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  1. Looks like you've got your bases covered.
  2. Company size is usually a good indication of money though.
  3. Guild or resserecionist mcmorning?
  4. Solkan worded that a little weirdly, but it's for if your own model is being obeyed to attack another of yours. It's the defending model's choice to relent or not.
  5. You can get a pdf of the rulebook here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/133323/Malifaux--RULES-ONLY-Handbook--2E?cPath=23027_23028 . As for equipment, you'll only need a tape measure and any deck of cards. Suit conversion is Hearts=Rams, Spades=Crows, Diamonds=Masks, Clubs=Tomes. You might also want to pick up another box of gremlin models to reach 35ss for a game. Have you already found a LGS to play at/have a group of friends that play it?
  6. Any significant news that can be shared, and if not how long until this news can be shared(i.e. gencon announcement)
  7. The GG combined with Cherufe to form a single entity, so it might be better to just update/change Cherufe's entry with The Burning Man.
  8. Okay, and so did I earlier. What specifically are you replying to? The part where I said it doesn't say "end of turn" anywhere in the text of the ability? Because it doesn't. Or is this in relation to my pointing out what "last model to activate" means in context?
  9. Yeah, all the factions are fine overall. You're not going to gimp yourself by going into any of them as far as competitiveness is concerned.
  10. As has already been pointed out, she'll gain reactivate at the start of the nothing beasts activation. If she gained it outside the activation phase she would be unable to reactivate, as models may only activate during the activation phase. Additionally, Sours doesn't say "end of turn", and never actually checks for any potential future activations, just if there are any models left to activate. If models kept being unburied next to Candy for example, each one would be considered the last model to activate as far as Sours is concerned.
  11. Yeah, it is a shaky basis, but really we have nothing to go on with them, and I think treating their timing as the same as ability timing would make the most sense as conditions and abilities have a lot of overlap already.
  12. I think the current wording is fine to give implicit permission to minion models, however if explicit permission is the desired route they go I would just add in a "minion models may attach this upgrade". Throwing in the words "ignoring restrictions" opens up a whole can of worms of what restrictions are actually being ignored, because then it could potentially ignore the "neverborn minion" restriction and be placed on any minion model, or the restriction that Serena needs to be in the crew.
  13. It says once all other friendly models have activated, and a model counts as having activated as soon as it starts it's activation, not once it's activation is over. (FAQ #43)
  14. The eternal moment and nobody likes me interaction is pretty clear, it's the sours and eternal moment interaction that isn't(yet). So sours says "If an enemy model activates within 3 of this model, and it is the last model in its crew to activate this turn, it immediately suffers 3 damage." So the question comes to one of timing, does Tara get reactivate before Sours checks for if it's the last model to activate. Since both affects are resolved at the start of activation we have to refer to general timing(operating on the assumption that conditions will be lumped in with abilities, because otherwise we have nothing to work with here), it says the first player resolves all of their ability effects in any order the first player chooses, then the second player resolves theirs. So, if the Tara player is first player, Nothing Beast takes no damage, if the Candy player is the first player, Nothing Beast takes 3 damage.
  15. Looks like she was based heavily off of Kali