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  1. @mythicFOX did you use Weld Metal Plate very much? Did anyone use Reinforced Sheet Armor to reduce a Severe?
  2. That's exactly what happened in my game, two of the 13's I drew were from initiative and I had him go immediately to trade some crap to get it into my hand. His Tools For The Job ability is great as is, no doubt I might be able to squeeze in one more game on Monday and I'm planning on doing the game I was originally meaning to do with Ironsides and the Gunsmiths to see how that goes. The focus I really want to put in is, besides how are Gunsmiths when they have Armor +1, can I be in a situation where I want to give out Reinforced Sheet Armor +1? Because from my last game, it felt like just something I had to do to get my Armor and I never used Weld Metal Plate just to get the Reinforced Sheet Armor +1 out to my models. Also can we reconsider renaming that Condition still? I'd rather it didn't have the Armor in the name as it might confuse people / have rules lawyers argue that Armor ignore should ignore it, and it is pretty long too.
  3. It is very difficult to convince myself I only want 1 army, that's for sure!
  4. Very cool, I'm excited to see more of these! I do also appreciate that these Friday Previews are on The Other Side of the week
  5. Don't forget that under Kaeris, the Child can also use Just Like You! to use Accelerant, getting around the "once per turn" restriction. Damage/Paralysis for all!
  6. So after a night's sleep, had another thought on making Weld Metal Plate a bit better. How about we change Reinforced Sheet Armor +1 to be more universally usable temporary damage reduction, like: "When this model would take more than 1 damage after all other reductions, reduce the damage suffered by this model up to the value of this Condition, to a minimum of 1. Then, lower this Condition by the amount of damage reduced by it." Combine that with making the Stacked Plates trigger into ": After succeeding, the target gains Reinforced Sheet Armor +1." so he can give 2 damage reduction with one AP on the trigger. Thoughts?
  7. The change seems good to me as far as I can tell. Bit of an ability name change suggestion though, how about Mighty Leap turns into something like "Another Face In The Crowd" or "Lost In The Crowd" to show him just slipping by the enemies?
  8. Finished my game and it didn't go well for me (8-4 vs Ophelia) and I'm... torn on the Steamfitter. He did some things amazingly, but felt like his overall presence in the game was light. Cliffsnotes version of what he did is: Turn 1: draws 10C, discards 3C. Walks twice behind cover. Discards 2 cards for a Scrap Marker. Turn 2: draws 13R, discards 2C. Discards 2 cards for a Scrap Marker. Walks once towards Cassandra and Weld Metal Plates her with Armor trigger (sheet armor was spent later vs Slop Hauler). Turn 3: draws 13M, discards 7C. Discards 2 cards for a Scrap Marker. Weld Metal Plates Johana with Armor trigger (sheet armor never used), then walks behind a Stash Marker Turn 4: draws 8R, discards 3C. Hits Big Brain Brin with RJ for 3 damage. Hits him again for 0 (stoned to prevent) Turn 5: draws 13R, discards 5R. Hits Big Brain Brin for 2 damage. Tries again, misses. Later, Taxidermist attacks it and he Burst of Steam's it for 1 damage and pushes out of its engagement range. Giving Cassie (who died to a strong focused attack) and Johana Armor was nice, and drawing several face cards was good (I was holding his activation when bad cards were on top of the discard pile, and knowing you can just re-draw that face card you're defending with is cool), but he really didn't feel very active besides that. Looking specifically at my previous thoughts on the Steamfitter, I take back my suggestion for Companion. Waiting for a good card (or just taking a mediocre one to go now) felt enjoyable and I appreciated the experience. Discarded Tool was good for the first turn of Ramos (there was a ton of scrap in later turns but I still had to do it turns 2 and 3 for Armor due to the very short. Range), I was pretty card starved each turn I did it so I definitely feel like the penalty makes you consider if you can afford it each turn. Regarding Weld Metal Plate, I still feel the "do it again" trigger is the weakest part. Protection against Severes is nice though unlikely to come up much, but I never had the desire to use that trigger at all (especially since it forces you to discard a T for it). The armor is absolutely the focus of the ability, it feels like the Severe protection is the consolation prize. My suggestion yesterday of either just adding another stack for one T, swapping it for a Severe becomes Weak or Moderate becomes Weak trigger would see me consider the trigger more than now (which is none).
