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  1. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    That style of dreamer wasn't really affected much by errata or book 4. Also he's likely to change quite a bit tomorrow with the release of the book 5 upgrades.
  2. Alpha and upgrade cards.

    When you control a model you have control over all of it's abilities as well, regardless of where they get them from. So yes, if you've used Alpha on a model with oathkeeper/imbued energies you can ditch the upgrade for fast. And yes to your scenario with the Oxfordian Mage.
  3. Henchman Hardcore TT lists

    Can confirm the annoyingness of this crew, although I think if our game hadn't ended so soon I would have been able to pull out the win instead of our tie.
  4. Henchman Hardcore TT lists

    Emissary is 10 stones and rail workers are 5 a piece. Kang shouldn't be able to have RT.
  5. Grow lists before master updates

    Seems pretty decent, although would probably be better to turn 2 kill it so your fast young are in a better position and you'll be able to command them forward some still with Lucius. Then you're opponent will have been less likely to be prepared for 2 fast young Nephilim. Also keeps that activation for turn 2 to give better targets for your now fast young.
  6. Grow lists before master updates

    Here's my goto grow list. Lilith +6 pool - Rapid Growth (1) - Beckon Malifaux (1) - Aether/Wings/Wicked Mistress Primordial Magic (2) Nekima (13) - The True Mother (2) - A Thousand Faces (1) Black Blood Shaman (7) Young Nephilim (6) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) I feel like Nekima with True Mother and the BBS are pretty crucial for getting the grow list to do the best. Nekima as a source for more Terror Tots(albeit it won't be terribly common), but being able to have her kill the key pieces without sacrificing a potential mature is pretty big. And the the BBS as another source of growing Tots without requiring the Tot to make the kill, and just general support for the crew.
  7. Future of Malifaux (Game)

    I don't think giving pounce to all the nephilim would help too much. A lot of their pushing is to help grow the Tots.
  8. Juju doesn't unbury until after the Gupp is killed and Protect the Nest is pulsed out.
  9. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    I don't think Yu is a liability in Tail'Em or FFM. He's usually in the back supporting so getting to him is going to be a problem, and then if you do get to him he can push you 5" with a 6vs Df or Wp, and then has a Wk 7 to get away.
  10. Wave 1 stat cards

    I know they did at one point, they even still have a link for the arsenal decks. Might just be a mess up on their end, as a lot of things have been dissapearing and reappearing on their end recently.
  11. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    Yeah, I'm basically the same with my Emissary vs Yu divide, although I've been known to take both in Shenlong and Lynch lists. Also given that it looks like the conflux for Asami is going to have at least some interaction with flicker, I'm leaning more towards the Emissary with her for the future.
  12. Charge attacks and (0) action order

    You're correct, the only actions that can be declared until the charge is resolved are generated actions(like the 2 attacks that the charge generates).
  13. July 2017 Errata

    Upgrades are based on the faction of the crew, not the model. Nellie gives fast with the Delegation ability. Any 6 at range 8 and can either heal or place a scheme marker in based contact for 1 evidence.
  14. July 2017 Errata

    Executioner can have 3-4 attacks with either min damage 4 or 5 depending on if it has Debt or it's (0) upgrade and getting fast from Nellie. Peacekeeper can have 3-4 attacks depending on it's position with min damage 5. Burt with Debt can get 4 attacks at min damage 4. Bishop can have between 4 and 6 attacks with min damage 4, or he can just keep Seamus paralyzed all game (because there's almost no way he's beating an Ml 7 vs his Df 4 attack). Nellie doesn't do the fighting herself, she makes her crew fight better.
  15. Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    Is it for sure only 1 grootslang per box?