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  1. Gotta say I agree on the whole consensus wise with the "Re-Activate on the limited amount of Swampfiend models" isn't a great deal given the options. But by the same token - it seems absurdly powerful if it gets put on say McTavish. Maybe just drop the TN entirely? It's so cornercase.
  2. I still struggle to easily explain Tangle Shadows using the rules text to this very day - I have to use props to do it properly. I found the Smuggler easier to follow personally.
  3. I'm not sure I agree that it's all that amazing given that the little devil dies so very easily. Like really, REALLY easily for a model of it's cost. So far I've lost him to all sorts of stuff with range - he just gets kicked in the teeth with anything that can hit him with any accuracy - Friekorps Trappers and Katanaka Snipers seem to adore his little pudgey cheeks. Df5 with 7 Wounds for a 6 Stone model and no other triggers to keep him alive - I kinda expect it to have something really good to make it worthwhile - and it certainly dies easily as a tradeoff. But I can agree on the distance of the swap.
  4. This is exactly my argument for the Cg7 over Cg6. I don't think they're worth the stones currently - giving them Cg7 would help them keep up a bit. Diving Charge doesn't help when you spend an extra turn getting where the rest of the crew is.
  5. Eh. I don't think it's a trap exactly. I mean they just... drop the marker, you know? It has uses where you can't drop a marker in other ways due to engagements and the like. I would totally sacrifice a pig for a point, especially if it's summoned. Merris does it better, mind. But it's not really a trap, just a tool that you need to use right.
  6. I wasn't sold on this at first - until I realized that now you can charge into position to burn the scheme marker for the attacks. That makes for some interesting play options. I really, REALLY don't think that Tap Out makes them OP at all. They're quite, quite killable. It doesn't protect against things like Blasts and other 'unpreventable' damage. He's still, IMO - quite, quite squishy. My one main problem with him still is he's kinda slow when you put him up against other gremlins. Maybe Cg7 is the sweet spot? It'd give them a slight edge over a lightning bug at least with their charge distance, and differentiate their statline. After all, we also have slop haulers that charge 8 - why not the Wrastler cg7?
  7. I think the extra wound makes them useful. I kinda disagree with HtK as I think that makes them a little too tough for what they are. I don't really see a problem with them being 4ss either - but I think realistically they're fodder for Sammy and Taxidermists to summon. I'm actually cool with that - I don't think they're quite perfect but the extra wound IMO goes a long way.
  8. @Aaron - you're a big meanie.
  9. @Ikiwith - that's why I fiddled around with the rebound thing - it meant they kept up. @Math - I find that a lot of summonable things are a bit expensive as a hire. And that's okay - 4SS for something with 4 wounds that's a Peon with low Df and Wp isn't a great hire in my books. You could give them the piglet [-] to hit ability which would even it out maybe - but I don't think it's necessary.
  10. Hey chaps, So far the models I've tested a few times are: Bayou Smuggler Flying Piglet (only ever as a summon) and the Wrastler And I must admit - a lot of the time, I felt as though I would have been better off with a Lightning Bug over the Wrastler. He just didn't do much compared to other things of his soulstone cost like Slop Haulers or Bugs - and he's just as easy to kill. I had a couple of times where I saw a use for him and people would take him out before he got the time to shine - I feel like he's missing something. The Lightning Bug I can use as a scheme runner with their reckless and ability to drop schemes as a zero - the Wrastler feels kinda slow for this purpose. However, in my last game, we agreed to give him the ability to Rebound like Mancha Roha - and suddenly he was great! Still just as easy to kill - but he'd ping around the board like a pro. Also, it opened up for interesting synergies with other gremlins - for instance, Trixie could 'charge' him out of sticky situations easily and with haste! He didn't shine so much that it was amazing - it just felt now like a model I'd take more often for fun and not feel like I'm missing out on something. The Bayou Smuggler worked very well in the games that I used him in (vs Reva and Nico) because he did exactly as I had hoped. But I must admit, he felt quite expensive for the cost. I was using him primarily to remove corpse markers and he was good for this purpose - but much like the Wrastler something felt lacking - I felt like I was paying a premium for the ability when a Taxidermist does so much more for the additional stone. After I cleared 4 corpse markers in one game, he just got targetted and removed - but he spent two turns getting to the spot where he could do his job. He's not awful, but I feel like he's a bit expensive. Now the Flying Piglet - I would never hire this little guy, he's too darned expensive. But he's great to summon! As someone who takes taxidermists a fair bit, I love the flexibility of being able to summon flying piglets. These little guys are quick! They die really easily - especially when they're fresh - but I had so much fun playing with them. Objectively, a stuffed piglet is a bit better summon because they're easier to kill - but I found the flying piglets to be more of a genuine threat than a stuffed. They may not be an optimum choice - but I totally think they're about right where they are. As an aside - does anyone find it strange that not one new model has reckless?
  11. To be fair reactivating roosters is hardly a kick in the teeth. But I do agree - it's a bit sad.
  12. I've been playing around with one idea that seems to make them a bit more fun and useable - I tried adding the Mancha Roha "bouncing off the ropes" thing where they become charge 12 when in contact with impassible terrain. It really, really adds to their usefulness as they can bounce around the board like pingpong balls. Al.
  13. Typically I've found that it's the combined triple threat of Reva, the Carrion Emissary with My Little Helper and Yin with My Little Helper that tends to make her so obnoxious. The walls block important parts of the table and make mindless zombies for her to hit out of - and Yin gives you the ability to just mark a model for death almost for sure once a turn. Reva attacks the marked model (who's now at a negative to Wp duels) and makes mince meat of it because of Decaying Aura. Just my 2c.
  14. To be honest, that's a lot better because it means she's using less masks and high tomes aren't as in demand - but man - my whole world has been rocked!
  15. Wouldn't Will O Wisps be a better option because they're half the stones?