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  1. induction

    Darn. I'd actually have killed McTavish that time. Next time McTavish. Next time.
  2. induction

    Are you sure about that? The normal 1 point of damage can't be reduced since generally 1 damage is the minimum you can take, but we've played it that armour affects damage from poison and burning just like any other source.
  3. induction

    Also when you use a Nurse to put a model on negative flips with +2 armour, that block of 3 drops down to 1.
  4. McMourning and Co. Tactica

    McMourning and Rafkin are both DPS models, with Rafkin adding a bit of debuffing too with My Own Concoction. Neither is particularly durable though, so while they kill what they're aimed at, they die shortly afterwards. I'm going to have to become more tricksy. Maybe keep a Belle around to pull McMourning and friends out of harm's way. I don't suppose there are any tanks that fit with McMourning. High damage but a bit fragile seems to be his thing.
  5. Mimic Lucius

    Lucius's crew box? Well, obviously to get Lucius, the Scribe, and the two Lawyers you're going to need his box. If you want Candy she's in Pandora's box, although you can probably still find the metal blister around.Graves, Tannen, Beckoners, Doppleganger, Changlings, Terracotta Warrior and Vogel all come in their own boxes. However the strength of Changlings and Doppleganger are their ability to duplicate attacks from more powerful models, so you'll want a couple of those. I'm not sure if Graves hits hard enough to count for that, and there's always the risk of your hard hitting models being killed, which is likely because your opponent will know it not only removes that model, but also reduces the power of your Doppleganger/Changling.
  6. Picking the Doc

    Damning Oratory? Sure, it'd be difficult to get it on a model McMourning is actually engaged with, but Skin Graft has a 3" range. Just have McMourning 3" from the model you want to kill, and put the Exorcist on the other side. "Pop!" Damning Oratory by itself, along with Skin Graft, could be an annoying way of shutting down models that rely on triggers.
  7. The Executioner

    Can you make him discard his upgrade for the (1) charge when trying to make him charge with machine puppet?
  8. Picking the Doc

    Never overlook the possibilities offered by combining Plastic Surgery and an Exorcist. Everything within 3" of McMourning is Undead, including things that wouldn't normally have a characteristic like spirits, so, if you have the cards, the Exorcist can kill them instantly.
  9. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    Dry fitting, trial and error. As is normal with Wyrd.
  10. Hannah vs Lazarus

    Perhaps if it wasn't Limited.
  11. Competitive Leveticus lists

    The cost is indeed too high. At 1 stone it would be okay.
  12. Hannah vs Lazarus

    Scramble is overpriced, I think. You're already giving up options because it's a Limited upgrade. One stone seems to be a better price.
  13. I suppose Nicodem would be the natural foil to Molly, since he uses a lot of the same models, but on the other hand he does have a similar style being a summoner. I chose McMourning and Nicodem as my two Resurrectionist masters because of their different playstyles. Saemus likes belles, so there is some overlap there, and he has a different playstyle... although there are some who would say he's not outstanding at that style... but loaded with models that affect Wp duels he is entertaining enough I'd imagine. If you're playing Spirit Molly there's a lot of crossover with Kirai, although again... summoner. Still, Resurrectionists are the summoning faction. Tara is there of course, but she's very different to the rest of the faction. I'd say play Saemus and Molly. It's fluffy too, given their history.
  14. Doggy heaven

    Sitting beside Bert, him on his last wound and loaded with poison, waiting for him to activate, die, and turn into a dog.

    I like them.