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  1. I think I wrote my thought wrong. It has a similar threat range but has higher surivability and utility while requiring a lot less setup.
  2. Yes, he can. But he`s 11SS with that upgrade. Thats Howard/Peacekeeper price range and they have a lot more threat range and can survive a lot more.
  3. If they are close to terrain, in range and you manage it with Ca5. Its not really impressive for 11SS
  4. Yasunori has and will have Recalled Training.
  5. If he has the Scribe he`s at Df7 so its survivable. Mooks also help.
  6. Yes, you`re correct. It still will be hard most likely to kill most of our masters. Except Sonnia I think everybody is more or less safe (unless you use + 2Df)
  7. Well, if you use Badge + stone you block the trigger. It will most likely drain your cache but its 13SS. If he doesn`t kill stuff you`re very much ahead.
  8. The post was mostly for fun and a counter argument for "Well, the Gremlins don`t win anything". I think they are a strong faction but I don`t think they are broken. You did point to an interesting thing "activation spam is generally an NPE as is a pigapult with a summoner". I think this is mostly my argument. Its not that stuffed piglets are unbeatable or auto-include.
  9. Unless you take Badge of Office
  10. Next to Scribe they are Df7 AFAIR. Doppel doesn't want to copy the warden attack as she doesn't get the extra ram and even if she did she can't declare triggers.
  11. He has HtK, Sadistic Streak and the mini Commanding Presence. Maybe he had it at some time during the open beta
  12. Queeg can. He's a Guardsman. I win! you lose!
  13. Wardens... I think people forget Wardens, They are guardsmen so Sergeant can bump their Wk to 6. Dashel can give them (0) Focus and they can shoot into cover with the Paraclaw . They also have a to that Queeg Terryfing
  14. No, only Lucius.
  15. To be honest Rules Lawyering seems like exactly something Lucius would do