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  1. And possible Card draw shenanigans gone. I am out here, quite lucky i just bought into guild.
  2. I like this idea!
  3. Especially under Collodi - better damage and more healing the illus? Similiar damage to Nekima? 0o i am not sure we have the same document
  4. Non, Nvb Henchmen aren't exceptional great. But on the Minion Side we've got quite a few. I won't use 9ss Henchmen, when a ~6 ss Minion can do the same Job and be better buffed at the same Time.
  5. IF you manage to get 4 Attacks you usually tend to miss at least one. 3 times weak equals 6. Its a rough estimation - after all you can get lucky, hit once more or do moderate at least once. But at the same time your opponent could flip RJ, has SS use, def trigger or reduces when you wouldn't hit the Trigger and so on. If it wasn't for the positives i would rather asume 2 out of 4 hits. 6 is a number i would calculate with, without further narrowing down the Scenary.
  6. Collodis second trigger & my will is hampered, Zoraida obeying hina and enemys nearby, Titanias push & hit doesn't works completly on hinamatasu, and some Lucius Effects.
  7. Yeah because average 6 damage and anti-synergie with 4/8 Faction Masters (Collodi, Zoraida, Titania, Lucius would like out of activation actions) thats exactly what i want from my 9ss Henchmen. But i guess he fits right besides Vasilia ...
  8. Every minion and Emissary has this Thread range (and more) with Collodi
  9. You mean like i've written just in the last part of my posting, you are quoting? If he doesn't hinder myself scoring and doesn't score points for my opponent i guess i am playing against a very inexperienced player, in this case any model is fine ...
  10. I know def3 pretty well as i love teddys Def 3 just makes severe damage possible, but you will still need 3 times sever 6 to kill him. That won't happen without devastating the whole hand. But usually it's a pretty bad idea to do so for a 9(? Don't have the sheet open)ss Model. And there aren't really other options to get rid of him. Without his pillar he could be simply pushed or lured away. But just add one other impassable/climpable Terrain element (a stash Marker for example) or even a Model into the equation and he is quite easily placed in a pretty save manner. (Sure there are exceptions, but relying on favorable terrain or unskilled opponents shouldnt be an balancing element in my opinion). Leaving you between a rock and a hard place: sacrifice every high card or ignoring he statue altogether. Such moments aren't new to the game and facilitating them for the opponent is most favorable. My problem here is the statue allows to do so vety easy and without any support from the outside.
  11. I think many here overestimate from the shadows. A Beater in your Face as first or Second activation isn't a new concept and possible for quite some Crews right now.
  12. The difference is, it's possible to ping those models to death.
  13. So after one Master AP, one discard, one hit ML5 and correct suit and 2 hits ML6 (=3 cards most of the times, 1 of them Dreamer possible could use to summon instead) I would call that grave inefficiency