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  1. So I've managed to finish them off today, here's the next few steps to take me to completion: I got some old cd's, covered them with a piece of thin card and glued some sand on to represent 5" clumps of cacti I covered the cacti bases with the same sand mixture After a white primer I painted the bases, I didn't have any decent size pots of paint but luckily I found a tester pot of "terracotta" masonry paint in a cupboard. I drybrushed a desert sand colour over the top of this once dry. Then I painted the cacti with a light green, put a green wash over the top, glued some clumps of grass to the bases and all done! They're not gonna win any scenery awards any time soon but for a few hours work and less than £5 in materials I'm made up with the results. Looking forward to my resser friend luring me into them in future games. If I was to do this again though I'd either use thinner screws or glue the screws onto the base rather than screwing them through from the bottom. Some of the bases are wonky as the heads of the screws are quite large. Thanks for all the comments and support from everyone on here and the AWP facebook groups!!
  2. I decided my games needed some soft cover of sorts and since we never seem to use hazardous terrain i decided i wanted a cacti field (or a few patches). After an evening of searching google i came across a tutorial from a guy who used nails and clay to make them (https://westerngames.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/making-saguaro-cactus-terrain/). Now, it's January and I'm pretty skint, so there's no way i could walk in the house with a bag of nails and some clay without getting interrogated by the missus. I had a look round at the bits I had and decided to try and make my own version: Step 1: I took an assortment of screws and screwed them through the bottom of some old bases I had lying around. Step 2: sellotape a bit of paperclip to the screw to make the "arm" of the cacti. Step 3: Cover it in green stuff!!!! Step 4: Use a spare screw or something else ridged to make the ridges on the cactus by rolling it up and down the greenstuff. Step 5: repeat until all done! Took me less than an hour and cost me nothing. I'm going to make small zones for the cacti to sit in to represent patches of hazardous soft terrain. Once the greenstuff's hardened I'll do the bases and paint them. Ill post more updates when completed!
  3. Hi I'm Chris, the new henchman based at http://www.wargamesuk.co.uk/ in Southport, Merseyside. We play Malifaux here every Tuesday evening and I'm available to give demo's to anyone that wants to learn the ropes. We're looking at running a slow grow league through February/March followed up with a tournament at some point (I'll post dates when they're confirmed). If anyone's interested in coming down for a demo, casual game, or joining the league, you can get me here on the forums, on twitter (@chrisgilboy), on facebook (Chris Gilboy) or join the wargames players group to arrange a game/demo (https://www.facebook.com/groups/124056428048371/). Although we tend to play on a tuesday, with a bit of notice I can be free on any day! Wargames has a great friendly atmosphere, great tables and scenery, a massive player capacity, a large selection of the malifaux range to tempt you with and Martin does some awesome speciality hot chocolates. Its a 5 minute walk from Southport train station and opposite stops for the buses from Liverpool/Preston. Hope to see some new faces soon! Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi,I'm really interested in attending this, but the element games site is listing the dates as 25th + 26th of July. I just want to make sure I'm buying tickets to the right event.