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  1. Top: Nellie + Printing Press: Insanely Versatile. Giving support/heals is great. Propaganda is also great but I think Misleading Headlines is what makes her shine. She can probably play into almost every GG17 scheme pool without being handicapped Phiona: I like her with Nellie. I played her a bit with Sonnia with decent results. My opponents usually want to tie Sonnia in Combat and this gives you a 5th wall and Look Out! She`s very good in HP/SoF Reporters: Last Tournement the fewer of those ladies I had the worse it was. They are very difficult to take down for 4SS and the marker swapping is really annoying to your opponents. Numb to the World: This is usually on Peacekeeper/Frank/Phiona/Papa Loco. It makes you immune to Tail`em and Accused. It makes you immune to Paralyze/Mood Swings. It makes you pretty immune to Obeys. With the correct models its an autopick A Debt: I usually bring 0-2 of those. I don`t think its overpowered but its my default general upgrade. Suddenly you can have a lot of min damage 3/4 models in key turns. Middle: Master Queeg: I think all he needs is a built in ram for min 2 if you declare Crit Strike and he would be very good. My go-to HH guy as he can pick up a head in 8" and that 3" is annoying vs a lot of 1" engage models. Sanctioned Spellcaster: I tried one once and he dished out a lot of damage for 5SS. The anti-push thing might affect activation order but I think all they lack is another keyword behind "Academic" Brutal Emissary: I tried him with Hoff and he`s great. I probably would skip him for everyone else except maybe Justice. He requires a crew to be built around him and his min 2 doesn`t convince me. Ready to Work: Works great. Executioniers will be better in GG17 anyways as there are more marker schemes. Orderlies: I tried them once or twice and they didn`t do anything spectacular but I wasn`t really dissapointed too. Meh: Grimwell: I tried him 2 times. Once with Sonnia and once with Perdita. Both times he didn`t really do much. He is very squishy for his cost and he can`t kill a necropunk without A Debt To The Guild . I do however know that people get a lot of good things from him. Heartsbane: I tried her 2 times. She is very card dependant. If you don`t have the right cards she`s pretty useless. She could definitely have 1 or 2 more Wds as she suffers the same thing Grimwell does: too much cost for a big target shield with low Wds Unknowns with Predictions: Death Marshal Recruiter: nice beater enforcer, good mobility. the Guild Marshal Recruitment being suited is a bit of a hindrance but they are ok. I would try them with Lady Justice definitely. Allison: I think the Guardsmen damage is a bit of trap. You can tak 1-2 dogs and it should be enought. The triggers are nasty and if you buff her with Frank and give her Numb she might be a real pain to deal with. Thralls: good for Lucius, great for McCabe. Have them but I rarely play both masters so didn`t have the time to test them. Mounted Guards: I`m starting to like them more and more. While they don`t do anything great they seem like solid and tough minions. The Executionier pull might also be fun. Greed: Good for 7SS. Unfortunately she costs 8 which is too much. I feel no need to test her out.
  2. 1) Nellie, Misleading Headlines, Delegation Printing Press Phiona, Transparency, Wrath of the Guild Francisco, Wade In Peacekeeper, Numb to the World 2x Reporter, Austringer You have 3 good models for Hunting Party while its pretty AP intensive for your enemy to score from it. Phiona with Transparency can help out with Dig Their Graves. Austringer is there to help with LYM. You can pass activations until you know which quarters to contest and which you shouldn`t. I sometimes swap the Austringer for a Brutal Effigy and use the 2 extra SS for Hermanos/A Debt on Frank and Guild Funds on Nellie. 2) Same roster Nellie is quite hard to take down. You have a lot of HtK beaters which can be healed. Frame is lame so I would never take it. You can quite easily do Set Up with reporters and Austringer and Phiona. Last Stand is also an option depending on the enemy crew. If you want to take FFM you can swap the Peacekeeper for an Executionier with Ready to Work. 3) Look above I`d swap Frank for Master Queeg with Promises and maybe swap one reporter for a second Austringer as there are a lot of interact based actions.. Peacekeeper with heal ability from Delegation usually requires a lot of AP to get down. The whole crew is pretty hard to Accuse. P.S. I know I`m no fun
  3. I used him 2 or 3 times and he`s ok. I have no idea why they give him a bulletproof vest and make him go and hunt zombies and spirits
  4. You can also hit something else and blast onto Jack
  5. Yes, but Sonnia usually cheats second. You don`t know my hand so you have to anticipate I have a 13. If you use a 13 I just cheat to hit on a single negative. Even if I do 6 dmg pre-ss you`re out of good cards most of the time.
