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    Friday Preview - June 8th

    Over here. Guild picture I was talking about is over here.
  2. -Loki-

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    Quick glance tells me they’ve previewed all the units from the Kickstarter. plus we saw the larger images of what appears to be the Guild and Court of Two. There’s not much left to show at the moment, I’d guess.
  3. -Loki-

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    That looks like a field reporter with the Kings Empire. Nice touch. Edit. I guess that could be Guild too. Would make sense - some nice biased reporting. I wonder if Guild will get Field Reporter adjuncts?
  4. -Loki-

    New player, what to buy?

    In much the same way Barbaros is great with Titania but not that great with Lilith, Aeslin is far better with Pandora, specifically Box Opens and Woe is Me Pandora. Once you get a few Misery bubbles down, her Wicked Silence close attack is doing upwards of 4-5 damage per hit, of which she can make 3 thanks to it being a Ca action and having Casting Expert. 4-5 damage is Moderate to Severe levels of damage, and she'll be doing it without making a damage flip so all you have to do is draw. Armour above +1 also only reduces it by 1 thanks to the Misery damage being separate sources, and it also bypasses Hard to Kill.
  5. -Loki-

    How do you choose crews?

    Ironically, I've spent more money on Malifaux than I ever did on 40k. The difference is, every subsequent 40k rule or codex release created a lot of purchases I had to make to stay somewhat competitive, and my earlier purchases became dust collectors. Maliifaux creates purchases I want to make because they look interesting, but I don't have to because my stuff from book 1 is still fine if I want to use it.
  6. -Loki-

    A glimmer of hope?

    I've said before. If that planned expansion gets a release, I'll happily buy this game. I don't like buying half finished projects.
  7. -Loki-

    Are Will O' The Wisps too strong?

    Often overlooked. It specifies models, not friendly or enemy. It affects everyone.
  8. Mature Nephilim - 0ss. Wing buffet can be taken as a (0) action. Upgrade does not count against the upgrade limit. I love the Mature Nephilim but he’s pretty overshadowed by Nekima. This gives him a niche that Nekima doesn’t fill, being unable to be tarpitted.
  9. -Loki-

    How many eels... And eggs?

    The Eels ability to replicate shouldn’t be ignored though. It takes little effort, even without Horomatangi, to get three reinforcement tokens on it. Kill things with the constrict, eat an egg clutch, activate near speckled Crawlers or even just use Relics of Old Malifaux. Not having a second Eel for the eventuality that you can get a second just st seems like a waste of the potential you’re paying for.
  10. -Loki-

    plug bases?

    The painted models we’ve seen have largely been test prints and early production. Those on lipped bases like Malifaux we’re likely a case of just grabbing whatever base was nearby.
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    I've been thinking about our adjunct. Originally I wasn't too impressed, as I was just looking at the different close attack actions it could copy. It struck me today that there's more than could be copied. The card simply says 'may take an Action on a friendly non-Commander Squad in plays card'. It doesn't specify what type. So I started looking at what it available. Guns are fun because we're so short on them. Spit Mucus from Armoured Whelks or Yarazi to discard enemy tokens and add pinned tokens. Launch Barbs from Barbed Crawlers for some damage. However, 'banner' actions feel a bit broken? First, it lets any squad with an Adjunct use Karkinois The Spawning to lay an Egg Clutch. This is big because Egg Clutches are a big source of Reinforcment tokens, and it means your Karkinoi can be doing more important things like hitting people. Second, and most of all, it lets them copy Hatch from Egg Clutches. Egg Clutches are Squad (1), so they're a valid target. It lets that squad flip to Glory on a 7. No devouring a friendly Fireteam. Sure, it ends the activation, but first turn when you're advancing and maybe taking objectives close to you? Depending on timing and how taking objectives work, a squad could advance, take an objective, then the adjunct flips them to Glory. I wonder if the Spawning and Hatch combos were intentional?
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    Ah I missed the bit about no summoning.
  13. -Loki-

    Friday Preview - Morphling

    The cards are available in the 'The Other Side' part of the main website, you can read them there. Morphling just specifies 'friendly'.
  14. -Loki-

    Third Floor Wars - Mr. Tannen

    Also if you’re playing Pandora, you’re almost certainly taking the Emissary. The Emissary can copy Cooler to give you a second, more durable anti Cheating bubble. Bore to Tears is also a Wp action so once your Misery bubbles are in place his damage goes up. And it doesn’t have a so feel free to fire it into engagements.
  15. -Loki-

    The Dreamer in GG18

    The thing to remember about tier lists is the gap between top and bottom is mostly the amount of schemes and strategies they’re generally good at rather than outright power levels.
  16. Bayou Two Card isn’t really card draw, it’s deck cycling. The cards don’t end up in your hand, they just use the deck faster.
  17. -Loki-

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    Essence of Power is a good proxy.
  18. -Loki-

    How many eels... And eggs?

    I’m considering bumping my 3 eggs to 6. I’ll likely hire 2, but I’m guessing my first Karkinoi order will be move and lay eggs, ending up with 5. A sixth in case I get the trigger to lay multiple eggs. The thing with eggs is they’re your main source of reinforcement tokens, and those are very important to Hordes.
  19. -Loki-

    Final Order

    Got shipping to Australia. Dual commander, both rulebooks, everything for Abyssinia and Hordes, plus a couple of extras, $38us. Thats incredibly reasonable.
  20. -Loki-

    How many eels... And eggs?

    Old thread but with the backerkit coming to a close its worth mentioning a neat interaction with the Eel and Horomatangi. Horomatangi can yell at the Eel to generate 2 reinforcement tokens. Also effects that happen at the same time to the same friendly unit are done in the controlling players order. The Eel deploys near something it can devour to flip to Glory. During the upkeep phase, the Eel generates a Reinforcement token. Horomatangi activates before it and yells 2 more Reinforcement tokens onto it. The Eel activates, and on activation it flips to Glory. It now has another activation ability, Split in Two. Thanks to the 3 Reinforcement tokens, it can Split in Two on the first turn. Nice way to offset Horomatangis 3 scrip deficit by getting another Eel.
  21. But I am addressing the thread. I feel the entire idea incredibly entitled, as I first said.
  22. I didn’t realise I wasn’t being civil. I could have used harsher language. What I meant was the whole ‘show your evidence’ is a lot like a math teacher berating you and marking you down for not showing your working in an exam in high school. They have no obligation to do so. They do explain it though, and have in each errata thread.
  23. I was acting tough? I have an opinion of your attitude, that seems to have struck a nerve. I didn’t ask you to meet me round the back alley for some fisticuffs.
  24. You're effectively asking them to 'show your working'. I find that an incredibly entitled attitude. They don't have to explain why they make their balance adjustments, it's their game. You're not their teacher to sit there and say 'you're wrong, here's why'.