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  1. How many teams do we currently have?
  2. Francisco should have Wade In. Its most likely 1 extra hit required to kill him. Hermanos is also ok as it allows getting Sonnia out of combat or closer to the enemy.
  3. If the flip was cheatable they would be good IMHO because they would allow you to stop a lot of potentially autohitting attacks for a 6 and a stone @Bengt my Rasputina player uses it often. The amounts of good it brought him is worth more than 2 SS
  4. I don`t think I`d ever take Pale Rider outside of McCabe. Its 12 SS of pretty mediocre ranged damage unless you have the Sabre.
  5. I think Hoffman comes before Justice in the Good Guy Dept. as he is not balancing on the edge of Dark Arts. While he has a hidden agenda (save Ryle), I believe there are limits to what he is capable of. As for Guild, they are not perfect but they didn`t invade Malifaux to kill Neverborn. They were sent there to collect soulstones, and most of the force they have is mostly a defensive force and not an offensive force. Most of the Guild units are used to keep Malifaux and its citizens safe and not to wage wars. If Guild would really want to obliterate the NB they would probably slow its grip on the Soulstone trade and work out some international contracts to bring in an Abyssinian army and mop the floor with the Neverborn
  6. My best counter to FFM is: Don`t care about FFM. If its a Rail Golem its 3:0 for them but its 50 vs 40 SS for you
  7. You can take the Guardsman Accomplice upgrade since For the Guild is a non-built in trigger after damagin
  8. Yes. No trap stuff
  9. I'd say removing the model is not the same as killing the model. Teddy attacks Papa Loco, declares the push trigger (after damaging) and kills him. Papa Loco blows up in the initial location. Then he's pushed. Then Teddy pushes. Then you place corpse marker. Then you place head marker. @solkan is that correct?
  10. As for the main topic: Nellie is my go-to Interference master due to Misleading Headlines and Propaganda. I usually have around 9 models in Interference and combining this with 2-3 activations passed I can swiftly reposition to either go 1:1 or 1:0 depending on how may enemy plans to score. Propaganda also allows you to either push your own models or enemy models into the middle line or the 6" center bubble.
  11. Then they are unlucky as I think both Nothing Beast and Vik kill them on a Severe. The Manipulative is there not to stop them being attacked. Its to drain some cards from low Wp models.
  12. This doesn`t work since January. Guild doesn`t do a lot of shooting unless you go vs Perdita
  13. I take her for HP as she' a good damage dealer, SoF for the 2 upgrades. Look Out! allows me to get Sonnia out of engagement and a cover marker is also nice.
  14. If I don't need scheme markers I don't need Transparency. Its suppose to be great in DtG but I never managed to get 2 points from it. Wrath allows me to do that reliable damage to models with Armor and two-shot 8 Wd models in crucial situations
  15. I actually never used anythibg as a blast point. Ince I had Line Swordsman engaged with Shen and Francisco and I randomized into combat onto him. Besides. I won't do 5 damage to enemies. Doesn't make sense On a more serious note my meta has a lot of cheap activations lately so while normally I went 8 and it was enough now its around 10.