  6. Lynch is not an Outcast. My only concern right now are Stuffed Piglets as I don`t think 6 2SS activations are fun to play against and they are way better than they should. 4Wds, non-mandatory explosion combined with 2SS is way too strong on a Rare 6 model.
  7. If you`re a casual player it really doesn`t matter what rules you play. If you`re not a casual player you`re up to date. Same applies to Board Games.
  8. How does it work with Summoning? Can you summon 2 hanged during a tournament? Or is summoning not included? How does it work with Ikiryo?
  9. Hi If you`d like to have a demo of Malifaux and live in Warsaw we can meet at: Gentlemen`s Club (Smulikowskiego 1/3) FGB (Żelazna 69A) or another place you prefer and I`ll show you wha`t`s up
  10. The crew I had is very hard to score points off of Accussed. You can pass activations untill all the necropunks accuse you and then push something out of engagement with Nellie or the reporter. If Phiona doesn`t get Accused she can look out the enemy model engaging you. Francisco can Enfratente, he can finesse and walk away and drop it. Peacekeeper is immune to it. I had a lone reporter on the right side of the table that was near a necropunk so I incited Philip and the Nanny that if I lose initiative I force him to activate Phillip and then activate the reporter so he can`t make me Accused. In addition every time you get accused near Nellie you get 1 Evidence. If he would stop summoning he might have denied me Last Stand but had high chances of losing on everything else so it was a bad/bad option. And I could always kill the press or brutal effigy. This crew is very hard to put down. Peacekeeper is tough. Phiona can hide behind the wall, has 7 Df and HtK. Francisco has a Heal, HtK, Finesse and Nellie can make them fast and heal and with the press she`s very annoying to a lot of summons (Propaganda, push into base contanct with a model and if you flip moderate you autokill most Nicodem summons). With those schemes I had no need to get more than 2" into his side of the table so the summons usually needed a turn to get into range. He summoned 2 hanged, 2 punk zombies and 2 necropunks I think. I thought about it but I doubt I`d see anything with the watcher too. All th terrain was very high and with most of the Gremlins being Ht1 its hard to see them over the Ht2 walls from an elevated position
  11. I`ll write my report. Came in 5/28 in 5 games Game 1: Extraction, Standard Deployment, Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership , Dig Their Graves, Recover Evidence , Tail 'em I played: Sonnia, Cherufe, Counterspell Aura, Phiona, Transparency, Wrath Guild Sergeant Malifaux Child Papa Loco Francisco, Hermanos, Wade In Brutal Effigy Abuela vs Lynch, Woke up With a Hand, Rising Sun Huggy, Thousand Faces, Graves Doppelganger, Thousand Faces, 3x Terror Tot Illuminated, Beckoner I took Eliminate the Leadership and Dig Their Graves. He took Tail`em and Claim Jump. We both ended up 8:8. He lost 1 on extraction and 1 on Claim Jump. I lost 2 on Dig Their Graves. Tail`em is really strong vs beaters and I should have taken 2x reporters instead of Phiona. Game 2: Headhunter, Close Deployment, Claim Jump, Accusation, Leave Your Mark, Undercover Entourage, Inspection I had: McMourning, Plastic Surgery, Badge and On the Clock Francisco, Hermanos, Wade In Sebastian, A Debt to the Guild Zombie Chihuahua, 2x Reporters Master Queeg, Promises, A Debt Nurse Brutal Effigy He had: Hoffman, Field Mechanic, O.S.A Peacekeeper with Numb 2x Warden Guardian Mechanical Attendant Pathfinder Trap, Watcher I had Claim Jump and Inspection He had Claim Jump and Undercover Entourage (Hoffman). 