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  1. Yan Lo Tips please

  2. Yan Lo Tips please

    Carrion Emissary, Asura Rotten (5th wave), Anna Lovelace can summon with her gun attack. Guild Autopsies can summon one if they kill a model (good luck). Off the top of my head.
  3. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    It's good to know Von Schill has benefited from the new upgrades. It does seem that that was what Wyrd were trying to do. Weaker masters got some flavourful buffs to make them stronger, while stronger masters just got some flavourful buffs that keep them roughly the same. Although then there's Hamelin.
  4. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Give him "shooting expert" so he can spend AP on movement, and still get off a shot? Or (with I Pay Better) get the coveted two focused shots a turn.
  5. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    Where does the model in the center come from?
  6. To Flurry With a Peacekeeper?

    I focus melee attacks if I'm holding the Red Joker (and preferably the Black) and have a high card in my hand that I can win the duel with. If I don't have the Red, then Flurry is a good way to go Joker fishing, although again I prefer to be holding the Black.
  7. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Mounted Guards'

    Thankfully I have the metal model.
  8. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    With access to non-gamin Academics and Beasts now, I'm wondering if MacMourning is rivaling Leveticus for potential hiring pool, albeit spread over two factions.
  9. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Mounted Guards'

    There's a horse with one point of contact to its base?
  10. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    I'm doing the same, although I've only painted Grimwell at the moment. A lawyer can also fit in there. You need someone to deal with malpractise suits, and a performer wouldn't be completely out of place, "but of course I'm an intern" *flutters eyelashes*. A reporter doing an "investigation", although more likely going to end up on MacMourning's slab, could be in theme too. I'm going to use Simulcrum #27 as the Brutal Effigy, even though "technically" he's the proxy for the Carrion Emissary. Dual faction master, dual faction Emissary, I say.
  11. Goryo assembly....

    Yes, I saw that and went and bought the Mounted Guard regular box.
  12. Goryo assembly....

    Rule for new models. Always have two points of contact on the base. Try to make it in as few pieces as possible. Try to make heads in one piece.
  13. Hans and his uses.

    That said, you're still investing 10 stones, and probably a few cards, in removing that one model, so you'd better make sure it's worth it.
  14. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    Give Mech Rider a requirement for an extra suit so bringing it back to the level it is now.
  15. McMourning Wish List

    I have a Scorpius, a couple of Rattlers, Shikome. There's some fun things you can do with McMourning that distinguishes him from "the" beast master, Marcus.