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  1. I love putting 'admiration' on her and summoning sheishins with datsue ba. Si gets right where she has to be real fast
  2. Well, I guess that resser models are gonna stay pretty much like they are now :(. Yesterday tried summoner tara with asura and gravedigger against Outcast which deployed viktorias I took accusation and eliminate leadership in reconnoiter I dont know what the opponent took (didnt matter really, it was a bad game where my crew was obliterated really easy). Despite the fast game I found Gravedigger really fragile (died in just one hit) and spent one of his activations moving to take one corpse and hitting the air. Anybody can get a positive feedback of this guy?
  3. Aaaaw C'mon!!! *I want mercenary back. I play resser and was excited to hire this model, much more than my own wave5 resser models.
  4. Performers work terribly well in poison mechanics. Other than that... Sometimes I've used Killjoy or Lust from malifaux seven... but cant remember an outoffaction model (other than performers) that is a must to me.
  5. I have my english card here and 'mans best friend' has ca6/TN12 . Sebas rules again.
  6. Oops I learned to play with a fanmade spanish translation that states TN12!. What a downer, sad day today.
  7. There is sebastian who is not a master but summons doggies full of wounds for just 6 (love it, so damn good) . I used to play it along with nico to save ap's for him
  8. While two head might be useful (in the turn after its summoned and in certain srategies) its this, at the end, the only reason to summon this 6ss model. It has not very impresive attack actions and give up the gost will teleport him to a very limited (often near the summoner) positions (except again for reva or the rare occasion when you take the vulture with nico). Df 3 means not only receiving almost any attack but there are also very nasty actions not damage related that will neutralize him. Think of our df4 masters how easy they get devoured, pushed, slowed, paralized etc etc.
  9. Dont you find that 6 is too high a requirement for a 3 df 3 wound peon model? I guess that reva might abuse the fact that it pops where you want to. But spending soulstones with other masters in this seems painful to me.
  10. Sounds nice, I play resser Tara and miss Hannah burying action. Maybe Im wrong but the emissary casting into the maw and borrowing the unburying action from the sotv would make two 0ap actions? Also theres a weak point in this. Unburing montressor after your second activation so close to the enemy without companion or acomplice (maybe im wrong) gives the enemy the oportunity to retaliate with his heavy beater or master. Well thought anyway, I'll see if something similar can be done in resser faction
  11. Im rather thinking of using kentauroi with tara because it improves the problem of his a crappy 4'' walk and gives new options to shot the beasty bomb. Im kind of thrilled because I LOVE resser tara and/because lose all the time with her
  12. I also dont feel very optimistic about gravedigger . While there is certainly an improvement in the model stats, how many corpse counters is he actually going to pick in a game? Being at 3' of droping corpse counters is not going to happen THAT often and walking and spending 0 action to take one is a lot of effort. 8 wounds with df 5 doesnt allow a model to stay where he wants to, he should concentrate in staying away from a presumable enemy killing charge so activating him to posittion him and activate 'bring your dead' first seems a loose of tempo. I still dont get the role of the model and which master could it work well with. Maybe Kirai? Triggering ikiryo and weak spirits dying near him. Hmm not sure...
  13. I usually dont hire morti, I wouldnt use it as a standard of quality. making gravedigger bad enough to compete with morti doesnt suits me (personal opinion of course)
  14. Theres still room for a few adittional players!!!
  15. Totally agree with all that. A 6 of crows and 1ap makes that summoning too expensive for a 3wound model (although it can be placed far away) but I see the difficulty of balancing it as making it too easy would be too good compared with mortimers (a bit crappy) corpse dropping ability. I think I would make it 0ap rising the tn but not crow suited. And if 1ap I would take out the 1 zombie per turn limit.