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  1. Reva wrecking face?

    My darling sausage, I have now seen 3 people take almost exactly your list that are not you, @TheTrans If it helps though, not that often.
  2. Reva wrecking face?

    I genuinely do believe that terrain does serve some issue with the local Reva problem - to the point where the words "Reva on a Roof" have been a bit of a local joke. But it does definitely point out that we don't use enough terrain. I do find it to be a bit of a negative play experience that to survive a hit from her generally involves completely avoiding her gaze. The nasty list that unfortunately more than one person is currently using is Carrion Emissary with My Little Helper, Yin with My Little Helper, Phillip and the Nanny, a necropunk and a couple of shield bearers. Reva's upgrades are the charge one and the ignore damage reduction one. Basically the play is to set up walls with Carrion to make lanes where you kinda need to go - Shield Bearers make heaps of corpse markers, Yin marks a person for death and Reva fires at it. If you don't kill Reva in one activation she typically heals up very, very quickly and the charge upgrade means she's basically never stuck. If the player is good (and the main one locally is VERY good) then it's very hard to beat - especially with Yin getting 2 chances of putting a model at negatives in a turn, they can really make sure they kill something dead a turn and there's little you can do about it.
  3. 3 Soulstone Stuffed Piglets

    I'll be honest - the pigapult thing is the bit that hurts the most. I find it a little hard to see myself using the pigapult at all with them being 3ss.
  4. Just a fresh thread! As ever, I still run demos out of the House of War in Ringwood, 3 days a week (usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday) to feed our ever growing local Malifaux community. Demos are casual, quick and fun - only need half an hour or so to get one in! I can answer any of your Malifaux queries, as well as get in a proper game if you're interested in something a little more complex. Just PM me or pop into the store - happy to help. If you want something a bit longer please let me know via PM though. Al.
  5. Reva wrecking face?

    Typically I've found that it's the combined triple threat of Reva, the Carrion Emissary with My Little Helper and Yin with My Little Helper that tends to make her so obnoxious. The walls block important parts of the table and make mindless zombies for her to hit out of - and Yin gives you the ability to just mark a model for death almost for sure once a turn. Reva attacks the marked model (who's now at a negative to Wp duels) and makes mince meat of it because of Decaying Aura. Just my 2c.
  6. To be honest, that's a lot better because it means she's using less masks and high tomes aren't as in demand - but man - my whole world has been rocked!
  7. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    Wouldn't Will O Wisps be a better option because they're half the stones?
  8. Woah, really? That is something I did NOT know. My card has always said and not . Al.
  9. playing with open discard piles

    I wasn't actually aware the discard pile was obliquely hidden - where's that rule?
  10. I'm just going on a feeling here - also it's rules as written technically - I'd go with 3.
  11. Bandersnatch and Will O Wisp - Opinions?

    I must confess, I can't see what we're talking about here. But I think that Wisps are hands down one of the greatest pieces of tech in Ripples of Fate. It's so rare that a 3ss model does so much - 3ss I don't see as a big investment - and frankly the ability to use those 2AP actions is so huge it's worth it every time. A wisp, Zoriada and a Voodoo Doll is collectively 5 Activations. And you get to re-hem every time you do it. The Paranormal Activity thing I think is pretty underwhelming - so I'll give you that. Where's Teddy, I've not used it but it seems a much better use of a Wisp's AP than using Kade's AP to push a Teddy around. Spawn Mothers get more eggs! I think this one is quite underrated as it makes a fairly average model quite useable. In short, the Wisp seems to be from a design point a bit of a patch for underused models. And in that, it does quite well - also, that Wisp's Call thing is really useful. Only Primordial Magic is better value in NB, frankly.
  12. Zipp's 'Up We Go!' and the 5" 'place'

    There's an awkward side effect about how we typically declare terrain that bothers me slightly about this particular thing: We have this great swamp board that is primarily on gangways - long pier style things made of wood that are above the swamp. When you're in the swamp hard up against them, they give you soft cover, and are ht1. But essentially - the board is all severe terrain with a large, large covering of wooden walkways that you can walk across to ignore movement penalties. There are buildings and other LOS blockers on the board as usual - but for the ease of declaration of terrain, we call the base of the board the swamp, and everything above this ht1 when you're on the wooden walkways. The walkways are soft cover, climbable, ht1 and impassible. Here's where this gets complicated - when Zipp's doing his Up We Go thing - everything is an illegal placement - as the whole board is 'terrain'. How do we resolve this? Thoughts?
  13. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    I was actually thinking that Bloodwretches might be a good drop in for 5ss for summoning dreamer, just because you can smack a teddy with them to draw cards who will then heal up at the beginning of his activation anyway.
  14. Are Will O' The Wisps too strong?

    Seriously? Models haven't even hit retail and they're already crutches?
  15. Faux-Hearsels 2: THE QUICKENING

    Bump! Looks like we've hit 20 people already.