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  1. Cannot be moved or pushed means it cannot be moved or pushed by any means. Period. The only way to change its position on the table is to place it.
  2. Reread the Young Nephilim triggers. You should be able to figure out why their damage potential is above the Illuminated. As for survivability, yeah, the Illuminated have that locked down.
  3. No. The model it's in is just the point from which it draws range and LoS
  4. To move through something means that you are in it at some point along the way. It's on you to prove that a model moving while still within severe terrain is not moving through it. The wording difference is because severe terrain is continuous and hazardous isn't.
  5. Models always have range and LoS to themselves, and the bandersnatch is measuring from that model, so it stands to reason that bandersnatch would have range and LoS to it.
  6. All that severe terrain cares about is that you are in it while moving. It doesn't care if you're measuring through it.
  7. It says trying to move through severe terrain costs double. Where are you seeing that it implies that you're only moving through severe terrain if it's "in front" of the model.
  8. They don't get extra range on their push to get out of gravity well. Unless they can push out of it's rage or out of LoS to her, they're SoL.
  9. Pretty sure Visions of Flame just allows them to ignore LoS, not cover.
  10. Bold and italics for emphasis. As for the question at hand, I can see it going towards either two or three. Conditions and duration aren't intrinsically linked. If two models have Defensive they both have the same condition even if one has and end of turn end time and the other has beginning of your next turn end time.
  11. I'm not sure how stating the vertical plane is ignored unless you actively want to change where you are on it could be interpreted as anything other than models are intended to be able to fly through building that they couldn't actually fly over in 1 AP. This is on top of throwing the whole history with flight in the faq and errata.
  12. Yeah, though why you wouldn't just use the rage builds once and attack 3 times I don't know. You're getting +3 damage either way, but you only get the attacks damage once your way, as well as only drawing 2 cards instead of 6. Doesn't matter. An activation is happening, and The Rage Builds will last for as long as the activation that the action was used during.
  13. I cut out the parts that were irrelevant to the question at hand. And what exactly is salty about me pointing out that the wording is already clear in how it works?
  14. Yes. Yes. I'm not sure why you need to get confirmation. "A model with Flight ignores terrain for all purposes while moving." Additionally. " Add the distance ... he model moved vertically upwards ... in relationship to its starting point" They ignore terrain for all purposes while moving, and vertical distance only matters when it's different from the models starting point. What more needs to be said beyond that?