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  1. Also Seamus crew box will fit with your models, Yin and carrion will work well, and you´ll get belles wich are amazing with everything :). But well, reva is a good choice too
  2. Hopes for new master upgrade?

    I would love to see Tara getting some love. Something giving her accomplice for example
  3. Tara AP abuse list

    With all those minions I would take carrion emissary with carrion conflux. I love to all attack actions, this include lures, taking medicines, improves activations with MZ....
  4. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    Overexcited with seams upgrade, somewhat dissapointed with alt sybelle. Putting together alt Mcmourning, alt rafkin and alt sybelle they look like they are all the time the same model.
  5. Do you know who I am

    Now on wyrds chronicles you can see the new upgrade for seamus and it is amazing. really a quality jump for seamus towards targeting wp playstyle
  6. [SPAIN, Huesca] Running demo at 'Feudo de Pyrenne'

    Also in July running demos on demand
  7. Draugr

    I need to see them on my hand to get an opinion, at first Hayreddins render seemed ugly to me but I like the real model very much. To be honest those two renders seem terrible to me, they seem static and the one who is not shouting has a weird position, similar to the artwork but theres somthing weird about his look, so unnatural... Ruleswise, i find they can be a good summnon. I like ht1 taking out the hand from the opponent and reactivating autopsies and fleshies
  8. Draugr

    Thanks, Im an oldfashioned non reva player XD (not for long I hope)
  9. Draugr

    What upgrade is that? I'm dazed and confused how does it works?
  10. 14 players at the moment, still room for some more!
  11. [SPAIN, Huesca] Running demo at 'Feudo de Pyrenne'

    Hi guys, all the same for June
  12. Taking mortimer with no summoning engine is not worth. I LOVE sebas but too fragile to stand some hits. That leaves sybelle that have ranged attack, autokill trigger, targets both wp and df, terrifying... And it will synergize well with Yin and Rogue necromancy. That would be my choice along a rotten belle
  13. Master Timing Chart

    Thanks for the work done!
  14. How are you using Jaakuna Ubume

    I love putting 'admiration' on her and summoning sheishins with datsue ba. Si gets right where she has to be real fast
  15. Performers work terribly well in poison mechanics. Other than that... Sometimes I've used Killjoy or Lust from malifaux seven... but cant remember an outoffaction model (other than performers) that is a must to me.