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  1. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I think thats actually an issue. The coolest thing about Malifaux for me is the list creation for a given scheme pool. If the scheme pools are so similar that you can get away with one list I find that an problem
  2. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I think this fixes the core issue of GG17. An almost-fixed crew which is optimal for most scheme pools. No masters is directly excluded from pools but it should be harder to use master A when master B fits better because thats the core idea of malifaux.
  3. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I meant Extraction. Symbol and Squatters both seem like a mix of control and defend Strats with interactions. By alternative I meant the even/odd thing
  4. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I think the alternative to Symbols of Authority would be Squatters Right instead of Extraction. I find it more fun, more interactive. It doesn't encourage the mid table blender. As for the complexity. There is so much stuff to know that I doubt a small chart diagram change will make it somehow impossible to newer players.
  5. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I remember Take Prisoner was (on doubles) in GG16 and it was taken fairly regularly. I think Recover Evidence was not the worst scheme but was a lot tougher than CJ and FFM/Dig so thats why it could have not been so popular but it was way better than Last Stand and Accusation.
  6. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Agreed. The difference is now you have to think about crews that work for 2-3 schemes instead of 1. Especially that CJ doesn`t really anti-synergize with any strategy.
  7. A Final Plea for GG2018

    While I agree with your post I think DtG is one of the coolest schemes out there I know you know all the killy masters got hit really hard with FFM as suits. To the point where you almost never saw them except CtB. Now I`m not saying you`re wrong but the "Take Lady J and a Henchman and you have 3 VP" is kind of like "Take Merris and you have 3 LYM points". I honestly think that killy masters should have their own scheme pools although I do agree the GG18 looks a bit too killy. I think a Take-Prisoner variation would be nice and a Recover Evidence one would also be cool. I do think that while killy masters don`t have to be rewarded with easy VP I do think that they shouldn`t be punished like they did with FFM and I do think a better version of Last Stand would also be appreciated. While I think Ours> Interference and Symbols might be more fun than Extraction or GtS I do agree that Headhunter is way cooler than Public Execution.
  8. Symbols of Authority

    You have a very similar avatar to matt, the new designer
  9. Symbols of Authority

    Tell it to Guard the Stash
  10. Speeding up Lady J

    You have to activate before your opponent. You have to hit. Emissary has to live until the end of the turn. Lots of ifs for the paralyze from a 10SS model when 5SS Nurses do it a lot easier.
  11. Speeding up Lady J

    I think if the Emissary had the ram built in and a lower damage track he would be ok. The bury shenanigans are IMHO weak on enemy models. They are decent on Justice but its a 17-21SS investment which is not worth it. If you look at what the best Emissaries got- push+fast, +1Wk in an aura, another action triggers, +2 Focused, the Bury is super situational and pretty meh compared to it.
  12. Speeding up Lady J

    In a faction of a bazillion min 3-4 models and access to Debt Queeg and Emissary are pretty awful damage dealers If the crew was for fun then I rest my case
  13. Speeding up Lady J

    I don`t really have issues with threat ranges in Justice. I usually get a charge T1 or T2 with 5-10" pushes. I pretty much prefer if the rest of my crew does schemes and offers more threats.
  14. Speeding up Lady J

    While this list makes Lady J superfast I do think its pretty bad.