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  1. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    Oh thanks for the awesome summary by the way 😉
  2. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    How many SS is zipps "dread pirate" upgrade?
  3. Swine cursed blueprints?

    I couldn't find them, don't think they're out yet. They're pretty easy to assemble though and gmort has already done an unboxing.
  4. Ticket bought, another one for the merseyfaux lot (Chris Gilboy).
  5. Tournament is all done, back to my regular schedule of demos and intro games!
  6. Appreciate the feedback Kev, glad you had a good time! Hopefully see you at the next one which will be bigger and better!
  7. A great day had by all at "the good, the bad and the wyrd". 12 players over 3 rounds, my 1st tournament and a pleasure to run. The prizes were as follows (including mystery boxes etc which were randomly determined by a d12): 1st. Dan Green - £75 in store credit and a small mystery box 2nd. Kieren Callister - £50 in store credit 3rd. Mick Jerome - £25 in store credit Best sportsman. Rob Temple - £50 in store credit Best crew. James Durr (Titania) - £25 in store credit Large mystery box. Kevin Skitt Small mystery box. Johnathon Gaskell Ltd edition brewmaster card. Carl Lee Wooden Spoon. Pete Butler
  8. I ordered a prize pack from wyrd for this so we can raffle some prizes off (if fed ex bring it in time)!
  9. Brewmaster in tournaments

    Good luck, can't wait to see how you get on! I really want to start playing brewmaster again but never found him much fun for me or my opponents, I love the model and the theme though so want to use him more.
  10. Hi, yes this will be ranked, I'll update the 1st post to reflect this. Thanks for asking ?
  11. Rapid growth league at Wargames Southport (21st feb onwards)

    Final scores from last night! Rob was the winner with a massive achievement haul! He obviously sacrificed winning for the sake of getting achievements, truly getting into the spirit of the league!
  12. Making the whiskey golem great again P2

    I recently used the golem in a zipp crew with sparks against ressers. Turn 1 zipp pushed him 6" up with the rope, then sparks gave him fast. He was straight into the enemy deployment where they were all bunched up, tying them up for a couple of turns and leaving the rest of zipps crew to score. Now my regular opponent fears him greatly and I've got a new found love for the big hunk of wood.