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  1. Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    Congratulations to everyone! And thank you so much for the raffle win! I'm over the Moon! Didn't think I'd have a snowball's chance in hell. It's been a great experience! Fantastic entries from everyone. Even though I was eliminated in round 2 I'd like to thank everyone who entered and made it such fun to be a part of. Especially @Kilvo who gave me such stiff competition in Round 2.
  2. It sticks in my head because I found it entirely too relateable. Plus it was well crafted and the wisp grabbing its head was an inspired choice to convey the despair.
  3. 1. The Ferryman, My Water Water Everywhere entry, as it gave my opponent a tough fight, even if my entry ultimately lost. 2. Round 3's Sick Sad World by @DarthSlider and Round 4's What Can Go Wrong by @glamage , Round 5's Tracking a Tyrant by @Annanas 3. A "Duel" based theme would have been a cool choice 4. Hands down my photography skills 5. Not really, Just running around like a madman trying to find suitable materials which slowed me down immensely
  4. Round Five Voting - Information

    Not intentionally! Sorry I hadn't noticed! It's quite possible that whilst trawling the gallerys I clicked the button that does that. I wouldnt use someone else's work as an avatar without permission unless I found it on google. Which in this case I very much did not. My apologies. That said. I do absolutely love your entry as I said in the comment I left on it. Fantastic job! Changing it back now
  5. Round Five Voting - Information

    in all likelihood the extra 4 tickets of bronze winner already drawn will stay in the hat but if drawn will be redrawn. Also, we know that anyone who wins a prize from outside the raffle cannot win a raffle prize, but that does not necessarily mean that the Gold and Silver winners names wont be put into the hat to skew the figures ;-)
  6. Round Five Voting - Information

    Congratulations to everyone who entered. Eliminated or not! There's been some outstanding entries, tough competion and even tougher themes this year! @argailwall seeing as you've done the numbers fancy attempting to calculate the odds of the raffle draw too? If the 9 bronze winners get 5 entries and everyone who completed enough elim entries get one, but the gold and silver winners aren't entered... what's the likelihood of actually winning the raffle? The maths is beyond my tiny mind
  7. Little Match Girl

    Just had the holly on the hem of her dress pointed out to me! Holy hell dude! Amazing work!
  8. Snow Angel (of Death!)

    Every round I am amazed by your work. This is no exception. Beautiful
  9. As a Virologist I have to say... Could be Dengue or West Nile Fever
  10. What Has Science Done?!

    The people opened a breach of their own... But it went wrong and now they are being sucked in!
  11. Into the Valley of Death

    This is a sublime interpretation of the theme! Everything that could go wrong with 600 light cavalry charging a cannon emplacement, did go wrong. And it's excellently painted too! You should be very proud
  12. True facts. A good coating will do stop the melting. Hand Priming vulnerable areas is also a workable solution.
  13. That's the spirit! I'm planning to plow through as much as I can of 3 Tanuki, 3 criers, 3 wrastlers, egg hauler, 3 swine-cursed, Miss Fire, Alt Firestarter and the limited Gator. Let's see how well I do before Round 4!!