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  1. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I remember Take Prisoner was (on doubles) in GG16 and it was taken fairly regularly. I think Recover Evidence was not the worst scheme but was a lot tougher than CJ and FFM/Dig so thats why it could have not been so popular but it was way better than Last Stand and Accusation.
  2. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Agreed. The difference is now you have to think about crews that work for 2-3 schemes instead of 1. Especially that CJ doesn`t really anti-synergize with any strategy.
  3. A Final Plea for GG2018

    While I agree with your post I think DtG is one of the coolest schemes out there I know you know all the killy masters got hit really hard with FFM as suits. To the point where you almost never saw them except CtB. Now I`m not saying you`re wrong but the "Take Lady J and a Henchman and you have 3 VP" is kind of like "Take Merris and you have 3 LYM points". I honestly think that killy masters should have their own scheme pools although I do agree the GG18 looks a bit too killy. I think a Take-Prisoner variation would be nice and a Recover Evidence one would also be cool. I do think that while killy masters don`t have to be rewarded with easy VP I do think that they shouldn`t be punished like they did with FFM and I do think a better version of Last Stand would also be appreciated. While I think Ours> Interference and Symbols might be more fun than Extraction or GtS I do agree that Headhunter is way cooler than Public Execution.
  4. Symbols of Authority

    You have a very similar avatar to matt, the new designer
  5. Symbols of Authority

    Tell it to Guard the Stash
  6. Speeding up Lady J

    You have to activate before your opponent. You have to hit. Emissary has to live until the end of the turn. Lots of ifs for the paralyze from a 10SS model when 5SS Nurses do it a lot easier.
  7. Speeding up Lady J

    I think if the Emissary had the ram built in and a lower damage track he would be ok. The bury shenanigans are IMHO weak on enemy models. They are decent on Justice but its a 17-21SS investment which is not worth it. If you look at what the best Emissaries got- push+fast, +1Wk in an aura, another action triggers, +2 Focused, the Bury is super situational and pretty meh compared to it.
  8. Speeding up Lady J

    In a faction of a bazillion min 3-4 models and access to Debt Queeg and Emissary are pretty awful damage dealers If the crew was for fun then I rest my case
  9. Speeding up Lady J

    I don`t really have issues with threat ranges in Justice. I usually get a charge T1 or T2 with 5-10" pushes. I pretty much prefer if the rest of my crew does schemes and offers more threats.
  10. Speeding up Lady J

    While this list makes Lady J superfast I do think its pretty bad.
  11. How do you use the Midnight Stalker

    I ran him with Hamelin. Apart from a lucky shot from mindless and Reva (11 and 12 while I was on 3 wds) I think he is great for LYM, CJ, tying up enemies and the occasional kill late in the turn.
  12. Kaeris in Wave 5

    I had a brief run with Kaeris that I`m continuing and I would never take Gunsmiths with her TBH. If the Hard Way would either be built in or give positives to damage I`d use them but 2/3/4 is a pretty meh damage track. I played her with Joss, Myranda.Cerberus, Oxfordian mages and even Hoarcat Pride. Now I really want to try Carlos and Kandara.
  13. Tournament scoring system corrections

    You don`t know if you won`t be stalled purposefully next game so its a risky thing. No system will be bulletproof but I`d rather risk this than getting a 3 turn game. This is also a risk I`m willing to take as a TO and as a player. This happens if you do not finish your second game. If you play the correct number of rounds you get rounds x wins. This means you in 3 round tournament you are at 9 TP. If you get a -1TP you still are at the top unless there was a lot of players playing. No, you get -1TP for each unfinished game after the first. So if you play 5,4,4,4,4 you get -3 TP They are at the end so you still get matched properly.
  14. Guild Masters and their Strategies/Schemes

    Nellie is quite decent at quarters because you can outactivate most opponents which means you are likely to know how much models you need to move to score/deny. In Collect she`s also quite good because you have a low model count with a ton of activations,.
  15. Tournament scoring system corrections

