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  1. It's not associated with any stat as it gets applied to all final duel totals. An example of an associated stat would be the various rage abilities on Ototo and Cyclops and Santiago Ortega.
  2. Because this just leads to bloat. Model A has insane card draw. Create model B to counter model A. Then Model c gets created to mitigate/counter model B. Model D gets created to help model B. Rinse and repeat for every mechanic.
  3. santaclaws01

    Lucius Devil's Deal on himself

    Terracotta Warriors can only use Thousands Strong on minions and enforcers.
  4. santaclaws01

    Sensei Yu, Disciple, and Lightning Dance

    Yes, since it allows Yan Lo to take Lightning Dance as a (0) every other model considers Yan Lo as having the (0) Lightning Dance action.
  5. santaclaws01

    Sensei Yu, Disciple, and Lightning Dance

    Which means it's a (0) action that Yan Lo can take.
  6. santaclaws01

    Dark protection (mlh) vs shooting into melee

    The rules being permissive has nothing to do with this. We have 1 rule telling us to make a model the target of the action(randomization) We have another rule telling us a model can't be targeted outside of 3"(Dark Protection) When we have two rules conflicting each other, we look at the Breaking the Rules callout box(page 19), which tells us that the more specific rule takes precedence. The more specific rule in this case is Dark Protection. So, since Dark Protection trumps randomization, we are left in a position where you are trying to declare an illegal target. Normally, if you try to do this the other player will let you know and you just change what action you're performing/who you're targeting. However, since randomization requires cards to be fliped, you can't just take back the declaration, so you're left in a position where you're trying to take an illegal action and you can't undeclare it. You are trying to argue that at this point you should just take the illegal action. We are saying that the action fails like any other time an illegal action is attempted and you can't go back. And in an attempt to completely kill the "MLH doesn't say it can cause actions to fail so it can't" argument, let's look at the ruling for Charge and By Your Side on Sidir(faq #11 in the 10T portion). No where in the By Your Side text does it say it can cause actions to fail, and even presents the same situation where he can be targeted regardless of range and LoS. However charge has extra targeting restrictions other than Range and LoS, and By Your Side can be used to make it so that those targeting restrictions can't be fulfilled. And so what happens when Sidir is placed outside of a model's charge range? It is turned into an illegal declaration and there is no easily going back to change declaration. The charge fails.
  7. santaclaws01

    Dark protection (mlh) vs shooting into melee

    I can when the rule used to have model X suffer the effects instead of model Y specifically calls out as model X becoming the target instead of model Y. This has literally no bearing on anything. The toss action doesn't literally toss a model, it just pushes them. If you were engaged with a model and it started to walk through/around a wall you would try to attack it as it left, but per the rules that only happens if the model leaves your engagement range in the same action as it's leaving LoS. A flying model can fly through a wall that it can't fly to the top of or around in the same action. Want me to go on? So literally what you just did? The entire basis of your argument that you can target a model without it being targeted? Also, I wasn't arguing for the real world, I was arguing the English definitions of the words being used because they are not game terms and arguing for what the rules tell us to do, which is to target the model. And yours is to just ignore the what the rules tell us to do. There is absolutely 0 wiggle room with the randomization rules explicitly telling us to target the model that was randomized onto. And another real world argument after saying they only weaken your argument.
  8. santaclaws01

    Dark protection (mlh) vs shooting into melee

    If it becomes a target by any method means it was targeted. This is just English.
  9. santaclaws01

    Dark protection (mlh) vs shooting into melee

    Range and LoS are explicity called as as being ignored because if they weren't you wouldn't be able to attack the model. If you weren't actually targeting them then Manipulative and Terrifying wouldn't work, Slippry and Trixie's version of it wouldn't work, Butterfly Jump wouldn't work etc. Randomization rules for reference, bolding for emphasis.
  10. There was a solo sandeep who came in 5th, but the OP didn't say it was a problem with only certain masters in ressers but the exact opposite, it just those 3 models that make the faction OP. Also I'm sort of replying to another thread where the OP is seriously downplaying 10T.
  11. Just gonna pop in here and mentioned CCM, where in the top 10 there was at least 1 of every faction(double up on ressers and 10T), and in the top 3 it was 10T, arc, 10T(all playing a different master each round). Game still seems in a pretty good state to me. Ressers don't auto win games.
  12. santaclaws01

    Collodi controlled AP

    And this is why we put smoke grenades on Yasunori
  13. santaclaws01

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    When you're using RT you should be trading upgrades from your opponent's henchmen and enforcers. So Kang?
  14. santaclaws01

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Low River Monk is also immune to burning. There's probably at least a couple others.
  15. santaclaws01

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Rail Golem isn't immune to burning.