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  1. Real men don`t let other men play Killjoy
  2. I think it would probably promote summoners a lot
  3. I lost her once when Marcus Alpha`d her twice in a row and started walking near a Razorspine rattler The game was a solid win though.
  4. I don`t know but I think Hoffman as the powerball of doom has a lot of counters. Hoffman as the Alpha strike with Numb Howard with Armor 3 is more scary IMHO
  5. Doesn`t sound Construct enought. Woofinator 3000 is a lot better.
  6. Guild McMourning is best McMourning! Summoning dead puppies is for losers. Real hardcores prefer Precise giant robots!
  7. I think people misinterpret Nellie. While she is obliged to not reveal Guild dirty secrets, everything she writes about Arcanists etc. is true. For example the story about Phiona which brought her the job was entirely true and thats why Arcanist thugs wanted to hurt her. She`s not dual faction. And even less Dual Faction (Outcasts). Well, tbh your post about how GG was holding all of them on a leash kind of convinced me its not that bad. I think Marlow might also be problematic to Lucius, so I don`t know if will consider him more of threat than Titania. If McCabe would talk with Marlow and start plotting against TT in favor of Guild that would redeem him in my eyes. Right now he`s a traitor so I don`t play him
  8. I didn`t mean to make them good or bad. I meant for them to work more in the Guild interest than they usually do. I think Lucius plays Guild way more than he plays Neverborn. Same with McCabe. He basically killed Governor General etc. I find he`s working for the TT but all he does in Guild interest is the minimum to not blow his cover.
  9. What I meant is more of a: McMourning, McCabe and McLucius are ruthless bad people. Hoffman is a good guy with moral code and respect for human life that wants to save his brother. While he might go more or less Arcanist he definitely can`t be put with the others.
  10. Well, Hoffman doesn`t go both ways really as he isn`t secretly plotting to destroy the Guild. In Ripples he helped Guild organize, tried to save lifes and is generally a good guy. I wouldn`t put him in the same bag. I think for example if McCabe would get revealed by Marlow and become a double agent I think it would increase his Guildness. This works for almost every faction. Ramos, Marcus and Colette are way more often seen than Kaeris, Ironsides or Mei Feng Shenlong, Misaki and McCabe are more often seen than Brewmaster or Yan Lo and probably Mei Feng Viks, Hamelin and Jack are more often seen than Von Schill, Misaki and Tara etc. etc. etc.
  11. I think the issues that might be the problem is that all 3 dual faction masters are basically spies in the Guild. Lucius is way more Neverborn. McCabe holds allegiance to the TT and McMourning... well I think McMourning is not anti Guild or pro Resser. He just likes to do the psychopatic science stuff.
  12. Von Schill seems to have a moral code and really care about his people. Jack is just a wandering spirit. Hamelin just wants to destroy all life. This doesn`t make much sense to me. Justice rolling in with some Guild Guards, a Pathfinder and 2 of Hoffman`s Wardens seems easier to comprehend. I for example have no idea why Lelu and Lilitu are Nephilim, Nightmare (and Woe I think) when the description clrearly shows they should be just Nephilim.
  13. Thats what the Soviets thought during WW II
  14. I'd use it only playing Lucius. Would seem thematic I think the intentions are clear and using it is an exploit but if someone used it against me I'd probably just let him do it
  15. Got it. Makes sense in a way it doesn't make sense. I'd feel super dirty if I'd use it Thanks for taking the time to explain.
  16. I don't get it. Other friendly Guardsmen that begin their activation within 3 of one or models with this Ability gain +1 Wk for the duration of the Activation What am I missing
  17. McCabe uses strictly Guild models in Guild. McMourning has a totally different role in Guild. Hoffman doesn't need any arcanist models to function. Lucius is Lucius and I have no idea how we works in practice The stats from the rankings don't show a singnificantly lower amount of Guild players from ither factions
  18. I think Myyra suggests that it should be Othet non-Guild Sergeant Guardsmen models. This way 2 Sergeants wouldn't have Wk 6 next to each other
  19. Well. Taking two is 12SS. I don't know if they are over the top with this and considering they we're rarely used I find it better in the long run.
  20. 3) I can say that about any faction. 4) I cannot agree. 1) This is exactly where Nellie shines. I think for example we have a better choice of playable henchmen and enforcers than NB. I think the difference is mostly due to the fact than for example in OC a lot of models work for a specific master. You rarely saw Nothing Beast without Tara or Nix outside of Hamelin. This makes an illusion that they have a lot more competetive choices but the model pool for each master is not significantly wider than for a Guild master.
  21. I'm sorry but I'm lost in your opinions. Do you consider us one dimensional? Do you consider us underpowered? Do you feel like you're handicapped while playing Guild? Do you think we have less competetive choices than other factions?
  22. I disagree. While crew definition is vital to winning I think skill is very important and crucial to win. I think I could win most games with suboptimal crews vs a player that is less skilled than me. We pick Frank and Austringer because they are good models that compensate weaknesses. I think the fact Nova was won twice by the same exact roster only indicates that something was wrong and needed change. As for models look at doppleganger. Frank is used by around 4-5 masters. Dopple by 8.does it mean NB also lack competetive choices?
  23. Only one they weren't allowed to choose was Lucius because he wasn't painted. But if you said Hoffman in Interference it was Hoff for Interference
  24. When I ask them they have 8 options to choose from. Thats mostly friendly games. I have a special group for Sonnia/Nellie treatment @JDAntoine I think the competetive roof is how well you play. I think a lot of top players play very similar rosters in their faction Nellie does'nt have to use Outcasts. She can hire Burt, Torakage etc for their base cost although I find things like trappers or big jake better
  25. I don't play a lot of them competetively. I mostly play Sonnia and Nellie as they work in most scheme pools but I often ask my opponents which master they want to play against. Printing Press - making pukeworm look like poop since wave 4