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  1. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    I don't know that. Papa Loco rarely sees play now anyways and the whole faction is designed around Frank. Give Sonnia and Justice Df6 and we can talk about it. Lennies aura is constant and affects multiple models. I don't know if the change to Lenny was necessary but the restrictions on Frank and Papa are pretty risky/limiting
  2. Does Nellie overshadow McCabe?

    If you`re unlucky. But you can always dismount/do the sacrifice thing if threatened.
  3. Does Nellie overshadow McCabe?

    The issue is that there is a skill level factor but I honestly don`t see anything in McCabe that would be better. That said I don`t think he`s a bad master. I`d probably rank him 3rd-4th in Guild pre- Wave 5 but he basically got a 1SS save compared to the rest (some people like him for Collect as he doesn`t give out a lot of points) but he and Lucius are IMHO hurt by Nellie the most (also Lucius being Lucius hurts him even more)
  4. Does Nellie overshadow McCabe?

    What do you mean "against each other"? Did I play Nellie vs Guild McCabe? No. I am however biased because I hate McCabe but I don`t really think he offers more than Nellie in any scheme pool. That said I wouldn`t say he is a bad master.
  5. Does Nellie overshadow McCabe?

    I play a lot of Nellie with Dogs. In Recon/Interference you don`t really get much more from McCabe as Hounds don`t have to be significant to score VP in those.
  6. Which guild models love hoffmans nimble the most?

    I know. Thats why I meant by "its a waste to use the Ml7"
  7. July 2017 Errata

    Probably Hoffman And fluff
  8. Does Nellie overshadow McCabe?

    I think the only 2 things McCabe has over Nellie are: significant dogs with Luna and the fact that if his crew gets wiped out you still have some damage while Nellie is just mildlly annoying but I don`t really see a scheme pool where McCabe would work better than Nellie.
  9. GenCon news update

    its a September release probably so around start of October would be my guess.
  10. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    Lady Js Swordfighter is an errata-type upgrade. Thats what I was refering too. The Conflux might be good but the Emissary isn`t IMHO. I think what the upgrades did is: If you start and buy 1 master box and you happen to like Mah Tucket, you`re not that far behind the top as you would be without the upgrades. And they fulfill that role pretty well. Some masters will always be overshined. This happens to Guild Lucius and Guild McCabe (because Nellie).
  11. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    Lady Justice welcomes to the club. I doubt they will get an errata (at least Mah). I don`t know about Ophelia. I think Alex had a podcast about her and he didn`t think she`s that bad. I think her main issue is not that she doesn`t work but that Somer exists.
  12. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    In all honesty remember when Wave 4 came out it was GG16 and all the beta-testing was in GG16 schemes. That also could have changed perspective. I also know that the community and player count grew rapidly and for example (I was one of the PT) my game knowledge and skill improved rapidly between testing Book 4 and 5. As for Gremlins: I think Mah got a BIG boost. I think Som`er doesn`t really deserve anything earthshattering unless he gets an errata. Wong`s Limited for me is probably good when you play him in a Single Master tournament. Ulix has at least one good upgrade (I think he`s underrated IMHO, non-suit summoning is super strong right now). I don`t know about Brewmaster and Zipp. Ophelia got a lot of mobility with the Coat (which can be attached to her despite the 2SS cost) The reason Gremlins don`t get anything groundbreaking is that it would have to top things like Francois, Burt and Tavish and I don`t think anyone wants that
  13. Which guild models love hoffmans nimble the most?

    Abuela is a nice PowerLoop target now as she won`t lose i (only thing she gets from PowerLoop is Ml7) and gives out Df6 and Sh7 so while not a good Nimble target, she`s a good Cyborg target. I explained my picks in the blog but the ones I like are: Nino, Abuela, Sam, Executioner, Santiago.
  14. July 2017 Errata

    or any Arcanist master with Lazarus? That`s a strong combo but I`d argue Lazarus is worse than Sonnia
  15. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Guild

    Done. Also, doing Hoffman right now (should be done in an hour)
  16. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Guild

    I started a series of blog posts about the Wave 5 Guild stuff. Link in the description
  17. July 2017 Errata

    Giving to damage to Howard will most likely end up with +1 damage per attack. Giving to damage to Sonnia usually ends up with +5 damage per attack. Thats a huge difference. I also don't know why you are so obsessed with Howard. Last time I saw him in play the biggest thing he did is made me BJ a Horror on Perdita ;). I sometimes play Hoffman and I don't even consider him in my crews and IMHO he's a lot better in Hoffman. The Reactivate schtick works once most of the time and you spend most of those actions walking from my experience
  18. July 2017 Errata

    Its pretty simple. The 2 masters that use Loco the most are Perdita (big moderate spike) and Sonnia (multiple blasts). So ya, other models do have positives to damage but they usually are not cheap or have a flat damage spread/no blasts. Damagewise, Sonnia with Loco tops most models in the game. Now if we look at Toolkit and big beaters/Masters Arcanists don't really have a beater construct master, so thats out. Both Joss and Howard have prett flat damage tracks and the only real use is the Rail Golem tbh but he's not seen a lot. So while I agree that the Toolkit and Loco buff are similar, the effects thry have on the game are not
  19. July 2017 Errata

    I agree. But its harder to drop 9 wds with atracks than with 3 obeys I think you need Abuela to obey him to move next to Sonnia and companion to give buff and walk away.
  20. July 2017 Errata

    Toolkit only works on Constructs. As for Loco- Numb solves the obey issue
  21. July 2017 Errata

    They also work as intended and thats why there is no need for errata
  22. Beasts and academics for McMourning?

    Only Grootslang from Neverborn
  23. July 2017 Errata

    Austringers had a 18" range of autokilling a lot of scheme runners. That was huge for 6SS. Was it unbeatable? No. Was it too good? Probably yes. Papa in a Box wasn't as easy as you think. The biggest thing was you had a 2-3 turn buff on Sonnia. It was also pretty easy to charge something with the Marshal. Use Pinebox to get hin out and compaion to blow up a few models
  24. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Guild

    I think you need to read above my posts. How does the upgrade makes you change your decisions in Expunge vs Melee attacks? Both kill models. Both let you place corpses and both let you make a (0).
  25. Beasts and academics for McMourning?

    Raptors can give a lot of models regen. Kudra has 4 attacks with Poison. Scorpius can be pretty fun in center-based Strategies. Myranda with Debt is funny. You can activate her, used debt for a card, optionally charge something and turn into a cerberus and get a SS. Rogue Necromancies with Domadors might be fun as you can have 4 shots from 2 Necromancies.