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  1. So when The Other Side comes out, I'm planning on using some sort of base-maker to help make all the bases. I don't think I can really just purchase inserts because of how the Fireteam system works, and doing it all by hand is going to be exhausting (even just doing my Malifaux models takes ages and TOS is going to take way more time), so I'm down to three options I think and I would really appreciate feedback and suggestions from anyone who has used them. So, the things I've found so far: Happyseppuku Stamps Seems great! Only 3x3" though, and because of the bases going up to 120mm (4.75-ish") I don't think it's going to work out. Might try to make it work if people have really positive feedback though Basius Pads Again something I've heard good things about, though they're definitely the most expensive option here. Also, I can't find their webstore now, which is a bit weird? Not sure they're worth the pretty high price tag but hey GSW Rolling Pin I've heard nothing about these ones, but they're the ones I'm leaning the most towards just because of the good size, better price than Basius, and they still look pretty decent. I'm especially interesting in hearing any feedback / stories about these ones Something Else If you love something else I haven't found yet, please let me know!
  2. Beasts and academics for McMourning?

    It might be because she's not actually out yet, but I think a lot of people are going to have their minds blown at the amazing power of Amina. Seriously folks, you're going to want her.
  3. Showgirls?

    The hireable ones are the following, the summonable are just the minions below. Henchmen: Carlos Vasquez, Cassandra Enforcers: Angelica Minions: Ice Dancer, Oiran, Performer Peons: N/A Carlos without his personal upgrade isn't nearly as much of a tank without the heals but still has the option of doing multiple damages per attack, so can get around HtK pretty nicely. Cassandra's the big winner for you guys, hyper mobile and can borrow any non-Master's (1) Ca at -1 to the stat, and as a Henchman she can stone the suits. Angelica has ranged Paralysis but her big thing is a flip-free push for non-Masters 5", not sure how useful that is for Ressers. Ice Dancer is a scheme runner who can move 16" in a turn and still place a scheme marker, and also puts down some annoying terrain. Oiran are weaker Belles, basically. Performers have Don't Mind Me and some poison shenanigans that some Resser models might appreciate.
  4. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Neverborn

    Bit surprised nobody's talked about how Dreamer's melee trigger with Growing Up upgrade and Serena giving someone Nightmare with the Warped Reality upgrade means that Dreamer can now teleport up any Minion or Enforcer into the enemy's face (Serena is his new best bud after all, look at her giving him new monsters to play with). Thoughts? Edit: I don't know Dreamer well enough to know if there's any other wild shenanigans they can get up to, but it sounded like a fun interaction when I was reading through it!
  5. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Outcasts

    Hamelin getting his own personalized version of Practiced Production should make things interesting!
  6. Steamfitters and Kandara

    I don't have the cards, but everything I've heard is that all the models are the same as we last saw them. On the topic, what do we think of Kandara now that we know about Heat Wave? Kandara's "take Burning if you damage me" ability might be extremely threatening to enemies with a Heat Wave Kaeris waiting to activate.
  7. Beasts and academics for McMourning?

    Yeah, 6 damage from activating with Poison'd probably be a bit too good though. Amina, Kudra, Myranda, and the Scorpius are models I'm definitely expecting to see a lot of McM players buying.
  8. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    The way I'm seeing it right now, your crew can give maybe 2 Big Threats some Burning (at least 1, preferably 2-3), have Kaeris Swoop over them for another Burning if you'd like, Accelerant on them (since both of those your opponent doesn't get a TN to stop), and Heat Wave to ruin their chances of doing anything else this/next turn depending on how much Burning they have. Then you can bring in your big nasty beater (hello Rail Golem) who's suddenly attacking some Df 7 master when its now only Df 4 and flattens it. Doing a v Arcanist matchup? Now Ramos needs that 11 to summon even 2 Spiders, and Sandeep flat out can't summon Banasuva. Against Resser summoners, even low value minions suddenly need face cards to bring in. Considering how many people on the forums consider any stat that's below 5 to be utter trash, and Kaeris now has the ability to flat out lower every stat on multiple enemies for multiple turns, I'd say it's earned its Limited title
  9. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    Initial reactions: I want everything But seriously, it sounds like things are shaking up quite a bit here. I suspect nobody's going to have a solid tier list on the masters going for a few little while from all this. I'm most excited by Ironsides, Kaeris, and Ramos (not surprising since I play them the most lol). I've got a feeling Kaeris getting to super-solo with Heat Wave is going to totally change how she'll play, giving models flat duel reductions sounds kind of incredible (imagine getting that Condition on a summoner, you'll break their poor undead hearts!). Ramos' are the ones I'm most interested in just for the sake of it giving him more things to do, and getting to do min 3 damage ranged shots at a better range should really help him do more than just summon and be an aura-bot. Rasputina's in particular also look like real game changers for her (and the Ice Golem too, which might start seeing more play!). I think I might get some more games in with her now that she's not purely ranged murder and ice walls. Sandeep's new Limited seems really interesting, being able to summon Banasuva off of just a Tome in melee's quite the change, I want to give that a shot (though it'll be hard giving up my Visions). Tutelage sounds like a very interesting one, I think there's going to be a lot of debate on whether it's more important to give something like Greed or a Silent One the +'s or to give something Academic with Sandeep built to support it. Colette's sound fun, her getting her 2nd upgrade that changes up how her Saber works now means if you want you can probably build her more directly aggressive. I've got a feeling Audience Participation is going to be a bit more niche of a pick, but the Focused should really help land the Siren's Calls, Lures, and Ice Paths. The restriction on minion near a friendly scheme seems a bit tough but I imagine having it more flexible would kind of break her again (imagine if it was Enforcer? Oof.), and as is it can basically destroy the intended activation of the model. Seems like it'll be incredible against some crews and so-so against others. Very curious in particular to see how that one gets used. Mei Feng's both sound good, instinctively I want to say that Press is the more fun sounding one but Rail Lines giving her more crew support means maybe I can start winning some games with her, which is good
  10. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    What could possibly be disappointing with either of Molly's? One totally changes her summoning game, and the other lets you start the game knowing next to everything your opponent will be trying to do, plus a flip-free enemy scheme remover. >.>
  11. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    It sounds very similar to Cassie's understudy, should make for some interesting lists!
  12. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Sounds like Ironsides' 2ss one is kind of an alternative to Frontline Leadership (weaker adrenaline effect, stronger control effect), I'm curious how it feels on the table. The adrenaline and heal trigger one sounds awesome! What does everyone think of the upgrades so far, have your personal tiers been thrown around like mine have? (I'm very excited to play super-solo debuff queen Kaeris!)
  13. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Could make for a good turn 1 play getting Truth in Flame by moving over 3 models too. Very excited to play with basically everything mentioned in this thread so far!
  14. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Potential for more aggressive Colette sounds interesting, Focused for all Showgirls near her? How about Sandeep? What goodies did he get?
  15. Book 5 general release

    There is also piracy. Harder to anonymously pass around a physical book than it is a PDF. I do agree though, I'm a digital copy kind of guy (frickin love that I can use the search function on a book ) so the wait is a bit annoying.