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  1. Yan Lo tactica!

    Toshiro gives positives to so no bonus for hands from below if im right. Talking about theoryfaux I have in mind trying Archie to get fast from the emisary when attaching his upgrades but those are a lot of ss so im not sure.
  2. I´ve played nico lots of times and it has important weak points, maybe its like always in this game and facing a master for the first few times make them harsh to deal with. I beated that list "easily" with seamus last tournament as it needs a lot of models to stay static in its deployment zone and schemes really demanded to go to the center,(also punish the weak is a terrible scheme for Nico) I could handle easily those kentaurois, really. There are LOTS of masters which mean a terrible menace to this summoning engine. Sonnia and Rasputina can obliterate with ease, a well positioned viktoria can blow away that bubble, Ive myself lost Nicodem to a slow cerberus which mauled him to dead with only one Ap or a charging mei feng with easy targets around making lots, LOTS of atacka in just one activation. Im strongly convinced that nico while strong has no need to be tuned down. And the fact that yasunori cant kill an enemy master in turn 1 is something Im not gonna feel sorry for.
  3. Test subjects and poison gamin

    Thats it, sorry for my poor english
  4. Test subjects and poison gamin

    Mc Mourning is allowed to hire poison gamins with 'test subjects' but the upgrade forbids taking gamins.
  5. Philip and the Nanny

    Going back to phillip, even with the doxie trick, youll get full 4 cards cycle the first turn using 14 ss and leaving the doxie behind. Next turns phillip can still do two things well: cardcycling standing still and consuming his AP and other models APs and eating enemy scheme markers if properly positioned. Seems a high price to me unless that card cycling will grant you more quality APs via summoning. Also if those high cards can eliminate enemy APs with your elite alpha attack. Or playing OURS where siiting in a quarter helps gaining VP.
  6. Philip and the Nanny

    I took him in OURS last tournament because he could sit in his quarter and claim it while eating markers. Other than that I dont use his card drawing engine because its left behind most times static in your Deployment zone. Its of course a personal taste but other than playing ours or expecting a heavy enemy scheme markers dropping schemes I would invest in other models.
  7. McMourning with Beast models?

    I dont have the cards right in front of me but... Asura roten and mcmourning undead aura of 3' sounds great to me. Saturday I played a list with 4 beverborn hounds for cheap activations which charged with poison made quite extra damage and turned into undead hounds when dying. Now thinking in asura that would give them (when next to Mc) some great attacks too. Or even undead nurses could try this long range debuff.? Definitely wanna try
  8. Mortimer in Non-Summoning Crews

    I dont field him even with nico. 12ss model should have a higher impact in the game. I preffer 3x guild autopsies.
  9. Highest Resser Model

    Once based carrion emissary gets to 3.2 inches and standing goryo 3.2 too. I think those are the tallest
  10. Reva, where to start for purchases

    Onryo with a trigger too
  11. Starting out with Kirai

    its a must in my nico, tara and seamus crews. its a cheap activation that can make an enemy discard his last card and reactivate autopsies and f.constructs. Necessary to survive to agressive alphas.
  12. Highest Resser Model

    I would say the kentauroi on two legs
  13. Datsue Ba and other masters

    Lately I played her with admiration for a push when summoning seishin. I like using her with positive flips to damage from hayreddin, nico or kirai but its true that only 6 wounds make her very fragile.
  14. Hi, I guess this is pretty basic but im unsure. If sue with my little helper casts "ring of fire" twice, would enemies get burning +4? And also a fast bloodwretch could cast "the rage builds" twice for a single attack making +2 damage and drawing 4 cards?