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  1. Pure chaos. Next thing you know Lady Justice would be paling around with undead, Sonnia hanging out with mages and Perdita keeping pet nephilim. Wait a minute...
  2. Well the trick is that malifaux uses basically the same order of operations that real world math uses.
  3. Just going to add that it's 3" if you're dropping them on opposite ends of the base, otherwise it's 5" to be able to do it consistently.
  4. You only randomize if your target is engages with a model within 2". So even if you're engaged at over 2" and getting shot at it won't randomize to models next to you. Within just means if any part of it's base is within the given radius.
  5. Yup, outside of sone specific cases it's pretty independent. But if I wanted to play Titania into the available pool and my opponent is going ressers I'm going to take The Forest Claims All and Aeslin for the potential corpse marker denial and keeping my models from being respectively.
  6. Prevention and reduction are different things. Anything that reduces damaged will have the word "reduce" in some form in the rule text for it.
  7. Okay I want that Medusa lady. Now.
  8. Bound and Rooted is also situational. If your opponent can't push place or move you're crew at all then it's useless. The negative to Ca actions isn't only good against Summoners as well, ever tried playing Pandora when you have a on all your actions?
  9. That's kind of the whole point of Taproot, how is it not that obvious of a combo? You haven't used it against a master or crew that relies almost entirely on Ca actions then, or against crews that have very important Ca actions that they need to get off. It can completely neuter some masters and models.
  10. It should be pointed out that Pandora can be given Black Blood, which negates that risk. And obviously I'm not expecting to take out an entire crew with it. It can be there to mainly support and then place black flood on a model near what I want to kill.
  11. Started toying around with an idea on my head. Using a black blood shaman in a Pandora misery list. The idea is that you put black blood on an enemy model, and then every time they take misery damage they're bleeding onto every one around them basically doubling misery damage. Thoughts?
  12. Pushes don't cause a terror check, you need the Bandersnatch's other trigger.
  13. Lots of unnecessary hostility there buddy.
  14. No, because the "Target enemy master" is just a targeting restriction, and Human Shield doesn't require you to pass it off to a legal target.
  15. Once per activation only restricts it to be used once during that specific activation. It doesn't matter what model's activation it is.