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  1. What Has Science Done?!

    The people opened a breach of their own... But it went wrong and now they are being sucked in!
  2. Into the Valley of Death

    This is a sublime interpretation of the theme! Everything that could go wrong with 600 light cavalry charging a cannon emplacement, did go wrong. And it's excellently painted too! You should be very proud
  3. True facts. A good coating will do stop the melting. Hand Priming vulnerable areas is also a workable solution.
  4. That's the spirit! I'm planning to plow through as much as I can of 3 Tanuki, 3 criers, 3 wrastlers, egg hauler, 3 swine-cursed, Miss Fire, Alt Firestarter and the limited Gator. Let's see how well I do before Round 4!!
  5. Stranger thing.jpg

    Same mini as me... It sure is strange!
  6. Sick sad world

    This genuinely made me spit out my drink! What an excellent idea and great use of the wisps look of utter despair
  7. The Ferryman.jpg

    Thanks for the support guys. Shame I didn't make it through this round but I'll continue!
  8. Round Two Voting - Information

    I think this is what is letting me down in polls, besides a number of factors in the creation that I wasn't happy with, my photography skills were just sub par, over exposed, poor background, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with the number of people who have voted for me, and the fact that it seems my opponent @Kilvo and I are quite closely matched (makes for a tense competition) but his photography is clear and his painting is great. The combo just edges it for him. And that's cool. I've really learnt a lot on how to improve my camera work. Just really wish I'd done so before now!
  9. Round Two Voting - Information

    Whilst i am a first time entrant, I don't feel like this competition is 'For dioramas'. 'Water water everywhere' certainly feels like it calls for a diorama to get the effect across. Water effects don't work all that well on a small scale. That does not mean that the next rounds themes will necessarily call for a diorama. If you can create a feeling of the theme with a single miniature on a standard base then a diorama is not needed. I plan to take each theme on it's merits. If I feel it needs a diorama to get the point across them okay. If not then I won't.
  10. Round Two Voting - Information

    Yup that's exactly it. One would assume there will be a separate gallery for the Eliminated. Although i think if there are DNFs in silver and gold some people will move up a bracket
  11. Round Two Voting - Information

    I honestly hadn't thought double voting would be an issue. I highly doubt anyone here would purposely skew the results just because they can, they're all too nice and friendly! I just found it odd because most polls I've come across close down once you've entered your choices. But then I've never done a poll on these forums before. All is good.
  12. Round Two Voting - Information

    I voted, got a success message and I'm all happy, but the poll seems to be willing to allow me to vote again... did I not do it right? Or is it designed not to close after submitting your votes? Does anyone else have the option to return to the voting options and go again? I think I done messed up because it seems odd to let people vote multiple times...
  13. Round Two Voting - Information

    Okie doke! Congrats to Akler then! Or is that Akler?! As with round 1 I assume we MUST vote on the pairing with our own submissions in then?