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  1. retnab

    What books do you need to start the game?

    This is an easy one, the core rules are actually available for free here! That only has the rules, no fluff or stat cards, so if you want to know everyone's stat cards you can pick up the 2nd edition books (Malifaux 2nd Edition Core Rulebook, Crossroads, Shifting Loyalties, Ripples of Fate, and Broken Promises). If you're wanting all of the fluff you can either also buy the 1st and 1.5 edition rulebooks or listen to the stories being read out in the free podcast here (it's currently up to the 2nd edition book Crossroads)
  2. retnab

    Whats the best way to field those cool robots?

    If you want robots, Ramos is your man for sure. He can summon in Steam Arachnids and Electrical Creations, and he has the highest number of beneficial auras in the faction (I wrote a big blurb on him here). If you're wanting more of a mix of robots and living things then basically anyone in the faction covers that in different ways (except Marcus, who's pretty much all about his Beasts), but my personal favourite is Ironsides who is kind of a tank with some movement shenanigans and friendly buffs (my blurb on her is here). Pretty much everything in the faction is playable, some are a bit better than others but overall our internal balance is pretty great so just go with what aesthetically works with you and we can probably tell you how to make it all work!
  3. retnab

    Can you tell me about this game?

    It's got a bunch that's similar (using decks of cards, alternating activations, killing things mattering but not being the most important thing), but there's a lot different with it too! The scale is of course much bigger (in Malifaux you'll have about 7-10 models, where in TOS you'll have probably 7-10 units made up of 50-ish models), instead of having AP there's a fairly simple Order system that controls what each unit can do on its activation, each player can pass their activations (but if both players pass in a row the turn immediately ends even if there's unactivated stuff), and there's no Conditions or anything like that (instead, there are 4 tokens: two pairs of a good and a bad one that each do pretty different things)! There's a lot more that's different in how they play, but those are probably the biggest ones.
  4. Coryphee are powerful but against anything that ignores Armor they die incredibly fast, so Howard is usually considered a safer choice. I'd say 1 Performer and Mannequin is a good choice, 2 of each is getting pretty pricey in-game for scheme running.
  5. retnab


    There was a beta copy of the rules given out to people during the open-ish Kickstarter beta test, but we don't know what (if any) changes happened between that and the final ruleset.
  6. retnab

    Who can take the most beating?

    Sandeep. He's been face-tanking the complaints against him for over a year!
  7. retnab

    Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

    How magnetizing!
  8. Ironsides is great, personally I think she's our most fun Master so I'm a bit biased there though As far as hires, it really depends on which Limited ends up feeling the best for you. The best hires for Purifying Fire Kaeris are pretty different from Heat Wave Kaeris or Grab & Drop Kaeris, so the best thing you can do is try them all out, see which one you like the most, and then go from there.
  9. retnab

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    Ahh, I misunderstood. Reliable, expected damage I'd then say Envy for the ability to 0 for Focus and the crazy good ranged 2/5/6 damage track.
  10. retnab

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    I'm pretty sure an Ice Golem under an Ice Gamin's Bite of Winter who RJ's is the highest we can get at 22 (for a single hit).
  11. retnab

    Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

    These guys successfully hit me with cascading excitement!
  12. retnab

    Next Allegiances

    I don't know about the starter pack but i'd be shocked if any more allegiances dropped before next year.
  13. retnab

    M2E Ramos

    I've played it several times, and it's not just damage on its own. It's slowing down enemy movement, it's making any offensive pushes you have even more effective, and it's causing damage without Df/Wp flips which gets around a lot of shenanigans. Try it out!
  14. retnab

    Arcanist vs Sonnia

    Ironsides with WR. Rush her in and beat up the enemy, stay immune to Burning to stop Sonnia's big trick, let the rest of the crew kill/scheme from a safe range.
  15. retnab

    M2E Ramos

    I think you're thinking of Hoffman's Arcanist Assets, which lets him borrow from the Arcanists. Sadly, it doesn't work the other way around, no borrowing Ryle for us