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  1. You can also take Papa Loco and T1 give the buff to the Emissary and T2 after shooting the Emissary give it again to Sonnia
  2. I do. Almost exclusively. Kills don't get VPs most of the time.
  3. I usually go full Nellie. Take a Peacekeeper and 2 henchmen with min 3. Push those undead around and slap them with extra min 3-4 attacks.
  4. "This action" is always model specific. Same as if you have an action that "can be taken once per turn" you can still copy it with a doppelganger and use it regardless of if the owner used it before or not. With 2 Domadors and 2 undead models you can obey each undead model once with each Domador
  5. While I don't have a formed opinion on the art itself the WIP Videos always seem like effin magic to me. I'd probably spend like 5 mins looking for the right shortcut
  6. Warsaw has 2 players right now: Rafał Bieliński a.k.a trikk Łukasz Bober
  7. Yes. Wave 3 had an open beta. I remember because thats when I got in the game
  8. No. Its in the latest FAQ
  9. I usually take her for the Obey, no-charge zone and Sh7 shooting
  10. I would swap Loco with Abuela but it depends on your opponents game level. I found the better my opponents became the more likely Papa blew in my face. I also think now that the Papa box is dead he`s not worth the extra for one turn.
  11. I think its a timing issue. I don`t think he should be able to use the corpse to cards ability when he is dead.
  12. This seems explotish to me. He`s killed so his other abilities shouldn`t work but maybe its the way Aaron wanted.
  13. "(0) "Bring Out Yer Dead!": Until the end of the Turn, Corpse Markers within a3 count as friendly Scheme Markers. If a Corpse Marker is affected by two or more of these auras, it does not count as friendly to anyone." Is the last sentence to prevent opposing Gravediggers? Right now if there is a corpse marker between my 2 Gravediggers I lose the benefits. Was that the intention?
  14. Hi, I`d like to invite you to a two day tournament in Warsaw, Poland 50SS, Fixed Faction, Full paint required, 5 games. The FB event is located here: https://www.facebook.com/events/229884707498590/?fref=ts Contact me if you need information in English
  15. Nellie Nellie Nellie Nellie is very good at GTS and Extraction because its pretty easy to push the enemy out of the markers. For Reconnoiter you should go Nellie with model spam (9-10 models). For Reckoning I`d go Perdita.
  16. I know it was one. Like I said. A higher costed model had to make 4-6 melee attacks, hit all of them and do one moderate to kill you. Seems pretty tanky. If he would fail Disperse he would most likely need a third turn.
  17. A 7SS model with Flurry killing a 6SS model in 2 turns seems ok. Especially that you had to pass some Disperses
  18. I had a lot of success with variations of this list: McMourning, Badge of Office, Plastic Surgery, On the Clock Francisco, Wade In, Hermanos Nurse, Chihuahua Sebastian with Numb Watcher, Reporter Brutal Effigy Master Queeg, Promises, Debt
  19. So I don`t know why this guy lost Mercenary as they seemed really cool in theory and with the changes they don`t break the system as they used to
  20. I hope so too man! He swappes with Graves. I activates Nellie. He activated Lilith and two-shot me
