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  1. Yeah the fact that Wyrd is planning on expanding the henchmen program to include TOS combined with the reduced cost thanks to the second rule book being traded in sealed my fate as a Dual pledger too.
  2. I've actually seen a lot more Hordes players on the internet, although the Cult seems to be close behind at second. It's definitely gonna be dependent on where you go of course.
  3. Can you imagine how ridiculous the Eel would've been if that worked though?
  4. I think the idea of having dozens of models per squad in an army game is frankly outdated for most games. Warhammer makes it work through sheer momentum mostly, and as was mentioned Fantasy has movement trays so it's less of an issue. The idea of having so many models probably originates from when wargaming was an historical hobby, where so many models was a major feature. When all of those models have to be deployed and moved all the time it's far less entertaining.
  5. I feel like this change could really save the old wiki, I edited it a few times but overall the site always felt out of date and slightly confusing. Some pages were great and detailed while others were very sparse, with a lot falling in the middle. More attention might be just what it needs.
  6. Fair enough, I personally want one just to fill in a list that's a few scrip shy of full. And I'm sure it'll be fun to start the game with one far out and then hatch it to tie up some important fire team.
  7. Horomatangi probably, and an egg clutch if we don't hit it's addon by tomorrow evening (which is likely). I too am debating between the Speckled Crawlers and Barbed Crawlers for my last squad, leaning towards Barbed to get some range into my list.
  8. King's Empire really is hard to beat on the Titan front. IMO only the Cult got one that looks as fantastic.
  9. Honestly TOS has really impressed me with its commander design. Particularly the Frenzy and Horomatangi, a squad commander and Titan commander are really cool ideas.
  10. The Frenzy are amazing, I think they're the model(s) that really cemented me in the Hordes. They're everything I love about Malifaux's models, other than the fact that they aren't zombies. Now that you mention them I really should take a better look at the Speckled Crawlers, I liked my first impressions of them and haven't checked them out since, but they might be worth the add on.
  11. What's everyone's favorite Gibbering Horde model at the moment, based on what we know right now, regardless of reason? I'm curious what people are enjoying so far. I personally love the Karkinoi, the mechanics and the models are wonderful.
  12. Gibbering Hordes, Horomatangi, because look at that gorgeous model. If I wanted one just for gameplay though I'd get the Barbed Crawlers to add some range to the starter box.
  13. Two or three sound right, one is definitely too few and any more than three starts to get a tad excessive, although I'm sure you'd use them occasionally.
  14. Here's the card for anyone who hasn't seen it:
  15. It's worth mentioning that TOS has an app listed as a stretch goal, one that has been reached. This far out I have to imagine the app will launch soon after the game.