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  1. Nukemouse

    Are Will O' The Wisps too strong?

    Will o the wisps are 3 cost incorporeal models with 5df/5wp who usually can be 10 inches away from things. I don't ever find them squishy relative to their cost and role, but i play against, not with them. In my opinion they are the second most survivable 3 cost non-totem in the game, after Night Terrors which of course are much harder to kill.
  2. Personally I think Hayreddin could/should become a Master out of any existing nephilim. His concept is very cool and he would be a very interesting Neverborn/Ressurectionist character. Lorewise he seems much more impressive and interesting than just being an enforcer.
  3. Nukemouse

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    Well it could also be something out of left field, like an earth animal that escaped a circus or zoo or something and the Gremlin fear/worship it believing it to be all powerful as they've never seen a creature like it. It's not hard to imagine Gremlins in awe of a sloth, hippo or a camel and it's "master tier abilities" can obviously be explained by an awakening when it traveled through the breach, similar to Hoffman etc. Better yet, a Rooster with a scarecrow-like fake gremlin on its back.
  4. Nukemouse

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    A gremlin master that is actually a Pig, Rooster, Silurid, Gator or otherwise an animal. Have the gremlins fight for it believing its a genius and interpreting its body language as orders, but leave it ambiguous as to whether its intelligent enough to really understand whats going on or if its actually smarter than the gremlins that fight for it.
  5. Nukemouse

    Lotus eaters synergy

    The Lotus Eater hates enemy schemes and scheme runners. Its not necessarily about who to use it with, more about the scheme pool. If you believe the enemy will need to place scheme markers as part of play you can draw cards, fuel his abilities, teleport to enemy scheme markers or just disrupt enemy minion's attempts to disengage or interact.
  6. Nukemouse

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    The rules are as much if not more so a part of the product than the sculpt. The official tourney rules require you use the models or a close approximation of them made with mostly wyrd products, so its clear Wyrd doesn't want us to play with nothing but proxies. If i thought Wyrd was going to go bankrupt in two weeks or end product support for malifaux i would stop all my purchases immediately as the game would be dead, its somewhat of a gamble as unexpected things can happen but i don't think its likely Wyrd will disappear soon. Whilst there are only a few truly useless models and quite a few of them saw changes in the recent errata, i was discussing more the principle behind balance changes than specific examples. I don't think the game is flooded with useless models, but i do think being "underpowered" is very much an emergency on par with being "overpowered" in terms of being disruptive to customers enjoying the product. Indeed the fact customers prefer certain sculpts over others is part of why those sculpts should be as viable as possible, to not punish them for their preferences.
  7. Nukemouse

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    I would argue that useless models are very bad for Malifaux as a product line and is thus deserving of an "emergency" errata. Buying models that end up being useless feels awful for the customer.
  8. Nukemouse

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Levi relied largely on damage output to function, which they hit. Nico doesn't rely on his card draw entirely, so a hit to it wouldn't be as bad, since he's less specialized.
  9. Nukemouse

    Mother of god!

    Nurse heartsbane could be the midwife?
  10. Nukemouse

    How do you fix Aionus?

    I would like some new triggers or improvements to his ranged slow, to make it feel more useful. Spending the AP of a 12 cost to slow something does not feel good, even if sometimes models are clumped and he can cause many simple duels. Another alternative is simply to make his damage better. For a 12 cost a situational min 3, even ignoring armor needs to be a little better than his. Perhaps keep it min 2, but up the damage against fast/slow to +2 instead of +1? Or perhaps rather than damage, change his bury trigger to work after damaging, if the target has slow/fast rather than on severe damage.
  11. Nukemouse

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    New models will certainly address weaknesses in a poison focused crew, but its worth remembering that even if they were to "fix" brewmaster, they would limit his individuality by forcing him to take them in all of his lists, reducing his flexibility. I hope eventually we can see Brewmaster recieve a second errata, to fix the issues on his card, rather than promising potential "fixes" only to those who purchase new models and run specific variations of his crew.
  12. Nukemouse

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    Control masters and killy masters aren't the same thing, but if a control master cant control things better than a killy master, that is an inherent flaw in their design. Whilst i might come off as all doom and gloom, Brewmaster has quickly become by far my favorite master and i very rarely use my outcast or ressur models anymore because of how much i prefer him. That doesn't mean i should be ignorant of his weaknesses or dismiss balance concerns as "unavoidable". There is a difference between minor balance problems and the issues facing kaeris and brewmaster.
  13. Nukemouse

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    My point is it is his "main" game, because its the only part on his card that actually does debuff and disruption as well as other masters. I've had situations where contest has worked before, but having to spend all my AP, be in a perfect position, have all the enemy models be already poisoned usually in order to be as effective as molly or rasputina just outright paralyzing is awful. Bingeing yourself for extra AP is just doing a less effective version of what collodi, lucius, collette etc already do. Swill does help you focus on a target thats true, but other masters just outright kill the enemy they spent the AP on instead, or provide comparable benefits. Jack Daw's curse ncreases the damage taken by a target and it also does some damage of his own, when jacob lynch fires a coated bullet it's just as much of a death sentence as swill and Von Schill can lower your DF for the rest of the game, whilst doing actual damage himself and being much harder to take off the table. If we get into the masters that can kill 2+ models a turn we quickly see why "swilling" 2+ models a turn isn't really very impressive, especially when you have to activate first to get these benefits.
  14. Nukemouse

    Lucius, Queeg, and Witchling Thralls?

    Two models from broken promises that should very much be considered here are the thalarian queller, so that pesky armor and whatnot can't slow your thralls down and the riot breaker to shoot enemy scheme runners and ruin their lives. The witchling thralls will probably trigger the riotbreaker's free push every turn so it can swiftly get to position and a ram trigger issue command can easily let it shoot its gun with focus for blast.
  15. Nukemouse

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    I find the idea "Drinking Contest isn't brewmaster's game" a bit frustrating. If that's not his gimmick, what is? He can lower WP yes but as he's not in ressurectionists or neverborn he isn't exactly flooded with models that love to target wp. He can discard cards from the opponent's hand, but he's hardly the only master or the best one that can do that. He can't obey nearly as well as Zoraida or Hamelin and only comes out even with Perdita! That really just leaves his swill, which is a nice ability but falls short compared to masters that can spend their AP to inflict the "killed" condition or to paralyze. Drinking contest is his only control effect actually comparable to other master's abilities, as it's a 0 that can disable multiple enemy AP.