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  1. With my introductory adventure I combined 'An Easy Mark' (chronicles 14) with A Night At The Star (Chronicles 18). I also weaved in some of the complications from Legacy Of Darkness for interest, I pumped up the combat complication on the train from this and as a reward for winning gave them tickets to the Star Theatre to link the 2 stories together. Worked really well and had a nice 'ease in' feel. Quite friendly atmosphere and contained a little of everything you can do. Well... I liked it. They seemed to as well.
  2. I'm honestly kind of torn... recently gone hard into TTB. Got all the main books and expansions for Christmas just gone. Loving it. So to hear of a second edition this quick after getting the core books is kind of a gut punch. But at the same time not invalidating any of the other books is a great thing. And a very wise one. Just not sure how to mentally process this yet....
  3. One of the players in my group is running a big game hunter type with a little construct engineering on the side - long arms, traps, little mechanical Eagle that hunts down her prey - that sort of thing. I think she'll want to move into buckaroo a bit later on and no doubt will want to ride a Hunter. As an FM, I'd probably make her build an approximation of the actual hunter perhaps with less of the talents and abilities the real one gets and then roll with it. Cos why not?! You'd have to be a bit careful with what you'd allow to work as I'm sure no FM wants to see Fated riding Peacekeepers! I'd stick to making them build their own mechanical versions of existing beasts. Purely so you'd have a bit of benchmark to work with. Syc
  4. Hey all, First, a note... This post is less a player made creation than me asking for some advice on creating something myself... I'm going into Fatemastering a long on going campaign that will take breaks as we switch to other systems for a bit or do something else. To this end I've devised a system wherein gaining destiny steps is a bit more fluid, after a life defining event etc so the campaign can be more open ended, so we don't feel like we have to draw it to a close before changing to another system. How it will work is the Fated will start out on Earthside, headed to Malifaux for whatever reasons they individually see fit, and take on odd jobs as a sort of ad hoc mercenary group to make a living. To this end I've created a notice board which will have job offers, advertising for bars/saloons, nearby towns looking for new residents etc. Each of these adverts will lead to an adventure/penny dreadful/one shot/what have you, and I'll slowly weave them all into a story of an actual life rather than sort of railroading the characters to an finale as many RPG systems seem to do. I've made a large number of these in-universe ads so far, all A5 sized that I will print and pin to said notice board and the players can then pick and choose what 'job' they want to tale on at a given time (read:session/number of sessions for longer adventures) the ads will switch and change as some get completed and others become available. Most of these are linked to actual published TTB one shots or PDs as I'll find it easier to run them at short notice because I'll never know which they might pick at the start of an evenings game. I'm happy to share these adverts on here if you want to see/use them for yourselves of course, but first.... Where I'm having trouble is creating adverts to entice the players into the following stories... Porksplosion (from Creative Taxidermy) This is set in and around Edge point, and whilst I could just tag it onto the beginning or end of an adventure like Defense of Innocence (as they make their way to/from Innocence) where's the fun? The Ferryman (Penny Dreadful one shot) The issue here is that it begins with a wake/funeral. I'm not adverse to just cutting that out and rewriting the beginning, but would, say, an advert for a river cruise or a bounty wanted poster for the monster be apt? Other suggestions? A Night in Rottenburg (full-scale Penny Dreadful) This has hooks and tie ins within its pages, but none seem particularly well suited to an advert on a notice board. Thoughts? Perhaps something to leado them to where the adventure starts? Or an invite to go live in Rottenburg? I'll be grateful for any and all input here Thanks Syc
  5. Touché!
  6. Sounds pretty good. Looking forward to adding it to my collection. I assume this will be a printed Penny Dreadful like Nythera etc? The only question I have is how the Fated manage to get back to Earthside if they are already in Malifaux? Will there be some kind of mechanism built in for getting them back across the breach, I.e Guild sanction, smuggled by arcanists/10T? Or will it be left for the FM to make a workable solution?
  7. Want to report a fantastic trade experience with @athelu Quick, smooth and highly recommended even from the other side of the world! Syc
  8. Here is an example of the priming job. As you can see, good coverage with no detail loss.
  9. It's primed grey. With the UK brand "Halfords Grey Primer". Fantastic stuff, smooth thin, even coverage. Best Primer I've ever used. Wouldn't use anything else anymore. I'll snap a pic of them for you when I get home if you like.
  10. This would make most sense. But there's one thing that makes me leery of it... the said Wokou Raider could then activate after the fact, and after gaining fast from mighty gust, move either another 15" deep into enemy territory or 13" via move and charge. That's a minimum of a 27" threat hitting with 3 times. There's not much that can pull off something like that! Or have I gone mad? Is this the case? I hope that's the case because that's just nasty, but it seems a little broken to me. Especially with 3 Raiders and fast on Yu from somewhere, which is expensive, so probably better with just 2 Raiders... Not sure many players would be willing to play you again after that!
  11. Dr. Dusfresne is from Defense of Innocence the TTB Penny Dreadful. I don't remember any particular fiction on either Amelia or Rowan. But my memory isn't what it used to be...
  12. @Aaron Well it is here in the UK usually. Not sure about over there. Most companies, particularly mine, the NHS, usually get paid before Christmas. Thats usually a week or so before the usual pay day. Then again on the normal pay date in January. So this year, it's nigh on 5 weeks. Money has to stretch further than usual. Edit: And you guys drop this in my lap... damn you. :-D ah well I'll figure it out.
  13. @Aaron January is the longest pay gap month... Wanna extend the end date to the 25th instead?! That's my payday! THEN I CAN AFFORD ALL THE THINGS!!!
  14. @JDAntoine Exactly! A lot of the elements here have been done before in other games but not all at once on this scale. Warpath went some of the way in 28mm, but looks like its going to fall short in my small opinion due to it being to close other games rules wise. Epic and many other historical games in 6mm, but 6mm can be a pain to work with, sure they give you massive armies but no scope for detailed sculpting and painting beyond the largest war machines. At its core, TOS combines all of that and improves it as far as I can tell from the info so far, with the added bonus of coming from a pedigree of one of the tightest and most unique rulesets I've come across in my 20 years of hobby. Syc
  15. Excited! It's looking more and more like Mantic's Warpath, which should be delivering any day now, what with the multi based units but with that lovely malifaux game play twist. A 28-32mm mass battle game on the scale of Warhammer but without having individual models per squad is something I've wanted for a long time. I thought warpath was gonna scratch that itch but Mantic haven't been particularly great a company to deal with... Wyrd on the other hand... they've never stirred me wrong so far! I'm gonna keep my eye out. Syc