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  1. If it doesn't specify "other" model then yes, a tactical action that targets a model can be used on the caster. A common one is Von Schill casting "finish the cur" on himself in order to get a pseudo-melee expert against an enemy with two or fewer wounds.
  2. Remember that Hannah can copy a Death Marshal's bury ability.
  3. From the lack of any activity in this forum, can I assume that we're all pretty much agreed that the Outcast Wave 5 models are reasonably balanced as they appear now, hopefully with the minor addition of Creative Salvage to Marlena's card? I would also add, "which cannot be reduced." to the damage taken by the Tethered Soul ability, just so we know that armour (or a Terracotta Warrior) doesn't help. Hi @Mason
  4. I read "wounds" as saying that that's what she takes. Armour doesn't help. Likewise, since the Terracotta Warrior specifies "damage" it wouldn't be able to takes the wounds on her behalf. I agree that Arcane Reservoir would be too much on top of the rest of the things she gets. Perhaps a simplified version of Steadfast Protector: If an enemy action would remove a friendly scheme marker within 2" of this model, this model may discard a card to prevent the scheme marker being removed. Front of Card would be Df () "Teddy, Help!" Armour +1 Steadfast Protector (as above) Creative Salvage Back of card Protector's Claws Entropic Withering Ca 6 Quick Stitching Soul Tether
  5. The 1 minimum damage on his melee is annoying, and is an example of a rule that existed because he had his old Channel mechanism. Being on positive flips most of the time meant that you'd normally be cheating in at least moderate. Making him minimum damage 2 would correct it I think.
  6. I was just thinking. Malifaux is a game built on tight little character driven narratives, and part of the reason I like Marlena is that at the moment she's the only one of our Wave 5 models with an actual story behind her. The others won't really become "characters" in our little stories until they're given a narrative of their own rather than being "generic plastic model on 30mm base". A weakness of character driven rules is becoming too infatuated with the character, resulting in the desire to Mary Sue them. My personal feeling is that replacing Steadfast Protector with Creative Salvage would be a neutral change. Salvage would help her do what she does, but since the only summoners we have that use scrap are her, Alyce (with upgrade) and Leveticus (with upgrade hardly anyone takes) it is a limited benefit in our faction. Making Quick Stitching a (0) that uses wounds would also be a neutral change in my opinion. It would probably be a bit stronger than the (1) using scrap, or at least more reliable as you only require the card, although it does have the opportunity cost of not being able to use Soul Tether. To be honest, given the choice, nine times out of ten (since my Master is rarely in harm's way) I'd just summon a Wicked Doll. Thinking about it, that reliability is one reason why I don't think the (0) wound usage summon is a good idea. She is, when all is said and done, an eight stone enforcer. She's reasonably hitty, both in melee and at range, fairly durable as models at her points level go, and she has a useful, but resource dependent summon, and an ability that adds to the durability of your Master, at the expense of using up her wounds. Making her summon that reliable, even as a (0) might be just a tad too strong. So my suggestions to change her are, "drop Steadfast Protector, add Creative Salvage, and make Entropic Withering Ca 6". If you feel like she needs something else, try Rush of Magic.
  7. At the moment she has to have a 7, 1 AP, and a scrap marker to summon a Wicked Doll. Creative Salvage would provide a means of producing her own scrap, but would be dependent on her expending AP in order to kill models, either friendly (hire an Abomination, kill it for two scrap markers) or enemy. Over the course of a game I can see her, by her own efforts, getting maybe two or three dolls. Making her summon a 0 that uses two wounds (one wound is too low for a summon, I think, but three would be too high given that she only has eight to start) and again with the 7 requirement, she can probably again get two or three Wicked Dolls over the course of the game. The advantage, if you have a 7 in your hand you can summon on the first turn, twisting the activation count in your favour. If you keep her close to your team healer, Doc or Librarian, and get a steady supply of cards, you could pump out five Dolls over the course of the game. There is precedent. Both Karina's summon, and Rusty Alyce's From Aether summon are 0s, and Kirai uses wounds to summon, although she uses other people's. Perhaps a compromise where she can use a scrap marker or two wounds to summon from. If we want to continue the theme of using her wounds to do stuff, we could put Sue's Hurt on the front of the card and allow her to take a wound to draw a card. Soul Tether allows her to effectively trade her wounds to a Master so, similar thing. On the other hand Quick Stitching, as it's written now, allows the fantasy that somehow she'll get enough scrap and s to summon ten Wicked Dolls over the course of a game.
