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  1. You can also take Papa Loco and T1 give the buff to the Emissary and T2 after shooting the Emissary give it again to Sonnia
  2. I do. Almost exclusively. Kills don't get VPs most of the time.
  3. I usually go full Nellie. Take a Peacekeeper and 2 henchmen with min 3. Push those undead around and slap them with extra min 3-4 attacks.
  4. "This action" is always model specific. Same as if you have an action that "can be taken once per turn" you can still copy it with a doppelganger and use it regardless of if the owner used it before or not. With 2 Domadors and 2 undead models you can obey each undead model once with each Domador
  5. While I don't have a formed opinion on the art itself the WIP Videos always seem like effin magic to me. I'd probably spend like 5 mins looking for the right shortcut
  6. Warsaw has 2 players right now: Rafał Bieliński a.k.a trikk Łukasz Bober
  7. Yes. Wave 3 had an open beta. I remember because thats when I got in the game
  8. No. Its in the latest FAQ
  9. I usually take her for the Obey, no-charge zone and Sh7 shooting
  10. I would swap Loco with Abuela but it depends on your opponents game level. I found the better my opponents became the more likely Papa blew in my face. I also think now that the Papa box is dead he`s not worth the extra for one turn.
  11. I think its a timing issue. I don`t think he should be able to use the corpse to cards ability when he is dead.
  12. This seems explotish to me. He`s killed so his other abilities shouldn`t work but maybe its the way Aaron wanted.
  13. "(0) "Bring Out Yer Dead!": Until the end of the Turn, Corpse Markers within a3 count as friendly Scheme Markers. If a Corpse Marker is affected by two or more of these auras, it does not count as friendly to anyone." Is the last sentence to prevent opposing Gravediggers? Right now if there is a corpse marker between my 2 Gravediggers I lose the benefits. Was that the intention?
  14. Hi, I`d like to invite you to a two day tournament in Warsaw, Poland 50SS, Fixed Faction, Full paint required, 5 games. The FB event is located here: https://www.facebook.com/events/229884707498590/?fref=ts Contact me if you need information in English
  15. Nellie Nellie Nellie Nellie is very good at GTS and Extraction because its pretty easy to push the enemy out of the markers. For Reconnoiter you should go Nellie with model spam (9-10 models). For Reckoning I`d go Perdita.