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  1. Trample

    Alpha Strike Titania

    I actually put this on the table last night, but the way it played out in the early stages of round one required me to shift my tactics so I did not have the opportunity to try to assassinate Tara in this case early on. The way it played out I think I actually targeted Tara only once with Titania during the game. The shift worked. I did win the game, but I'll have to try again to test out alpha striking Titania. Every time I finish a game with her I can't help but think of how much better another master could have done in the same situation. Not always the same master each time, but she doesn't often feel like the best choice. She isn't bad, but I want more out of her in many games.
  2. Trample

    Alpha Strike Titania

    True, but I think the real value from the Pact With the Grave Spirit upgrade is from the soulstone prevention feature. That requires the close range.
  3. Trample

    Alpha Strike Titania

    Probably true on both count (a dead Titania and better off with Nekima), but I might have to try it anyway. Just to see how it works.
  4. Trample

    Alpha Strike Titania

    Is Titania kitted up to assassinate the enemy leader turn 1/2 a viable option for her? It looks on paper like it might just fall short. If you had a combination of Lilitu, the Doppleganger, and Mr. Graves push and lure her, along with her Queen has Risen ability, Titania should be able to charge about anywhere on turn 1. If she attacks the enemy leader she can do a minimum of 12 damage if she hits with Wicked Silence, Bloody Command (burn your marker from Silence), and then the Rot Within. None of which can be prevented using stones. They're all attacks on a 6, so certainly are far from a sure thing. They don't ignore triggers, so some masters can dance away or deflect their damage elsewhere. You've got the Doppleganger to help with initiative on round 2, so you should be able to finish off most masters by that time if you have a good hand. Or will you just wind up dead in the opponents deployment zone?
  5. Trample

    Malifaux Events at the Bugeater GT

    I have to say the custom trophies for this event were really fantastic! The top 3 received custom terrain pieces in the form of buildings with a removable roof and a ladder to give the models access to the flat roof. The roof tile was etched with the tournament name and place. 2nd and 3rd were one-room buildings with a front door and windows while 1st was a 3-room building with a front and back door. With the removable roof it gives you some fun tactical options in a game. Really well done trophies! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year!
  6. Trample

    Anyone have the Easter Viks built and painted?

    Here they are. I'm a terrible photographer, so these don't look as good as they do in person. Not that I'm very good at painting either, but they really do look better in person than they do in this picture. They went together nicely and look pretty good. I don't love Ashes' sword. It looks a bit like an iron bar as opposed to a katana, but other than that they're nice models.
  7. Trample

    Anyone have the Easter Viks built and painted?

    Yeah, ran them in a tournament this weekend. I'll see if I can get some decent pictures to post in a bit.
  8. Trample

    Where to use Marlena Webster?

    I used Marlena in a tournament this weekend where I ran Viktoria in all three games. I maintained tethered on her most of the time but it really didn't come into play. In one game she (Vik) was never threatened, but in the others she was, but never enough to trigger the tether. I'm not sure if the presence of that condition dissuaded my opponents from attacking her, but if not I probably would have been better off with Hans, Sue, or maybe the Stalker. Those three games were the first I've used Marlena, so more experimenting is certainly in my future!
  9. Trample

    Malifaux Events at the Bugeater GT

    Looking at the schedule for Saturday it shows round 1 has only an hour allocated. I wanted to check this to see if the start time is perhaps earlier (10) than listed. I don't want to miss it!
  10. I looked around a bit and didn't see this, probably because it's pretty straightforward. I just want to double check. Let's my Zoraida obeys a model within 6" with a condition and while I have poisoned fate. Via complete dominance I charge another model with this obeyed model (and am within 6"). When I cheat for those charge attacks it will count as the model cheating, correct? If so, that means they'll take 2 damage each time they cheat. So, If I wanted to blow up my hand I could cause the model to charge, cheat 4 times (attack and damage) and cause 8 damage to itself. I'm pretty sure that is correct, but want to double check.
  11. Trample

    Is Malifaux too complex?

    It is getting too complex. The challenge really occurs in games against masters or combos you haven't spent much time with or haven't seen before. Although you review cards beforehand and ask your opponent some questions, by the time you really understand what that combo actually does on the table it's too late for you. I've been running mostly TT lately and have seen people who didn't really get what Smoke & Shadows would do until they had three last blossom minions scoring public demo turn one or who didn't fully appreciate just what a couple of pushes and fast could do for Misaki with recalled training. I faced it against a Seamus crew recently where i didn't realize that passing a horror duel by taking a disengaging strike could kill my model (otherwise I wouldn't have taken that strike)! Those sorts of things can be difficult with so many masters in the game. When I go into a tournament game my first hope is that I understand what the opponent's crew does for the most part. If I know that I can handle it. That challenge is created by having some many different unique abilities in the game. It makes it interesting but very hard to track and manage. It leads to situations where some of the consistently good players are those who simply know what everything does. They spend enough time with the game to have developed a pretty deep understanding of the game so they almost always know both what their models are going to do but also what your models have the ability to do. I'm not sure how you minimize the complexity without watering it down.
  12. Trample

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    I'm a bit surprised you have Misaki rated so low on this list. I would certainly have her in tier two here (temporarily in tier one before errata). She's running The Storm upgrade exclusively and it gives her some great blast potential, especially in TT where she has access to recalled training. It isn't too hard to get a couple rounds of pretty significant blasts off. She can focus on individual damage as well. With misdirection or Marlena she can stick around for a bit, although her survivability is probably what holds her back from Tier 1.5. I've had a lot of luck with her lately.
  13. Trample

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Maybe it's just Mister E. The alt widow weaver I've been hoping to see.
  14. Trample

    Final duel total

    You're correct in the outcome, but it works slightly differently than you've described. Lady J receives one ram during the duel that is built into her stat. She needs to declare the trigger to get this, but it is automatic as long as she chooses to do so. If Lady J flips a card with a ram or cheats a card into the attack flip that is a ram she will now have a total of two rams. It is important that this occurs on the attack flip and not the damage flip. Those two rams would give Lady J +2 damage to bring her to a total of min 5. She can also declare the use of a soulstone before the flip to add another ram. That would bring the total to 3 rams and a minimum 6 damage. The only thing I'm really clarifying here is your statement about the ram on the damage flip. That flip cannot add a ram and will only determine the base damage outcome (3/4/6) after which you'll add the rams to to total (assuming you've declared that trigger).