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  1. Scion of the Void is obvious, as Tara can take her in either faction, as is Hannah and Anna Lovelace, being mercs they can be taken in either faction, Hannah gives you an additional card each turn, Anna allows you to draw one and dump one, so is handy too. Hannah can copy the Death Marshal's bury too. In Resurs Tara is limited to four Void models, and since most of her Void models are Outcasts that means she'll typically be taking Marshal, Scion and/or Nothing Beast and a Void Wretch and have to buy more Resurrectionist models. In Outcasts the only Void infiltration she'll have to do is Death Marshals so her entire box is usable. With her revised rules I think Tara is a good mid-range master with a few tricks up her sleeve, and because she covers two factions it doubles the number of models you can buy for her (that might not be a good thing).
  2. Stick up is my most used upgrade just because it effectively makes him Nimble with the cost of a 4 to get it back on him again. Admittedly my turns with him generally look like, "discard to walk, push push push, reattach Stick up" I did do a "shoot, discard Black Market for damage, attach Highwayman hitting trigger for second 0, command Ronin to attack, some other stuff" one turn, it was like getting 5AP worth of work for the price of 3.
  3. I don't think it's as easy to compare Outcast masters as it is Resurrectionists because they are so different. Hamelin is definitely flexible, but he can have a lot of balls in the air. Jack Daw is solid on offence, and brings a fun themed crew. Leveticus doesn't hit as hard as he used to, but he is still a fairly good offensive summoner. Viktoria is as she has always been, deadly but fragile. Parker is a good all-rounder, but in my opinion works best as crew support, he seems to favour a less elite build than our other Masters. I have started the game with 9 models on the board and didn't find that a problem. Von Schill is tough and hits pretty well, like Parker he's a crew master although he's more focused on Freikorps where Parker works fairly well with anyone. Tara can do a lot of things herself (especially with 6AP a turn) but I think her best use is to maximize one of the commodities in the game, AP. She can make a lot of your models fast, increasing your AP commodity by almost 50% over the course of a game. Misaki is not as good in Outcasts as she is in Ten Thunders, lacking Recalled Training and Sensei Yu, but she is very mobile and her Lost Blossom infiltrators bring some interesting options, like Jorogumo, to Outcasts. She is probably the "least good" of the Outcast masters, but that doesn't make her bad. Wrath is a Henchman with an extra AP from his upgrade so... he's bad.
  4. Don't get your models professionally painted. Paint them yourself. No doubt the professional will do them better, but the other way they're yours.
  5. True, though if I dropped even one Oiran I'd also drop smoke and shadows as I wouldn't have enough Lost Blossom minions to take advantage of it. That'd give me a third Ronin, and they're not bad.
  6. I agree it's not a very good list, but I think I might try it a few times for the laughs. Rusty Alyce, or Hamelin's pipes aura are certainly other ways of interfering with charge actions, but there is some humour in being able to say whenever someone says, "I'll charge..." saying in response, "No, you won't." And when you want to run schemes and interact you have Misaki and Ashes who are both rather quick. It's a gimmick list really, and like all gimmick lists it'll probably work once and then go down to whoever decided to bring guns.
  7. You can get PDFs of the 1.5 books for a few dollars on DriveThruRPG. They're interesting for the fluff, and for seeing how the game has changed.
  8. Misaki with disguise, oath keeper, smoke and shadows 3 Ashes and Dust, scramble 2 Ronin 2 Oiran 2 Desperate Mercenaries No model in the crew can be charged.
  9. A hilariously bad list might be something like Tara, Karina, Aionus, and all the rest of the points spent on Desperate Mercs. Costing only 4 stones Aionus can make his entourage fast by discarding fives and above, and Tara can poke hers for fast for the cost of a wound. If nothing else it would be losing with style.
  10. Performers are mercenaries.
  11. Any master who's silly enough to put himself within range of Pipes, or a Rat King charge. I had one game against Seamus where had about 7 blight on him by turn 2, Chiaki took it all off, and I still had another 7 blight on him by turn five. Obedient Wretch dumped him down to 1 wound before he killed her. I played like crap that game, my crew was wrong for the Schemes I took, and wrong for the strategy too, and my opponent deservedly won, but it still gives an indication of just how easy it is to dump blight onto models. That said, kill the nurse first if you can. They're very annoying.
  12. Going back to an old topic. What does Von Schill need to make him a competitive master in Outcasts? I was looking at my Ironsides card, she being approximately the Von Schill of Arcanists, and one thing that struck me was that along with providing a passive boost for her crew, and having a selection of attacking abilities with not much else, much like Von Schill, she also has a cache of 5. Would giving Von Schill a larger cache of 4 or 5, effectively allowing an extra model in his crew while still having a reasonable number of stones, make him a better choice in Outcasts?
  13. Pie. Definitely pie.
  14. Support in Outcasts? Tara (hands out fast like candy) Hamelin (obey) Parker (pushes and some obey like abilities) Jack Daw (a lot of synergy with tormented models) Von Schill (some support for Freikorps models, and more limited with others). Viktorias, Misaki, and Leveticus tend to just do their own thing.
  15. Peacekeeper with Precision...