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  1. Trample

    What is our Answer to Sonnia?

    I guess on this one I would probably try to go in hard and fast round 1 with Misaki or Yasunori. Either can have fast and a couple of pushes to get around the inevitable flame wall. Sonnia, if you can get to her, isn't a very hard target. She's susceptible to bisento since she's probably dropped two cards for her zero action. If you've spread out a bit and she blasts a model or two off the table she is probably down to a 1-2 card hand late in round one. You're going to get blasted, but if you spread out you can mitigate the damage to 2 models. The other thing you can do is snipe some support off the table. With a sniper in a Shenlong list you can take Papa Loco off the board in round one son Sonnia doesn't get her plus flips to damage. It might be a nice time for Smoke & Shadows. If you have the cards you can pull up to three models off of the table (including jorogumo) and drop them next to Sonnia at the end of the round.
  2. Trample

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    She is still probably the second best blaster in the game. Sonnia is blasting at a cast 9 (often on + flips) and can cheat severe with 5 triple blast (that can start 2" away). She needs Papa Loco to be able to cheat consistently and 2 cards to get to cast 9. Misaki isn't that good, but isn't so far behind either. She's at a 7 with the same damage spread as Sonnia and one less blast, but she can put those two blasts a lot of different places, probably hitting as many secondary targets as Sonnia could. Misaki can cheat easily with the upgrade, so she can very consistently charge and hit 3 severe (picking the right target of course like a low defense htk or high armor target) and get 18 (3x3x2) blast damage out there - 9 on two separate targets. That can be a pretty phenomenal round. Mind you, all of that is easier in TT with pushes and recalled training.
  3. Trample

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    Ah, you are correct. Oops.
  4. Trample

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    You could try the new engineer. He can give her a ram for two rounds, which will allow her to consistently get the Thunder attack off of the downburst. I'm not sure that is worth it, but it is kind of interesting. I think most of the time I would rather charge, but there probably are occasions where the pushes can really help.
  5. Trample

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Asami has a card draw w/ nefarious pact. The equality upgrade has a card draw mechanism. So does the Fate of Mortals upgrade.
  6. Trample

    Rank the TT starters

    Misaki is pretty straightforward out of the box. She can do quite a few things, but can be a very simple combat master for a new player. The same is true with all of the models in her boxed set.
  7. Trample

    New Master - Misaki Synergy (Brainstorm)

    I tend to use Storm, Misdirection, and Recalled Training. I've used R&R a few times, but misdirection is so much more powerful as a defense tool. When I've used R&R it's been nice to be able to stone for cards at the beginning of the round and risk the others. The healing doesn't do much, but you get your crow and + flips along with the cards to cheat with those flips. Having said that, I think it's great to try other things. I may try Wings of Wind myself just to see, although I can't imagine what I would give up.
  8. Trample

    Killjoy and Lo Pan

    You can easily move him around with Sensei Yu or the Shadow Emissary. You may want both to make sure you've moved him far enough. Beyond your painting idea (which would be excellent) I don't see a reason to pick Killjoy over Yasunori. I think there are better ways to deal with the bomb, like a storming Misaki early in turn 1.
  9. Trample

    New Master - Misaki Synergy (Brainstorm)

    That upgrade doesn't seem like it does enough for 2. Not to mention the loss of misdirection, recalled training, or risk & reward.
  10. Trample

    Shenlong Sniper Crew

    Yeah, I think you're right in the analysis. 1-2 snipers is usually the right way to go so you don't get too unbalanced. It was interesting to try and interesting to see how Lazarus performed in that environment, but I would agree, there are a lot of good counters. Thunders themselves have a ton of them!
  11. Trample

    Shenlong Sniper Crew

    So I tried this one myself tonight with Lazarus. I had, if memory serves: Shenlong (wandering, yang, peaceful waters) Peasant Emissary (dawn) Lazarus (RT) 2x Snipers Charm Warder Low river monk It's pretty devastating if you have clear fire lanes. My first four shots with Lazarus and two shots with the first sniper were into hard cover, so I would argue there was a reasonable amount on the table but the recipient of said shots wouldn't agree. Regardless, it can do a lot. The MLR and Emissary give you 3 card draw, so you should have a nice hand. Each sniper can get 2 focused shots. Lazarus can be pushed wherever you need him between the emissary and Shenlong and will have fast in the process. So Lazarus should be able to pull of 4 recalled training shots with the autocannon in round one or round two at the latest. Then you follow up with 4 focused sniper shots. It's hard for most crews to hold up under that kind of firepower if they can't alpha. Even into hard cover (as I was shooting into), with 9 cards and RT Lazarus can hit most models and blast from time to time. If you manage to shoot at someone in in the open you're golden. So yeah, thumbs up.
  12. Trample

    Gaining Grounds Bugeater Primer

    I'll be there too.
  13. Trample

    Nico counter

    Fortunately I am not having problems - yet! Rather I am anticipating problems after hearing so much about Nicodem lately, especially after he has added Asura, Lampads, and Kentauroi his arsenal. Most recently here: https://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-84-nicodem-crew-spotlight-with-varney/ The nature of this crew and related lists is to put four models into your crew in round one - the lampad, which doubles to 2 lampads, the kentauroi, and one other summoned thing. You have to deal with that at the beginning of turn two in the second half of which he'll be pulling new corpses off the line to throw at you so you have to deal with those as well. Sure, your'll be able to put them down, but your AP are spent. In the meantime he'll be positioned to run his schemes. I agree charm warders are pretty good. Taelor could help as well. The challenge is getting them stuck in and supported well enough to do some damage and survive at the same time. I think about a couple of options here: 1. Drive Asami up turn one and plan to activate her whenever necessary to eat corpse markers. If Nico doesn't have those as resources there really isn't much he can do. Since she can work with about any crew you could combine this with Yas or Kang strategies as well. 2. Throw Misaki up with Yu and attack a non HTW model (like Asura) with The Storm. The blasts can go wherever but at least one of them each time should be hitting Nico. If he doesn't stone on Asura you can take her out in two hits and, depending on placement you may be able to charge a second time since you have fast from Yu. If not you're doing a downburst, which could help you re position some things and get another Thunder attack. You don't kill Nico in this scenario but hopefully can get him down 6-9 in round one before stone use. We're hoping he burns those stones because each one likely means fewer undead. If he heals using the corpse markers he isn't going to be summoning undead with those either. 3. Push Yas into Nico round 1. Preferably on the 2nd or 3rd activation. You'll have 4-5 attacks here, so should hit and do 3 damage each time barring jokers (it wouldn't be unlikely to see either or both). You're not going to kill him with this strike but likely you can get him to half wounds and use 4 stones and be in a position to follow up for the killing blow in round 2 with Yas or the other models you've moved up behind him. Nico is going to deploy deep, so you may get a second model there in standard, but I wouldn't count on it. 4. Build a round 2 strike around a well-supported Kang. I don't think you're likely to get him there round one (maybe with emissary, Shenlong, Sensei Yu) but if you could keep him from being bogged down in round one he could really do some damage. Personally I think #1 plus #3 is going to be the best bet. Yas is a handful for any opponent and if you can follow him up with a barrel of monkeys so much the better! I haven't tried any of these against a list like this and I haven't played against a list like this. I just want to be pseudo-prepared when I do.
  14. Trample

    Nico counter

    What's your preferred counter to Nicodem in Ten Thunders? Do you prefer an alpha with Yasunori and/or Misaki to try to take him out right away? Do you think Asami is best by eating corpse markers and summoning herself? Would you rather build around Kang? What's the best answer to this guy in your opinion?