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  1. Vapnartak 2017, February 5th 2017, York, UK SOLD OUT

    Could you put me down for this Chris and I'll pay at the end of the month? thanks
  2. 'Crumpetfaux' Part of: 'Fated Festival' 26/06/16

    Burberry shell suit OK?
  3. April 25 - Rules Manual

    Thanks Aaron
  4. April 25 - Rules Manual

    Just wondering if this is a permanent deal? Just so I can point everyone to the rules who want to start
  5. New UK Malifaux Rankings 2016

    I have to thank Kai for stepping in as I got a huge health scare last week. Following on from that I'm having to step back from a lot of things whilst I sort myself out and Kai doing this has taken a lot of worry from me. I should still be playing a bit now and again and will still be part of the community though and hope to see you all at tournaments.
  6. Vapnartak 2016, February 7th 2016, York, UK

    Thanks got those Had a great time, and had three great games, loved playing against Jurassic World McCabe no matter that it slaughtered me
  7. Changes to Masters for NEXT season - UK

    Ah - I see, we should try and come up with more badges or such for story tournaments. Will think on about this
  8. Changes to Masters for NEXT season - UK

    Connor, why couldn't it be ranked? Wasn't it four rounds of swiss at 50SS? Oh and thanks for finding Scheme 2, was just about to buy another box
  9. Update to Malifaux Rankings 2016

    yeah wip, getting the core done first
  10. Update to Malifaux Rankings 2016

    Hi I didn't receive that - did you send to stephen@potentiallylethal.co.uk? Could you try again?
  11. Vapnartak 2016, February 7th 2016, York, UK

    Have you received it yet? and I've just found out why - it sent to gerstyle@sky.com Sent the payment to the correct email now
  12. Vapnartak 2016, February 7th 2016, York, UK

    just sent payment
  13. Had a look at this, quick and easy. I did notice that you had an email to MalifauxRankings button, who does this send to and for what countries ranking system as if it is the UK rankings the email is incorrect.
  14. Malifaux Rankings

    Update: the Netherlands has now started their own rankings table
  15. Changes to Masters for NEXT season - UK

    That would all be doable as long as TOs were up for including all that information in the file sent to me. The achievements for story encounters could be given out as badges on the players page and in the badge section of the main page of the rankings. Sorry for coming in late to this discussion, may make more comments as I read the thread, though it looks like the thread has finished before I got to it Edit: and I also think that the 11 month Masters qualifying calendar would be better 1/1 to 30/11 of each year, more chances to play