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  1. Just letting folks know that I will be available* for scheduled demos at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA. during the month of February; Mon-Wednesday 4-9. Contact me at Thinkin.Luck.Mike@gmail.com to schedule your demo *As much as I like Huzzah, I am not physically in the store from 4-9, but can make the 10 minute drive there with advance notice.
  2. Saturday, March 25, 2017 Location: Huzzah Hobbies (703) 466-0460 44927 George Washington Blvd. Suite 165 Ashburn, VA. 20147 Event Type: 50SS tournament, Fixed Faction, Gaining Grounds 2017 rules (Painting not required*), 3 rounds Event time: 10 am - 7 pm Check in: 1000-1020 am Round 1: 1030 am -1230 pm (1 hour break) Round 2: 1:30 pm -3:30 pm (30 minute break) Round 3: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Everything should be wrapped up by 6:30-7pm) Player Limit: 20 Cost: $10 (Paypal payment to Thinkin.Luck.Mike@gmail.com to reserve your spot, or contact me for other options) *No painting requirement and this will not be factored into scoring. I will award a separate prize for painting/most creative For questions or interest: PM or email Thinkin.Luck.Mike@gmail.com
  3. Monday, February 27th, 2017 Location: Huzzah Hobbies (703) 466-0460 44927 George Washington Blvd. Suite 165 Ashburn, VA. 20147 Event Type: Enforcer Brawl, 1 game Start Time: 6pm Player Limit: 12 Cost: $5 For questions or interest: PM or email Thinkin.Luck.Mike@gmail.com
  4. Maybe the left most one is an oni for the new TT master. The other one looks like a model for the neverborn master
  5. A master in all factions . . . like Wrath . . . ?
  6. Awesomely done yet again!
  7. Thanks. That reminds me yet again to watch what I read on pullmyfinger and not double checking the card. Well, that should improve my game a bit more. Maybe I can get opponents to rage quit earlier than the middle of round 2.
  8. Katanaka snipers, Lone Swordsman, Izamu.
  9. Obey allows you to target a non-leader enemy model. Am I misreading something here?
  10. And obey only works on enemy models.
  11. I've had fun with Brewmaster in TT. Drinking contest is a plan C attack. Brewmaster in TT is all about Wp tests. I only use Hangovers and obeys. Misdirection is a nice upgrade if you want to get brewmaster into the thick of things. Yin is a great Wp attacking tarpit. Also, Brewy can obey models to walk into Yin's range and fail the horror duel (model now paralyzed). Ama no zako is an option (rather than Yin) if lots of ht 1 models are going to be around (gremlins). The performer loves Wp duels too. She can expunge poisoned models or push Brewy if he gets into issues Izamu is great. He is a nice target for misdirection if you lose initiative after starting a drinking contest. Recalled training on him is unnecessary if strats and schemes don't require killing. With Izamu and Yin in your crews, Komainu (who also attack Wp), gain an auto slow trigger. Throw in a couple of Tengu for scheme running, and now you've got a solid crew.
  12. It has been a few months since Aionus was released. What are people's thoughts or experiences with Aionus, in particular with Tara's crew? I am specifically concerned with his high SS cost compared to his output.
  13. That's exactly how I use the lone swordsman as well. The next addition to my Shenlong crews were Tengu in scheme marker heavy environments. Drop a sniper out of your core list and (if you want the extra SS) recalled training from Izamu to pick up two Tengu. By turn 3 you should have enough markers on the board to get you points until the end of the game.
  14. Awesome, glad you had fun. In the games that you lost; did you feel you could have won if you had changed the list, or just if you had played differently?
  15. It seems that way. But, as I try to get masters to diversify my play style, she does not do anything to my existing crews. If stuff needs to die: Lynch If blasts are needed in plenty: Shenlong If I need to turtle and drop markers: Brewmaster