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  1. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    Yeah . . . would you have been ok with 2 stuffed piglets for 5SS?
  2. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    So, the Lenny is combo that I use. Turn one (if you don't summon 2 piglets due to lack of cards): Lenny throws Burt and Trixibelle 10" forward. Trixibelle goes reckless, walks, lures Lenny twice. (Note: This movement is better than their individual walk). Burt sets up for turn 2. Turn 2: Trixibelle goes reckless and charges something and pulls in Lenny and Burt with the mask trigger. Hits the target two more time with the Ram trigger (from Lenny) and with Burt hitting as well (with an extra Crit strike from Lenny). Target(s) dead. Lenny charges something, puts a hurt on it. Burt goes reckless, charges and kills whatever Lenny is 3" nearby. Repeat turns 3-5. The reason this is awesome in a Som'er list is that Som'er and Bayou friends are completely independent of this process and can do their own thing.
  3. July 2017 Errata

    Let us take it easy. I was his opponent in this game and I put him in a bad situation with his Ramos summoning engine turn 1 of the game. The Mech Rider errata was a change he hadn't counted on and was like salt in the wound at that point in turn 2. Please don't let his frustration be reason to heckle him; he is a really nice guy. **Note, I am in not intending to point the "no heckling" finger at you in particular.
  4. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    Could we pick one random "complained about model" from each faction and do this? Just for funsies. Except for real. EPIC!!!
  5. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    I disagree. Lenny is still awesome in a Som'er list. The synergy between Trixie, Burt, and Lenny is one of the best in the game. Rooster Riders: I miss those guys Stuffed Piglets: This is initial rage . . . the cuddle is not as bad as people are going with.
  6. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Sammy is great in a Wong crew. Here are my uses for her: Wong: Gremlins Luck Old: Cranky Sammy: Ooo Glowy McTavish Burt Swine Cursed x 2 Stuffed Piglets x 2 ***Note: I used to take Dirty Cheater x 2, but with the change for the Stuffed Piglets, two points had to come out somewhere. If Quick Murder, Eliminate, or for some reason Burt needs to survive, it doesn't hurt to drop a pig for Dirty Cheater x 2 and/or stilts. So, back on track . . . the reasons Sammy are great: 1) Carries Ooo Glowy so that Wong can take Gremlins Luck. Wong's list is meant for slaughter and I can eliminate 75% of an opponent's crew by the end of turn 3 (against most players, there are some bad match ups and skilled opponents are able to mitigate the slaughter) 2) Card cycling. Old Cranky discards a card to draw a card . . . which lets Sammy discard a card to draw a card. This is great in a list where you want high cards to maximize the slaughter. 3) Jynx. This is fantastic for models trying to hide or models that have a couple of wounds left. 4) Mid field scheme running. I use Sammy to drop scheme markers for McTavish to eat if needed, or to achieve VP. 5) Stuffed piglet generation. Extremely rare, but useful if an opponent leaves a scheme marker a little too close. Great if Dig Their Graves was taken by your opponent.
  7. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    This. Flying pigs are a situational summon.
  8. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    Activation control has been an issue for awhile. Once the rat engine was largely fixed in Outcasts, stuffed piglets had it coming. That being said, I think flying piglets might be a benefactor of this change . . . maybe . . . possibly . . .
  9. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    Agree.... also, maybe wait until the turn of the year. I'd like to see how Gremlin Criers work in the new gaining grounds. This SS cost increase doesn't break any of the competitive lists that I've seen or play. But, I see where and why some people are frustrated & also understand that meta's are different. Lastly, thank you Wyrd for letting Burt slippery the Gremlin rage onto a stuffed piglet!!!!
  10. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    There is usually not enough things close enough for Som'er to properly attack on turn 1. Going from 11 activations to 16 on turn one, if everything goes well, should set you up for activation control for the game. Turn 2-5, Som'er is free to do shooting/stabbing and not worry about summoning for the rest of the game.
  11. July 2017 Errata

    I'd still take 2 with Wong for the extra explosions.
  12. Burst of the Worst tournament, Northern VA, Sept. 30

    Bumpity, bump, bump Don't get in a painting slump Tournament this Fall.
  13. Burst of the Worst, League event, World wide event

    And yes, new participants can join up until the last day, September 30th, the day of the tournament. The tournament has less restrictions than the league.