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  1. Paradigm

    ITC 2017 Feedback

    It was an amazing event! The venue was great, with lots of space, good ventilation and both drinks and snacks easily available. Nice idea to have lunch included in the ticket, delivered to the venue. The terrain was high quality overall, except for a few tables that were too open in my opinion. The judges did a great job in being easily available, and they seemed to make quick and fair rulings. There was enough time in all of my matches except for one, so two hours plus setup time was good. The prices were really cool as well. I loved the whole concept of playing in teams. The scoring method worked well. The matchmaking idea was interesting, but I suppose there could have been more tactical depth to it. It was easy to just pick our best master for each table, and our opponents' picks hardly influenced our decisions at all. Knowing your opponents' masters before building your crew had an impact on list building, and I believe this hurts some masters too much. Unfortunately I don't have any good suggestions on how to actually improve this part of the event. TLDR: I had a great time, would absolutely go again even if nothing changes, and I would gladly recommend it to everyone.
  2. Paradigm

    Experiences with Sun Quiang

    I've been thinking of getting myself a proxy for Sun Quiang, hoping that he will make achieving the GG17 schemes easier. Have any of you already tried him? What are your impressions of him? When would you bring him, and is he worth his cost?
  3. Paradigm

    Yamaziko with Asami

    I tried this in my first Asami list. The idea was to create a somewhat safe bubble for Asami and her newly summoned yokai with Braced Yari. I had both Yamaziko and Tannen to make it troublesome to go into my bubble, while Tannen could also make Asami's summoning slightly easier. The idea was to set the bubble up a bit back from the centerline while continually summoning things within 4" of Asami, so that they could then charge out and do their thing. Unfortunately, this didn't work very well. First of all most opponents will have some sort of ranged threat, which the bubble had no protection against. It was also too resource intensive to keep summoning every turn. Asami is, in my opinion, much better as a highly mobile master with the ability summon things once in a while to either tie up key enemies or get surprise scheme markers down via the aura on Heavenly Design.
  4. Paradigm

    Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

    Might as well get the most obvious answer to Question 2 out there. Sensei Yu is very good with Stalk Misaki. Him being able to borrow Stalk to either tag two models at the same time with it or both tagging one model and using Misaki's 0 AP attack against it in the same round. With 10" push and Fast her threat range becomes enormous, and she will likely reach whatever she wants to attack in turn 1. Definately a good combination, but the more I play her I get the feeling that she doesn't really need him. Misaki usually does better as a board control tool rather than a cruise missile. She tends to die way too quickly if you try the latter.
  5. Paradigm

    Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

    I would like to try something like this. The basic idea would be to aim for Misaki using turn one to get into position and Stalk a key model on the enemy side that would be good at hurting Misaki back. Misaki would then try to remove said model at the end of turn two, or switch to a new target if the opponent pulls back with the first target. The Jorogumo would then teleport next to Misaki so that it can tank attacks against her via Misdirection, which the opponent can't ignore when the new target is one of my models. Most of Misaki's stones would go to cycling cards, getting masks on defense for Misdirection and the occasional prevention or Crow for Assasinate. If possible, the Jorogumo is aiming to last as long as possible by triggering Eat Your Fill to heal. Hopefully, this lets Misaki survive long enough to remove the most dangerous models. The Terracotta Warrior can switch Stalking Bisento into Disguised if she wants to focus on survivability and the opponent lacks ways to counter it. Smoke and Shadows can be switched into Recalled Training once the Jorogumo has done its thing. Chiaki is there to provide condition removal in case the opponent tries to lock her down via Paralyze or other nasty conditions. The rest of the crew will basically focus on tanking and doing schemes. As for schemes I would likely go for Accusation and Tail 'Em, or Claim Jump in case the opponent didn't pick any good targets for Tail 'Em. Misaki + 7 Pool - Stalking Bisento (2) - Misdirection (2) - Death Contract (1) - Smoke & Shadows (1) Kamaitachi (4) Chiaki The Niece (6) - Pull Of The Grave (1) - False Target (0) Jorogumo (9) Ten Thunders Brother (5) Ten Thunders Brother (5) Terracotta Warrior (5) Shadow Effigy (4)
  6. Paradigm

    UK Nationals 2017

    The tickets seem to be sold out. I want to be on the waiting list for two tickets, one for me and one for Erorior! Would hate to miss this, as we've been excited to go all year! 1. Joakim Abrahamsson, Paradigm. Sweden 2. Erik Lifbom, Erorior. Sweden
  7. Paradigm

    Ten Thunders in UK Malifaux Masters

    @mythicFOX Yeah, Malifaux undoubtedly requires quite a bit of skill. Which some people for some reason seem to aquire remarkably quickly I'm a bit sad to hear that you didn't play in this tournament. Your approach to Asami seems promising, and I've been decently successful after adopting some of your ideas from back when I played you in the Vassal tournament a couple of months ago. It would've been interesting to get more input on how she performs against top level players. Do you have any insight as to what the other Ten Thunders players where using? Which masters did you see, and where there any particual models that were popular?
  8. Paradigm

