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  1. No. I have every non-Marcus master and a very small number of Beasts and I've never had a problem.
  2. As of last night, my campaign has finished! We didn't tally up who won (there were a few people who won most/all their games including me) but I did pretty good overall and had a lot of fun in the process We did 7 games over 5 weeks (weeks 1 and 2 were 2 games, 3-5 were 1 game), and I got 6 wins 1 draw total. We did the Hideout competitive variant, and I collected a total of 16 CM (ended the campaign with the Junkyard, all three tier 1 buildings, Appraisals from tier 2, and 2 spare CM). So, not bad overall! My final game was basically a standard game but with the Glitter Bomb strategy which was interesting. Ended up winning 10-9 (very close!) vs Yan Lo. I took two Injuries in the game (Union Miner got Flashbacks and the Malifaux Child got Baggage) and picked up one new skill (Kaeris gained Agility). In the end, my final crew loadout is the following: Kaeris - Agility Carlos Vasquez - Off-Hand Fighting, Not Quite Right, Unfocused Johana Rail Golem Gunsmith - Fan The Hammer Large Arachnid Rail Worker Soulstone Miner Union Miner - Flashbacks Malifaux Child - Baggage Imbued Energies, Purifying Fire, Practiced Productions, Stunt Double, Well Rehearsed, Welding Torch, 3 spare scrip So, what did I learn from this campaign? I focused hard on three things when picking up models each week: lots of Armor, 's, and healing. The 's in particular were a massive help and let me do way more every turn than I otherwise would have, especially in the lower point games. Having so much durability with the Armor and healing significantly reduced the total number of Injuries I took, and the Welding Torch letting me get rid of the especially nasty Injuries was incredibly useful. All in all, I was very happy with this crew and felt like i was always able to handle the different strats and schemes (even when Neutral models suddenly appeared and attacked me ). Before this, I hadn't really had much experience with the Soulstone Miner and after seeing it on the board, I quite like it! I had always heard of it as a model that just pops out near the back and gets used for schemes that need a model way back, but actually getting it into melee was useful too and it got a fair bit of work done when needed. I'd strongly recommend a similar theme to anyone else wanting to get into this, as it works pretty good from what I've seen.
  3. I'll assume that's a poor choice of words as there's no blaming of others going on... I understand what Flight the rule does. I understand that RAW, Kaeris could go through a Ht 20 Impassible rock wall if it's less than 4.8" wide. I'm saying that it makes no sense that she could do that. As someone who uses models with Flight fairly regularly, Flight absolutely should take the Ht of things being moved through into account, even if that's a direct cuddle to models and abilities I rely on.
  4. I understand that's how it seems to work RAW. My question is more RAI, is this how it's meant to work by the devs. An Incorporeal model ghosting through a building makes sense when we're talking about what's actually happening on the board, but a model with Flight somehow pulling a Juggernaut through a building (or a solid piece of rock) does not. Especially when we're talking about restricting what's happening in AP, with my above example it's not the height of the terrain that matters but the width, which when moving through a building again just doesn't make literal sense. I just disagree with Flight allowing the model to entirely ignore the vertical plane.
  5. Let's say Kaeris, with Wk 6 and Flight, is on the ground and wants to move to the other side of a Climbable, Enclosed, Ht 5 building. The errata states that "A model with Flight ignores terrain for all purposes while moving. However, the distance the model moves is still limited by the length of the move the model is allowed to take. Add the distance the model moved horizontally in relationship to its starting point to the distance the model moved vertically upwards (downwards movement is falling and it is never counted against a model’s movement total) in relationship to its starting point. This value may not exceed the distance allowed by the move the model was making." Let's assume the building is 5+" wide, so it would take Kaeris more than 1 Walk to move horizontally through it. Does she have to move up the building and then move on top of it to reach the other side? Let's assume the building is 4" wide, so it would take Kaeris 1 Walk to move horizontally through it. Does she literally move through it, ignoring the vertical height required to move to the other side? If she literally ignores the vertical height of buildings, can we PLEASE get confirmation that this is an intended part of the rules? Or an addition to the errata that Flight does or does not let models move through terrain which would otherwise require vertical movement?
  6. That's true as well with Sandeep who has a ton of useful abilities. Sometimes it's more useful to have The Sight Beyond up instead of summoning in another Gamin. Another thing to keep in mind with Sandeep are the mandatory summoning upgrades. Really consider when you're summoning who you want to not be able to move, who you want to not be able to cheat, and who you want to not be able to attack. Mixing up who will get what upgrade when you're summoning can lead to a pretty bad turn.
  7. Amina in an Ironsides HPM crew is amazing and has taken the job previously held in my crew by Lust as the anti-beater. Everything about her card is just fantastic, as even if you flub the Liable attacks and the enemy beater still gets at your models, you can force them to take flips by hurting Amina - which coincidentally means you're more likely to make those Liable attacks work next turn! Plus, just pointing at a model and saying "you're a Peon now" is great.
