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  1. Brewmaster in tournaments

    I saw this list, was pretty good, I hope not mixed anything BrewMaster + 3ss for cache (6 in total) Binge - 1 ss BrewMaster Totem - 3 ss Akaname - 4 ss Sow - 8ss Trixie + her upgrade - 9ss Burt + D.C - 8ss Iron Skeeter - 6 ss Taxdermist - 7ss Taxdermist makes stuffed piglets from corpses provided by Akaname. Skeeter + Burt kills enemy models. Akaname + Trixie for schemes. Sow for killing. Brewmaster sets his aura + gives [-] + swill. Totem to pump poison on akaname and swill enemy models that have [-]. Not perfect list, but quite good and makes sense. I would switch in some scenarios Sow for two scheme runners or Merris and give other models upgrades. Upgrade on Trixie was bad choice for me but her lure was great.
  2. Zoraida, Gremlins or Neverborn

    Thanks for all help
  3. What are main difference between Zoraida in those factions? My friend is interested in starting game with her, but because our meta is low on Zoraida, I am unable to tell him what are main differences. For me in Gremlins she has access to Sammy (free upgrade slot), some cheap hitters (Burt) and 1 AP charges from Pigs. In NeverBorn she has additional WP tricks (Widow Weaver, Insidious madness etc.) and easy access to wisps and Swampmother (summon). Did I miss something? Also, I am open to advices on in theme masters for start, especially Lynch in NeverBorn, Yan Lo in Ressers,
  4. Monday Preview - July 10th

    @Kai Can you be so nice and tell what models will be in Hamelin Nightmare box? I am interested in Rat Kings and additional rats
  5. I want master to cover different areas. Sandeep is for schemes and summoning (I know that Ramos can summon more models), Rasputina for ranged dmg, blocking enemy on correct tables, 3rd master should prefer close combat so Marcus sounds great. Alpha strike is a bonus to it
  6. As in topic? What master would you suggest? For sake of conversation, let's say I have access to Joss and Howard (guilders) and Ox mages (separate box) I am looking from competitive point of view, and Marcus or Kaeris were my choices. Marcus for Myranda and Cerberus, Kaeris for fire gamins. What would you suggest?
  7. Arcanists vs Armor

    Thanks for help everyone
  8. Arcanists vs Armor

    So more or less only Rasputina is not strong pick against Armor? Of course some mentioned models can be taken, but Frozen Heart synergy is missing.
  9. Arcanists vs Armor

    As in topic How Arcanists take care of armor in enemy crew? Of course Joss is one of answers, but what are others?
  10. What exact cards are incuded in generalist upgrade deck 1 for arcanists? How can I check it? Thanks in advance for help
  11. Asami List Theoryfaux

    Great topic guys! Good work. I hope you can help me with my questions: - How do you take care of armor? - Do you use Katanka Snipers? - How do you play against blasts? Also providing some core crews would be great
  12. Brewmaster in tournaments

    I saw many topics regarding Brewmaster. Many people say it's weak, bad etc. But I assume some people play him Can you share your 50ss lists and schemes & strategies that suit Brewmaster and his crew? My idea would be to have Brewmaster and some hitter in middle, iron skitter and Burt at one flank to kill enemy scheme runners & place schemes. Rest models should be chosen to suit my enemy and schemes. So I challenge you give me best Brewmaster lists
  13. Hans vs Trapper

    This! For me trapper is model that can do many things: kill others, place scheme markers (nice combo when you place him in nasty place that is hard to reach), count as model for quarter etc. He is universal (more or less) Hans is counter and killer, nothing more. Expect gremlins with pigapult or slop haulers- take Hans. Expect Neverborn with swarm of low wounds models - take Hans. You want to kill enemy totem first turn- take Hans.
  14. Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

    I would love to see more answers Misaki in not popular master in Outcast, so any feedback on her is welcome
  15. Edited. I got wrong impression on your post There is prize for best crew, so people will have motivation for create something easy to use and good at same time. Also I believe that people are not total a**holes and won't create stupid crews like Viktoira without her sister in Outcasts. It's more for fun tournament, yea someone will win and someone will lose, but you will see how it looks on the other side and if the grass is greener there