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  1. Demos and Events in Chrlottesville, VA

    In northern virginia/MD, things are starting to book up through the end of January. If you give enough notice, I can likely bring a group down for events you end up running. Great work by the way!!!
  2. Burst of the Worst tournament, Northern VA, Sept. 30

    Wave 5 is legal, bring it all!!!!! Also, if you need copies of your master's upgrades, PM me and I will have printed copies you can use for the tournament (you have to give them back at the end). I don't want anyone to miss out on new stuff, so proxies are absolutely allowed, but make sure they are easily identified . . . and painted
  3. Burst of the Worst tournament, Northern VA, Sept. 30

    The land buzzes with excitement. Mercenaries from near and far are beginning to congregate. Friends and foe alike know something is about to go down . . . but what? All that is trusted as fact is what they have seen with their own eyes. Masters from across the land that have not been seen in quite some time are beginning to appear . . . all at once . . . and they look as if they have something to prove . . . . Round 1- Time to Gather Deployment: Blind Strategy: Ply For Information Schemes: Show of Force Hold Up Their Forces Set Up Vendetta Power Ritual Round 2- Chaos Brews Deployment: Standard Strategy: Supply Wagons Schemes: Inspection Search the Ruins Recover Evidence Hunting Party Leave Your Mark Round 3- Finish Them!!!! Deployment: Corner Strategy: Ours Schemes: Make Them Suffer Eliminate the Leadership Hidden Trap Mark for Death Covert Breakthrough All GG18 strategies and schemes are chosen as of today (9/9/2017). If they are rewritten before the tournament on September 30th, no changes will be made, I will post the entirety of the scheme as it is written today.
  4. Burst of the Worst tournament, Northern VA, Sept. 30

    Bump. Working on finalizing the strats/schemes for each round. They will be out sometime this week.
  5. September through the end of November League Location: Huzzah Hobbies (703) 466-0460 44927 George Washington Blvd. Suite 165 Ashburn, VA. 20147 Conference organizers will be responsible for collecting entry fees from players: $30 PayPal thinkin.luck.mike@gmail.com Players must play a minimum of 5 out of 6 scheduled games over 3 months to qualify for prize support. In addition each conference must send at least 1 person to the finals in order to receive any prize support. So what does that get you... champions for each conference get a free con badge to the gadzooks malifaux con in June 2018. One champion per 10 participants (rounding up) in a conference. (Conferences must have at least 6 players). Players will all receive participation prizes for the league. Please ::important:: no assumptions as to what participation prizes will be. Participation prizes are a thanks for participation, not a purchase, and definitely not anything specific. Participation prizes will be equal for all players. All players will be entered in for raffle prizes that will be raffled at the championship in June. Entry fee will also go towards prizes for all champions, and trophies for the finals. Last year we had around $4,000 worth of prize support, hoping to keep growing it! The league itself has no painting requirement, but the championships and the entire convention in June are painting required as per gaining grounds. The league will use 2017 Gaining grounds schemes and strats. The championship will use 2018 schemes and strats if available. If not will utilize the 2017 packet. The finals are in New Jersey in June and there will be over 6 months to plan travel arrangements following the end of the league. Prizes will not be handed out until after the tournament. Thanks for the interest and participation and let's make this year great!!!

    Merris or McTavish.
  7. The brewmaster

    Brewmaster, to me, is a lot like Zipp and Wong in that he doesn't necessarily buff his crew and plays independently. You are going to be throwing out Hangovers and popping Drinking contest. Wesley is an auto include, because a possible revival of Brewmaster is awesome, especially for 3SS. Trixibelle will help get you initiative for Drinking Contest. She also can hand out a lot of poison with her (0) Buy you a drink action. Her Gremlin Lure can help keep models that ignore Wp duels away from Brewmaster as well as giving them slow. Her ability to go reckless is all gravy. Since the previous 3 models can hand out poison, a Performer, with her pseudo expunge, is fantastic if you actually want to kill something poisoned. Her ability to target scheme markers and drain the opponents hand with Wp duels has always been worth the 6SS cost. One model has been fine, two performers never have enough to do in my lists. After that, it is all about the Strat/Scheme pool for me. Burt is a standard in my lists since he is highly versatile. I will take Lenny, w/ upgrade, most of the time. A slop hauler and Merris also get invited to the party. At that point, my list is at 45SS, so I'll add in a slop hauler or a bayou to bring my model count up to 9.
  8. Smuggled Across

    I'd like to see this changed to where the player must reveal this scheme at the beginning of the turn, and any current minions that are still in play at the end of the turn count for this scheme. If no VP are collected from this scheme, the scheme becomes unrevealed at the end of the turn.
  9. Leave your Mark error

    Leave your Mark is in the numbered scheme section but is annotated with a tome instead of "12"
  10. Burst of the Worst tournament, Northern VA, Sept. 30

    We will not be following the normal GG2017 schedule. Once I find out about GG2018, I will post the Deployment/Strategy/Schemes for each round. Expect to see them at a minimum of 3 weeks out from the tournament. The Deployment/Strategy/Schemes for each round will be comprised from all available options...... all of them . . . . <insert evil laugh here>
  11. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    Yeah . . . would you have been ok with 2 stuffed piglets for 5SS?
  12. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    So, the Lenny is combo that I use. Turn one (if you don't summon 2 piglets due to lack of cards): Lenny throws Burt and Trixibelle 10" forward. Trixibelle goes reckless, walks, lures Lenny twice. (Note: This movement is better than their individual walk). Burt sets up for turn 2. Turn 2: Trixibelle goes reckless and charges something and pulls in Lenny and Burt with the mask trigger. Hits the target two more time with the Ram trigger (from Lenny) and with Burt hitting as well (with an extra Crit strike from Lenny). Target(s) dead. Lenny charges something, puts a hurt on it. Burt goes reckless, charges and kills whatever Lenny is 3" nearby. Repeat turns 3-5. The reason this is awesome in a Som'er list is that Som'er and Bayou friends are completely independent of this process and can do their own thing.
  13. July 2017 Errata

    Let us take it easy. I was his opponent in this game and I put him in a bad situation with his Ramos summoning engine turn 1 of the game. The Mech Rider errata was a change he hadn't counted on and was like salt in the wound at that point in turn 2. Please don't let his frustration be reason to heckle him; he is a really nice guy. **Note, I am in not intending to point the "no heckling" finger at you in particular.
  14. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    Could we pick one random "complained about model" from each faction and do this? Just for funsies. Except for real. EPIC!!!