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  1. Freman

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    I just left the head on the sprue, added a dab of plastic cement, and pushed the beard into place.
  2. Freman

    Nicodem Starting Guide / Tactics

    The key model is Nico. You can lose pretty much any other model and still make it work. Even if he can't mass summon he can still revive dead models and boost them with his auras. Fortunately he's not easy to kill, but he isn't invulnerable either.
  3. Ressers, obviously. Group of three, so minions most likely. Nicodem will be happy. Very fashionably dressed, for zombies. Alternate Rotten Belles, or something similar that's their own thing?
  4. As an aside, Zipp has the ability to reposition on a on the defense dual. How would that work with a model that uses an attack that has both a melee and ranged profile like the Freikorps librarian. If she was in melee and I discard for furious casting, then he jumps away after the first attack, can I switch to the ranged profile and keep shooting him for the remaining two attacks?
  5. Freman

    Who to pair up with Nico

    I've not played Reva, only McMourning, but he is a lot of fun. Nico will be my second Resser master once I can stir myself enough to paint his models. I think that McMourning and Nico share more of a model pool than Nico and Reva inasmuch as many of McMourning's themed models are also Undead and benefit from Nico's synergies.
  6. Freman

    New Malifaux player interested in Parker

    With the new upgrades Von Schill is a solid middle of the road master for Outcasts.
  7. Freman

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    If you can pull Joss into a position where a Nurse can medicate him onto negative flips, with a Belle, and then hit him with a Shikome and/or McMourning he will evaporate. Reactivating on one wound doesn't mean anything when he's poisoned and sitting near the Doc, that's if he hasn't been expunged into a Flesh Construct already. In fact sitting the Doc next to a poisoned model on one wound, who's yet to activate, is quite enjoyable. McMourning's answer to every question is "poison it". Must be that Guild education. As others have said, McMourning isn't a beatstick, although with Rafkin (and I always run Rafkin with him) around he can put out a tolerable amount of damage. He's a scalpel. Pick a model. Kill it. Move on. That said you should be splashing poison around like it's a half price sale on pesticides (Guild Autopsies, Rafkin, Rogue Necromancy can all do it at range, some with blasts) so there shouldn't be a healthy model on the board.
  8. On the Levi subject, the reason he went to nothing is because his card, including his damage tracks, was originally written with the assumption that you'd be burning his wounds to get positive flips. That's why the damage tracks all very low for a master (except his melee severe). With channelling reduced to one incidence of focus he's hitting minimum damage more often, where 1 or 2 just isn't enough. He needs new damage tracks, possibly 2/4/6 for melee, and 3/4/5 for unmaking.
  9. Neverborn: Collodi. "I had strings but now I'm free, there are no strings on me." Guild: Hoffman. "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." Lucius: "The prosecution rests, m'lord." Sonnia. "I am the god of hellfire." Arcanists: Marcus. "Wild Boys!" Duran Duran Ressers: Nicodem. "My mother said I should make more friends." McMourning. "The doctor is in." Gremlins: Ophelia. "You have to ask yourself, 'Do I feel lucky?' Well do ya, punk?" 10 Thunders: Maybe Lynch. "The House always wins." Outcasts: Leveticus. "You get an Abomination, and you get an Abomination, and you get an Abomination." Viktoria. "Off with her head." Hamelin. "Oh rats!" Edit: I play Outcasts (so far everyone except Tara) and Ressers (only McMourning so far).
  10. Freman

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    She's a 1.5 hangover from when she was an outcast member of the Ten Thunders.
  11. Freman

    Picking up arcanists constructs with Hoffman

    Grab the Ramos box. Howard, Joss, and a Spider Swarm. Ml7 Spider Swarms can be fun.
  12. Freman

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    Amina Naidu. Strictly speaking, not a Beast, but playable with both. Malifaux Raptor has his little tricks.
  13. Freman

    How do you fix Aionus?

    People would take him though.
  14. Freman

    Grave Stirrings(New Player)

    Remember you can play Nicodem as a support master, simply raising and re-raising his punk zombies. It might not be his strongest incarnation, but it's still effective.