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  1. Half way through week 1, here's the standings: Johnathon is smashing it with the achievements (picked up a nice 8 points for his display board) all still to play for though!!!
  2. 1 week left and sat at 12 players currently, should be a good one!
  3. I'm probably far too cautious, struggled getting the scrap markers for sparks. Zipp only took 3 damage all game. I normally use him to screen everything for the 1st 2 turns then run him into the enemy. 1st mate and earl were scheme running & dropping piano's from behind a building. I do need to look at what upgrades I have on people, I'll have to dig them all out and have a proper read.
  4. 50 SS Gremlins Crew Zipp + 5 Pool - No Quarter (1) - Dirty Cheater (1) - Stilts (1) Earl Burns (3) The First Mate (9) - Hovering Airship (0) - Where The Captain Can't See (1) Sparks (7) Whiskey Golem (10) - Barrel Up (0) Burt Jebsen (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Merris LaCroix (6) Stuffed Piglet (2) (exported from CrewFaux) He was ressers, had Molly, yin, 2belles, the emissary, a Hanged ad graveyard spirit. Can't remember what the upgrades were. Strat was headhunter, I took claim jump and frame for murder on Merris, he had marked for death and FFM on the Hanged. Turn one I put fast on the golem, companioned to zipp and swung the golem up. It charged the Hanged (which had moved up to cover) and my opponent spent the rest of the turn dealing with it while I moved everything up behind a wall of clouds. Turn 2 He lured Merris with a Belle then Merris put 4 burning on the Hanged (which had already had poison from the golem) Molly then killed Merris getting me 3points for FFM. The hanged died from burning/poison that turn so I'd escaped that one! I scored full for claim jump using 1st mate and Earl, he kept luring me, marking me, and picking up the heads so full points for those 2. Game ended 7-7 as I'd only managed to pick up 1 head. I dropped the stuffed pig bomb on the emissary and a Belle turn 3 dealing 6 damage to each!! The look on his face 😂😂😂😂
  5. Tried sparks with zipp tonight, managed to get the "stuffed piglets bomb combo" to go off. Man, that was awesome! Also, fast on a whiskey golem that "grabs a rope" then runs straight at the enemy can really put them on the back foot turn 1!
  6. Great, meant I can narrow down what models I want to bring rather than just bringing everything 😉
  7. Are we gonna find out strats/schemes before the event or on the day?
  8. 2 weeks to go and up to 10 players now, I'm gonna start needing peoples factions soon!
  9. Still running demo's every Tuesday. The rapid growth league starts in 2 week's so now's an ideal time to learn!
  10. I'm off to my first tournament in april, it's single faction but I'm just planning on Zipp as my only master. I'll be taking lots of tips from this thread!
  11. Up to 8 players so far, here's the strats and schemes for each week: There'll be printed copies of these at the start of the league, as well as achievement sheets.
  12. 2 tickets bought! Can't wait!!
  13. Yeah mate, I'm guessing ressers! There is an achievement for using someone else's crew for a game though!
  14. Signups: 1. Mick Jerome - Ressers 2. James Durr 3. Dave Maddox 4. Carl Lee 5. Chris Gilboy - Guild (I'm entering for fun, not eligible for prizes 😉) 6. Tom Wiggins 7. Martin McNeill 8. Johnathon Gaskell 9. Jane Barrow - Outcasts 10. Dan Green 11. Rob Temple - Arcanists 12. Craig McAnaney
  15. Hi everyone, I'm starting a rapid growth league on Tuesday evenings from 6pm at Wargames Southport starting on the 21st Feb (http://www.wargamesuk.co.uk/). It will use the standard rapid growth rules which can be found here (https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-dlxl.zip) except it will run for 8 weeks rather than the standard 4 (each "game week" running over a fortnight) as some people can only make every other week. The scenario's for each week use the gaining grounds 2017 strats and schemes and can be found here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3zVFpO3eRUlRnk4a1Y1YUYtbk0 Game weeks will be: Week 1: 21st Feb - 6th March Week 2: 7th March - 20th March Week 3: 21st March - 3rd April Week 4: 4th April - 17th April Achievements can be scored each week over a maximum of 2 games as long as one of the games is played on a League night (Tuesday). There will be prize support from myself and the store & the more people we have playing the more prizes there will be. Entry to the league is free but there is a table cost at Wargames of £3.50 per evening (you can play for as long as you want though!). I'll be running demo's on the Tuesday's leading up to this to get some new players involved. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I hope to see some of you you there! Thanks Chris