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  1. MinionJack

    50SS Tournament, June 16th, Northern Virginia

    13 of 24 spots are currently reserved. Sign up today to guarantee you can play.
  2. MinionJack

    50SS Tournament, June 16th, Northern Virginia

    Round 1 Flank, Supply Wagons: Guarded Treasures, Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Search The Ruins, Vendetta Round 2 Corner, Ply For Information: Surround Them, Dig Their Graves, Show Of Force, Take Prisoner, Public Demonstration Round 3 Standard, Public Executions: Eliminate The Leadership, Set Up, Inescapable Trap, Take One For The Team, Recover Evidence And for those with Facebook accounts, the event page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/380821945661984/?ti=icl
  3. MinionJack

    50SS Tournament, June 16th, Northern Virginia

    Yes, currently 17 spots are up for grabs. Pre payment will reserve a spot.
  4. MinionJack

    Capital City Faux Tour 2018 Beta

    CCM results have been added. There is a June 16th tournament at Huzzah for last minute attempts to get your rankings up. Top ten Capital City Faux Tour players compete for the belt before Nova Open. https://thirdfloorwars.com/capital-city-faux-tour/
  5. MinionJack

    Capital City Faux Tour 2018 Beta

    The belt is finalized!
  6. MinionJack

    Capital City Faux Tour 2018 Beta

    Capital City Faux Tour rankings have been updated! https://thirdfloorwars.com/capital-city-faux-tour/
  7.  Capital City Faux Tour sanctioned event. *****Limited space, payment will reserve your spot Location: Huzzah Hobbies 44927 George Washington Blvd. Suite 165 Ashburn, VA. 20147 Event Type: 50SS tournament, Fixed Faction, Gaining Grounds 2018 rules (Painting not required), 3 rounds Event time: 10 am - 7:30 pm Check in: 1000-1020 am Round 1: 1030 am - 1 pm (45 minute break) Round 2: 1:45 pm - 4:15 pm (15 minute break) Round 3: 4:30 pm - 7 pm 2.5 hours per round with a hard stop. (Everything should be wrapped up by 7:30pm) Player Limit: 24 (Payment reserves your spot) Cost: $10 (Paypal Thinkin.Luck.Mike@gmail.com to reserve your spot, or contact me for other options) Prizes: 1st-3rd get store credit, all other prizes will be raffled off.
  8. MinionJack

    50SS tournament, Northern Virginia, March 31st

    Last bump before the tournament this weekend.
  9. MinionJack

    Get more players

    The one thing that I have found which brings people into Malifaux, is a designated weekly Malifaux night. Yes, weekly. It gets easier when a group forms and you specifically don’t have to be there every week People who buy into a new system want to know that they can play on a regular basis. So, pick a night that works for you, and go every week for the same time frame. The first couple of times, you may have to bribe a friend to join you for a game. If you have two friends, that would work best for you to run a demo on the side. Get a pizza or other food, play, and chill. Once you have a few people interested, then have a tournament. Getting to play 3 games in a day is fun.
  10. MinionJack

    what to order

    She can load her own upgrades.... I’ve always found old Cranky much more useful. But different play styles, different opinions.
  11. MinionJack

    what to order

    The most useful things for Ophelia are the Som’er box (for Bayou’s and Lenny), Old Cranky, and a box of piglets (for Lenny to throw).
  12. MinionJack

    Capital City Faux Tour 2018 Beta

    We will be playing for a championship belt, example shown below. I will update the picture once the actual belt has been created.
  13. MinionJack

    Capital City Faux Tour 2018 Beta

    The Capital City Faux Tour Beta is currently underway I will update in the comment section when the rankings have changed or there are other updates. The Details Third Floor Wars overall goal is to promote growth in both casual and competitive Malifaux by implementing a regulated season where players compete to defend their ranking and earn a place at the US Masters tournament at the end of the season. Gaming has long since been a competitive battleground that is only just starting to really pick up steam in the mainstream. Esports is becoming a major thing. Various card games have their own season. Third Floor Wars have similar aspirations for tabletop miniatures and could think of no better game to really try to push this then Malifaux. Check out the details below for the current status of the Capital City Faux Tour. https://thirdfloorwars.com/capital-city-faux-tour/
  14. MinionJack

    50SS tournament, Northern Virginia, March 31st

    RSVP soon so I can gauge prize support, please.
  15. MinionJack

    April Fools Tournament March 31

    Fun concept, wish I were closer.