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  1. Probably end of turn 1 slingshot Ironsides into a couple enemies, turn 2 activate and rake in a pile of Adrenaline. I've regularly been swimming in Adrenaline lately, Veteran Fighter may be a bit of a "fix" upgrade but it does the job so well it makes her feel like a real Master
  2. Here we go!

    Oof, we got last place last block. We need to up our game if we want the Council to win (and get Ramos doing things Earthside)!
  3. I found their card draw was pretty solid but that they spent their cards far more than anyone else too, so it more or less evened out.
  4. M2E Ironsides

    IMO Iron Determination is a must-take when Eliminate the Leadership's in the pool for that reason, bursting back to full health on her is very strong.
  5. Monday Preview - Medical Automaton

    Oh geez, how's it somehow cuter than the one in the book? Can't wait for these models!
  6. Must Have / Never Use: Upgrade Edition

    Agreed, I don't take it all the time but on some models Recharge is great
  7. How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    Two things, from all the above: There is a range restriction, but the ice pillars being placed within 12" is in addition to that range. So, if you're bouncing it forward with Ice Mirror it must be within 12" of the Frozen Heart model from its Rg and within 12" of Rasputina from the secondary requirement in its text. Second, when the Wendigo uses Magical Extension, it becomes the "this model" in Ice Pillars as it is the one using the Ability. So, the restriction is basically just within 12" of it, as it doesn't have Ice Mirror.
  8. How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    You measure the distance from Raspy. You can do LoS from the friendly model with Frozen Heart.
  9. Kaeris in Wave 5

    +1 to that, LSA's with Grab & Drop work great with the amount of Scheme Markers around. Some people don't like them but I think a couple Fire Gamin for some cheap damage/burning/'s work fine for their points.
  10. Must Haves and never use.....

    Edit: nevermind me, I don't know how rules work.
  11. Must Have / Never Use: Upgrade Edition

    Yeah for Sandeep's limited that's very much a playstyle thing, the Visions just works much better with my playstyle than the Commands. I'm surprised the Philo Stone is getting love, I've never heard anything positive about it. Drawing 2 cards from a one-use 0 that takes a slot seems a bit excessive to me, which masters would you use it with @Adran?
  12. Okay, so just like the other thread on models, I'm wondering what everyone considers our "take in >90% of lists" upgrades and "take in <10% of lists" upgrades. What's the cream of the crop and the dregs at the bottom? IMO, it'd be: Arcane Reservoir Seize The Day Imbued Energies (sometimes x2) Challenge the Crowd Grab & Drop Seismic Claws Vapormancy Field Generator Under Pressure Cold Nights Shattered Heart To Behold Another World The Philosopher's Stone Armor of December Sub Zero Nothing Up My Sleeve Message From the Union Born of Fire Purifying Fire Price of Progress Thunderous Smash Combat Mechanic Electric Summoning Child of December Enlightened Soul To Command Another Plane Smoke and Mirrors Open Current People's Challenge
  13. Must Haves and never use.....

    Must Have's: Howard Langston Arcane Effigy The good Totems (Malifaux Child, Emberling, Wendigo) I-like-it-more-than-most's: Large Arachnids Captain SVG Union Miners Never Take's: Beasts The bad Totems (Essence of Power, Mouse, Eternal Flame) Kudra Ice Golem
  14. Help picking a second faction

    I'd say if you already have friends who are playing the Malifaux stuff, I'd go dual with the Empire. If you buy Kassa you're giving yourself a big boost in a hiring pool for either of the two allegiances (she lets you hire either allegiance's Squads)! Nothing Malifaux side can hire anything Earth side and vice versa. King's Empire's shtick is guns, guns, and guns. They Glory by killing Fireteams. Abyssinia is all about high value activations and bonus actions. They Glory either with their Prototype weapons or by succeeding by a lot over the enemy's total or the target #. Hordes is all about melee and summoning your dead squads back. They Glory by eating each other. Cult is about teleporting around and magic. They Glory by stacking Shaken Tokens on themselves. There's a couple vassal games of each of the factions on youtube if you want to see what they're like (though the clips are pretty long). Hope that helps!
  15. The Nightmare Box

    Hey all, just wanted to throw a vote out here to see who'd be the most popular box to Nightmare up assuming that we win (we are the best after all ). Colette's not on the list since she's already got one, so lets see who else is the most popular!