7:4. We got 3 heads on the table (Pathfinder, McMourning and Peacekeeper). I scored both schemes and 1 head. He had 1 head and Watcher magnetized Hoffman into my deployment (it was close deployment) Game 3 Squatter's Rights, Corner Deployment, Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Leave Your Mark, Hunting Party, Hidden Trap I had: Nellie, Misleading Headlines, Delegations, Guild Funds, Peacekeeper, Numb Francisco, Hermanos, Wade In Phiona, Transparency, Wrath of the Guild 3x Reporter Printing Press He had: McMourning, Evidence Tampering, Plastic Surgery and On the Clock Lawyer Lone Marshal, Numb to the World Sebastian Brutal Effigy Greed Zombie Chihuahua Nurse We both took Leave Your Mark and Hunting Party (I never take FFM). Game ended in a 8:2. At the end of the game he had Brutal Effigy and McMourning. I lost 1 Reporter. I lost 2 points on Strategy, He got 1 on Strat and 1 on LYM Game 4 Interference, Standard Deployment, Claim Jump, Accusation, Eliminate the Leadership, Covert Breakthrough, Last Stand My crew: Nellie, Misleading Headlines, Delegations, Guild Funds, Peacekeeper, Numb Francisco, Hermanos, Wade In Phiona, Transparency, Wrath of the Guild 2x Reporter Printing Press Brutal Effigy His crew: Nicodem, Maniacal Laughter, Undertaker Mortimer, My Little Helper Carrion Emissary, My Little Helper Vulture 3x Necropunk Phillip and Nanny, Haunting Cries I took Last Stand and Claim Jump. He took Accused and Claim Jump I won 10:8. I had to kill my reporter T3 to have less models than him so I walked into hazardous and finished her off with Nellie. He lost 2 points on Accused Game 5: Collect the Bounty, Flank Deployment, Claim Jump, Leave Your Mark, Dig Their Graves, Search the Ruins, Show of Force I had: Sonnia, Cherufe, Counterspell Aura, Phiona, Transparency, Wrath Field Reporter Malifaux Child Papa Loco Francisco, Hermanos, Wade In Brutal Effigy Abuela He had: Zipp, Gift of Gab, Dirty Cheater Earl Iron Skeeter Merris, Hide in the Mud Burt, Dirty Cheater 2x Lightning Bug 6x Stuffed Piglet He had LYM and Search the Ruins, I had Dig their Graves and Show of force. I lost 3:8. I scored 3x from Show of Force. We got to T4 so he lost 1 on Search the Ruins and 1 on strategy. This was the most helpless game I had in a while. Not only the table meant Sonnia could only see 2 stuffed piglets in cover after taking 2 walks, but I had outactivated so heavily that I couldn`t do anything except kill stuffed piglets which engaged me and blocked corridors. I think 6 activations for 12SS with 4 Wds and an optional explosion is way too good for the cost. My opponent was a beast so I won`t blame the loss just on the pigs but the way I lost really felt bad as I had nothing to say. We even discussed my master pick and decided that whichever master I`d take the outcome wouldn`t be very different. Overal 3 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss and 5th place.
  12. Real men don`t let other men play Killjoy
  13. I think it would probably promote summoners a lot
  14. I lost her once when Marcus Alpha`d her twice in a row and started walking near a Razorspine rattler The game was a solid win though.
  15. I don`t know but I think Hoffman as the powerball of doom has a lot of counters. Hoffman as the Alpha strike with Numb Howard with Armor 3 is more scary IMHO