  21. So as a member of team Polandball we just returned from the ITC. We left friday evening and landed around 10 PM in Manchester. We went to the Hotel and it turned out they misread our reservation so they gave us a 5 man room for 4 people. The team we played was: Lukasz Bober - Gremlins (Zipp) Riccardo Neri - Resurrectionists (Reva and Nico) Piotr Miazga - Arcanists (Kaeris) Maciej Pasek - Neverborn (Lilith, Pandora, Dreamer) Me - Guild (Nellie) So we went to Element Games in Stockport the next morning and we saw the NERD HEAVEN. The biggest miniature store I ever saw. The tables were ready. We met the second polish team - Krakowball and we registered. The first pairing would make us play each other but Mike reshuffled so we met... Game 1: Team Vikings! I played Rasmus who played Resser McMourning in Squatters Rights on Close Deployment Squatters rights Claim jump Eliminate The Leadership Recover Evidence Tail`em Rasmus had: McMourning, Decaying Aura, Moonlightning, Plastic Surgery Sebastian, Those Are not Ours Rotten Belle Rotten Belle Nurse Chihuahua Rafkin Chiaki Canine Remains Canine Remains I had: Nellie, Guild Funds, Misleading Headlines, Delegation, 7SS Taelor, Numb to the World, A Debt to the Guild Francisco, Hermanos De Armas, Wade In Brutal Effigy Field Reporter Watcher Austringer Printing Press I took Eliminate the Leadership and Claim Jump. Rasmus took Tail`em and Claim Jump Since it was Close deployment and he had 2 Belles I deployed 19" from his deployment. I had a pretty bad hand T1 so I passed like 4-5 activations. Then I started advancing. Nellie managed to push his Belle into open ground and a Fast Francisco used El Mayur and Cover Me on Taelor, then charged the Belle and RJ killed her with his first attack. Meanwhile a watcher on high ground advanced towards the middle, as did Rasmus`s crew. Turn 2 Rasmus tried to Lure Taelor but she was Wp 9 from El Mayor so he failed. I passed some activations. One dog managed to claim a squatters marker and so did Rafkin with the second and the Belle claimed hers last turn. The watcher reclaimed his marker and Taelor was blocking half his crew because she had Numb so he couldn`t paralyze her or poison her. He started placing a lot of Markers. Taelor killed a dog but after that Sebastian RJ a summon (Rasmus has 2 cards left). McMourning had to walk towards the Squat Marker to give himself the Strategy so he walked, put a scheme marker and claimed a Squatters. Francisco charged him with Fast and dealt 7 damage after prevents. Nellie then hit McMourning with Propaganda 3 times and he was left on 4 Wds after Francisco`s Angry Mob attacks. He also had 1 stone and slow. I declared ETL. I scored CJ from Evidence and he got the Strategy, so it was 3:1 Turn 3 We flipped for Initiative. I got a 2. he got a 4. I reflipped for a 4. We both reflipped and he got a 4 and I got a nice. He stoned and got a 6. I activated Nellie. Fast on Francisco. Propaganda on McMourning. I hit for 1 damage. Angry Mob Kills McMourning. Rafkin kills my watcher. Sebastian summons a second dog. Taelor kills a dog. Reporter flips a marker. I can get to stop him from getting Strategy. His Belle does T 7:2 Turn 4 I was killing his stuff. He used Tail`em on Nellie after I had any options left. We both Scored CJ and Strategy, 9:5 Turn 5, since the time was running out I told him I`ll kill the 1 Wd Belle to stop Tail`em and I won`t be able to stop him from anything else so we decided its his CJ and Strategy vs my Strategy and its a 10:7 The team won all 5 games so we stayed at table 1 to play: Game 2: Drunk History I had an Extraction game with Nellie versus Somer (Andrew Weakland) The pool was: Extraction on Standard Claim Jump Accusation Frame Show of Force Search The Ruins He had: Somer with Family Try and Can O`Beans (7SS) 2x Skeeter 4x Bayou Gremlin 3x Stuffed Piglet Pigapult Trixie, Dirty Cheater Slop Hauler I hadL Nellie, Embedded, Misleading Headlines, Delegation Strongarm Suit, A Debt to the Guild Phiona, Transparency 4x Guild Hounds 2x Freikorps Trapper Printing Press I picked Show of Force and FFM (Strongarm). He had FFM Trixie and CJ Turn 1 I failed 2 trapper shots (which turned out to be a tradition). He summoned 3 Gremlins. I was going around to be within 25" of the pigapult. The pigapult catapulted 3 Gremlins into my line. Turn 2 I won and my trapper was about the shoot the only Gremlin on the flank but it Two Carded a 13 again. He moved a Gremlin and placed a Scheme. I passed. Trixie went reckless and gremlin Lured Strongarm. Nellie Gave Strongarm fast and killed a skeeter so he can`t Can O Bean me. Then it was dog versus Gremlin hell. 1 AP charges versus Reckless. The Green numbers were dwindling. Strongarm killed one. 2 dogs were wounded as well as 3 gremlins. I scored SoF and Extraction. He scored CJ and Extraction. His Pigapult shot 3 times into my stuff and hit once and did 3 damage to a dog. Second Trapper hit a Gremlin for 5. Somer didn`t do anything spectacular. 