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  1. The Void Wretches are I've found less an offensive model - more a scheme runner with an incredibly frustrating (0) - the giving out slow can be SO powerful sometimes. I've underestimated it more than once and it always comes to bite me. Even sometimes just walking them up once, focusing and using the focus on the Slow attack can be a real pain in the rear to your opponent - throw cards at it! It makes them even better.
  2. Reviews of Wyrd Sewer Bases?

    No idea! Haven't assembled that one.
  3. Official Malifaux app

    Wasn't it being used at GenCon?
  4. Reviews of Wyrd Sewer Bases?

    They're inserts - although I haven't put together a base that's more than 3 pieces so far.

    I would very much like an Alt Brewmaster. He was probably my least favourite Gremlin master to paint.

    We need, NEED a Schill with a big ol' mechanical fist. I think it's mandatory. Also, a 2nd Trapper model would be ace.

    If I had to pick one, it'd be Alternate Dreamer. A teenage dreamer would be ace.
  8. Reviews of Wyrd Sewer Bases?

    I've built a couple. They're perfectly easy to assemble. Took me all of 2-3 minutes per base. A quick clip, clean and stick. There's a very real advantage that the base itself is plastic so you don't have to muck around with superglue to attach to the base unlike resin cast bases or the old metal inserts that Wyrd used to do.
  9. Dear Wyrd, New Master Models Please?

    I would also be cool with that. In fact, I'd be ecstatic about that.
  10. Hi Wyrd! To all of you lovely people out there in Wyrd land, from @Nathan Caroland to @Aaron - are we going to see new Master models to go with all of the Wave 5 upgrades? I would eat my boots, and pay a reasonable fee for a new Master model for pretty much every master I own. And I every master for 3 factions. I know I'm not alone here. Please? Allan.
  11. Thoughts on Ours!

    So far I've played 3 games - all with different strategies - Ply, Symbols and Ours. And I'll admit - I played Summoning models deliberately so I could ascertain the difference made with Unplanned. With Dreamer, I was playing Ours. It was uphill work - and for all the damage my Stitched Together did, I couldn't make it work. With Zoriada, I played Symbols and Ply using two weird summoning builds (Widow Weaver making Wicked Dolls/Teddies and the Spawn Mother making Gupps) - one win by the skin of my teeth (I only got one point on the Strategy on my win, I got full Scheme points though) and one where I lost pretty badly. The thing that I've noticed really hurts is a lot of the time, Summoning is tough to do. There are restrictions to it that make it a slog to do - and when you can't score off it it's sometimes not even worth it. Which is a shame - I really like playing with silly summon lists - and this makes them even sillier as an option. They don't really work very well anymore. With Dreamer alone you spend 7 points (not including SS use and the occasional popped Daydream) to summon models that don't die immediately. So something that me and my main opponent were thinking - perhaps the "Unplanned" condition could be specific to Ours? It makes a lot of sense because Ours is the main one that the summoning would be way too easy with - and with such interact heavy Strategies it basically makes Summoners not worth the cost. Just putting out a thought.
  12. Summoners into GG2018

    It is quite frankly BRUTAL on Dreamer. After the Daydreams change and this, it really hurts. Dreamer alone costs 7SS to run him right. I know I can' play Bashy Dreamer now and I'm willing to give it a go when the cards get to me - but I'm still a little disappointed he's had such a rough year.
  13. New Pool Generation Method: Paired Schemes

    I don't like the scheme pool being 6 - people seem to struggle enough with 5 when they first start the game. But I like the idea of essentially adding more options to the pool.
  14. I love things like Mark for Death and Dig Graves - they are still killy but require a bit more than "bash that guy over there". I personally think it's a good solution.
  15. Summoners into GG2018

    Changing the rules for summoning seem a lot less weighty than making x models immune to unplanned - though I guess you could make it a part of the GG2018 doc.