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  1. Book Smart Snipers

    You massive tease! Guild expansion book on the horizon I guess?!
  2. TtB Modular kits

    Cheers. The necromancer with his zombie pets (zombified silurid is his retainer - long rather funny story), the tinkerer petting his mechanical attendant and the shield, pneumatic arm and club combo models were designed by their players, converted by me and the painting on the tinkerer and Necromancer is being done by their respective players... Neither of whom have ever painted before. Ever. They are getting tips and tricks from me but the colour choices and execution is all them. The club dude will be done by the player as well. But they've yet to actually show up to a painting session! The rifle lady is all my girlfriend. Built and painted by her. Yeah shes much better than i am. Unfortunately that character is now redundant due to Merc getting changed pretty drastically. So we did a rebuild under 2e and her current representation is the alt kissing perdita mini. So rifle lady has been relegated to proxy Hans duty in my Viks crew.
  3. TtB Modular kits

    Here's a link to several of mine in various stages of painting. Hopefully it'll help you. All but 2 of them have been converted in some manner... The lady with the rifle and the sword/pistol duster coat man are the 2 that haven't. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jbm5i8i8cedk87n/AAA5thRa_UrBgi0v6RXCfVB_a?dl=0
  4. Book Smart Snipers

    My girlfriends sniper character from the first edition got massively Cuddled this time around. She's now a gunfighter with pistols instead. Rifles are great and all, and the (#) wait action makes for a good overwatch, lying in wait style of sniper but generally all the snipers have going for them, as far as I can see at least, is a high INT and a few rifles and mods with accurate to give + to attack.
  5. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Nah not at all. I knew the story. I just havent bought it or run it for any of my groups yet. Its the last PD i need for the collection. I own all the others. Including all the one shots from chronicles and the adventure boxes. All printed and kept in a huge binder. Any true GM/FM/DM has to have a binder!
  6. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Yeah of course! Don't have Nythera so I didn't put 2 and 2 together
  7. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Seamus already has rules in TTB ! In the Christmas Carol Penny Dreadful. Other masters with rules already include... So'mer, Sonnia, Von Schill, Zoraida and a weakened version of Yan Lo in a disguise
  8. Cumulative armor

    Having re read the section on armour, Solkan is correct. Pneumatics are classified as light or heavy. So the only ways to get armour 3 would be with some spells or manifested powers
  9. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Yes please! I'd be happy to pay for it on drivethrurpg/wargamevault like the penny dreadfuls as well. Probably worth 10 bucks or so if it's got all the masters in it.
  10. Cumulative armor

    I do. Once I get to my session later tonight I can get my book from my girlfriend who's bringing it along for me. I'll re read and report back.
  11. Cumulative armor

    I may have been thinking of the old rules. I will grab my book at the session tonight and double check.
  12. Crafting rules

    Crafting general items is easy. If it's a simple build then no need to flip so long as there is plenty of in-game time to build it. The item just costs 1/4 of the price that the inventory lists it as. Construct building rules are near the end of the new core book. Between magic and the bestiary.
  13. It's live Just placed my order. Forgot to vote in the notes though. Saw the message in the cart but in my excitement I plum forgot. Any way I can do it now or am I too late?
  14. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    All 3 Expansion books yes. Fated almanac and fatemasters almanac no. This book replaces those two. There are a few talents and skills in the expansions that have been updated in the new book. But it specifically calls them out. Also the skill trigger section in into the steam has been replaced. But that's in the new book too.
  15. Cumulative armor

    Let's go through the various combos shall we? 1 piece of light armour (yes there's a u. I'm british!) gives you armour 1. All locations covered in light armour give you armour 1. A piece of heavy armour gives you armour 1. A pneumatic limb gives armour 1. All limbs being pneumatic gives armour 1. 1 piece of heavy armour + 2 or more bits of light armour gives armour 2. 1 or more pieces of light armour + 1 or more pneumatics gives armour 2. 1 piece of light or heavy armour + 1 or more pneumatics gives armour 2. 1 piece of heavy armour + 2 or more pieces of light armour AND 1 or more pneumatics gives armour 3. Doesn't seem to be any way to get multiple pieces of heavy armour as all of them are chest items