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  1. New Image

    If I remember right the Syndicates (including Guild) weren't going to be playable as their own Allegiance originally so that's probably what you were thinking of. I'm very hyped to find more about this and hear about the Guild next week!
  2. New Image

    Title says it all, this just dropped in a Kickstarter update. Very interesting...
  3. GG18 Master choices and tricks

    That's very much the plan! I'm fairly confident the Strike Markers can be good, at the least they slow down the enemy with Severe and the 3/4/4 spread is pretty good. I'm thinking of taking the Malifaux Child with him and dropping 4 Hazardous Severe markers around the board to mess with enemy charge lanes and punish anyone who wants to take out your Scheme Markers. Arcane Reservoir's a must of course, so it's down to Field Generator and have all 3 of his AP called for each turn or Under Pressure to have a free AP for other things.
  4. GG18 Master choices and tricks

    That definitely does hurt him, but Vox Populi being able to turn models into Peons is probably going to end up being really good, especially combined with Amina doing the same. Turning two enemies into Peons each turn can really mess with your enemy's plans!
  5. What are your go to models?

    Arcane Effigy makes about 95% of my lists and Cassandra's probably around 80% with Howard close behind.
  6. Units command zone

    They just can't be outside the 8", if anything would make them move or push them further away they stop at 8", and if they'd be placed further away the place doesn't happen.
  7. Tournament help

    Wind Gamin are definitely good enough hires, they're the best 4ss scheme runners we have and if the enemy kills them you get a free push.
  8. Monday Preview - Executioner

    Maybe one day we'll see Guild make their version of Howard, but with seven hands (just to show Ramos up )
  9. Random Questions

    Only for Adjunct models, so an Adjunct that lists 30mm can't be taken with Fireteams that have models of any other base size (only matters for Gibbering Hordes at the moment)
  10. Random Questions

    Not really? The only ones that come to mind are Abyssinia's Rail Gunner's Drain The Battery and Cult's Breachling's The Silence Between Dimensions (but you kind of want that one to happen). I think that's probably going to be up to house ruling (like 50mm models and 30mm doorways), but IMO usually if the gap's not big enough it wouldn't be able to go through (I'd really try not to have too many of those blocks that at least 80mm bases couldn't go through). Nope, no character attachments, just the generic ones. It's a neat idea though! I really hope so! Don't think we've heard anything one way or the other there, but it'd be save a lot of hassle of basing a whole new army! I don't know if they're the final version but there were images of boxes on the Kickstarter for the Allegiance boxes anyway, and they weren't clear packaging. It might have changed, though.
  11. Friday Preview - Basotho Cavalry

    I'm really considering ponying up the cash to add these guys ;D
  12. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Probably a combination of the vast majority of Raspy players finding Snowstorm more valuable than the Ice Golem, and now that the Golem's summonable letting you get multiples of it separately without having to buy a $75 box just for one model whenever it drops solo
  13. Winter Wonderland issue

    Well it's a shame it happened but this sounds like a pretty sweet deal in the end for me! guess i'll just have to buy more swag this year to say thanks for the free model lol
  14. How to start Ironsides

    The two Generalist Upgrade Decks and the Broken Promises master upgrade deck. The Arsenal boxes are just 2nd edition cards for players who bought their models in 1st edition.
  15. M2e Colette

    The Kandara-esque upgrade swapping Enforcer could be really cool, but to get that sweet benefit from Audience Participation I'd love to see the hypothetical knife throwers be Minions. There's still so much we could do in the Showgirls category, things like an Amina-lite distraction/control piece (whatever the right term for waitress there would be?), some kind of Beast handler (hello Marcus synergy, hopefully Enforcer to also hold Blade & Claw), someone with Chatty (how do the Showgirls not already have this? I know Angelica's already the barker but I'm sure we could get this in there somewhere), something that stops enemies from removing your scheme markers within x" of them, etc.