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  1. Malifaux is written in plain English. "X, then Y" is not a conditional statement in plain English, and because there is nothing in rules stating that effects must succeed before the next effect in an action happens, we based how it works on what it means in plain English. If you want an example of a conditional statement, look at Hoffman and Sloth, both of which have an action that says "do X, if X happens, do Y"
  2. Unless people want to start arguing that Ophelia and any other model that has an attack with both a range and non- range can start using the non- part on a charge if the target pushed out of range, your opponent can't use the range to determine the target if you're using the range.
  3. Yeah, the way it's worded the removal isn't dependent on the model being summoned, it's just sequential.
  4. This really isn't a rules question so much as a playing question. The game assumes you have the models or markers necessary to perform an action if it calls for placing them. As far as the game is concerned the TN was met so the action succeeded. It is 100% up to the players in the game or the TO with how to proceed from there.
  5. I think if it was against Terrifying, or Terrifying(all) models that would be interesting.
  6. Or then there's Sidir who's on a 40mm but is a completely average human otherwise.
  7. Titania Tactica

    Updated with all the fae models.
  8. And you haven't supported the opposite position, so stop acting like this gives you any credence.
  9. No. It is a different action that happens during the first one. This is also in the FAQ found here https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata
  10. Titania Tactica

    Any marker based scheme is pretty easy for her between placing them easily and choosing to removing the ones she wants with things like Into Thorns and The Queen Has Risen, as well as being good at setting up things like AQM(or vendetta with gg18) because she can place her target from basically anywhere within 24" of her(6" push from scheme markers, 10" movement, 8" audience range). Her denial game is also very strong, between the BMG+Barbaros combo, Tannen with his Chatty+Cooler and easy protection by Barbaros, Titania and the Taproot upgrade giving him access to the trigger if Titania has Royal Indignation will make it hard for your opponent to do anything involving your models, and Titania flying around doing The Queen Has Risen if needed to prevent any marker based schemes that the Emissary can't just smack away. Once I get through the models I could add a section for schemes and strategies, and just rotate it with the new GG each year about what I would look for in how to complete and/or deny each scheme and strat.
  11. Emphasis mine. Although I will concede that it's not explicit. This tells you that you need to track bury effects for the purpose of burying a model. If a bury effect doesn't detail how to unbury a model, then it doesn't need to be tracked.
  12. Except Oath of the Freikorps makes Von Schiller give the Priority Target condition after damaging an enemy model, so swing and a miss.
  13. Nothing in the rules state that the source of a condition matters outside of timing. The rules for burying however state that the specifics of each burry are determined by the action or ability that buried a model, and that the owner of the bury affect controls the unbury as well, so yes, the rules do tell us to track that information as it is explicitly stated as relevant. No such mentions exist for conditions, and without any rules saying it matters, it doesn't, especially when there is an implicit confirmation in that kills by conditions don't count for anyone, meaning the origin of the condition doesn't matter after it is placed. I brought up the Carrion effigy immunity removal as a potential reason why they want it to be immunity instead of ignore, so that there is counterplay.
  14. That's the thing, Blood ward isn't standard immunity. And immunity means it can be worked around. If a carrion effigy is around for example the model would no longer be immune to poison being applied by an enemy model. And the fact remains that the only time the rules care about what model is applying a condition is when the condition is applied.
  15. I'm leaning towards the condition isn't removed. Conditions don't track ownership, specifically for things like Burning and Poison, so after the condition is applied it is beyond the point of checking if an enemy is applying the condition or not.