  9. I'm very excited about this and while I was planning on trying it with HPM Ironsides tonight I think I'm going to do Ramos with no Joss/LA to see how it feels (and make sure nothing is broken) I agree keeping the option to drop a Scheme Marker is nice although I suspect it'll be used less often. More thoughts tonight when my games done!
  10. Plus in a Ramos crew there's likely one or no models he can give Armor to, so you'd be bringing him for Tools For The Job, Scrap production, and Severe reduction. The reason I don't believe this would be too OP is that you're bringing a 6ss for one reliable Scrap Marker a turn, where Joss/LA eating a 3/4ss model gives you two reliable Scrap Markers a turn. Still might be too reliable, which is why I suggested maybe making it discard 2 cards for a Scrap Marker.
  11. You would have gotten a confirmation email from BackerKit titled "Survey Confirmation -- The Other Side" from when you filled it out the first time. At the bottom of the email it'll have a link below the line "Use this link to return to your survey any time:", clicking on that will let you edit your pledge on BackerKit. If you don't have the email any longer, you can request it be resent to your email by this link. And I agree, I'm getting more and more tempted to grab the Abyssinia starter to demo the game with
  12. I do feel like the Stalker's biggest power is in Empowered, Mighty Leap, and Reborn combined, yeah. What if Mighty Leap just went to Unimpeded? Still should be Fast every turn after 1, walk through severe terrain, and gets his 8" place each turn, but at least can't walk through walls.
  13. I don't have a batrep yet (hoping to get my game in tomorrow/wed), but I had some thoughts today on how to make this model a bit more generally appealing that I was hoping to get some feedback and discussion on. Firstly, give it Companion. Tools For The Job is basically shouting out for it, and it adds another layer of symmetry with the Union Miner which would be cool, too. Secondly, fiddle with Discarded Tool a bit. Has anyone found much use in Discarded Tool? Personally I'd be far more interested in it if it let you discard a card to place a Scrap Marker B2B with it, which would give him more synergy with Ramos, Mei Feng, Sparks, Large Arachnids, and itself (I'd like it to keep the discard, or maybe bring it to 2 cards to ensure it doesn't out-do our other Scrap Engines in Joss and Large Arachnids). Third, keeping in mind my Discarded Tool suggestion, change up Weld Metal Plate to be: ----- (1) Weld Metal Plate (Ca 4 / TN 10 / Rg: 3): Discard a Scrap Marker in range. Target friendly non-Master model in range gains the following Condition until the end of the game: "Sheet Plate: If this model would suffer Severe damage, it instead suffers Moderate damage. Then, remove this Condition." Hardened Plate: After succeeding, the target instead gains the following Condition until the end of the game: "Hardened Plate: If this model would suffer Severe damage, it instead suffers Weak damage. Then, remove this Condition." Reinforced Plate: After succeeding, if the target does not have Armor +1 or higher, it gains the following Condition until the end of the game: "Armor +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +1, to a minimum of 1." ----- So, a few changes here. Having it always require Scrap seems fair if it can just make Scrap, and it does feel a bit odd that he's just randomly pulling sheets of metal out of his pocket. Renaming the Condition to get the Armor out of the name to avoid any potential confusion, replacing the "do it again" trigger, and making the Condition non-stackable again, as well. Some alternatives to my Hardened Plate trigger would be to make a Moderate go down to a Weak then remove it, or just keep it stackable and add +1 to the stack for just the one , rather than take the action again for two. It's still inferior to the Bokor's Faded except for the Armor trigger, but we are a fairly durable faction to begin with, so hey.
  14. Looks fantastic, I'm very excited to get this model! Maybe then when I play Mei Feng she won't blow up every game
  15. I mean, both Marcus and Raspy can just give things Beast/Frozen Heart I thought the Beasts like Cerberus in particular might be good with it since a lot of them are already fairly beefy.