  8. The best place I've found for the Ice Golem is in Henchman Hardcore where the opponent has few attacks and wants to be going for your leader instead. I feel like the Emissary with Raspy's upgrade is just an explicitly better version of the Ice Golem in a normal game (faster, has non-Armor defenses, way better Df, and can be Ice Mirror'd through while engaged). If I was to put together a wishlist for the Ice Golem, I'd say bump his Df to at least 3, preferably 4, and give him some sort of thematic non-Armor defense. I wouldn't touch his attacks at all, when he gets into melee he's already a monster with 3 attacks at min 4 (Ice Gamin's Bite should always be up near him).
  9. Pretty much everyone likes the new Union Miner (except maybe Raspy who has the Ice Dancer instead). Gunsmiths I'd say probably just Ironsides and Kaeris. So besides those two Masters, Sandeep maybe? Letting a Gunsmith teleport with the (0)'s not bad, though I don't think they're a model he's desperate to get in his lists.
  10. It's always nice to have a reason to take the Eternal Flame! That does make sense, Ironsides and Amina seem to go together amazingly. Maybe taking a handful of Fire Gamin and BET as a front line the enemy beater can't attack might work? Maybe I'll give it a shot when I can.
  11. Hey all, so I'm surprised that this didn't really click with me before, but is Amina combined with the Emissary's Flaming Conflux good synergy? Amina can tag an enemy with Liable so they can't attack injured models, and if you bring a bunch of Minions then they can take a point of damage to do a Burning on an attack and become immune to attacks from that enemy model. Since it's with Kaeris too, you could bring Purifying Fire to heal up those models at the start of the turn and do it all again next turn. Has anyone tried something like this? I really want to see if it works!
  12. Week 4 is done and it went pretty well! We had an odd number of players come out for games night so I did a 3 player game (which with Interference meant very few strat points, lol). I ended up going with Kaeris, Purifying Fire, and Malifaux Child as the additions for my crew, and one of my opponents also went Kaeris which made things pretty interesting. My 3rd opponent didn't have a Master yet but had a list built around Collodi. End of the game the score went 8-6-3 for me. So, next week is the final week of this event. My Henchman said there may be a follow-up event leading off where we finish next week so it still does matter, but for this event next week is it. I have 9 scrip to spend and I'm torn between the Arcane Emissary with Flaming Conflux (+2ss), Rail Golem (+3ss), or a mix of smaller stuff like Firestarter and Arcane Effigy / Fire Gamin (+3ss). In any case with the extra scrip I'll probably add in the Seize The Day upgrade. Anyone have any thoughts about those options?
  13. Edit: Trade is done, no longer available. Hey all, so I now have a Vintage Sonnia model (the plastic one from the Guilders program) that I don't need, which has brought me here today! Nobody in my local meta needs it, so I'm looking to trade it off for something I can use. I already have Vintage Rasputina, so what I'm looking for today are some foil cards. Specifically, I'm most interested in Ramos, Sandeep, or the Arcane Emissary's foil cards. If nobody with those is interested, I'll consider Colette, Ironsides, or Mei Feng's foil cards. Proof of having the model is below:
  14. I have tried and enjoyed the Snow Storm / Emissary combo, but it is a huge chunk of your points so I understand anyone who is a bit hesitant about it. I'm actually not much of a fan of the Blessed, since its more restrictive in who it wants to be attacking (non-Armored, non-Construct enemies). I've tried him in lists where I've really needed that one specific model dead above everything else, but because it has Armor +1 its min damage of 2 is not going far. While the Emissary also has a min damage 2 attack, on the charge you can also use its min damage 4 attack and the guaranteed 2 damage (0) helps a lot as well when you don't need its 3" push.
  15. Hey all, thought a session of "what do you think needs cuddles and buffs" might be a fun little thought experiment to get going in here! So here's what to do: choose 1 or 2 things in your faction to buff, and 1 or 2 things in your faction to cuddle. Explaining why you made your choices is good, or an idea of what you think it needs. To start things off, I'll go with Arcanists: Born Of Fire - The only Kaeris upgrade I've never considered taking, with it adding on two triggers that are both fairly difficult to pull off. I'm not really sure changes would have me taking it, but 2ss for two "on kill" triggers for the same attack just doesn't do it for me. Practiced Productions - it's just so good, especially now with Dig Their Graves having a 4" range to select a Scheme Marker from (very doable even with PP's placement restriction). It seems like a lot of people specifically have an issue with the Malifaux Raptor and PP combo, so I'd maybe add in "non-Peon" for the placement target. If that happened, so as to not mess with Colette's Mech Doves and Mannequin I'd maybe add a line on All Part Of The Show that lets friendly minions consider them non-Peons.