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  1. The lone marshall

    Its has a pretty weird set of rules. It has bulleproof which isn`t spectacular against most armies. It has terrifying undead which you can reliably count on in 1 faction It has a mediocre shooting attack (12" 2/3/5 with no special rules isn`t special) It costs the same as most Henchmen and is a lot worse than them.
  2. I assume we'll be a lot more red
  3. I think the models aren`t spectacular but I think those triggers are pretty bonkers. And they are cheap Ca Actions.
  4. Where art thou Sanctioned Spellcaster?
  5. Malifaux App Launched!

    I think for upgrades it kind of work if you just use the app.
  6. Malifaux App Launched!

    Considering all the cards are in the model boxes I don't know what would you print with it.
  7. The Executioner

  8. 1) Hamelin deserves the filthies stuff ever 2) apparently he did something wrong
  9. The Executioner

    Machine Puppet can`t declare triggers so its not that good. But giving him fast probably is.
  10. GG2018 tournament with Hoffman?

    Also, dead Barbaros doesn`t have an aura
  11. GG2018 tournament with Hoffman?

    The Governor`s Proxy is a beast of myth and legends.
  12. Why are austringers so good?

    I think they are decent in 2 cases: Headhunter Jury discard abuse Apart from that there are so many good 6SS models that you can most likely skip them.
  13. Schemes & Stones Kevin K's Lucius

    Assuming you both cheat its 2 cards for 3 and your beater is out for most of the game. Austringers with 18" range were pretty good. They were almost autopicked because sh7 with severe 4 killed most scheme runners
  14. Schemes & Stones Kevin K's Lucius

    I honestly don't think its that strong. Jury is an offensive model and wasting her time to be near an austringer doesn't seem super efficient. Austringers are pretty average now so if you invest 14-15SS to get some card denial it doesn't seem groundbreaking. With the 18" range it would be super good though
  15. Malifaux App Launched!

    Did you update in (if using Android)?
  16. GG2018 tournament with Hoffman?

    Why? He doesn`t summon. Has sturdy models and a lot of mobility. He`s hard to put down so ETL is hard to score vs him.
  17. Making Pale Rider work

    If he could shoot in combat with no cover I think even the 2/3/4 would be ok I guess especially with the +2 damage trigger.
  18. Making Pale Rider work

    It would be simpler to leave it as is (and just add the tavish gun rules) The double ranges so it would create a loop in the rules for the Queller
  19. Making Pale Rider work

    My issue with the Pale Rider is: he is pretty weak all the game. He gains some resistant but unless you get a high ram turn 5+ he`s worthless. His normal damage track is meh, he can`t do anything except shooting. I think removing the gun icon from his attack (or just making it not randomize and ignore cover) would make him a lot more viable than he is now.
  20. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    It can be changed to "this action cannot target the enemy Leader" or something. She also heals on 1 effect
  21. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    It can go both ways. But if Fees/Just act Casual from a 6SS model are not ok then why a paralyze from a 5SS is.
  22. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    I would in most cases let the enemy heal and give their master Paralyze. Also if you look at the conditions, all 4 hurt masters and its Ca6 so its not that hard to do.
  23. December LGS Promotion

    Any news on model releases in December :>? But to keep on topic: I like the bearded Draugr!
  24. Malifaux App Launched!

    Still doesn`t show the image after I click the link
  25. Malifaux App Launched!

    Seems your photobucked doesn`t work "Please udate your account to enable 3rd party hosting"