    Ten Thunders in UK Malifaux Masters

    Interesting to see that this Lynch list still performs so well, at least when you're playing it. I also love how you can be out of the game for half a year, show up without the cards you wanted and still consistently win against strong players XD
  9. Paradigm

    Ten Thunders in UK Malifaux Masters

    @ukrocky I'd love to hear more! You have been playing quite a bit of Lynch, right? I remember you posting in a thread about your Lynch list quite some time ago. I tried your suggestions and it really improved my results with him. I'm excited to see what you've thought up since then, after the release of Wave 4!
  10. I saw a quick post on Facebook on the participants in the UK Masters tournament a couple of years ago, and noticed there were a few players from our faction. I also heard something about one of them making it to the final, but have been unable to find more detailed information. Does anyone have some insight as to the results of the tournament, especially for the Ten Thunders players? What kind of crews did they play? What did they come up against? If any of these players are reading this, could you perhaps give us a some comments on your matches? I'm very curious to hear more about top level play with Ten Thunders!
  11. Paradigm

    Last Blossom Smoke and Shadows Build

    I've been playing around with the idea of trying to squeeze in one of all of the Last Blossoms. It will be pretty bad and in no way something I would play competetively, but I like to have cool thematic crews to play as a challenge for myself when facing newer players. That way I get to use a bunch of cool models that never see the light of day otherwise, and the handicap makes it more likely the actual game will be close and exciting for both players. The crew would look something like this: Misaki -Disguise -Misdirection -Hidden Agenda Ototo Yamaziko -Smoke and Shadow Jorogumo Wukou Raider Torakage Oiran If I wanted to use Smoke and Shadows in a more competetive way, I'd basically only hire a Jorogumo and Yamaziko to hold the upgrade. I would then do the usual cruise missile Misaki with pushes from Sensei Yu, while hoping to be able to bury the Jorogumo and unbury it by Misaki once she's stuck in. The Jorogumo would basically be functioning as a tank for Misaki to pass of attacks to with Misdirection, as enemies don't get to resist the redirect when you pick a friendly model as the target. The Jorogumo can hopefully do a good job of keeping Misaki alive longer, while hopefully being able to heal itself with Eat Your Fill once or twice.
  12. @solkan Good answer! Seems consistent and logical. What about the 1 AP charge through Promising Whisper? Can Yasunori trigger the extra attacks resulting from the charge? The wording of Ama no Zako's Promising Whisper is "Target non-leader model immediately performs a (1) Action chosen and controlled by this models controller. The target considers this model friendly for the duration of the attack. The action may not declare Triggers."
  13. I was discussing the potential of Yasunori in a crew with access to Obeys (Brewmaster, Ama no Zako) with a friend, and several rules questions came up. Example: Yasunori has already activated and charged into a bunch of enemies is standing within 2" of them. He has already triggered both of his extra attacks, and done a total four attacks. Next Brewmaster activates and uses an Obey on Yasunori to have him attack once more. What happens? 1) The triggers for extra attacks both say that they can be used once per activation. Can they be triggered again when Yasunori is Obeyed to do so outside of his activation? 2) If so, why can he do so? Do you somehow treat the Obey as a second activation, thus allowing them to be used again? Or does actions ocurring outside of activations simply ignore the "Once per activation" part of the Trigger? 3) If the latter is true, would that mean that you can use both triggers an infinite number of times if they occur outside of an activation? A second example: Yasunori is in a crew with Asami and Ama no Zako. Yasunori has already activated and triggered both extra attacks, and he is unengaged and within 4" of Asami. Ama no Zako uses Promising Whispers on Yasunori, ordering him to charge as a 1 AP action due to Asamis aura. Promising Whispers say that the action can not use triggers. What happens? A) The action that Promising Whispers produce is a Charge Action, that does not have triggers. The two attacks that come after are treated as separate actions, and can thus declare their extra attack triggers. B ) The attacks produced by the charge are subject to the same limitations as the Charge Action caused by the Obey, thus no triggers can be declared on either of them.
  14. Paradigm

    Yasunori - Auto Include?

    Unfortunately Promising Whispers doesn't allow the targeted model to use triggers. Same goes with the mask trigger on Wukou Raider. Brewmaster's Obey seems to be the only way to give Yasunori extra attacks out of activation that allows triggers. Sad, but probably for the better balance wise. EDIT: On second thought, did you mean that you can use Promising Whispers to have Yasunori charge as a 1 AP action? Nice idea! Would you be allowed to use triggers on the attacks that are the result of the charge?
  15. Paradigm

    Yasunori - Auto Include?

    Has anybody tried Yasunori with Brewmaster? If I'm understanding the rules correctly it should be possible to Obey Yasunori to let him attack AND trigger both of his extra attacks, even if he has already done so himself during his activation. Yasunori with seven attacks seems pretty good.