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  1. Ticket bought for Rich Walters.
  2. Cow Wars 4 Charity - MK - 30th April

    If there is still room could you please add Richard Walters (Outcasts)?
  3. Can you please add Richard Walters. Payment sent Thanks!
  4. Last whisper allows Jack to place a scheme marker in base contact with a model before it is removed - when it is killed. In dig their graves, would this count? As the marker wasn't there when it was reduced to 0 wound, but is there before removing the model? Thanks
  5. UK Nationals 2017

    Richard Walters +1 is Chris Bearman Thanks!
  6. Deliverance 2016 - A Clucking Mess 6-7th Aug, Cardiff

    Bacon and cheese for me please!
  7. Can we declare duel faction masters twice? Once for each faction?
  8. Would love to do this again, sign me up. Edit: money sent
  9. Chicken and bacon for Richard Walters please!
  10. Riddler-Fools Gold dee-7

    Awesome job on the theme. Great paint scheme!
  11. Specimen XY Iron Painter Round 1

    Great theme
  12. Iron Painter Round 1

    The original plan was to do all the metal as gold but it clashed too much with her flesh so I had to reign it in. Her blades are gold and she goes out slaying the foolish with them.
  13. Goldie Lookin' Flash Git - Axis Mundi, R1

    Beautiful model and great idea for the theme!
  14. Iron Painter Round 1

    My Dearest Molly, I have come to appreciate that my efforts in maintaining your continued affection may not have been to the standards you so thoroughly deserve. Immediate amends have been made to my latest student that is more lavishly decorated in a manner befitting to your radiant beauty. Anyone foolish enough to come close had best beware. Yours in sincerest adulation, Albus.