    1) Players that have their first tournaments are excluded but from my perspective they are not really the problem 2) I don't understand. Each player gets negative TP for his unfinished games. So of I had 4 turns at round 2 and my opponent played 5 and we play round 3 and we play 4 turns I get a -1TP because I didn't finish my second game but my opponent has no penalty 5) If you decide on the outcome there are no negative TP. I totally do not understand. Either players agree that "I get strat, you get CJ" or they play it out. Threatening your opponent with negative points will be punished. 6) Its not entirely in your opponents hand because it only works from the second unfinished game onwards. Every system has its flaws and can be somehow abuses but I much rather risk this then have a game when my opponent scores AQM T2 and we don't get to T4 leaving me with little chances to win. In addition, in the correct number of rounds -1TP will bot take away your first place if you won all games.
  16. Speeding up Lady J

    I find the Investigator to be the new Uberpusher. WIth 1-2 extra models for scheme markers you can get her around 9" up the field
  17. Tournament scoring system corrections

    This is a new thing after a lot of top players had a lot of 3 turn games at a 2 day tournament. Next tournament had penalties for not finishing more than one game and during the same playtime (2:15) we had 0 unfinished games. I hope this becomes a standard for this playtime. I had a Sandeep vs Hamelin game for first place that we ended in 1:45 despite me being late because I had to go to the toilet pre-game and came back 5-10 minutes late.
  18. How do your Errata?

    Leveticus has very stable and decent range damage. His channel nerf was compensated with Ultimate Demise which gives unresistable damage. He's not suppose to hunt masters and high wound models. He's a redeploying skirmisher, summoning aboms off of weak models. He bas access to Mech Rider, Belles and Necropunks which are very good models. He is a very potent master and his cache of 1 is not an issue IMHO. Ashes is a super strong model because of disguised and immunity to conditions. Most big beaters can be paralyzed etc. While you have to beat Ashes to death.
  19. Tournament scoring system corrections

    First off, I never said its hard to calculate. Second of all, I read about it. It requires the TO to update each players SOS parameter each round based on how his previous opponents went. I would never do it manually because of the sheer time and mistake-probability it offers. I can agree with you that the SR would probably be better at deciding the better player BUT I honestly don`t think its worth the extra effort. It could be done by a program that includes SOS rating. I think I will try to do 1-2 tournaments with normal Swiss and test the results on SR to see if it makes a big difference.
  20. Tournament scoring system corrections

    Are you saying its easier than VPDiff? Because thats how it sounds like. No, I have never calculated SOS but I have run a few events.
  21. Tournament scoring system corrections

    I can understand that SR can give a fairer result but I don`t think (from a TO perspective) that its all worth the hassle. Creating SR isn`t a big deal but calculating SoS in addition is. I also don`t know if you want to include SOS from round 2 or just at the end of the tournament. If its from round 2 its super time-consuming to get pairings right. If its at the end it can mess up the standing in a really weird way.
  22. Tournament scoring system corrections

    To be honest I think I`d rather have a good opponent and win by 1 point round 1 than get an easy 10:0 win as it influences the next round matchmaking. I think most of the time calculating DIFF and SOS to combine in SR is a really hard thing to do from an TO`s perspective. I also don`t think the difference it brings is worth the trouble. But if we`re really worried about people getting a high diff start, we could try a capped diff (to 5 to -5 so if you go 10:0 your capped diff is 5) as a secondary criteria.
  23. Tournament scoring system corrections

    And wr as TOs change what we don't like so I don't really find that a problem. GG allows rematches with 2 round differences yet I never saw one
  24. Tournament scoring system corrections

    No. You said in VPDiff if you get a good player round 1 it can kill your chances of first place. I don't think it does. In SoS getting a weak player does. No system will be perfect. 16 people tournament requires 4 round. Thats 9:30 hours with a lunch break. I don't think theres a ton of one day >32 people malifaux tournaments. The -1TP score happens if you do not finish more than one game.