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  1. Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Ok, guiders going in the mail Monday. Now I just have to figure out where to run Lazarus. Hmmm.
  2. Would this “fix” Gunsmiths?

    It's a good idea. I think they would be good at their cost and make it into a lot of lists if they were 3/3/4 instead of 2/3/4. I still don't think that makes them as good as monster hunters at a point less, but I would use them with Ironsides.
  3. M2E Marcus

    I think Cojo at 6 points is really good. The mauler at 7 with circus bear is also a pretty good model for the price now. The hoarcats at 4 are a good value. If you have 2 cats, Cojo, and a mauler in your list you have an extra 5 points to spend now! That's a pretty good bump. It's almost like getting a free model for your Marcus crew now!
  4. Smoke & Shadows

    Public Demonstration
  5. Wave 5 - GG 18 Tier List and Faction Standing

    The new Misaki is pretty good but I think filth is a bit of an exaggeration. She is a lot more fun and more competitive than she used to be and the Storm is loads of fun. It does require the opponent to weather that storm in round one or two but you've got to do that with Lady J or Viktoria as well. I have mixed emotions so far with Risk & Reward (I'm only 5 games in with the new Misaki). I've used it a few but I think Misdirection may still be better. The Storm though makes her very good.
  6. September? Do you mean January perhaps?
  7. Video Battle report 50ss Lady justice vs Sandeep

    Great report! Perhaps accomplice into LJ from the effigy would have been good on turn 5. Let the performer escape and kill it acrobatically. She would have still died probably, but no performer!
  8. So I've been struggling with this one a bit. I haven't played a lot of Lady J with the new upgrade but, for me, it has been very difficult to maintain El Mayor on Lady J now since she has more mobile skirmish approach to her game. Turn one is obviously easy and Francisco can move to where he knows Lady J needs to be (if you're not setting up a turn one dive for her). At the top of turn two we can assume they're standing together and, so long as Francisco goes first you're in good shape throughout two and most of three (assuming as well that Francisco activates late in turn three). Perhaps that is enough. I struggle to keep these two within 2" of one other for the beginning of Francisco's activation after round two. There is often work yet to do late in three and beyond. How are you tackling this? Is it only an early game buff? Do you move Lady J to end next to Francisco and try to position him to be where she needs to be? Do you find other ways (like Queeg I suppose) to help re-position one or the other?
  9. Malifaux App Launched!

    Looks good so far. Pretty easy to create crews. I'm not sure how it will work in game tracking wounds and conditions, but I'm interested in trying it out. It would be nice to add a mechanism in there to denote activated models in your crew, unless I haven't found it.
  10. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Yup, that is right. My mistake!
  11. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    I played with him for the first time with the new upgrades and found them to be quite a bit of fun. I think the plus flips to those with Oathkeeper is probably the more powerful of the two. It can be pretty brutal on a stongarm suit, but there isn't anything preventing you from putting on someone else, like Ashes, and just leaving it on him for a bit. You can't hand out the Oathkeeper to non Friekorps, but your friends still benefit from it. Those friends love it when you throw one of your enemies back their way. Hanna with OK for example, loves to have VS toss an enemy into her 3" reach. Sure, you don't get the seeker attack, but all the enemy model can do (most of the time) is walk, so he's effectively slowed. In my match I used my first activation to hand out three OKs, but in the future will probably plan for two. After that it is likely going to be situational based on when he has nothing better to do (which isn't often), I'm looking forward to trying out the synergies with his clockwork arm throwing people back and no-charge lines with Rusty and Ronin. He could also benefit greatly from Anna's push, which you could probably use for 1-2 extra Schill attacks most turns. The combination of Anna, Rusty/Ronin, and Von Schill could force a lot of walks out of your opponents.
  12. Titania feels

    The two new upgrades are limited, so Titania does have a slot available assuming she takes one of the limited upgrades and Behold My Glory. Two points makes it a bit questionable, but I don't see an alternative always take here.
  13. cyclops rules

    Good point. I'm going to have to try that out!. I am planning to run Titania only because I am so excited about the cyclops! Have you run two of them?
  14. 5 models, 50 points

    That is surprising it worked so well being that far behind in activation count. He has free movement of McCabe, Emissary, Yas, and the brother after you're activated (assuming he burns 5 activations with hounds and Luna). He could easily put a reactivating brother and Yas right where he wants them. I think I would have dropped the mature for 2-3 models. To answer your question though, no. I haven't been able to win with 5!
  15. cyclops rules

    I think they have some real potential am am going to try to get them on the table next week. The two (0) actions are the interesting ones. The first is the scheme marker trick where you flip a card for each scheme marker within 3" (friendly or enemy) and have a result on each suit. One discards the marker to give an opponent slow, one places a marker (not subject to card flip), one heals a friendly 1, and the last damages an enemy 1. Jokers give you two effects. The other is an ice wall that needs a 7 to go off. Two 50mm impassable in base contact. That could be really some really nice board control. They can discard a card to heal, so with HTK they may stick around a while. Alternatively they can discard a card to increase their Ml range to 4", which can give them a sneaky-long threat range of 11". They do increase Ml stat when down 4 or more wounds as well to give them Ml7 with 3/4/6, with blasts on moderate and severe. So they have some real potential there. I'm excited about these guys.