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  1. Ironsides, Iron Determination & Red Joker

    I would assume just the RJ needs to be reflipped, as that's what the ability says to do. Not to reflip the whole damage flip.
  2. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    I assume you mean 2 katanaka snipers+Hans/Trapper, because Katanaka Snipers are rare 2.
  3. Protec ya Neck

    His marker movement thing is pushing them, not placing them.
  4. Inescapable trap scoring

    @AgentRock Was it you who wrote the article in question?
  5. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    They shouldn't be able to unless you have some overly ideal sniper nests.
  6. Lillith list Ideas

    I said minion because you're not going to waste an enforcers upgrade slot just so that Hannah can get black blood, seeing as how if they're deploying FtS then they aren't close enough to Hannah or Serena to get Hannah black blood.
  7. Lillith list Ideas

    That requires you to have a nightmare in your crew, and spending another stone to make some minion a nightmare is inferior to just taking a BBS and giving Hannah black blood that way, as well as giving you access to its useful support triggers.
  8. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    There shouldn't be so little terrain that 4 snipers can seem like a viable option.
  9. behavior in tournament

    No, they don't lose their card when trying to cheat damage against a model with ITW.
  10. neverborn nemesis

    I said nothing about the trigger on up we go, I said his placement. He can't place away after getting attacked because Anna stops placement effects.
  11. neverborn nemesis

    Anna can stop his placement. Dopple to copy her gun maybe.
  12. 10T against Summoners

    Just a few things to correct. It is built in on the Obsidian Oni, what part about the Statue screams designed not to get hit to you, Yokai can get a to their attack on a charge which makes it more reliable, a TCW can eat the damage from Orochi Conflux, and I was just talking about ways to drop markers, as you said to bring them in to last longer than a turn, not make them last longer.
  13. 10T against Summoners

    Obsidian Oni? Obsidian Statue? Trigger on Yokai and Ohaguro?
  14. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    I just wanted to end the discrimination of non-peons with Insignificant. They matter too!
  15. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    Hey, not only peons have Insignificant.