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  1. Returning buy list

    Dead Outlaws work with both Parker and Jack Daw. Scion of the Void is a great addition to Tara's crew. Winged Plague are great scheme runners for Hamelin, and they're pretty good everywhere else. Grab the new upgrade pack at GenCon.
  2. Fighting Jack Daw

    Fighting Jack Daw is a good name for a boxer.
  3. July 2017 Errata

    I think that the Mechanical Rider has a misspelling in her attack. It should be "Chain Spear" not "Chaln Spear".
  4. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    As said. Start the blight accumulation on a model, draw it closer, 1AP charge it with a Rat King (two successful hits that's 3 points of blight almost immediately, 4 at the end of turn). Without really trying I've stacked about 8 blight on Seamus, after he cleared the previous lot of blight with Chiaki. Leveticus, desolate soul, from ash, 7 cache Rusty Alyce, desolate soul, from aether Desolation Engine Ashes and Dust 2 Hollow Waifs Every model is capable of summoning abominations (except the Waifs). On the first turn drop a scrap marker with Alyce and turn it into an abomination with Leveticus for the extra activation. Rusty (on her gun) Desolation, and Ashes and Dust, have minimum 3 damage that can, on a trigger, turn a killed model into an abomination. Abominations too can (if you get really lucky) turn a killed model into an abomination. Rats have 3 wounds. I had Ashes drawn into combat with Hamelin by Baby Kade, Ashes made three attacks against two rats and a Stolen that were surrounding Hamelin. I flipped one and cheated two, and ended up surrounding Hamelin with three abominations. That swing, combined with the lack of (0) and suits for Hamelin for the two turns until he managed to kill the abominations meant I was out-activating him for the rest of the game.
  5. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Generating rats with Hamelin is easy. He can summon Stolen who turn into rats, and any enemy model (or friendly model with blight) that dies within six inches of him summons a rat. I throw in the Obedient Wretch for extra summoning, but that's only a four stone commitment. Since summoning with Hamelin is an incidental effect, and he's not a particularly hitty master himself, he operates well when supporting the rest of his crew with the Obey ability from The Piper upgrade. To maximize the effectiveness (and given you'll never really be outactivated (unless you're playing against a max summoning Leveticus crew that keeps turning your rats into abominations)) you take some beefy beaters who can benefit from the extra actions he can hand out without worrying about numbers of activations (seriously, one 2 stone Stolen gives you three activations in the first turn). For me, Hamelin is an Obey master, lurer (with Pipes), blight machine (see how many points of blight you can get on an enemy beater, then drop Bleeding Disease on it), and incidental summoner.
  6. Viktorias - beginner questions

    Although, that said, sometimes you're going to want to cast Sisters in Fury with Ashes anyway because you need her to go before the Malifaux Child, for example, winning Initiative, pulling Blood out of one fight, boosting her, and then throwing her back into another.
  7. Hamelin activations....

    Hire Obedient Wretch and Stolen, sacrifice Stolen for Rats. Throw Rats at Rats in order to get more Rats (hope I have two in hand). Turn into Rat King. Hamelin tries to summon two Stolen for the next turn. Between Hamelin and the Obedient Wretch it's theoretically possible to get 5 Rats turn one (two from the Stolen, two from Throw Rat, one from Obeying Obedient Wretch to Throw Rat). 7 Rats turn two. 7 Rats turn three. 7 Rats turn four. 7 Rats turn five. That's eight Rat Kings just from them. Of course there are many other ways to get more Rats. That said the resources committed to it would be overkill. Rat summoning happens almost automatically where Hamelin is concerned so while I like having two or three Rat Kings on the table, they're not something to be fanatical about.
  8. 7 Faction Crews Not At The Crossroads

    Yes. They're all puppets and he can hire all puppets.
  9. Viktorias - beginner questions

    The Hodgepodge Emissary giving the Memento (Companion) to Viktoria of Blood means that you don't need Synchronized Slaying on Ashes, leaving space for Survivalist. Malifaux Child casting Sisters in Fury for Ashes means that you have saved an AP from her each turn.
  10. Hamelin for beginners

    Don't forget that any enemy model, and any friendly model with Blight, that dies within 6" of Hamelin summons a rat. I keep forgetting.
  11. Hamelin for beginners

    Hamelin is my favourite master. I like to take Piper and Plague on him as it allows me to put Blight onto an enemy model at range while drawing them closer, then Obey a Rat King to charge them as a 1AP action. Obey is always handy. One time I managed to get my opponent's Widow Weaver to take the last wounds off his Baby Kade. The rat engine is easy to build, the Obedient Wretch and a Stolen can (if you have a couple of in hand) get it going from the first turn. For some games I've tried pairing Hamelin with Rusty Alyce (Desolate Soul/From Aether) and it's possible to get a silly number of activations quite easily. That said, remember your schemes and strats. It's easy to forget and focus on the unimportant (my usual problem). If there's a condition heavy pool, throwing in Nix, Ashes and Dust, and the new Benny Henchman, basically makes them redundant, which can be annoying to play against.
  12. McMourning and Co. Tactica

    Thanks for that.
  13. McMourning and Co. Tactica

    I recall hearing of, I think it was Sybelle, being hit for nine damage from expunge, and Red Jokering the damage prevention flip. That was lucky.
  14. Alternate Hamelin Crew?

    Crazy cat lady with furry slippers.