  8. Her Lost status really just reflects what she is, a lost child. It really offers nothing in game terms.
  9. I said already that Good Student is unnecessary. Creative Salvage helps her because she needs scrap to summon and the only way to get it at present is to take Rusty Alyce with From Aether, or kill a Construct near her. One is 12 stones, the other crew dependent. With Creative Salvage she has three forms of inflicting damage "Teddy, Help!", Protector's Claws, and Entropic Withering, that if she manages to kill another model with she gains a scrap marker to summon from. Now whether it's worth spending a 7 on something is entirely academic if you don't have anything to summon from. It's like taking Nicodem and hoping that your opponent will provide the corpse markers you need to summon from. Of course Alyce with From Aether can summon from scrap Marlena drops too, and she's popular in many crews.
  10. Marlena rubbed the back of a dirty hand across her face, leaving another smear, and pulled awkwardly at the satin dress that was just too big for her. "Teddy?" She called. "Where are you?" She heard a rumble from behind a pile of scrap that Mr Leveticus kept at the back of his shop, and followed the sound. With a startled cry she fell backwards as one of the massive Malifaux Rats leapt at her, then heard a sudden roar as a furry shape lunged at it, claws glowing with an eerie light. The rat came apart, unraveled by the Teddy's fierce attack, and yet as it did an skein of silver fell from its remains. Unbidden Marlena's hands rose, grasping the threads. She felt the wild magic of Malifaux fill her, flow through her, wonderful, terrifying. Under her flying fingers a shape took form. Black furry skin from the dead rat, stuffed, held together with the silver cord. She held in her hands a small white stone, and with a surety she didn't know she possessed she thrust it into the heart of her new toy. Seams were sealed, the doll stood before her, polished eyes reflecting the light. Where had those large button eyes come from? Marlena wondered. It looked at her, asking an unspoken question. "Dance!" She told the doll. It moved, faltering at first, and then more smoothly. She laughed in delight as her Teddy stood by, no expression on its inhuman face, in its inhuman eyes, but watchful, ever watchful. The ancient mechromancer lowered the hand he had placed over his companion's gun. Whatever the opinion she expressed about the girl, Alyce's revolver had rocketed from leather when she witnessed the attack. "I was just going to put her out of her misery." Was her unnecessary explanation. "Indeed." Leveticus stroked his jaw reflectively. "It appears there is much more to our little friend than meets the eye."
  11. Okay, drop Good Student and keep Creative Salvage. It makes her self supporting no matter whose crew she's in, and it's fluffy as hell.
  12. Replace Steadfast Protector with Good Student and Creative Salvage. Creative Salvage is fluffy, given her relationship with Leveticus, and it will help her generate some scrap if she ever manages to kill something.
  13. Does "Teddy Help" apply against ranged attacks? Because that would be funny. Shot by a Trapper, 28 inches away. "Teddy, Help!" and she's pushed away as the Teddy rushes across the board and rips two wounds off the Trapper, one after armour of course.
  14. Agreed. She feels like an eight stone model, so we just need to make her worth eight stones. Soul Tether is very strong, but it's rather like Apprentice Wesley for the Brewmaster. You're trading her wounds to keep your Master alive, and unless you keep a Librarian on hand to heal her she probably won't be doing that more than once or twice per game. Df () "Teddy Help" Fluffy given her story, and useful if you have a low to throw into a combat that you're not going to win anyway. Armour +1 Well, she is a construct. Appropriate. Steadfast Protector This seems like a fairly large lump of text for an ability that doesn't seem that important in game. I'm not even sure what relevance it has to her fluff, although I could have missed something. Good Student could replace this without too much hassle in my opinion. Protector's Claws (Ml 6/Rst: Df/Rg: 2) 2/4/5 with trigger on , which she can get from the Freikorps Engineer. Entropic Withering (Ca 5/TN: 10/ Rst: Wp/Rg: 10) 2/3/4 ignores hard to wound and hard to kill. While the ignores are good, and the Lingering Entropy trigger is handy, Ca 5 seems a bit low for eight stones. Ca 6 feels better, especially when considering it targets Wp, which is one of the more variable stats in the game, ranging from 1 (Lenny) up to 9 (El Mayor Perdita). Quick Stitching (Ca 5/TN: 12) Summon a Wicked Doll from a scrap marker. I love this. It's fluffy, and Wicked Dolls don't suck. She'll need a supply of scrap, of course, and that might be a little harder to come by. Perhaps putting a trigger on one of her attacks that allows her to generate a scrap marker when she hurts or kills an enemy model? Alyce with From Aether will be her constant companion otherwise. Otherwise Joss or a Large Arachnid in an Iron Leveticus crew.
  15. How about giving her Sammy's Good Student ability, allowing her to take one upgrade specific to the Master she's being hired by, perhaps neglecting the part that prohibits others taking it if it doesn't have a rare limit? Taking Hamelin's Sewer King upgrade for example would allow the hiring of Lost models, and give her the Useless Toys ability. Desolate Soul from Leveticus would give three models in the crew able to summon with a ranged attack, or she could just take the other of his Pariah upgrades. Sisters in Fury would free up AP for the Viktorias. So on and so forth.