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  1. Head over to Wargame Vault, buy one of every card for your faction, fit them into a series of trading card sleeves (the kind the clip into a ringbinder) voila, a Codex.
  2. On the other hand he is a single model, when Silurids can be taken in multiples.
  3. Anna is a Henchwoman, so she can hold I Pay Better too.
  4. Parker has Cache 4. Maybe he's the way of the future. A low cache on Viktoria (free Henchman) Leveticus (free Totems) and Hamelin (a pretty decent Master) is understandable, and Tara (4) Jack Daw (2) and Misaki (2) seem about right, especially if you're planning to dump stones to get Misaki's assassinate trigger, but Von Schill has too few. He's not on a par with even post-cuddle Leveticus, and Jack is clearly better. I think a cache of 4 should be looked at for him, and giving him an Obey like action, maybe one that only requires a 6, but also only affects Freikorps, call it "Martial Law" or something. I haven't played with her yet, but Anna Lovelace looks like she might be useful in a Freikorps crew, including adding a bit of summoning (Seishan probably, Mindless Zombies are pretty useless when you can't use corpse markers yourself, and Seishin have the ability to jump to your crew master and sacrifice themselves for a healing flip) and rush of magic.
  5. I start with Rusty since she's a good all round model, and From the Aether combined with Instinctual upgrade makes her a reasonable summoner if you can spare a seven and ten each turn. Summoned models are good for throwing into the fray because nobody cares if they die. Enchanted weapons, allowing her to ignore incorporeal and armour, are lethal on a model with a min 3 damage track. I grab Desolate Soul for her second bought upgrade as she becomes a summoning machine if you can get the you need. Fully upgraded she's better than Leveticus in many ways. However don't "burn out" Leveticus if there's a ranged model that can hit him before he heals... don't ask me how I know.
  6. In a Shifting Loyalties campaign zero cost henchmen cost (I forget the exact number) but something like 13 minus their soulstone cache. Something like that anyway. Viktoria of Blood worked out to 10 stones if I recall correctly. If you're playing regular games led by a Henchman then you shouldn't be paying for the Henchman leader (you pay for any non-leader henchmen of course).
  7. When you have a bit more money to throw around, the Leveticus box is quite good, especially for Rusty Alyce. I actually have difficulty running her without the full four stones in upgrades (From Aether and Desolate Soul). In a game today, over two turns she turned a Ten Thunder's Brother and Sensei Yu into Abominations (both were down to <3 wounds), and summoned another Abomination from a scrap marker she had generated in the previous turn. Leveticus is fairly decent, although with the changes to Channel his damage track in both melee and at range are a little low. When you were guaranteed positive flips you could rely on being able to cheat in a moderate or severe, but not so much now.
  8. Boosting his cache to 4 might help. Given what he brings to the table (or doesn't), 1 is a mite miserly.
  9. No. Trappers are minions. They'd probably be broken if we could give them Scout the Field.
  10. Although just to be precise, Convict Gunslingers are Enforcers.
  11. I quite like Grimswell. If you have I Pay Better (discard a card at the start of your activation for focus, affects mercenaries) you can have him focus, nimble into the enemy, then use his (2) action to lobotomize people.
  12. Trapper. Winged Plague. Others are situational I think.
  13. Misaki is going to take a bit of work to "get" for me. The 2/4/6 damage track is pretty bad unless you can get to positive flips (recalled training isn't available for us). Thunder is nice.
  14. I played three games with one yesterday and they're... okay. Not fantastic but a four stone model that can shoot (sort of ) and fight in melee (sort of) isn't that bad. The first game I played she was attacked by Nekima and died without doing anything, but then Johan and Strongarm were free to punch Nekima to death, so that's something. The second game she managed to kill a couple of damaged models (one with wild firing), and in the third game she managed to hang on to the end and drop a scheme marker.
  15. No.