion.
  10. You have to prep the boards with some kind of acrylic compound as I describe up thread. Apply to one side, then weight it down and let it dry completely. Then flip it over and repeat on the other side. It won't warp after that.
  11. This is O scale english ivy by Silflor. It came from one of their sample size packs you can buy from Scenic Express. Mine looks a bit more overgrown than the picture on Scenic Express becauseI didn't pull it apart that much. It is basically a big hedge when you get it, so you can taylor the look.
  12. It's not as much painting as you might think. If you seal these up you could use aerosol paint to do most of the work (assuming that you don't have an airbrush). The bigger issue would be fixing them to a sturdier base board, like 3mm MDF.
  13. Beveling the bases would be my only suggestion. These look pretty good.
  14. I use 3mm (or 1/8") all my projects since it's so readily available. It has more warping issues than thicker stock, but that is easy to work around.
  15. He is out shined by other models in the same price range...and us Outcasts are spoiled for choices in the 7-10 SS range. That said, if the match is maker heavy and close deployment I can still justify taking him.