2:2 Turn 3 He activated Trixie and pushed Phiona with slow with Trixie. Trapper shot Trixie for 4 which was prevented to 3. Pigapult shot 3 times into combat and did 3 damage on strongarm but no blasts. Phiona charged and killed a Gremlin. Somer shot Phiona bad. Another Gremlin was killed. Second Trapper shot Trixie and did 6 and she died giving FFM. One gremlin went drunk and reckless. I score SoF. I manage to win the strategy marker but we both score 4-6 Turn 4 Trapper still can`t shut the Gremlin. Somer kills Phiona from blasts. Pigapult kills some dogs. Press block Slop Hauler. Strongarm kills another Gremlin. Second Trapper hits Somer for 5. Somer is the only model near Extraction and Strongarm is still alive so its 6:6 Turn 5 Gremlin places another marker. I kill Somer and bring Slop Hauler to 1 Wds. 7:7 So since I don`t have a lot of experience with playing Somer this was a weird game. I felt being beaten turn 2 and 3 but suddenly all the Gremlisn dissapeared and I started controlling the mid field and denied Extraction twice! I should defnitely pick the FFM on Phiona or kill the pesky 2 Wd Gremlin with the Trapper (he loved to Bayou Two Card those 13s) and it would be a pretty decent win! Kaeris tied Collodi after a very tough game Zipp won with Rasputina after another tough one (only round without playijng Sandeep, thank you Drunk History!) Reva won with Shenlong I tied and Pandora lost to Arash`s Leveticus. 2-2-1 win over the American`s! We`re still at the top! TBC.....
  22. Whenever you win or lose on team events, always tell yourself you took the hardest pairing or best opponent Great read!
  23. I used them in 3 games. Game 1 vs Andrew: The board was quite open and I just wanted to put pressure on the Gremlins and possibly kill the slop Hauler. I lost deployment so that kind of ruined my plans (and he had a pigapult) and then I didn`t have 13s to hit while he Bayou Two Carded like 2x13 which tied him the game. Game 2 vs Robert: It was Corner and Reconnoiter. This was the worst idea, since it was versus Resurrectionists but the Trapper on one corner could give me a hard to contest marker for CJ and shoot something. Game 3 vs Alex: I had the same plan as w2ith Andrew. Put them 5" towards squat markers and shoot the slop hauler/gremlin. Unfortunately I didn`t have any 13s again and Alex did. After the games (and talking especially with Alex and Andrew) I decide 1 should be enough and 2 costs a bit too much. I would probably swap 1 for Burt with a Debt now (as with fast he can kill a lot of Gremlins with min 4 with 5 at rams) or another beater (maybe going 3 dogs instead of 4). This way I could put more pressure on the gremlins. P.S. Thanks, considering your reports were the ones I learned how to play Guild
  24. I think she wins with Sonnia as she doesn`t need as much support. I usually play her with around 9 models (which is my standard crew number). I would most likely take Francisco, Effigy and Abuela as auto-picks. Then its probably one high SS model (Grimwell or Peacekeeper) and then its all Dogs/Reporters with maybe an Austringer/Pathfinder in the middle. I usually shut stuff just to take out the key models (Slop haulers, Angelica etc) and kill the rest in melee since its min 3 and if you hit moderate you start to put serious hurt.
  25. Thats what I was aiming for.