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  1. A model's wd stat is its current wounds.
  2. I disagree. With HtK you get to balance out being at 5 Wds or not so you can actually make use out of Cyclopean Rage. With Eat Your Fill he can not stay at low wounds because he will just die. The only time you'd get use out of Cyclopean Rage then is when your opponent isn't able to kill him before he activates again, the only tactical play there is "Am I at or below 5 Wd? If yes discard Mask, if no discard Ram. Now attack and hope to kill something and then hope they somehow can't deal only 9 damage until it activates again".
  3. She isn't placed until after suffering damage. Misery happens as soon as the Wp duel is failed, which is before the action resolves and "Now you see me" would go off.
  4. They're completely independent of each other. That may or may not be the intent, but that's how it's worded. The second sentence "If this model cheats fate and still loses the duel, draw a card" has no language linking it back to the first sentence. The only reason anybody could that cheating fate face down is required for this is that they're part of the same ability. This is the same situation with Burt Jebsen's slippery ability.
  5. With the current wording he doesn't have to have cheated face down to get the card. The two sentences are independent of each other.
  6. A roof can't be climbable. Climbable only applies to vertical surfaces. And that still doesn't address the buildings having both impassable and enclosed, meaning you can very much occupy the same 2d space on the board as impassable terrain. And if the sides or floors or roof of a building weren't impassable then any model could just walk right through it, because the enclosed trait means non-incorporeal models can't use actions or abilities to ignore it. It itself doesn't prevent models from occupying the same space, it's an addendum to the impassable trait.
  7. I would agree that waldgeist and cyclops aren't competing with each other. Waldgeists are generally taken to just exist where your opponent doesn't want it to. Cyclops look to fill more a beater roll while protecting other models or blocking off your opponent with the ice wall.
  8. At their current cost that'll probably be too much, but not really enough for a 6ss minion.
  9. Her card tricks alone make her valuable to any crew.
  10. From the "typical terrain pieces" call out box. If impassable meant that you could in no way enter the same space, from a top down perspective, as impassable terrain then these default terrain pieces in the book have been described with impossible characteristics.
  11. You only need a 4 of any suit to get the push and ml attack trigger off. The rest of the action is just a cherry on top for when needed.
  12. Another nice master combo is dreamer empty nighting them so they a push and 2 attacks.
  13. One thing you're missing is that only neverborn enforcers and minions can be given the upgrade. So no from the shadows papa loco. The thing I'm most worried about is a 5 AP hooded rider
  14. It means you're less likely to have to cheat to block it and they're more likely to cheat to get it through. And it gets the positive from and terrain markers, which we have plenty of with most giving some kind of cover.
  15. How is it useless against ranged attacks?