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  1. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Well, I'm all finished and uploaded. Here goes nothing! Didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but I'm happy enough.
  2. Inspired by my favourite Through The Breach Adventure, The Ferryman. Depicting its attack on a pair on unwary hunters, one falling from the wildly rocking boat, whilst attempting to shoot the beast; the other simply saying OH HELL NO! and diving to take his chances in the water.
  3. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Looks fantastic. Something tells me I'm going to be ELIM at the end of this round...
  4. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    So I cracked my shell slightly early, I'm an impatient man and have far too much to do with only a few days left to do it. HA HA HA! IT WORKED! @Kilvo I will NOT be DNFing... Bring your best buddy! Let's make this good!
  5. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Cheers guy! Neither do I! I do wanna know what I'm up against though ;-)
  6. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    72 hours drying time and it'll be the moment of truth... If, on Wednesday night, when I peel back the container for my entry and the whole thing collapses, I'll be a DNF. Everybody think happy thoughts!
  7. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Ditto. I would assume nearly everyone did the same... Water eh? First thought... Drowned.
  8. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    I am underway! Step one of many in my Round 2 entry is complete... Build the counter point to my centrepiece. Time to crack out the paints whilst I wait for the main piece to deliver. This is gonna take the full 2 weeks to complete this time. What have I let myself in for
  9. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Ice is a form of water. So I say yes. Also... @Kilvo seems its me vs you this time. Good luck. You did a fantastic job in Round 1. Gonna give me some stiff competition!
  10. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Is there a secret forum I've not been invited to with the results and round 2 on?! Where is it? I gotsta buy minis!
  11. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    And judging/voting is twice as hard as both!
  12. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Yup. Fair is fair. It was a really tough model to get a good angle of in a photo. I even painted in shadow of the leg in the box but literally 0 of the 45 photos I took in various angles and lighting showed it off to it's full extent. Which to be honest was a mediocre extent to say the least! :-D
  13. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    This makes me wonder whether my entry would be seen as having Object Source Lighting or just a generic 'Glow' with no obvious source...
  14. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    I said last night that it took all night to vote. And it did. 5 hours all told. Giving each one it's fair due and discussing it with my partner (who also entered) was grueling. I did my best to judge each one on it's own merits according to the schema. Theme matching, Technical skill and Aesthetic and now, 12 hours later I feel that whilst I did exactly that and was, in my mind, as impartially critical as I could have been. But on the other hand i feel I may have been too overly harsh in general. Especially towards the end.
  15. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Well... that took all night. But I have voted. On all 160+ entries. Yeesh it's a lot of minis.