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  1. If I have the 9 in hand I actually like to summon them as the highest accuracy ranged attacks, but even then the Fire Gamin's increased range is hard to argue against.
  2. Maybe not too special, but suddenly Banasuva without Slow or a Gamin who can interact immediately is extremely nice to pull off
  3. Sounds pretty good, I don't think the guest convinced me on the Essence of Power but it's an interesting idea I don't think you mentioned that the Effigy can Beacon something with a , discard for Student of All to summon a Gamin (usually Banasuva IMO), then Accomplice into it for an instant summon activation. Very handy when needed!
  4. Ironsides and Mei Feng are also pretty good for different versions of close combat. Ironsides has her position control and enemy lockdown potential (plus Hand Picked Men), and Mei Feng has anti-Sh and Ca along with combo potential and super speed.
  5. I Vent Boiler'ed fairly regularly as the start of my turn 1 G&D Kaeris setup (although now Carlos can do it without giving up his Burning with Stunt Double). One time he was hit with one of those "no attacks" conditions so double walked and Vented on the enemy crew (who all passed the TN... lol). It's way less useful, but still has its place kinda. Upgrades I've never used: Joss' Open Current. If I'm taking Joss he's carrying BET and I don't want to take a 2nd upgrade just for a competing 0. Ramos' Combat Mechanic or Electrical Creation. He has so many good upgrades I don't want to burn through more Scrap or summon such fragile models. Rasputina's December's Pawn. Expensive, and extremely specific in when it's valuable. Philosopher's Stone I've actually used with Wrath leading the C7 before but it was pretty terrible, haha.
  6. Kaeris - Blinding Flame, Grab & Drop Carlos Vasquez - Practiced Productions, Stunt Double The Firestarter Arcane Effigy Large Arachnid Large Arachnid Performer Willie Malifaux Child 4ss cache Extraction, G&D, and Dig Their Graves should pair nicely to make that very easy. The Effigy and PP can do Claim Jump, and Firestarter or Kaeris could do Breakthrough. The Performer can grab Evidence Markers without worrying about engagement ranges. 9 activations means I can keep several Evidence Markers away from the opponent, and Kaeris should be able to keep herself safe at the back. Carlos and the Performer can remove any enemy scheme markers that are placed aggressively as well. The Large Arachnids can use the spare Scheme Markers and are tanky models for Extraction, Carlos is the main beater, and Malifaux Child is support with Burning and heals
  7. Sorry to see you go! Your memory will live on in the eternal Cinnamon references Best of luck!
  8. If your opponent is having an easy time killing something with good Wounds, Armor, and Incorporeal, either they're playing an obscenely killy list or they're spending a ton of AP to do it. If the first, you're going to have problems either way, and if the latter that's already a win. With FFM in the pool 1/4 of the time as well, Howard is an obvious target for it and can force your opponent into the lose-lose situation of letting him go wild or kill him and give you VP. Additionally, if you're finding damage isn't a problem try some games with Visions instead of Commands and see how that changes how you play. Bringing a killcrew is a lot easier when you can summon in your scheme runners.
  9. Howard is a fantastic model for use with Sandeep, and I would take him over two lesser beaters for one reason: Enlightened Soul. Turning him Incorporeal makes it both much harder for the enemy to kill him and also let's him move through models, so it's far harder to stop him from getting where he wants to go.
  10. First make sure they're the errata cards from this Jan, since they got some pretty nice buffs. When I bring them, it's for two reasons: Modified Welder for Burning things (my stuff with Kaeris, the opponent's if I also have Gunsmiths), and False Claim. FC is by far my favourite use of them, and you're right that they're not scheme runners in the conventional sense. But combining their ability to place multiple schemes without using an Interact action is great for things like Dig Their Graves, getting around nuisances like Zipp, or enhancing stuff like Practiced Productions, Large Arachnids, and Willie. Their melee isn't too bad either if a friendly M&SU model is nearby. I never take more than 1, but they definitely have their uses!
  11. Welcome to the crew! I love that artwork, can't wait to see more of it!
  12. Firstly, welcome back! Ramos is 100% the best crew box to start with, as Joss and Howard are some extremely good hires for nearly everyone. This guide here is a good one to follow starting in, my personal preference for beginning is Ramos and Mei Feng's crew boxes as they have different playstyles but like to use the same sort of models.
  13. Ironsides - Challenge The Crowd, Frontline Leadership, Warding Runes Amina Naidu - Imbued Energies, Warding Runes Angelica - Practiced Productions Howard Langston - Imbued Energies Oxfordian Mage - Blood Ward, Temporary Shielding Union Miner Wind Gamin 5ss cache Warding Runes and the Blood Mage keep Ironsides and Amina from being Accused! or Marked. Angelica can pull models out of engagement to remove Accused! or just move them where they need to be, and with the Wind Gamin can do Claim Jump / Leave Your Mark. Wind Gamin and Union Miner can run around giving enemy's Marked and Accused! if need be. Union Miner can do Set Up and feed PP, as well as scratch Howard, Amina, and/or the Mage turn 1 for HPM. Amina keeps the crew safe from large threats with Summons and Liable on whoever can threaten my models from a distance and pull models off of Stash Markers, or just make them Peons. Ironsides pulls models off Stash Markers, gives HPM to nearly everyone in the crew, and can get into the enemy mid/back lines when needed to pull apart their ranged attacks or support.
  14. I'm especially fond of the Large Arachnid's trigger for removing Armor, since it removes it for all friendly model's attacks so he can tag it while doing something else and still be a significant reason why the Armored thing gets killed.
  15. Sandeep is 100% playable without Academics. You won't be using Unaligned Sage, but it's not like it's a mandatory upgrade. When going non-Academics I bring an elite-ish crew of 6-7 models and let my summons do the scheming (except Banasuva) while the crew goes in for the kill.