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  1. Goryo assembly....

    Building them right now, all those spirits are nightmarish. I remember when yan lo's beard was the standard for difficult assembly .
  2. Errata Hopes and Dreams!

    whispers is a very powerful attack, but dont forget you needed: 1 master AP + 13 card in hand + 1ss if 13 is not crows+ 1corpse (for nico) + 1hanged succesful attack AP against wp which will propably will be more difficult to hit If you dont chain activate it most of times youll get a 3wd 4df model without HtW that will probably die to ANY charge or two shots. Think about the resources invested and the resources your opponet will need to eliminate him. And when hitting a non fresh, armoured or ss preventer model damage wont be that amazing most of times. Ok, its good but in my opinion its not that good. From the top of my head... with a 13 in hand a nurse will most of times render useless any master and many factions can break havoc with a 13, a ss and 1 decisive AP, dont know... a howard with a couple high rams, a viktoria whirlwind....
  3. Which heavy hitter?

    My favourite from the list are: Rogue necro: is the best missile with tara, I love it but its true that is very difficult to keep it on the table ore at least with its three heads. Izamu, I´ve always liked it in my theoryfaux thoughts, its perfect to cast +2damage with nurses but in real games, anti-armor tech evaporates him really fast or gets paralyzed or many other things that df4 will never stop. In my games the one little bastard who really hurts people is sebastian along other poisonning cheap models like autopsies or canine remains. Other aproach to deal a lot of damage is using massive poison loads transfused from friendly nurse attacks and a performer expurging the target, it rendered me very good results as you ideally only needed 2 high cards to wipe out the model of your choice.
  4. Tara in Rezzers?

    Chiaki can do that?
  5. McMourning summons

    I thought itwas just hiring, not summoning. Right?
  6. Hi, looking for any of those plastic models in europe. Regards
  7. Oops! I forgot....

    My little helper, its one of the best resser upgrades and just cant remember to activate it after initiative most of the times.
  8. Rafkins Last Breath

    Xd thanks
  9. Rafkins Last Breath

    Must it be a resser living model? Can be mercenary?
  10. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Yep, thats a good point.
  11. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Well... Archie (I love the model but he is too expensive) can just heal 4 each activation he has good dmg but only ml6 aaand you need other 3 other models with no chain activation soo it doesnt qualify (in my opinion) for a good alpha strike. Rogue necro is by far a better cheaper beater but without arcanist reactivation, inbuyed energies, or outcast oathkeeper or positive to initiative its not worth it.
  12. Viktoria obliteration

    Hi, yesterday mi Reva was punched to death by a charging vicky (along with my emissary and poor sebastian) she hit 2 times every target killing those three models in one activation. I thought the charging lane was safe but he managed to move one of my models with taelor and killed other one. When I wanted to react it was to late and my band was dead with just 2 whirlwinds (reva suffered red joker on damage in the second attack). I know that they should have been more than 5' away of each other but sometimes buildings and other obstacles make it very difficult and in any case ony losing reva was bad enough. Is there any other way In resser faction to face those extra long extra deadly charges?. I guess I could use always Kirai or Molly against outcast and killy schemes expecting the viktorias? Any other idea with other masters?.
  13. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    I cant help you as Im a resser player but I've also experienced this alpha strike tendency in my group and Its by far the most efficient way of playing (one I cant replicate with resser im afraid). Not sure about gg18 maybe it can fix this but arcanist alpha with miranda cerberus or reactivated howard, or a well planned vicky catault will ruin most their opponent plans. I can say from the victim side of the game its not very fun when people have jobs, and strugles to get time to sit together and have a party to end in turn 2 with your master and a couple of models killed. I mean, I understand its frustrating for players to face this but I think the answer should come from wyrd designing defensive models capables of dealing with this.
  14. Tuning down Red Joker on damage

    I was hoping to stone prevent about 6 damage with reva and survive. Against lazarus I only had two AP's available as I had to walk once, so red joker did matter both times and both times showed up with negative flips to damage. Maybe its the enviroment I face with loads of heavy hitters with high dmg spread. My point is that red joker doing only severe might have left reva with a chance of surviving; 5+8+5-6 prevention= 12 wounds. I dont mean of course that it happens all the time, but when it happens it changes games in a way im not very confortable with but its a matter of taste I guess.
  15. Tuning down Red Joker on damage

    just to ilustrate, today I have redjokered lazarus in damage in turn one with reva. Vicky has redjockered reva in first chain activation of turn 2 dealing 11 damage and thus evaporating her who had already spent 3 stones for prevention and giving minus flip to damage. havent enjoyed the game very much, at least it was fast.