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  1. Incorp + prevention
  2. So you can first push 5", then use Angry Mob. As for Marshals: I tried Judge with Nellie and he was VERY GOOD. She helps with his mobility and with Fast and A Debt to the Guild he did 18 damage to Hungering Darkness in one activation
  3. So hard to get reliable slave-servants this days
  4. I find Lilith and probably Titania best counters to Guild because you counter Sonnia the most and she can`t blast you. Even with 3 focused shots from Changelings and Sh4 you are most likely going to hit 1-2 times and thats around 8 damage before prevention. Sonnia can wipe that gunline in 2 shots and if she has Brutal Effigy she will most likely be full. Not to mention she can just wall you off with the child
  5. They just have 6. But since its printed it can be looped
  6. Considering there will be poglets involved I'd consider something that doesn't use Sh actions Since ETL is in the pool Effigy might be a good idea to heal those extra Wds. For schemes I'd consider Set up as he is very melee based most of the time so he will charge you. Show of Force seems the second easiest for Guild. Pigs also don't have high WP and most of them have 1" melee so DMs might work with Pinebox
  7. If you want a demo, I can show you how to play, what to buy and show you around Malifaux! I prefer Gentlemen`s Club (Długa 44/50) but I can also do it at FGB (Żelazna 69A) or another venue. I`m available every thursday from 18:00 at GC
  8. Rules: GG17, 50SS, Fixed Faction, 3 games. Location: Gentlemen`s Club, Dluga 44/50, Warsaw Limit: 20, but we can squeeze in more people if needed. Schemes will be announced on the day of the tournament. All are welcome
  9. To clarify. You still flip the required amount of cards and even if you BJ you still can take the (0).
  10. Misaki can't have Queeg I believe. Reporters can use Reference the Field Guide but it does nothing.
  11. Yes, he is. But you don't usually know if he will take Izamu and Pathfinder doesn't work well with Belle Lures
  12. I played her without using the Family (0). She's mobile. Has a good shooting attack, especially with A Debt to the Guild or Hair Trigger and if you have good targets for the Obey she's great. I used Phiona's Look Out, Franciscos Enfretante mostly but she's also good with Manipulative models and Queeg (you can set up the interact aura without losing ap and manipulative models can use actions without losing manipulative)
  13. The issue with the Musket is Sh5.
  14. I think if you play vs certain crews you can actually ignore the Arm 4 izamu, especially with Nellie. Slow + push is usually better than armor ignoring. Other ideas as: Nurse + Paralyze, warden + Paralyze and probably a few others. Or you can just take McMourning/Perdita and wreck him in 3 ap The thing I like about Joss though is: he can be Df6, Ml7 and he doesn't rely on triggers so he's very good to machine puppet. Stacking A Debt with Fast nets you min 12 dmg with Fast and being Immune to Conditions from Numb really hampers what your opponent can do. And he ignores HtK also
  15. Peacekeeper with Numb to the World usually gets 6 dmg from McMourning.