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  1. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    She's both my favourite Master (my highest play-count), but also my 2nd worst winrate (only ahead of Mei Feng). I love to play her, but I find it so frustrating just how much buildup she needs every turn. I find it so hilarious that I feel like one of the strongest game-changers she could receive is just swapping totems with Mei Feng, as the fact that her core Condition (Burning) resets every turn is what really slows her down so hard. Heat Wave forcing nearby enemies to gain Burning and giving Heatstroke which doesn't fully reset every turn helps, but if you're not doing Heat Wave Kaeris that's not very helpful. It forces her to constantly deal with activation order (got to set them on fire, then do the fun stuff), makes her 100% worthless against Condition-immune models (going against Outcasts? Do not bring Kaeris), and also really slows down how you play, since the start of each turn will almost always be the same setup again and again. I think one of her biggest issues besides that is just how much of the back of her card is crammed full trying to make her Burning setup work. I'd like it if she could just get an ability that basically says "when this model deal damage with a Ca Action, it may choose to instead give the target that much Burning before reductions", drop the Flaming Halo action entirely (and rework the Blinding Flame upgrade, maybe make it the Instinctual-giver), and then we can maybe give her a new action letting her do something weird with Burning (summon Fire Gamin? Burn-expunge? Give -'s while target has Burning +X or higher? Etc.). On your second question, I think she always needs some heavy hitter since it's probably not going to be Kaeris doing the work. Howard and the Rail Golem are the best with her, though the latter needs a bunch of setup again. Emissary currently feels mandatory for Instinctual, but the model itself needs to stay near her to give her that which means it's not doing what it wants to do... I think Firestarter is fantastic for a scheme runner (hello Covert Entourage), and I actually do like Fire Gamin. They have some of the most accurate cheap ranged attacks, and giving out Burning at range while also doing damage is something Kaeris is very appreciative for. If I take them, it's probably 2 for 8ss.
  2. On re-reading, I think it actually would still randomize since the Engagement is only ignored for Abilities (Ice Mirror), not Actions (Freeze Over).
  3. Henchman Hardcore Joss crew

    The big problem with this crew is that you have a Peon, so your opponent has to keep one less of your models in the zone to block you from getting the strat. Joss is tanky enough that Assassinate's (probably) not a concern as long as he stays back, but if someone can dropkick or deny Howard before he does his thing you're going to really struggle.
  4. On a similar note, if Raspy targets the Emissary with a would it not randomize and just hit it? Could be good tech with Freeze Over for unresistable Paralyze.
  5. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    The puns are really cascading out of control Finally showing off my favourite unit!
  6. Backdraft Story Encounter

    I'm thinking I need to get to get an extra copy of the model with the signboard to proxy as a "end is nigh" style Raving Madman in TOS. Also seriously considering putting in some Father Ted references on the model (Down with this sort of thing)
  7. Backdraft Story Encounter

    I'm pretty sure the Gremlin in the tricorn cap, Whiskey Gamin, and the guy holding a big sign were in the display as well, can't remember where the pictures are though.
  8. Backdraft Story Encounter

    I am extremely excited!!! My precious lil Fire Gamin grew up Fire Golem probably means synergies for Kaeris and Mei Feng (woo!), and considering we're the sneaky backroom Soulstone smuggling faction I'd say it's about time we (I assume) get some shadier characters in the faction a la Saboteur. I wonder what Fitzsimmons is going to be like?
  9. Arcane Vanilla?

    That's exactly why I made some homemade tokens so my opponent always knows what spells I can still Beacon that turn and what summons have what upgrades, and i'll always try to explain what I'm doing as I'm doing it. He does a lot of stuff and a bunch of the abilities have overlap so it's not surprising at all that it can be easy to lose track of what's happening.
  10. Building a "Blue Deck" Crew

    Ramos has Counterspell on his Under Pressure upgrade
  11. M2E Sandeep

    Pretty much, I only used the Gada once and that was against a Molly summon so it only took one hit to kill (I had a 12 in hand to use as well, but I flipped a mid and my opponent didn't try to stop it). The rest of the time it was all Arcane Storms with some The Greed Spreads and Mountains of Paperworks borrowed as well
  12. M2E Sandeep

    So I had a tournament this weekend which included a game with Close Deployment, Public Executions, and a very aggressive scheme pool versus Ressers and I decided based on that to do something a little interesting: Sandeep (A Moment of Weakness, Tutelage, Unaligned Sage) Amina Naidu (Warding Runes) Valedictorian (Warding Runes) Greed (Well Rehearsed) Arcane Effigy Union Steamfitter Mobile Toolkit (I just brought this because I didn't want to give points for a model dying, and also to buff Val as needed). My opponent went for Horror Molly with 3 Belles, Sybelle, Anna, and the Graveyard Spirit. I ended up going for Take One for the Team on the Steamfitter and Show of Force, he took Vendetta (a Belle vs Steamfitter) and Dig Their Graves, and I won 7-5! I only got 2 VP out of Take One when my Steamfitter got taken out too early thanks to the Lure train, but got max VP on Show of Force. What really excited me though is how well A Moment of Weakness worked though! Since I didn't want to summon multiple fragile models (especially since he can counter-summon the Student of Steel) I really didn't want a summoning upgrade, but on turn 3 Sandeep managed to beat to death a summoned Student of Steel, summoning Banasuva off the trigger and having it beat up Anna afterwards. Seems like an excellent upgrade for this sort of setup!
  13. Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    100% my new headcanon
  14. SwordFaux II a Gremlins victory

    Good stuff! One small correction, I scored 2 for Hold Up and only 2 for Entourage (Cassandra was at 3 wounds from Zipp dropping her a few times). And Chatty needs to be errata'd to have a TN or something, Fingers kills me every time.
  15. Friday Preview - Artillery Team

    This model looks like he'd totally be Willie's best friend!