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  1. Freman

    July 2018 Errata

    Corpse Bloat and My Little Helper. 3 stones.
  2. Freman

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    He received the Leveticus treatment. When you pick up a Malifaux master of the older generation, every rule on their card is written and balanced with every other rule on their card. If you change one then you have to be willing to change the others to rebalance them. Without his positive flips Leveticus has too low a damage track for a master. Without his ability to summon relatively healthy minions, Nicodem's role as a summoner ceases to be relevant. Asura Rotten and Kentauri were the things that pulled Nicodem above the high median. Kentauri could have been made unsummonable, or requiring two corpse markers. Asura could have had some of her abilities toned down, perhaps not summoning a Mindless Zombie until the end of the turn, but no.
  3. Freman

    July 2018 Errata

    I suspect that Nicodem has just received the Leveticus treatment. Leveticus was designed around the idea that you'd be burning his wounds and your hand to do a bunch of low but consistent damage. Take away that mechanic and suddenly his damage track is too low for a master. Nicodem is meant to be a support summoner, a bit like Dreamer, but he has no passive healing effect so one wound summons will just be chaff, and he probably won't have the resources to heal. If he had a passive healing aura, and could summon Undead Enforcers then the investment might be worthwhile... but probably not as it stands.
  4. Shikome teamed up with Rafkin (specifically his aura) make mincemeat out of Joss and Howard, especially if you're able to "take their meds" to give them extra armour (doesn't matter) but put them on negative flips (matters a great deal).
  5. Freman

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Remembering all those positive flips would probably have helped with my last game with Nicodem. Also, I'm less concerned by Pandora now. Charging her with a Rogue Necromancy can work.
  6. Freman

    Getting started in Ressers

    Wargame Vault has the past cards available for print. All the expansion decks are worth getting for the extra options they open up in your crew, although if you have the app you'll have most of them (except for models like Mindless Zombies which can't be hired so can't be accessed through the app, they didn't implement my idea of a "summon" menu which allows you access to the stats of models you're summoning).
  7. Freman

    Does anyone use these models?

    Forgotten Marshal with a Malifaux Raptor (courtesy of McMourning with Test Subjects) can do Surround Them by himself.
  8. Freman

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I think I've managed to get four Rat Kings on the table once, but I was really working on it. Rats tend to be cycled into Kings, or just die, so I don't think I've managed to put all 12 down. On the other hand I do keep forgetting that enemy models, and friendly models with blight, that die near Hamelin also summon rats, so there's that.
  9. Freman

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I have twelve, and five Rat Kings.
  10. Freman

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Of course if Leveticus is an example a hit on Nico will relegate him from top tier to bottom third, about level with Seamus.
  11. Freman

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    I just left the head on the sprue, added a dab of plastic cement, and pushed the beard into place.
  12. Freman

    Nicodem Starting Guide / Tactics

    The key model is Nico. You can lose pretty much any other model and still make it work. Even if he can't mass summon he can still revive dead models and boost them with his auras. Fortunately he's not easy to kill, but he isn't invulnerable either.
  13. Ressers, obviously. Group of three, so minions most likely. Nicodem will be happy. Very fashionably dressed, for zombies. Alternate Rotten Belles, or something similar that's their own thing?
  14. As an aside, Zipp has the ability to reposition on a on the defense dual. How would that work with a model that uses an attack that has both a melee and ranged profile like the Freikorps librarian. If she was in melee and I discard for furious casting, then he jumps away after the first attack, can I switch to the ranged profile and keep shooting him for the remaining two attacks?
  15. Freman

    Who to pair up with Nico

    I've not played Reva, only McMourning, but he is a lot of fun. Nico will be my second Resser master once I can stir myself enough to paint his models. I think that McMourning and Nico share more of a model pool than Nico and Reva inasmuch as many of McMourning's themed models are also Undead and benefit from Nico's synergies.