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    Brinn and others

    Bummer...ill-timed sale for me then. My LGS is not super friendly, and has almost zero knowledge, so while I get that this policy helps the GOOD stores, I can only bring myself to pay local full retail at a local store if there is an actual difference in service level beyond an online giant...where the "F" from FLGS applies. Thanks for the info. My plan was to get Brinn and throw in some of the other fun stuff to hit the threshold. So nothing listed for March will be available in this sale? Black Friday it is!
  2. I thought Brinn was coming out in March but can't find the model in the store...? Any other models coming in this week? I am going to Mexico tonight and it might be the difference between me jumping in to the Easter Sale or not. Thanks, JT
  3. Just got a Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432, and the default trays are not going to work for most of my models for Malifaux. Does anyone know of: 1) The best trays for various models (30mm, 40mm, 50mm) 2) The typical 'bounding box' dimensions for most of the models ("most 30mm models are 30mm x 30mm x 36mm...") or some generally safe dimension ("90% of the 30mm base models will fit in a space that is X by Y by Z") I just want to avoid ordering new trays that STILL won't work, or having to go to 100% pluck foam. Thanks, JT
  4. Thanks, all...this wouldn't be an issue I don't think if I hadn't gone crazy and bought around 300 Malifaux figures...because, y'know...it's a skirmish game (actually it's because I can never decide what I want). I was just dreading tracking a bunch, but I put all my data cards in those hard sleeves, so I can just print errata and stick it in front. Of course, a lot my stuff might have come out AFTER errata...yick.....(I bought a lot of arsenal packs as I had metals) Thanks again, JT
  5. So I know there is a very limited amount of errata - for example in my campaign deck there was a new card for a couple of models. I play MAYBE once every few months, and in such a casual way that winning and losing are not really something we care too much about...however, we don't want a broken game, so here's my question: Is the errata typically created to counter an unexpected loophole/exploit/synergy? Sort of like "Oops...just realized this card plus these two and this upgrade lead to an instant win!!!" Or is the errata typically to fix a horrible problem that is not complex to detect or exploit? One that instantly breaks a game? Based on what I know about their playtesting I'd assume it's the first, and my group can continue to play with whatever version of the cards for the models they have.....is this true? I'd like to just be secure in knowing that some models may have an advantage, but nothing too horrible. Thanks, JT
  6. phloog

    Tracker Spreadsheet

    Thanks SO much! Off to do all the recording...for a game focused on not requiring a lot of models...I sure bought a lot of models. JT
  7. I will add my vote for a builder...but I would love it if - - unlike Crewfaux to my knowledge, it also has a general inventory/model checklist for all your models.
  8. phloog

    Tracker Spreadsheet

    Was going to just edit my edit, but I'm not sure I understand how to change the URL...I am looking at a thread about a model tracker on THIS forum, and the link that is failing for me is a DROPBOX link, not something hosted by Wyrd. Was there ever a reason Wyrd didn't just host the tracker in their big site of resources?
  9. phloog

    Tracker Spreadsheet

    If there's an easy way for you to share it I'd be very grateful. Last night I was tempted to just try to go through PMF entry by entry and build one....yick. EDIT: I will also try the changed URL you mentioned. JT
  10. phloog

    Tracker Spreadsheet

    Ah thanks...that's part of the issue - - -I am unable to find any link for the MAIN (original) file in any thread that does not give me a 404 error. So I don't HAVE anything to update. JT
  11. phloog

    Tracker Spreadsheet

    I wasn't sure - - does the list UPDATE list ALL models or just altered ones? I get that maybe Wyrd doesn't think many people will want something like this, or people won't want to collect large numbers of their models (you would think they'd HOPE this), but it seems weird that they don't at the very least just put out a text list of "here's everything we've ever made for Malifaux"
  12. Revealing my ignorance here, but every time I look at the thread on the ModelTracker, the links give me 404 errors. Is there a new version of the complete list somewhere? Was there some reason Wyrd cracked down on it or something? If so, is there an official tracker/checklist? Thanks,
  13. phloog

    Wong crew box?

    Can we please revisit sale of single figures? I am looking at a $25 dollar Firestarter on EBay. You aren't really helping the FLGS with this because I have to buy all my other crews on the web to save enough money to buy the singles.
  14. phloog

    Upcoming Releases and GenCon

    Seriously, though...what were these raffle tickets for?
  15. phloog

    Upcoming Releases and GenCon

    So, assuming the coryphee for DC will be released separately that's fine... it won't be like the situation I have currently with my 1E Collodi crew meaning I do without Vasilisa or buy an entire crew for one figure (still waiting for Wyrd to sell singles of this kind..which would NOT hurt LGSs!) Here's an odd question that it's likely too late to do anything about... I found in the bottom of my bag a bunch of 'raffle' style tickets.... was I supposed to DO something with them? Was I not supposed to have eaten them? I'm not longer at the Con so I'm assuming it's a missed opportunity. JT