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  1. Howdy, all! This league is being run by a number of small local groups throughout the southeast, and is running from January 29th through March 25th, 2017, with a two day final event tentatively scheduled for early April at Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe in Marietta, GA. The Grand Guignol Campaign League is accepting sign ups for the league starting now. We are also looking fo folks to organize their local groups, help facilitate games and report results. If you are interested, please PM one of the admins. Here are the rules for the league: We will be following the rules for Malifaux Campaigns laid out in Shifting Loyalties, and all page # reference that book, with a few modifications. 1. This League will cover eight weeks, and players will be limited to a max of 10 games over the course of the league.(pg. 5) 2. All crews will start 35 soulstones. (pg. 5) 3. This will be a competitive campaign, with the score at the end used to determine the winner for each local group, and placement at the April Event. (pg. 34) 4. The league will use the Cut 'em up for parts, The Wandering Relic, and the Good Doctor optional rules. (pg. 33). The Wandering Relic will be distributed by the organizers, and each crew can only make a Trip to the Doc's twice in the campaign. 5. Each game week will have a special story scenario which will be selected from the Wyrd Chronicles, the base rule book, or pulled kicking and screaming from the depths of the organizers fetid imaginations. Each player can play each Story Scenario up to twice in the game week for which it is active, and will be rewarded with 2 scrip for playing the story scenario. 6. Game results must be reported to your local organizer in order to count. Players may post battle reports in this group, and the better the report, the greater the chance of attracting the attentions of Those Who Thirst, or earning extra script. 7. Prizes will be provided for local leagues, and the April event will have additional prizes including a custom set of tokens for their crew, a propainted crew box, and trophies. please contact myself for Middle georgia
  2. _TheWarpath_

    Middle Georgias First Tournament!

    BUMP for complete details!
  3. _TheWarpath_

    Middle Georgias First Tournament!

    Hey everyone! malifaux tournament at nerd night! Dec 16th! Christ chapel 2288 moody RD, Warner Robins ga 31088 Check in at 6:30pm First round starts at 7pm Rounds are 1 1/2 hours 50ss Single master/ rotating crew allowed Utilizing basic schemes and strategies (to allow new players to participate without fear of not comprehending GG) Round 1 Squatters rights -Breakthrough -Protect territory Round 2 Reckoning -deliver a message -bodyguard Round 3 Stake a claim -plant evidence -take prisoner Food and drinks provided. $5 donation asked for but not required (it's going directly back to nerd night for space and time) Same rules as always Good sportsmanship No swearing Use common sense and manners. Prize support and participation will be provided.
  4. _TheWarpath_

    Middle Georgia Malifaux

    ALSO! We are starting a slow grow league the first full week of april! Contact me for information!
  5. _TheWarpath_

    Middle Georgia Malifaux

    We are growing up so fast here in middle georgia! Meet us at Heroes and Villains in Warner Robins, Georgia from 5-7pm on mondays to get in a demo or game! Time will be extending soon as well! Thanks! -Jesse
  6. Extremely excited and pleased to announce i'll be running demos at Heroes and Villains in Warner Robins GA! From 6pm on ill be onsite to demo and tables will be open for free play! Thanks everyone! Message me with any questions!
  7. _TheWarpath_

    Rail Crew Working

    Extremely happy to say I wrapped up my rail crew today. Quick but effective, i'm hoping to attend a tournament in Atlanta at the end of the month. Declaring Arcanist, letting Mei Feng hop around crazy haha
  8. _TheWarpath_

    Starting Ten Thunders

    So I began the game playing Ramos and was quickly drawn to Ten Thunders. I've purchased the rail crew and the yan-lo box In addition to that I got izuma, yin, toshiro and zako. I guess i'm posting really to get advice on direction? There is a tournament i'd like to attend at the end of this month and can't decide if declaring Arcanist (one faction only) and playing the Feng hopscotch list would work best or if i could manage some victories with the ancestors? HELP!
  9. _TheWarpath_

    Failing at playing Arcanist

    So it didn't take long, I've already become entranced by another crew. The aesthetics of yan-lo's crew are too fantastic to ignore, so without further ado my ancestors list with him! I'll be working on The Rail crew next
  10. _TheWarpath_

    The beginning

    single spiders for now, im gonna snag a box or two of the swarm as well
  11. _TheWarpath_

    Ghostdance Miniatures

    Thank you very much!
  12. _TheWarpath_

    Ghostdance Miniatures

    Been Painting Awhile Will post everything from speed painting, airbrushing, OSL, Long-term project painting to green stuff application and modeling and basing. Up first is some quick Ramos stuff Only 2 hours time (i'll be going back over them and detailing the models further, just didn't want to play with unpainted models)
  13. _TheWarpath_

    The beginning

    So I've been eyeballing Malifaux for the better part of three years, buying a M2E rule book and the M&SU crew box. A baby and new career later and i've finally found the time to pursue the game! I've come from a war-gaming background and found Malifaux refreshing in game play and aesthetics. This past Friday I was able to play in Atlanta at the most excellent Giga-bites cafe' I'll be working towards a Henchmen position and growing a community in the Macon/Warner Robins area of Georgia So far I have finished my Ramos crew (speed painted, 2hrs) I'm now working on a Yan lo Ancestor crew and the Rail crew (who doesn't want Mei Feng Kung Fu'ing someone off Joss' head!) Ill be updating Regularly!!
  14. _TheWarpath_

    New To The Game

    I appreciate it!
  15. _TheWarpath_

    New To The Game

    Hey everyone my name is Jesse. I'm new to game play but have collected minis off and on for quite sometime. I used to play another game often and recently discovered that i'm MUCH happier with a skirmish based environment, plus wyrd is in my backyard! (Georgia that is). Any advice of help is appreciated, i'll be posting mini's soon!